Increasing Your Wingspan And Length

One thing that I will be trying to make clear is that the ideal is more than just to increase height, but actual size. I am one of those people that feels that having a body that is proportional in its parts is also very important. While we may talk a lot about increase leg length, or spine length, or other techniques that may help increase height, we can also focus on the techniques and things we can do to increase our wingspan or arm length.

I used to be a basketball player, and one of the biggest factors in success in the sport besides height is wingspan, and how long you are. In the NBA draft, before college and high school players are drafted, their measurements are taken. Of course this means a measurement of one’s height (both with and without shoes) but also the player’s wingspan, standing reaching, non step vertical reach, and maximum vertical reach.

While I may not be an NBA coach or basketball trainer, I do understand that a player’s reach may often be more important than their height. The reach is where the player’s wingspan really matters. In basketball, a player who has a longer reach has a better chance to block shots and has also a greater area that they can guard and defend. If we compare say two of the tallest players to ever be in the NBA, Manute Bol and Yao Ming, we see a huge difference in the wingspan. Manute Bol who was 7′ 7″ had a wingspan of 8′ 6″ while Yao Ming who was only 1 inch shorter had a wingspan measured at around 7′ 5″.

Yao Ming is sort of an oddity even by NBA body standards not only for his height, but also his wingspan. Most players in the NBA have wingspans that are longer than their height. Yao Ming has a wingspan that is shorter.

If we do the calculation of the two players area that they can cover, using A=pi*R^2 then Manute Bol’s wingspan comes out to  5.272 m^2 and Yao Ming’s wingspan comes out to 4.014 m^2. The area the Manute Bol can cover and defend is over 30% more than Yao Ming, even though their height difference is only 1 inch.

Sure, we might not all be interested in Basketball or increasing our arm length but it is important to remember that having a body that is proportionate is important. So, whatever resources or links that I can find that helps increase our wingspan or arm length will also be included in this blog/website.

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4 thoughts on “Increasing Your Wingspan And Length

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  2. wookie

    You didn’t explain how to increase wingspan/armspan. You only gave examples of Manute Bol and Yao Ming. What sort of exercises can we to increase wingspan?

  3. Me

    I agree with the other two, I’m wanting to increase my arm length by as much as 7 inches, How do I go about this?


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