Another Tip On Visualization, Autosuggestion, and Subconscious Programming

Me: This small tip I have found on this blog, Grow Taller With Me And Change Your Life. I do not claim to any of this and all credit is to the girl who went through her own path toward height increase. 

Posted in 2010 by a 20 year old (maybe 22 now) girl in Poland.

If you use hypno cd don’t think of anything but just focus on word that are spoken , just let them to planted in your mind , accept suggestions. Your mind create a new pattern , a new image of you at your ideal height, so your taller body will exist in the subcouncious mind and when you’re deeply a sleep your mind have a instructions and your taller body will take form to visible form. Just trust and hold your image of your ideal body.

You should realase that YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR BODY. Your thoughts influence on relase hormones and many processes in body. You can change your body , if you change your mind! You can return to growth . How ? You have to belive that it is possible for you , hold in your mind the image of you with right height , feel gratidiutethat with the feelings that is now your reality. You can stimulate your pituitary gland to relase growth hormone with your thought about your new body. You can re-open the fused growth plate , your mind remembers what to do in growth process, because you was in this process. You can produce this same cells in your bones when you was a small child. Everything is possible If you really want it and have no doubts. Some people experience miracle when they healing from cancer for example , but doctors can’t explain this. You should know that we are part of God , our mind is the part of God and body and we have totally mastry on body.

You don’t have any limitation. Memorise the feelings when you was a child, when your body was growing easly … and decide to return to growth. Decide to be in this fresh , young body , that is still growing with growing cells. Stop feel that you are the victim , you have power and intelligence to do every changes in your body , especially easily return to growth , beacuse your subcouncious mind remember and knows how to do this process.

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