Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Gloxi Height Enhancer

One of the ways I find out about new products, ideas, or methods on how to increase height and grow taller is by just checking the software I use to look at the traffic of the website. Most people who have tried at any time to earn money on the internet is probably familiar with Google Analytics and most people probably use that because it is free. I started using it but I switched in 6 months to another provider, Clicky. I prefer clicky because it does not do daily data but real time data.

Anyway, the way I found out about the fact that some people have tried using the sheep placenta stem cell product MFIII made from switzerland was from looking at the people and traffic coming in and someone somehow found this website by searching for “MFIII height increase”, probably on google. Today I was checking the data and this new product came up “Gloxi Height Enhancer”. So I decided to go on google and find out more about this gloxi height enhancer.

This post is going to be an analysis, and review of the product being sold as a height increase cream.

These are the websites I checked and got my information from.

Resource 1 (Wellsphere), Resource 2 (My EX Shop Mall), Resource 3 (Giant Scientific discussion), Resource 4 (istorya), Resource 5 (Missosology)

First of all, it seems that most of the people who talk about this product are really just asking about the feasibility of the product. They wanted to know whether it really works. Other people who talk about the product are interested in knowing how they can buy this type of supplement/cosmetic cream from where they live. Some people who post on the discussions about this product says that it really does work but one must take it for almost 1 year. In general people agree that the product is expensive.

The product which is a type of cream you put on your legs is made in the Philippines. These are the directions on how you are supposed to use it.

USAGE: Apply gloxi massage cream to legs and feet after drinking gloxi health dink.

Tips: To maximize the effect of Gloxi Health drink, for women do some stretching every morning and at night before going to bed. And for men, playing basketball will be the best exercise for you. Drink milk and avoid fatty and oily foods, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

The claim by the people who sell it is that after you use 7-10 packets, you will start to grow.

On some sites, the product is $22. Some sites that talk about the product is probably in Tagolag which I can’t read. That would be the istorya (Resource 4).

I did find one Youtube video which appears to promote the oral drink type of the Gloxi product. Click HERE if you want to find the rather intertaining Video. I chose not to embed the video to the post because I am still reviewing the product. On the profile which uploaded this video, there is a 2nd video which you can get to if you desired by clicking HERE. This seems to be just like the first video which is just advertising and promoting the Gloxi Height Enhancer drink and cream.

From that profile I found a link to a website . If you go on that website, you can see that it is a sales page which sells 6 products, 3 of them that advertise that they can help you increase your height.

1. Gloxi Height Enhancer – On the webpage, this is what they claim  (NOTE: The cost to get 3 packets is $555.00 (90 vials), the cost to get 9 packets is $1665.00 (270 vials))

“A new innovation formula to help you  achieve your desired height in no time! This formula composed of natural extracts that work together for maximum absorption of nutrients for a better and healthier body. Gloxi is made up of natural ingredients combined together to perform multi functions for a faster and better growth result….It has CPP that prevents the formation of insoluble salts which increases the absorption of calcium and other nutrients that your body could get with this formula. It has GLUCOSAMINE which stimulate cartilage cells to produce two proteins that help our body joints to hold tissue together primarily used to treat osteoarthritis. That is why this health drink is suitable from ages 14 and above….Because of the natural extracts of this health drink, it doesn’t have any side effects, just a satisfactory result that would give you a better and healthier lifestyle. Aim HIGH! add HEIGHT! Take Gloxi health drink that’s right!!! Gloxi health drink works naturally in enhancing your growth hormones to help you increase your height while building strong bones and good skin. Stop dreaming, grab a gloxi health drink and start growing everyday until you achieved your  desired height!”"

2. The Body Tractor – On the webpage, this is that they claim  (NOTE: The tractor will cost you $1,700 to get)

“Order – The Body Tractor Can Be Used To Add Height Even After Puberty. Effective For Use The Body Tractor With Any Height Growth Supplement Regimen. Click BUY NOW For Coupon Code To Appear”

3. Gloxi Gel – There is not much written on this page for the gel or cream you are supposed to put on the legs but 3 jars of the stuff will cost you $85.00

I stated in a past post that Giant Scientific is one of the more honest and informative resources on the internet for height increase seekers. Now if we go to the Giant Scientific Resource HERE again, the general response has been curiousity and extreme anger.

One guy is just curious abou the product. The link or webpage he shows where you can buy it at which is at turns out to be the exact same webpage as . Now that raises a few red flags right off the bat.

So one guy is just curious and wanted to try out the product and the other guy is super angry at him because he believes the original poster is a scammer, a spammer, and a fraud.

I personally think the discussion and final nail was added by a post made by Minigolf/Tyler on this issue (Post was on Nov 13, 2010)

Legit products(or products that actually try to be effective) start out by giving away info for free like easy height, height fx, adult height increase blog, quest for height, etc. If a company has enough advertising budget to start charging right away without relying on free publicity then it has enough money to prove it’s results.

Like tried to charge but it didn’t have enough proof yet so they had to go on hiatus for a bit to get proof.

The bottom line: If they have money for advertising they have money for proof. If they don’t have money for advertising then they have to give away the routine for free.

From the MISSOSOLOGY resource, the posters’ answers are that it is a scam and cannot work.

Me: So I always do try to keep an open mind to all of the options that are advertised. I am willing to look at the supplements, the drinks, the creams, the devices, etc. This one is a little difficult to make a full conclusion because I personally have not seen this type of product before. There is a total of 3 products/devices I have looked at and I can only make the best judgement I can at this time. My judgement on the product: It’s a scam, and does not work. 

It is true there are some comments on Youtube and other places that are testomonials that the product works. There seems to be a height increase after using the material and those testomonials can be from honest people. The problem is that it seems like most of the people who are interested in buying the vials and cream are really young, like in the teens years, 14-18 years old. The are probably honest, genuine, and desperatly looking for a solution becasue they feel short and small compared to the other kids or classmates around them. They want to believe in something that works and this product just might answer their deep desire to grow taller. I am sure some of the people interested will buy the product, and use it and they grow taller. But it won’t be from the actual cream. If we remember what the direction were for the product, we find out that we are supposed to do morning and evening stretches, play basketball, drink milk, and avoid fatty and oil foods or alcohol. Okay, now we see why the product seems to really work. The people who buy it are still young and probably had their growth plates open so they grew. The directions they got and were told to follow was basic general directions on how to live a healthy lifestyle and supposedly increases height by themselves (ie. drink milk, play basketball)

So, the Gloxi Height Enhancer is most likely a scam which when put under the microscope of a controlled scientific experiment would almost definitely proven to not do what it was advertised. The height increases the people who bought the product got were because of other things, not the product. As for the traction machine, that is very expensive and I am not sure it would work either. The machine could even end up hurting a person if they tried to do it do hard. 

In conclusion, the Gloxi drink and the Gloxi cream will not work. If one focused on the other directions on the websites which promote a healthy lifestyle, the young teens who are probably the majority of people who buy the product will be able to grow a lot more than through using the scam product. 

91 thoughts on “Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Gloxi Height Enhancer

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    1. trixie lee

      i just want to correct this statement im sorry but I strongly dis-agree that this scam originated from the phillippines for your information it is only advertise in mega manila for which the product is distributed in malls.this product intend to scam filipinos because they know most of the filipinos easily believe in advertisement that has testimony
      by saying its originated … it seems that your saying they were the scammer
      I am a filipina Im proud to be. i happen to search here cause I was about to buy too but i change my mind height doesnt change anything its your perspective in live how you think

          1. jane

            your statement is not true. my boyfriend used the product..then i was surprised!!.it really works… and he told me to use the product also..

      1. philippines

        Actually you can feel that your bones are extending at the first two weeks that is why a cream is needed. I am 5’2 and became 5’3 for 2 months and expecting to grow up to 5’7

        1. ZenOg

          yep how old is he? people really need to learn the mechanisms involved in height growth, then we will understand na this is not possible sa mga adult na kung ang mechanism if action ng supplement is the same of what theyre sayin.

    2. Benx13

      You fucking retard. Don’t accused our country for such scam. do some research.obviously an imbecile like you has no idea of you’re talking. A Wise Man thinks before he speaks.

        1. Yoos

          I agree with benx and some other too…..No matter if its a scam or not, do not accuse the philipinic folks like that…I am not from the philliphines, but they way that TS make its sound is like philipines are dirty, I happen to know , myself…..I think they are all great and loveable.

          TS… shut up…..Do dont know where you are from, but if you want to look at a country that are scams and lie alot, take a look at america….99% bullshit in news….

          1. wein

            hello, i am impress you look us like that, some filipino are kind and lovable and some are not, and for those who are not i am dissapointed to them, they ruining the image of our country,

    3. myles

      To TS this gloxi product is not originated in Philippines Gloxi is an American brand although it is influenced by the Japanese technology. Together, the result is a very potent solution that can put rest to all the height problems that an individual may encounter, regardless of his sex, age, and physical attributes. However, a more detailed look at the product’s documentations will reveal that it is being manufactured in Taiwan, and then imported to the US.

  3. joseph


    1. jessica andres

      i think u did not try gloxi coz u said did not work for you, how come it work to my cousin who happen to be only 5’2 in height but when he tried taking gloxi after 4 months he is already 5’9, then he continued drinking it after a year he is already 6 footer, it really works, first i thought its a scam, but when i saw the difference in one yr time, i saw the result, its amazing. if you want to see the picture of my cousin ill send it to you,

      1. anum

        please tel me. truth please please for GOD sake because every body tel a lie. i will thankful to you if you watch the pic to me

        1. Abraham

          I am about 6ft 1inches. to be honest i don’t feel different from a 5ft 4inches person. I don’t know why people are so self-conscious to extent they will take supplement to grow taller. Be happy with the way God created you. you have abilities a tall person doesn’t , just look on the bright side guys.
          Hope it helped!!!

          1. J.kamikaze

            Im 19 and im 5’5″.I dont have facial hair so people always say I look like a kid.i’ve been called short my whole life.I just wanna grow bigger and taller so that one day.when I have my own family I could somehow be anymore to protect planning to take martial arts school together.all these taunts.make me wanna strive. to be taller.I’ve done stretches and exercises.and milk .all the natural ways to increase height.I used to be just 5 foot.I was only allowed to go on the roller coaster whem I was 14.120cm minimum just so im abit okay.abt my height I feel more confident.just not confident wearing heels in my shoes.tht make me 5’6.but just wanting to stand beside my friends when we’re taking pictures.i just wanna be average.*without the sorry im not being grateful.but I just cant help it.please if anyone out there finds something tht really works.please tell me.

      2. hazel

        Good Day Jessica. Is this product really effective. I am trying to enter a police academy but i’m too short for it.

      3. j02rsm

        Can you please send me the pic.How old is your cousin and where did you buy gloxi?I am 21 years old with just 5’0 ft. tall.I really want to grow taller.

      4. ely

        Hi jessice andres, just read the article and comments.pls send me copy pic of your cousin you posted to be increased by the product and what’s his age during the time he started taking curious and want to know pls.thanks

  4. @HeirDEZ

    This does work . I’m 19 play basketball almost everyday , I was 5’9 and a half and this gave me the boost to grow to 6’2 in a half all you need todo is use it for 6 monthes or. More .. It worked for me and my 2 friends

  5. Melody Contis

    where can i buy gloxi heighten health drink here in Japan? im from kagawaken, japan.. and i really want to try gloxi… thankz

  6. guzz

    yeah! it really works but you must follow the complete instructiona otherwise it wil not trully 100% effect… for the 1st 1 month i use ds i grow up 2cm w/o following all d instructions but i but wen i follow taking ds for another 2 month i havent follow any the instruction i drink and eat cold and sweets also salty and carbonated drinks dats why it doesnt totally effect. but im planning to ntake it again nxtyr and follow truly the instructions…

      1. Shira

        I live in Czech Republic I bought the 10 vitals to try it .I will try it and I will tell you guys how it will work for me I hope

      1. admin Post author

        IF you are young enough, you can try it. If you are past say the age of 19 it probably won’t help you.

    1. Keycie

      Did you really grow 2cm for only 1month? I was very confused because other people say that it’s only a lie. I just wanna be sure coz I’m going to buy 1box tomorrow.

  7. Jose Benjamin Sigua

    How I order there I am from the Philippines? I want to get tall height for 5″5 to….

    Thank You for reply me soon

      1. jojo

        Go to <— This is the original website to buy the gloxi height enhancer.
        They even have a promotion on it! Go check it out!1 ^ ^

  8. Bessie

    i took gloxi for about 5 straight months..i was 18 years old at that time, from 5’7″, i became 5’7.5″ tall. back then, my lifestyle, wasn’t really favorable to me growing because i always lack sleep (only get 5 to 6 hrs each night), and then i was always busy with other things. i didn’t drink milk, however i did avoid carbonated beverages, oily/fatty foods, etc. so i can’t really say if gloxi is effective. i stopped because i was running low on money.

    now im taking gloxi again…i havent reached one month yet…ill just wait and see in the meantime.. but im sure to follow the instructions this time…

    oh, and by the way, GLOXI IS NOT MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES. IT’S MADE IN TAIWAN… or as the saleslady said when i asked her. i originally thought it’s from china..

  9. Bessie

    in the philippines, it’s sold in sm malls…i bought my gloxi in sm cebu..2nd floor i think…it’s called the WoMan World..they have a stall there

    *if there’s a will, there’s a way* :)

  10. Girllyteens

    Im really searching this for one year already but still scared to try. Maybe it will not work.. Im 20 y.o. BTW

  11. jojo

    Hi. So yeah. I’m Filipino. I’m 22 years old now. I’m what.. 4″12? Of course I want to be at least 5″3 or 5″4
    I’m thinking about ordering this gloxi height enhancer formula. I heard mixed reviews about like it’s a scam, it doesn’t work OR it does work, it takes a couple months or you need to follow the right instructions.
    In my mind, it might not work it might not, but heck. I’ll just give it a try. It might work for me. Stop being so pessimistic about it. LOL ..just saying..

  12. Chernobyl

    The Gloxi is a herbal product and all the Herbal products till date have a very sad track record on performance, but they make very wide mouthed promises.
    One goes out of markets just be to avtared by the other mostly by the same manufacturers.
    Another important point is age. The growing ends of bones (Ephiphyseal plate) fuse by age 18years to 20 years and they can not be unlocked to grow by any known medicines. The only way to increase height of a person with closed ephiphyseal plate is through surgery (Distraction osteogenesis) Distraction osteogenesis, also called callus distraction, callotasis and osteodistraction is a surgical process used to reconstruct skeletal deformities and lengthen the long bones of the body. A corticotomy is used to fracture the bone into two segments, and the two bone ends of the bone are gradually moved apart during the distraction phase, allowing new bone to form in the gap. When the desired or possible length is reached, a consolidation phase follows in which the bone is allowed to keep healing. Distraction osteogenesis has the benefit of simultaneously increasing bone length and the volume of surrounding soft tissues. —source Wikepedia, I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and believe me it wont work on you if your age is above 20 with closed ephyphiseal plate. Think about it. ^_^

  13. Keycie

    I’m 14 yrs old, and my height is 4’8. I just wanna ask if 1box is enough because it’s very expensive you know… Is it really effective? :)

  14. Nick

    So im like 18 years old and im 5’5 i want to be 5’8 or 5’10. How many boxes should i order? how many vials do u drink a day?

  15. gen55

    i just bought 1 box of it~ and after reading all your comments~ i think I really need to follow the instructions carefully to make it work. Im 18 5’0 height. I want to grow taller coz I want to join a well-known modelling agency but they want the minimum height 5’5, s**t i really wanted to go taller. If this works guys, Im really gonna tell and share to you.

  16. iamgirl

    ..hi guys..i am now living here in Bacolod City and so happy to find out yesterday that gloxi is selling here in SM City Bacolod.. and i will surely try to buy it this’s only P2,900(dont remember exactly the price) good for 15 days…..well, yeah i am a short girl..and i want to gain height coz gaining height is also gaining more confident (for me)..i know i must be contented with this height for this is a gift from God…but why not trying??? i super want it !!! i will stop and try to be contented if this product will fail..promise..anyway, i know lots of you are asking if this product really work and said it’s a i will try this to find out…i maybe wont find this site again and reply you so just reach me in my email [email protected] (dont be bothered if it is a male name)… ask me if there is a result already…best to ask in December 2013(hehe..) ..i will give u the before and after pic…thanks for reading this very long emote message…mwahh..and good day.. :)

  17. md

    CORRECTION: The PRODUCT is FROM TAIWAN. I just asked the sales lady yesterday. They just target the Filipino market because of the rampant height problems in the country. The advertisement models and hosts are ALL TAIWANESE.

  18. cherrie mae omaoeng

    Do u have product here in hongkong.were can i a filipina and want to try it im a short girl want to become more in height .im a filipina

  19. Louie Eian

    I bought the product yesterday and the saleslady at the mall has guaranteed the authenticity of the product. Like you, I also doubt the product. And this has lead me to this website. Apparently, you aren’t allowed to buy the product if you’re younger than fourteen. The lady took one look at me and told me flat out I was too young to buy the height enhancer thingy. My grandmother had to point out the fact that I was fifteen before allowing the purchase. The lady said the product would work with proper exercise and diet.

    Now I know that a lot of comments are asking where to buy the stuff but seriously, don’t. I’m telling you. The cream looks like tar. Smells like burned grass mixed with wet dog and sandalwood. The vials of Gloxi are a little better. They taste like duhat, the lady said. I gagged when I tasted it. Like seriously gagged. I had to drink the rest of the contents with Gatorade because I just couldn’t take it. It would taste good while you’re drinking it but when you stop, it tastes like… I can’t even describe the nasty taste. I just can’t. At the moment, I’m delaying my nightly intake of it because of the above-stated reasons. This is basically the second time I’m going to take the drink and I’m dreading it.

    My grandmother believes that it’ll actually make me taller. At the moment, I think I’m 4’8″ so I guess there’s still hope. Five years ago, my grandmother started to give me another height medication. A vitamin sold in the Philippines called Cherifer. For years I have taken the pill nightly and I’m still short. Which is probably why my grandparents are hoping that this “Height Enhancer” will actually work.

    I will conduct an experiment for future referrences about the product and if it actually works. If you would like also track the “progress” I might make, then please email me at “[email protected]”.

    For the sake of my grandparents’ last hope that I might grow, let’s hope it does work.

  20. jane

    Hi. I just want to know if this product is effective. I am now 23 years old and i just stand 4’11″. Tnx for some advise perhaps

  21. myles

    To TS this gloxi product is not originated in Philippines Gloxi is an American brand although it is influenced by the Japanese technology. Together, the result is a very potent solution that can put rest to all the height problems that an individual may encounter, regardless of his sex, age, and physical attributes. However, a more detailed look at the product’s documentations will reveal that it is being manufactured in Taiwan, and then imported to the US.


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