Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Baryta Carbonica

In one of the most recent posts about homeopathic solutions for height increase, baryta carbonica was mentioned as a component one might take to increase height, along with silicea and maybe also calcium carbonate. Eventually I will do a more extensive analysis on silicea and calcium carbonate but this post is to focus on the barium carbonica.

For people who believe in the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, baryta carbonica seems to come up a lot which makes me intrigued. The mentioned dosage seems to be 200 mg. There is a supplement sold as Baryta Carb 200 which this person from this link stated.

It seems HeightQuest.Com has an article on Baryta Carb and the overall conclusion is that the Barium seems to have an effect on the electromagnetic field on the sodium-potasium pumps on osteoblasts making them more responsive. From college level biochemistry, I remember that the sodium potassium pumps are to try to keep the equilibrium between the inside of a cell and the outside of the cell, and from the direction of flow of the sodium (+) and potassium pumps (+) in relation to the phospholipid bilayers of the external membrane, it leads to a ionic potential difference between the two parts, which leads to the flow of the ions. The cells thus can expand or shrink depending on the ionic flow and concentration. Since there was a recent post I wrote that showed that  the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells can be dependent on the form and shape of the way the mesenchymal is turned into, the barium can thus change the form of stem cells in the marrow and turn them into chondrocytes leading to longitudinal increases in the long bone. This would be the best theory to explain why the barium even works.

High dosages is obviously dangerous, possibly fatal.

From source 1 , the author notes this, “In my experience, Baryta Carb works very well even in just a physical short stature.”

They also suggest to  “Combined use of Silicea 6X and Calcaria Flour 6X is the best prescription for increasing height.” This seems to be the common tip given around the homeopahtic community. You combine the Baryta Carbonica with Silicea and and a form of calcium salt, this time it is suggested to use Calcaria Flour, which is calcium flouride.

From the ABC Homeopathy site, there are quite a few people who ask about using Baryta Carbonica to increase height. The people who answer often state that the questioners should not consider using the Baryta (Barium) as a height increase solution, since the people who want to increase their height don’t suffer from a pathology. Apparently, the Baryta is given only as a treatment for Dwarfism, not for a person who is genetically programmed to be of short stature. One very important thing that is noted is that the Baryta is supposed to be used only by people who STILL CAN GROW. It is not expected to be used by people who have stopped growing. (source)

Conclusion: The Baryta actually comes in two types, Phos and Carb. Overall, the homeopathic doctors only seem to give this solution to people who are still growing or suffer from dwarfism, since the Baryta is supposed to also have healing effects for psychiatric issues. There is a chance there is an effect the Baryta can work but mainly for people who can still grow. 

87 thoughts on “Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Baryta Carbonica

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  2. sanjeev kunhappan

    my son is 12 now and short in height, as i am too. but as this is the growing age, can i try this prescription on him, and for how long should these medicines be given, what precautions should be taken, should coco chocolates be stopped while taking these medications?

      1. Himanshi Rawat

        I am 24 year old girl height is 5 foot. I didn’t grow since I was 12 years old. My thigh’s bone always feel tingly. please suggest something. I need to grow a little.

  3. ramya

    Hello,I am 17 and my height is 5 4′ but I want to be 5 6’…currently,I am using homeopathic medicines containing baryta carbonica,silicea 6x,calcarea phosphorica..What do you suggest sir?should i consider the danger of any side effects using these?If so,I will stop using these medicines..

    1. admin

      The names are just homeopathic names for certain compounds we find in animals and food. They are okay to take. However I question there ability to make you taller.

    2. prithiviraj

      Hello sir, I’m 19 and 5’6″. I want to grow upto 6 feet, plz tell me the way to grow. I’m waiting for ur reply.


      My son is 17 1/2 years old and his height is 5feet 4inches.I want his height to be 5feet 8inches,please suggest proper homeopathic medicines.

  4. vansh

    i just turned 18, and 5’5 i want to increase 3 inches, that’s 5’8. i was wondering which medicine’d be helpful. i have heard about “Baryta Carbonicam”. can you suggest me some more “working” medicines and about the one mentioned above.
    Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.

  5. dalwinder singh

    hi i m 19 and i m 5’6″ i want 5’8″ Nd i m going to gym too so is there any possibility that i can increase my hieght

  6. mani

    Hii..m 20 yr old height is 4’11 ..i wnt to increase height in six mnth til my nxt birthday..plz suggest me smthng..
    Is baryta available in india.???
    Rply asap.plz

    1. admin

      Yes, Baryta is available but it would not be affective in increasing height in people who have closed growth plates.

    2. rahul

      baryta carb is effective medicine , But it will only increase height if u r under 21 yrs….my homeopathic doc has given me this medicine….u can prescribe through a homeopathy doctor…also it will take long tym i m taking this medicine past 3 months nd i m 18 and truly i feel difference of .5 cm in 3 months,( yeah difference of .5cm) i know that it is v. slow process but u also know that height dosent grow in days it will take some tym to grow…..but if u are thinking 4 taking this medicine to hum pehle kahenge ki aap ek bar homeopathy doctor se consult kr lein kyonki bahut sare log bahut sare batein karenge…….good luck nd my best wishes………………………………………………………………………Urs Rahul

  7. rishab

    hello sir…i am 25 yrs of age and i am 5’6 in height….sir is there any possibility of height growth now..plz give suggestion…positively waiting for response

    1. rahul

      u can consult to a homeopathy doctor for this ..they will tell better………by the wai i m also using bryta carb prescribed by homeopathy doc. i m 18 nd seen a difference of .5 cm in 3 months…..i will tell u that please ask a good homeopathy doctor about this.. good luck brother……..and reply me fast

  8. archi pathak

    hey m a gal n m gona be 21 in ds mnth nd my height is 5’3 i want to grow atlest 3 inches is it possible?? Brtya will be affective for me?? Plz plz help me out plzzzz

    1. Ajay

      Aagar aapko apna height badhana hai tu mai apko kuch tips donga jise apka height 2 month ke aander bad jayega plz call me 8864004806

  9. Kim

    i had a homeopathic treatment with baryta carb. in 2010 by a homeopathic doctor.. i took one globule in the c1000 potency. i am 36 years old and female. i did not continue the treatment because i could not afford it and felt so much worse. now in 2013 doctors think i have acromegaly because i resemble all the way from the looks i got over the past three years. it s a rare disease caused by too much growth hormone. they are still trying to figure out where the tumor is to cause it but so far they did not find it. and the lab test is not so clear either. now im wondering if the c1000 poteny of the baryta carb… may have caused the acromegaly and the growth to develop. im really desperate because as long as they dont find anything they wont treat me for it and i am constantly growing i mean my face and head has changed grownso much i cannot recognize me in the mirror anymore my nose and chin and everything is so different it looks ridicilous … and alll that joint pain… is there anybody out there who knows if the homeopathic treament may have caused this… and how i could reverse it or at least stop. i dont go out anymore because i feel so emberassed. please i need some help. any information will be appreaciated. thanks!! kim (germany)

    1. Mithun Nikhade

      sir, I am 30 yrs old. my height is 5.2 I want to increase 3 inches more.and I started homeo medicine Bartya carb 200, silicea 12x, Symphytum Q. I will get result or I should shop this medicine. Any side effect from this medicine.

    2. fatima

      Hi Kim,

      Really sorry to hear about you. How are you now? I am a girl of 30years and looking to increase my height desperately for either 1 or 2″. It was really sad to hear that it has affected you so much. I was also planning to Baryta Carb but I will not take it. I really hope you are ok now.

  10. Jessica

    Hi, I have a daughter who is 14 and is around 5’5″. If she takes this, would she grow taller? We would really like her to be around 5’8″ or 5’9″.

  11. Jessica

    Hi, I have a daughter who is 14 and is around 5’5″. If she takes this, would she grow taller? We would really like her to be around 5’8″ or 5’9″.



  13. vindhya

    How about the people who are aged after 25 years can gain height for few inches? How should baryta Carbonica can be taken in a day , what should be taken along with it. Please reply if that would be safe.

  14. Rahul Deol

    Maine baryta carbonica pill use ki h pahle meri hieght 5.3 Thi lekin ishe use karne ke theek 1 year bad main 6 feet ka hun jab maine ishe use karna suru kia tha tab m 21 year ka tha

    1. Dr.Kapoor

      Rahul, can you please reply back here with your email. I would love to hear from you. I belong to Batra’s and we are researching on this topic. We would be really grateful to know more about you in detail.

      I assure you we will not load you with questions. Neither will we ask for your address or mobile number. Just one email and a reply from your side will be enough for us.

      1. asadullah anwar

        sir,plz help me
        now i m just cross 18 yr. And i m 5″3.5 long
        i want to grow 2 or 3 inches
        plz. help me
        i use baryta carb 200& sulphur-30 past 2months

    2. farhad

      Rahul yaar please mujhe apni usage aur is ke saath use karne wali medicine ya phir sirf bryta ke usage btado please

    3. shubham khanna

      baryta carb..konsi…30 or 200 n kitna tym lga 9 inches badhne may aapko…? plz rply…m 5’4” only…

  15. pave

    hi sir am 25 male, now my height 5.6
    how can i increase my height pls give me the
    can barayta carbonica will help me out…. if yes then how to consume it…?

  16. Bhargav

    Bartya carbonica (homeopathoc medicine) is used to increase height of human body but when your growth plates are closed you can not expect any medicine to grow your height.
    you can only try to this medicine but not sure that your height will increased.
    and don’t use it without the advice of homeopathic doctor.

  17. Sunil joseph

    hey sir.. i’m of 19 you are saying that you’ll not grow more if your growth plates are finished/closed,can you tell us that how do we know that our plates are closed or finished because i really want to increase my height plz do reply ,i’ll be waiting

  18. Sanjana

    Sir Im 22,n im 5 feet..i wan increase my height can i increase my height by baryta carb 30?
    plz suggest

  19. Ravya

    Thankyou Admin for such a wonderful article.

    Please tell in what proportion should one take Baryta Carb 30, Silicea 6X and Calcaria Flour 6X ?
    Is using Baryta Carb alone sufficient ?

    Will be really Grateful if you reply 🙂

  20. Nk prince

    Hello i m 16 years my height is 5’4 old and take homeopathic medicine which is baryta phos. ..
    Will it give good result to me? what do u say sir?

  21. muni

    Hi Rahul Sir,
    I am male 23 year old, my heigt is 5.5 Still i want to incraese my heigt 3 to 4 Inches please Advice me on this.
    I am waiting for your valuable reply.

  22. deep

    hii m 21 yr old girl n m nly 5’2.. will bartya effective to me??? n how can i get it… pllllll tellll

  23. Vaibhav


    Iam 23 years old and will turn 24 in February. I am currently 5 feet 5 inches and want to grow to 5 feet 8 inches. Please let me know if this can be made possible. When I properly exercise and stretch I gain about close to one inch. Please let me know if I can do anything.

  24. rabbi

    i am 21, 5.6″ i want to be tall but i am confused! someone says baryta carb 30 or 200 ,someone says symphytum 200 or 1m, throidinum 1m how can i believe? what is useful to my age

  25. sumit

    sir mera age 18years hai Maine bahut Sara medicine khaya hanging karta hon lekin koi fayada nai karta hai tu sir plz kuch solution dijiye

  26. muni

    My age is 27, height is 5’2″ i consulted a local homeopathy practioner he prefered me baryta carbo, silicea, calcea
    Taking this medicine from last three months
    I found no side effects till now
    Are there any side effects?

  27. owais ahmed

    sir , im 20 years old my height is 5.8 but i increas the heigt 6 fit plz sir give me tips plz argently

  28. raja aqeel bhatti

    Main 23 saal ka hu ur main ne bm 50 ka use 2 mount kiya kuch farak ni para lakan main use karta raha 1 saal thk tu mare hight 5 ft se 6 ft hu ge maib es se bht kush hu

  29. rahul

    sir my age is 20 year and i am 5’3″ tall.i wnt to increase my height so plz tell me medicines

  30. Rajesh

    Hello Friends,

    I have Hair Fall issue, Someone has suggested this (BARYTA CARBONICA) to control it, is it really works ??any side effects , Kindly suggest me , Thanks in Advance.

  31. iris

    My daughter is 3 and half yrs. n my husband has short stature around 5 & 5.2″ respectively.can we start dis tratment to our daughter

    1. Zain

      my kinds used Baryta Carb in 3X potency daughter age 10 Now and sun age 17 now they both used regularly 2 tab once daily around two years. my daughter significantly increase her height but sun wants not much increase only one inch. should i continue Baryta Carb in 30 patency for both kids? pls note my wife height is very low 4.8 ft and my is 5.5 ft.

  32. mohit

    Sir..I m mohit .I m 17 year old ..I m using Baryta phosphorica for height..plz suggest me the proper height is 5.5 what I will do?

  33. Rajni

    My daughter’s hight is 143 cm and she is going to 14 in july please suggest me some medicine plzzzzzzzz

  34. M.Hamid Raza

    Im 26 years of age and my hieght is 5.7″
    Im v much afraid of using these type of hieght increase madicice cz of side effects. Is anybody out there to guide me?????????

  35. shayan kamal

    hi i am 18 years old now my height is 5.3inches what can i do that my height is increase?

  36. ajeeshvali

    I am 27yrs male,5ft.
    I want to increase my height, so please let me know if anything changes my height. Please let me know…..

  37. Laiba

    Sir i have used barayta carbonica 10m before two months according to my doctor i have to take 10 drops of it and then 10 drops after three months i did the same,,,,, i want to ask is this priscription is correct?…. Becauce i am facing a side effect which i cant discuss on this page
    Plzzzzzz reply meeee sir

  38. Mani

    Hi,my daughter is 9 years n 8 months…unfortunately her menstural cycle has been started. Currently her height is 138 cm…which is just 4.53 feet..I want her to grow atleast 7 more inches. We are v much worried now a has ruined my sleeps..I will be very grateful to u if u help me in this regard…not me but God can reward you for this.

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