Frequently Asked Questions – Concerns, Issues, Problems?

I have been getting quite a bit of questions to the website email recently and I have noticed that most of the questions are very similar in format, intent, or context so I thought I might be able to streamline the operations of this website even further by getting a lot of these questions already answered and posted for the reader to easily access and then leave it alone. This should make my work a lot easier

1. What types of supplements, vitamins, or pills can I take so I can grow taller?

  • Refer to the section in the header called “Supplement Guide“. I hope that answers all your concerns, issues, and questions.

2. What types of exercises, routines, or programs can I do so I can increase my height?

  • Refer to the sub-section entitled “Exercise Program Guide“. I hope that answers all your concerns, issues, and questions.

3. How long should I have to do the supplements or exercises before I see results like 1 inch or 2 inches of growth?

  • The process will probably take at least 3X the time most people believe. The range of time before a person sees height difference changes can be from 1 month to over 2 years. It’s hard to say.

4.1. General/Average Case Studies: “Hello, I’m XXX feet/cm tall (assume height is in the bottom 50 percentile of height distribution of the society, tribe, or nation they reside in). I am XX (assume it is beyond 16 years for females and 18 years for males) years old. I want to be X-XX inches taller. Do I still have a chance to  grow? Please help me!!”

  • It really does break my heart to hear the these types of stories in the emails of people who message me. All I can say is that there is always a chance but a small chance. As we grow older, that chance to have the random, spontaneous growth spurt of maybe 2-6 inches decreases dramatically. I tried to answer this question as completely, honestly, and scientifically accurate as possible through my post entitled, “Hi, I’m ENTER YOUR AGE years old. Am I Still Growing? Can I Still Grow Taller?”. All that can be suggested is to perform the exercises, stretching, good nutrition, and supplement taking from the “Supplement Guide” and “Exercise Program Guide” above and just follow this website. We are slowly, methodically going through all the data, studies, and research.

4.2. What Is The Most Height Gain One Can Achieve Through Exercises And Stretching After Puberty And Growth Plate Closure?

5. Who are you and what are your intentions?

  • My name is Michael. I’m 28, from the USA, Seattle specifically. For the past few years I have been really interested in trying to see if I can grow taller even though I am definitely past the age of natural growth. I wrote about my own journey into research and obsession on finding a solution in many past, old posts like “My Own Personal Story For Height” and “What I Want From You, The Reader“.

6. What are you selling?

  • Currently I’m selling nothing of a product that deals with height increase or how to grow taller, and that is only because I still have not found one type of method or method that has been proven within to my level of confidence that it would consistently allow a person to increase their height and grow taller, assuming of course we are not dealing with the extremely painful, expensive, time consuming, and invasive operation of leg or limb lengthening surgery.
  • Maybe sometime in the future I will find something that shows to be feasible, practical, and valid in true height increase and then I will promote, advertise, and sell that type of product or service.

7. How much money are you making from doing this website?

  • I am currently making absolutely no money from this venture, although maybe one day I might decide to monetize it somehow. In the past I have thought about monetizing it but I don’t have a business model on how to do it yet. There are a few donation buttons scattered throughout the webpages and posts but there is little money coming and that’s completely fine.
  • Update 12/18/2012: After a lot of soul searching and thinking I have decided to monetize the website. Many of the supplement and product links on the website are now affiliate links with Amazon Affiliates. However, I always inform the reader that the links are affiliate links so they realize what they will be doing if they buy from the associate.

8. I’m thinking of buying this product or using this service I found from this website. Do you think I should do ahead and buy it?

  • Please when you are referring to the product or service from a certain website, leave the url domain name in a message to the website email so I can look at it. If it is a website I have seen before and reviewed, I’ll forward you the # under the “Complete List Of Posts, All Posts” section. If It is not a product I have seen before, I might decide to write a post about the product/service being sold online on the specific website you gave me.

9. I have an idea or suggestion on how to make the website/blog even better than what it is like right now.

  • Well I’d like to hear it. If it is reasonable and it seems like it will certainty improve the visitor’s and reader’s experience, I’ll try to implement it. If it seems really complicated, time consuming, or requires a lot of financial resources, I will be hesitant and probably decide not to go through with it.

10. What is the best way to reach you?

  • There really is only two ways you can reach me. The obvious and easiest method is to give me an email at the website email The other way is to leave a message on the Natural Height Growth Facebook Page. I check that profile wall maybe once a week.

11. You just violated a copyright law by using one of my website’s pictures, audio, or video. I am going to sue you!

  • Let’s be reasonable and see where exactly I’ve infringed on your, your companies, or your organizations’s intellectual property. I’m one person who has very limited financial resources right now. If you really wanted to go through the legal system and press charges go ahead. You won’t get anything since I have nothing and you’ll just waste money on lawyers. It’s better for us to sit down and discuss things out. All you have to do is point out which picture, audio, or video I incorrectly put on this website, I’ll act quickly and appropriately to remove all material. However, I try very hard to reference, cite, and link the sources I do use. For the pictures that I post, I either find them from “Google Images” or clip them from websites using the “Shift+Command+4” special key on the MacOS. I did not know some of the material was copyrighted if I am found guilty of any wrongdoing of using other organization’s intellectual property.

12. How can you be sure your ideas are correct?

13. One of the websites you listed as a scam is wrong. They are the real deal.

  • Okay. I think the burden of proof is really on you since in the history of scientific research, besides limb lengthening surgery, there has not been found one serious, real, valid idea out there that have been shown to really increase the height of people who use it after they finished going through the “natural” growing process. If you can show photo’s videos, or something which gives really good evidence, then I would definitely take notice and take the website, company, and/or organization more seriously.  Until then, the side that has to prove to the other side of the validity of it’s claims is the side that says they have a method that works in increasing height.

14. How can you be so sure that XXX product/pill/company/E-Book is just a scam?

  • I am relatively confident from the fact that I have managed to find reviews, download, torrent (I know, I’m bad), get from friends, and even buy these products from other people. I have looked at their claims, read the science of them trying to explain why their pill, product, or book works, and the scientific theory to validate their technique, method, or strategy is severely lacking.

15. Your website is very resourceful.

  • Thank you.

16. What do you think is the area of research we should focus on to find the solution to achieving height increase after growth plate closure?

  • I’m really not sure right now. There is so many possible paths we could be taking, from gene therapy, steroid stacking, growth plate transplants, PEMF application, LIPUS, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, Bone Loading Modalities, Lateral Synovial Joint Loading, Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, Bone demineralization, Microfracture Induction, Spinal Decompression, Hormone regulation, Growth Hormone Injections, Chondrocyte Implantation, Cartilage Implantation, Growth Factor Mixture Injections, BMP Injections, etc. So far I am just casting the net of research as wide as possible.

17. I’d like to help somehow. Can I work or collaborate with you on the research or for editing the website?

  • Sure. I’m only one person. I could definitely use the help in doing the research, findings, and analysis of products, ideas, and the science.

18. I’m a great fan of this website and really want to help out the cause. How can I make a  donation?

  • Current I have a few donation buttons scattered around the posts and webpages of this website. I am not even sure where they are currently. Maybe you can help me locate where I had originally put those donation buttons since I forgot. Or maybe I should put a little Donations Button somewhere on the edge of the webpage so everyone will know it is there.

19. When are you going to get up the next podcast episode?

  • I try not to put up new podcast episodes unless I have something new or important to share. Even then, I would more likely share that type of breaking news and research to the people who are subscribed to the website mailing list than put it as an announcement on the podcasts, although I probably might. I try to only have podcast from interviews I’ve managed to get with people who are interested in the height increase endeavor or are part of the scientific, medical, engineering, or research based communities.

20. Can you explain the Lateral Synovial Joint Loading method a little more? I don’t understand what you are supposed to do.

21. You are a really bad writer who makes a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. Some of your sentences in the posts don’t even make any sense.

  • I agree with you. I didn’t major in English in college. I am really a bad writer but I think my writing has been slowly improving a little bit and the quality in the posts I think has been getting a little better over time. Maybe one day I’ll go back to my earlier posts and correct those gramatical and spelling errors.

22. I am doing weightlifting and/or bodybuilding of some kind. Does this mean that I am stunting my growth?

16 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions – Concerns, Issues, Problems?

  1. priyanka

    i m 30 years old girl i want to know tht my hight can get increase if i i take any hight growth medicine.

  2. Moin

    Hi,my self moin i am 25 male i need to know any height growth suplements wht abt Bartya waiting for ur reply .Thank u

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  6. divya

    i am an 18yrs old . my height is 156cm. please tell me how can i increase my height? i can to increase almost 14cms more

  7. Eric

    What can I do to to grow taller in your perspective ime about 5,3 in height and ime 17 almost 18 my parent height are my mother height is 5,1 one and my father is aighter 5’6. To 5’8 every say is 5’6 but is passport and social security card sees his 5’8 and and ther the short ones from both sides of my family most of my realities aunts and uncle and cousines are from 5’10 to 6’2 so what can I’d do to grow taller well I ever reach my relatives height or well I be short because my parent are short and I got and x ray a while ago and they told my growth plate haven’t close yet and I grow an inche 6 weeks ago that I was 5’2 tow ime 5’3

  8. Felipe

    I had been trying to grow taller and hadnt suceed. I am 20 years old who had performance lsjl for 6 months without any result and took niacin plus melatonin to see if it works but i got closed growth plates. I want to try to have longer thig bones(tibia) which i am trying to strech the bone apply tensile forze. I want to know how can i do it because as i will do external i want to create micro fractures on bone and not strech skin and muscle. Please help me i am desesperate.

  9. cafe

    How can I get that product in Hong Kong and which places? I’m 21 yrs and my height is 5′ 5”.
    I wanna grow taller about next 3 inches .. can be?

  10. Basanta Thapa

    plz suggest me ,about height growth for 16 and 1/2 yrs girl only 4′ 11” is willing to grow height 3” and more is it possible ? tell me about its side effects in future.
    Basanta Thapa

  11. viktorija

    Well I don´t know if any questions are getting answered or someone reads this, sometimes we have no answer, but I think we have THE ULTIMATIVE ANSWER NOW it´s this:

    I asked Epibone if it would be possible for adults to grow taller if we would combine Epibone with Nerve and Muscle Cells, and they said it could be maybe possible one day. And I think it´s just because they are focused only at growing bones and ligaments but if they would have the knowledge and Support of the Nerve and Muscle Cells Researchers they could make it.

    If we could manage to Combine those things wich ALREADY EXIST then we can get what we wanted for such a long long time in 1-3 years.

    I wrote this to the E-Mail adress of this page but didn´t got a response, I´m not a scientist or something and if I tell my Age you probably won´t take me serious, but if you care then we should really put this together and contact the professionals and tell them to work together and achieve big results, and that they can Change some of our lifes to the better. I also know that Money matters so we should Support them and Kickstarter exist too.

    If you have read untill now. thank you and sorry for my bad english I hope you are willing to start changing yours and many peoples lifes.

  12. viktorija

    Hey, take a look.

    I don´t know if questions are getting answered anymore, I know sometimes we don´t have the answers but NOW WE HAVE THE ANSWER it´s this:

    I send those links to the E-Mail adress of this page but didn´t got a Response, I guess they have a lot to answer so I am putting it in here too, hopefully someone will see it and Response.

    I wrote Epibone if it would be possible to grow taller for adults to grow with Nerve, Muscle Cells and Epibone and they said maybe one day, that´s because they are only focused on growing bones and ligaments, but if they had the knowledge of the Nerve and Muscle Cells Researchers and the right Equipment they could do it.

    The only Thing to get what we all want, is to contact the professionals so that they can work together and achieve good results, I know that Money also matters so we should Support them, Kickstarter and other organisations exist too ect.

    If you read untill now, thank you and sorry for my bad english. If you care to Change yours and many peoples lifes then we can start together.

  13. viki

    *I have a question and I really hope someone can give me an answer*
    My Doc said that my growth plates are 80% closed, what can I do abot those 20%?
    is there something like Somatropin that could help me?

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