Update #2: What Have I Been Doing To Grow Taller And Become Healthier – May 1st, 2013

In the last month I have started to add new exercises and ideas into my everyday schedule to optimize my body condition.

So this has been what resulted. Since I came back to the USA, Seattle specifically I went to see a new family doctor or someone who specialized in Internal Medicine. Since this is a new doctor, they took measurements of my stats.

The metal weight scale and stadiometer device in the doctor’s office said that in my socks, with me not really trying to stand up completely straight, I was at exactly 181 cms. I noted that in the doctors office they try to be very accurate on one’s measurements. I felt the metal edge touch the skin on the top of my head. So the measured value of 181 cms is sort of expected of where I am supposed to be. This was measured around 1:00 pm in the afternoon, after I had been awake for maybe 5-6 hours, so obviously I took into consideration the fact that my body did experience some time feeling the effects of vertebral decompression.

Height: 5′ 11.26″ or 1.81 meters tall

In terms of my weight, I weighed a ridiculous 219 lbs. That is 1 lb short of 100 kgs! Since my weight fluctuates so much due to different times of the day and whether I ate or not, I will just say that I weigh maybe 3 lbs less now, discounting the fact that during the weigh in I had my jeans and large belt on.

Weight: 216 lbs or 97. 98 kgs

I was very surprised with my weight since the last time I checked, which was more than 1 year ago I had weighed around 187-189 lbs. That means that I have gained around 30 extra lbs in the last year of my life. I guess it is true that one really does have trouble keeping the weight off as one grows older.

So what was my action plan to get healthier, loss weight, gain strength, and possibly regain any lost height back?

Well, the first thing I did was that after getting multiple car parking tickets, I decided to sell my car. So in terms of course of action.

1. I sold my car which I had for over 3 years. – Went on craigslist and managed to sell it for a reasonable price to a private buyer. The transaction went relatively smoothly.

2. I bought a 21 speed Diamondback Bike from Dick’s Sporting Goods store – I have been using the bike to get around anywhere within a 5 mile radius. The hardest part about getting this multiple gear bike is figuring out how to switch gears going up hill. Since I haven’t riden a bike in almost 12 years the process was really hard, painful, but very good overall for my health.

Since I used AirBnB.com to find a place for the short term, I ended up staying with a group of people who lived on a hill. The bicycling was really hard for the first week until I learned that there was a bus that was right beside the house.

For Height Increase purposes, I looked for the bike which had the largest wheels and I pushed the seat up high so that I would be forced to stretch out my legs out when I am pedaling.

3. I bought a Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound Public Transportation Pass. These are known as Orca Cards. They seem to be good for not just the bus, but also the Tram, the Light Rail, the train ,and the ferries. As it says on the website…“ORCA is accepted on: Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries.” 

When I compare the cost of driving and the fact that gas seems to cost around $4.00 per gallon these days, it seems logical to choose the Bike + Public Transportation combination.

4. Just in case, there was no public transportation nearby and I had to get to places, I signed up an application for ZipCar and added the app Lyft to my iphone, which is similar to the function of Zipcar but the application process is much simpler.

5. I went to the local city Aquatic Center and bought a month or 30 day pass. – Everyday I spent around 1 hours riding the bike to the aquatic center and getting an hour of swimming.

The focus has been on stretching out the torso and doing the Butterfly Stroke. In combination, I would also add a round of stretching the back and torso twisting along with the swimming.

6. I noticed that my legs, lower back, knees, and butt area becoming very sore from so much bicycling so I found a mechanical massager that can help stimulate the muscles to relax. – I did notice that if one used the stronger massagers for a longer than average time, the vertebrae actually decompress since the muscles in the middle and lower back are not being decompressed so much. The massager that works amazingly well for me is Human Touch Swan Softouch HT-1280 Personal Massager.

As for height, I noticed that after a 20 minute application of the personal massager, the body feels looser and the vertebrate seems to decompress slightly.

7. Shaving my long hair to a very short length so that any measurements I do make will be much more accurate. I went for a very short buzz cut so now my hair is only a fraction of an inch in length. The measurements on height have been much more accurate and consistent.

So the things that I did to getting healthier and regain some lost height this months are…

  • Swimming 1 hour a day almost every day focusing on the butterfly stroke. 
  • Supplementing the swimming with back stretching exercises and torso twisting.
  • Using a bicycle with elevated seats for most of my transportation needs.
  • Using a strong hand held massager to decompress vertebrae.


I did a check on my height and noticed that my morning (right out of bed) height after just 2 weeks seemed to increase by a few millimeters (2-3) when I measured in front of the mirror and drawing a line horizontally at the place of my very first measurement. However that is my morning height.

That’s all for now today.

25 thoughts on “Update #2: What Have I Been Doing To Grow Taller And Become Healthier – May 1st, 2013

  1. Jake

    Hey all,

    Im here to give my feedback so far from using some stretching program(I dont want to advertise so I wont reveal the name) about 2 weeks in I went from 181.6cm to 181.92cm.

    I never really cared about height throughout my life, considering my best friend is 6″7 and his younger brother is 6″11(I just felt like they were just tall and I was ideal), but my current partner is 178 so its pretty awkward even though I’m a little taller. So I been slowly looking for ways to grow(bla bla bla) and eventually after quitting(before I really tried any program) I found a stretching program which looked legit because a person was actually talking on the website on a video….. I followed it for 17 weeks now and I’ve
    I’m standing 185.9cm

    Its not much of a height increase nor do I know if its permanent but I can sure say that I really enjoy the compliments I’ve been getting from my family(they think im growing naturally since I’m 23…and not… 40?) But most of all enjoying looking less awkward with my partner 🙂

    So why am I writing this? just here to encourage other people to believe in themselves.
    haters haven’t even tried doing what your probably willing to do grow a couple of inches :

    (MAJOR ALERT – people will notice the difference.. I get people asking if I’ve grown about once a week now from the same people which have no clue what I’ve been up to(and I hardly see them)

    1. Rhonda

      Hi Jake,

      Do you mind sending me your stretching program by email? I’m very very short and even though height doesn’t matter too much to a woman, I’d love to look taller and thinner since my husband is 180cm. Thanks so much in advance.

    2. Joe

      Hi! Can you speak a little bit about the kind of stretches that you used? I have your previous height and need to get to your new one for proffesional issues.

      Thank you in advance!

    3. chrys

      i’m desperately wants to increase height, can you send me the link to my email? thanks.

  2. Jason

    One of the reasons why I’m hesitant about doing serious stretching is the possibility of it not being permanent, and I’m cuirous as to if Jake’s will be. I would not want to gain a couple inches from stretching and then watch myself shrink back down upon ending the routine. However, I have heard that if you strengthen the back muscles at the same time, that could help to hold the height gain in the spine.

  3. Jin

    I flopped badly this month, i did 2 weeks of stretching and mediation and then lost track, i have devised new stretching plan, changing the routine every 2weeks. Thats what i think will help me stay interested. Well done Jake. Site owner is going in serious ! good luck

  4. Brad Turner

    You aren’t going to gain diddly squat of height doing that stuff. What you are doing is good for losing weight, and I commend you for that. However, it isnt going to give you even a cm of height increase unless your spine was damaged or unnaturally compressed to begin with. Just do lsjl with lipus and/or pemf and take lots of supplements. Also do bodybuilding simultaneously. Then tell us what happens.

  5. Jake

    Hello again,

    I haven’t been on the website for a while so I c ant remember the link for the program, but it had around 20-40 exercises you had to do in a week every single day.. (its not even close to easy)

    My schedule is pretty hectic right now so I dont have time to find the program, give me a few days tops and I’ll get it all together for whoever is interested.

    Dont get your hopes up because I dont know what actually triggered my growth and/or if its real height growth, if it helps I’m about 186.1-2cm in the morning and come down to about 1.85 at night and during the day if I measure once a fortnight I average 185.4-9cm and I reached 1.83cm about 9 weeks in.

    1. Jimmy

      Hey Jake can you send us the link buddy? If you really grew five cm then that is incredible! I’d love to try the program.

  6. James

    Jake, I’m in the exactly same boat as you mate…..my current partner is 178 cm….and i’m 181 cm…it gets a bit awkward…help out a fellow bro in need…find the link and please post it or email it to me….gaining even an inch will be huge.

  7. James

    Et tu , Jake ?…..trust me mate….a lot of us are waiting here for your reply….even a cm or two makes a world of difference for us…..please help out dude.

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