What Happened To The Old Grow Tall Forum

This is what I have managed to piece together from reading over the comments made by people like Nidzo and TheOtherAdam from the other forums that are still around.

Ever since the internet came to being, there have been forums, message boards, Yahoo! Groups, and pockets around the internet which all had some core idea that the online community was formed around. There were message boards for bodybuilding, health, vegans, sexuality, relationships, etc. For the subject of height increase, it was no exception.

Many websites and forums on height increase have come and gone. The internet technically was started in the early 90s, and back then most people didn’t even know what it was. There was Compuserve, America Online, and Altavista, Ask Jeeves, and things were skyrocketing where Venture Capitalists saw so much potential. This was before the Dot Com bust.

If I was to guess at what was the first website ever created for the purpose of selling something that promised people that it could make them taller, it would have been the website www.growtaller.com whose owner named Ken Kalsi based in Blaine, WA copyrighted the website back in 1999. The domain name was perfect, and when the Google Engine was first started, it’s algorithm was not that intelligent yet. This website would have gotten a lot of visitors, and the guy might have sold some E-Products since they were so new and unique back then. However it looks like the website is inactive now, and the person has moved on past selling E-Products on the internet to make a living for themselves.

I look at something known as the Network 54 which has a very old message board, the Impartial Height Increase Message Board and see that it was started (on page 94 currently) in January 15, 2002. That was almost 13 and a half years ago! The main admin of that board, Joey is still around giving the occasional message to any old members who stop in to drop a few lines to see if there are any updates.

From 1999 to 2013, there have been at least a hundred websites that have been created with the website creator trying to get the highest ranking for the key words “grow taller” and “height increase”. Many people have come up and none of them have really succeeded in achieving the holy grail of height increase.

This includes Sky who created the EasyHeight.com and LimbCenter.org websites and tried to talk about microfractures and how to possibly tensile load the bones to stretch them out. After 6-8 years of effort, he would give up without growing any height, and moved on with his life becoming the pharmacist he said he was and make 6 figures a year.

When I use the WayBack Machine to see the beginnings of what was once the largest forum or discussion board on the internet for people who were interested in growing taller, I am amazed that something like that could last that long. It was started in 2007 and the website was taken down in what I think was the beginning of the 2012 year. 5 years and thousands of members all talking about one idea, trying to find a solution to this problem that has plagued the human species since time began.

So what happened?

The person that the remaining members who are still around blame goes by the name Halcyon who was also called Nico, who closed the forum and supposedly took another member’s formulation for height increase, Alkoclar’s Trial #2, and never talked with anyone else again. This is told by someone named Alpha or Alphagenetik

The other influential person was someone named XCrunner, who was followed by PhenolHCL. There seems to be some notes from this guy someone in the very beginning gave me. I wrote a post about all the information entitled “From GrowTallForum.com, Xcrunner211 Notes On Height Increase For Teenage Males With Open Plates, Warning NSFW

There was supposed to be someone named Bubabooey (sp?) who was the person who actually created the original M.E.N.S. Routine.

Apparently another member named Fusion started another grow taller forum called HeightCatalyst.com, which I would write a quick post about. However I have checked that website and nothing is being shown.

These days the member of the old Grow Tall Forum have moved to different forums and become scattered out. The forums that are visited now are…

  1. Grow Tall Forum 2.0 – http://grow-tall-forum.proboards.com/index.cgi
  2. GTF Beta Version – http://growtallerforumbeta.freeforums.net/
  3. Grow Taller Forum – http://www.growtallerforum.com/
  4. Grow Tall Info – http://growtallinfo.com/forum/
  5. Grow Tall Forum Chat – http://growtallforum.chatango.com/

I thought about creating another forum for the members and I did buy the domain name NaturalHeightGrowthForum.com and started to set it up but decided not to go through with the plan because of the amount of drama that had happened in the previous one. If the forum associated with this website did eventually become very large, would I have the time and energy to shoulder this much drama and try to satisfy the demands of thousands of people who will constantly be harassing me to do something for them? I see that many of the forum members still are giving messages to this Alkoclar guy hoping to get a message from him to explain where he is in his formulations. Really?

The truth is that it took at least 4 years for the old Grow Tall Forum to get the type of traction that it had to develop into the large community that it did. By that time, it had become the #1 place for people to gather and talk about their hopes, struggles, and frustrations to become taller. It was shut down rather abruptly, and it seemed that around the end, people had stopped really being helpful, spam was really spreading, and people were sort of leaving and becoming very negative and cynical over this thing.

It is a shame that the place was shut down just as my website was starting because it would have been a nice resource to reference and use. I have been finding that many of my discoveries were already done and found by older members on that forum so it feels like I am often reinventing the wheel. However, I accept that this work has

Many people like Nicki would come and ask me what had happened to the old Grow Tall Forum website even when Natural Height Growth was just 2 weeks old, and I had no answer for her. Other people have come out and asked that I find Hakker/Thomas and get him to talk about what happened, and his side of the story. Some also ask that I be a magician and retrieve information from certain now dead threads and posts. How am I supposed to do that? I did get him on the phone for the 5th Podcast Episode but his lips were shut about the more personal stuff.

So what should the reader take away from all this?

There is no such thing as a free lunch. This thing is going to be damn hard and 99.99% of the time, most people will fail to ever see any height increase. There is a VERY HIGH chance that I will fail in finding anything that will work in the way that most people hope for. There is a very good reason why almost all physicians and surgeons, who are 100X smarter and better educated than most of us think that growing taller is impossible to achieve, especially after we finished our natural growth progress.

If one thinks that they can just be a lurker on those forums and one day by a miracle find the name of the exact compound/chemical/supplement/pill that would solve their height increase desires, then they are probably delusional. Don’t wait for Alkoclar because he will never come back.

I wrote about this fantasy in the beginning in the post “There Is NO Magic Bullet

You can not wait and expect that other people will do all the work, all the research, and think that you can get the rewards and fruit of their labor without giving something of insane value back in return. Join in and help me and the others in doing the research. We need to have hard science to back up what we are doing. That is what I think will be the only way for us to find something real.

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