Another Case Of Pregnancy Causing Woman To Grow Taller And Increase In Height

Update Nov. 24, 2014: I can’t explain what is going on, but it seems that at least 3 new people have left comments on this post expressing that they noticed this phenomena. They, being females who have gone through, or are going through pregnancy, have noticed changes in their height.

Pregnancy Height Increase 1


Pregnancy Height Increase 2

Pregnancy Heght Increase 3


So more and more females are coming out and telling us their unique individual stories

First, obviously this phenomena is NOT a common thing. It probably happens to just 0.01% of all women who go through pregnancy, and that is a guess on the high side. However, just the fact that more than a dozen females have claimed this phenomena makes me really wonder what is going on.

I have had a recent new idea, which is that the irregular bones in the feet might have grown larger appositionally pushing the overall female skeleton higher up. However, that is a real stretch.

The connection and theory that all this increase in height is due to the chemical relaxin however is still the most viable theory.

Refer to one of the most explosive posts I have ever written on this website – “The Chemical That Would Make Adults Grow Taller Has Been Found

However, the recent claim made by my own girlfriend that she grew 1 full cm herself made me wonder whether this phenomena may be due to more than 1 main human physiological process.

One thing that is very obvious however is that about 98% of all the claims ever made about growing taller in adulthood (which I will assume to be around the age point of 21-22_ has been by females. Is there something within the human female bone physiology which makes them more likely to grow slightly taller?

Update Feb 14th, 2014: It seems that just in the span of 24 hours, two women have come forth and sent messages to the website expressing the fact that they either have open epiphyseal growth plates at the age of almost 30 or even later.

Case Study #1: This women went to get X-Rays for her ankle bone area/ distal tibia after a fall and she noticed that her bones had scars across the ankle bones. She messaged me and commented that she apparently found out that she still had growth plates. The post that she commented on is “A Theory That Epiphyseal Growth Plates Never Fuse For Certain People

Open Growth Plates in Adults

Case Study #2: This 2nd women commented that apparently she has grown by about 4 inches in the last of her 2 pregnancies, out of a total of 5 pregnancies. This case is extremely unusual because most cases we have found have the mother increase in height during the first and/or the 2nd pregnancies. The fact that this women is in her late 30s is absolutely amazing. I would suspect that her bone maturity is very unique, but possible due to cases I’ve found before.

Height Increase In Pregnancy

There is now too much evidence coming through in the form of anecdotal stories, forum postings, cases and instances where adult females who went through pregnancy have noticed that they increased in height. Me and the follow researchers will focus much more on this pressing issue in the future. Currently, I have documented at least 11 cases of women who went through the phenomena. At least one of these women have found this website and contacted me personally through the website email and we have exchanged messages. The latest case has a women increase her height by 3 inches from 5′ 2″ – 5′ 5″.

Update 8/13/2013: It is noted that another commenter who goes by the name of guiselka wrote on the post More Evidence That Pregnancy Can Increase Height, WOW!recently wrote the following comment…

I used to be 5’2.5″ before pregnancy. I was just measured at my doctor visit and I am 5’5″. I am amazed! I also have many back problems now though. I’ve always had some issues but after pregnancy they became unbearable. I have a total of 4 hernias and 2 bulging discs among other problems.

Update 7/28/2013: I became aware that there has been at least another case where a pregnant women noticed that she gained height from her pregnancy. The source of the case is from the news website Reddit on a thread entitled “Has anyone else noticed a increase in their height during pregnancy?”

  • She noticed that her height increased from 5′ 2″ to 5′ 3″. 
  • Her feet increased from shoe size 5 to 6. 5.
  • The length from her elbow to her wrist is supposed to be the same length as her feet. After checking, it was the same. This implies that her forearm might have lengthened as well.
  • She was born at a length of 16 inches.
  • Husband is 6′ 2″ and born with a length of 23 inches.
  • The baby has been much lower in her pelvis

Some responses to the original post has been rather insightful and forced me to rethink some issues between the link of pregnancy and noticeable increases in height.

  • I think it’s because I can’t slouch so much with baby taking up so much of my torso. I have to sit and stand straighter.
  • Yeah, I’m not as far along as you, but I’ve definitely noticed I’m standing straighter with my shoulders back. My gait is changing, too

Update #2: Now there is another two cases of other women who noticed a 1 inch increase in height who responded to the poster!

  • Maybe! I have also been 5’2″ since I was in middle school. Last time I went to the doctor I measured 5’3″. That was the first time I was measured since baby #1. Maybe I will be 5″4″ by the end of #2 and tower over my small Italian family – Joyfulgirl36
  • I have to agree! 5′ 4 when I started now 5’5″!!! – Alaxamber

A visitor recently came on the website to leave a message which shows that there is more cases where an expectant mother might actually have so much stuff going through her body that she increases in height.

She (named Stacie) noticed that her husband/father of the baby is noticeably shorter from looking at pictures and she informed me that at 5′ 10″ already she does does not wish to be any taller.

I have written about this idea in multiple posts before where in certain rare cases of females, they notice from pregnancy they end up 1-2 inches (sometimes even 3 inches) taller. 

Main Post: Analysis On The Possible Cause For Height Increase During Pregnancy

Some other results from Google on places where mothers and expectant mothers notice that they ended up taller than before.


These questions asked on the various internet forums, blogs, and websites on the internet seems to validate what Stacie is saying. She is noticing that her partner/husband/father of the baby is looking rather shorter than average lately. The message was short and she wrote at the end that she was going to go to the doctor, whether normal family physician, gynecologist, or endocrinologist, about her noticing that she might be taller than before.

pelvisThe conclusion that was reached by Tyler was that the cause was from this muscle relaxing protein called Relaxin, and his claim has a little bit of validity. We both found a study in PubMed which showed that the hip wide and hip size of heifers (young female cows before giving birth) seemed to have have gotten bigger from before the first pregnancy and after it.

Could it be that from pregnancy, the hip bone in some women are twisted or bend open in such a way to actually stretch out the pubis symphysis?

Could the Pubis Symphysis be pulled in a way during the pregnancy and during the labor when the women is actually giving birth to make the alignment between the hip joint socket to the overall skeletal structure straighter, thus allowing for increased height?

Possibly but the height increase should be a few millimeters at most due to how the femur is attached to the hip bone. Pubis Bone

If we note that the epiphysis region of the proximal end of the femur is not attached to the hip bone in a vertical fashion, but horizontally, then it would not make sense to say that the stretching of such a small cartilage area in the middle of the hip should be able to cause the women to grow 1 inch, let alone 3 inches as reported by one person on an internet discussion board.

However we do have to note one thing that is well medically established. The documented phenomena of pregnant women who notice that their feet and hands and fingers becoming wider and even longer has been well observed.

This article from Discovery News indicates that the feet in pregnant women do get bigger and the increase in feet size never goes away.

“…Researchers measured the arch height and foot length of 49 women during their pregnancy and five months after they had given birth. On average, the women’s arch height decreased, and in turn, their foot length increased between 2 and 10 millimeters (about 0.1 to 0.4 inches) — during this period.

Overall, about 60 to 70 percent of the women had longer feet and shorter arches after childbirth, the researchers said. Eleven of the women reported changes in their shoe size, the researchers said”

So it seems to show that for the feet, they get longer by upwards of even 1 cm, which means that during and after pregnancy the women would could go up 2 shoe sizes. I guess that means it is time to go back shoe shopping to buy a whole new set of shoes.

The thing that is more interesting for us as height increase researchers is that the feet arch height is supposed to be decreased. The foot arch is the arch in the middle of the feet that gives the the feet its unique structure at the bottom. Most human feet at least in young kids have an arch. Older people from decades of walking and standing upright have flatter feet. So it seems that pregnancy causes women to have flatter feet.

So does having a shorter feet arch translate to a shorter overall height? It DOES.

The structure in the human feet that determines the overall height is composed of at least 4 small irregular tarsal bones. They are…

  1. The navicular bone
  2. The talus (aka ankle bone)
  3. The calcaneus
  4. Cuboid Bone

These four irregular bones are the Cuboid-bone-5bones that are in the dorsal position of the feet. I chose to focus on these bones and NOT the tarsal bones in ventral side because these are the real bones that would be the main factors on determining height. If we look at the rest of the feet, we realize that how far up the human body is is slightly determined by how high the ankle is above the ground level. If the feet has a higher arch, it would be slightly taller, maybe by even 1 inch.

So this means that pregnancy should in fact then make women shorter then with slightly flatter, longer feet. The case where women get shorter from pregnancy seems to happen to the majority of women who go through pregnancy and notice any type of height variation.

The occasional case where women get taller should make no sense.

From the same article…

“…between 30 to 60 percent of women who had been pregnant at least once said their shoe size had changed.

The change in foot size may be due to the extra weight women carry around during pregnancy, which puts greater stress on the feet, and, thus, may flatten the arch, the researchers said. In addition, pregnant women produce hormones that increase the looseness of the joints and ligaments (tissue that connects bone to bone), possibly making the foot structure more malleable.

Most of the women involved in the new study who experienced changes in their foot length and arch height were first-time mothers. Women had given birth to two or three children did not experience such significant changes.”

So what is exactly going on then? 

Tyler’s explanation currently is that from the type of hormone known as Relaxin released during pregnancy, the women develop looser ligaments and tendons so that when they stand up straight for say a height measurement during their annual physician checkup, the measured height goes up. That is plausible. However the logic would not explain why a new mother staying at home after giving birth, walking around with a regular posture, not stretching out completely for any height measurement, would notice that her husband/partner looks shorter than before. She is not stretching out her now looser ligaments for anything on purpose. This should mean that looser ligaments would do nothing for a women in average posture walking around in the privacy of their own home.

Humans in general are very good at noticing height changes between themselves and other people.

My explanation is that the same hormone that causes the tarsals to grow wider is also causing the cuboid, navicular, talus, and calcaneus to grow wider and bigger from appositional growth. The growth of the bones in width, since they are NOT long bones, but irregular bones, means that the feet should be getting taller if you measured the ankle protrusion relative to the ground level from before by upwards of even 1-2 cms. However this would not be enough to explain why any women should be able to gain 2-3 inches in extra height. That difference is too large.

Other than this explanation I would have no longer idea on how pregnancy makes some women taller.

Tyler’s Comments:  If appositional increased as a result of pregnancy, it would have to be a huge increase to get a noticeable increase in height.  I haven’t found any anecdotal accounts of people who would have potential for significant increases in appositional growth to have height increase like weight lifters, strong men, etc.  Bone deposition can occur even on the longitudinal ends of long bones.  Here’s a related study on non-periosteal bone growth and a study I mentioned here related to subchondral plate advancement.  If bone apposition increased enough to increase longitudinal bone growth significantly enough to increase height then it would produce noticeable effects in terms of bone width.  For example, did these females have to get bigger shoes because of the foot length or their foot width?

Here’s a recent study:


Anthropometric foot changes during pregnancy: a pilot study.

“Women’s feet change during pregnancy owing to hormonal and anatomical changes, thus having a strong influence on the decrease in their quality of life during pregnancy. This preliminary study aimed to value the anthropometric and positional changes that affect their feet. Methods: Ten pregnant women were measured during their gestational period to analyze the anthropometric changes in their feet from the 12th week of pregnancy. We examined the changes that occured in foot length, forefoot width, arch of the foot height, and the fixed position of the foot by using the Foot Posture Index, and we analyzed three intervals corresponding to pregnancy weeks 12, 24, and 34. Results: The most significant finding, with a reliability rate of 95%, is the decrease in internal arch height, which descends 0.65 mm (0.0394 inches) on average at the final stage of the pregnancy period. This change happened in 18 of the feet analyzed, tending toward pronation according to the measure provided by the Foot Posture Index, with a change of 3.78 points on this scale. Conclusions: The foot of the pregnant woman tends to flatten during gestational weeks 12 to 34, taking a more pronated posture, and the anthropometric changes in late pregnancy result in increases in foot length and forefoot width, changes that seem to be moderate.”

Will go back and look at this full study for additions but foot width does increase indicating that there may be more appositional growth but the change is said to be moderate so unlikely enough increase in appositional growth to be increasing height.

Also, the bones in the feet are different from typical long bones.  For example the toe bone is not covered by articular cartilage.

Here’s my comments on relaxin and height in pregnancy and prolactin and height.  Other potential hormones involved in the height increase could be HcG or HPL.  According to this study(Suppression of streptococcal cell wall–induced arthritis by human chorionic gonadotropin), HcG can increase circulating TGF-Beta levels.  However, the study Human placental lactogen directly inhibits rat cartilage growth processes in vivo and in vitro., found that HPG inhibits cartilage growth although it could be a different story for human cartilage.

57 thoughts on “Another Case Of Pregnancy Causing Woman To Grow Taller And Increase In Height

  1. Heightseeker

    So does that mean that taking the hormone relaxin as a supplement possibly has the potential to increase the height of the ankle by 1 or 2 centimeters? resulting in the same increase in your overall height.

    that would be amazing if true. Myself being flatfooted, im considering doing some kind of procedure on my feet to correct it as well that could possibly give me some height, afterall i only need 3 cms to be satisfied.

    Michael do you know about any particular foot surgeries for flat feet that might result in height increase? I found this blog where this guy corrected his flat feet condition with Hyprocure implants, and he claims he gained about half an inch in height from this procedure.

    1. Kmg23

      I am a 31 years old and after having my son I went from being just under 5’4 to over 5’5 and my shoe size went from a 5 1/2-6 to a 6 1/2-7.

  2. Anonymous

    I too have noticed that everyone around me seem shorter. Hence I googled if it was possble for another growth spurt during pregnancy. This is an interesting read.

    1. Alexandra

      I googled this and came across this page. I’ve had 4 babies. I was 18 with my first pregnancy and after which my foot size went from a 6.5 to 7.5. I’m now a size 8 but I don’t know when that happened. I’ve always been 154 cm and known as short. The other day I went for check up after my 4th baby and I was measuring 158cm. I’m not complaining but… What the heck is going on?

  3. Mireia

    I am definitely becoming taller. I started my pregnancy being 1.73cm tall and, now, in my 8th month I am 1.745cm tall. It’s super strange, as seeing how my back has curved due to my belly’s weight, I thought I might become shorter instead of taller. My feet are the same so far… I hope they don’t grown!!!

    Great website and explanations!

  4. shannon

    I grew 2 inches and my shoe size has increased. I am glad to see an article addressing this issue. I had 2 boys one at age 33 and the other at 36. It was so funny because I would joke with my husband and ask him why was he getting shorter, thinking that as he got older he was shrinking. I did not realize that it was ME that was getting taller until a woman who was 5’5 asked me how tall I was and I said 5’4 she insisted that I was much taller than that. I said, well I ‘ve been 5’4 since I was a teenager. I had someone take my height and they told me I was 5’6 I was so shocked. I went to the doctor for an annual asked the nurse to check my height she said the same thing. I asked her was it normal for someone to grow in their thirties she said no, but enjoy being taller.

    1. kristy

      I am 36 and had my 3rd son 8 months ago. Just recently my husband asked if Ive grown taller (half jokingly bc who does that at 36) but I agreed and told him Ive felt taller recently! So strange! I need to officially measure. Ive always been 5’10 and my husband is 6’1″‘, but I feel like we’re almost the same height now. Oh these babies change us so much. Little blessings 🙂 ♡♡♡

  5. Kimberly

    I also grew an inch in my last pregnancy, at 28. I was laughed at however by people who told me “You don’t keep growing past puberty” but I’ve been 5’4″ my entire life and then suddenly I was 5’5″.

  6. Jessie

    I plan on using ankle weights while pregnant and for 8 weeks after giving birth to make the most of the relaxin hormone in my body. I’ll have to let you know how the concentrated effort goes 🙂

  7. kelly

    I got taller with both my pregnancys . At 21 When i started my fisrt one I was 5’6 went to 5’7 . MY sister pointed our me and Tim my husband who is 5’7″ were about the same height. We measured and we were both 5’7″ I was acutalky slughtly taller. Then my next pregancy i grew tp to 5’8 1/2.. I know Tim wants a boy but I don.t know if he wants to risk me getting any Taller. Kellly

  8. Amber Evans

    All my adult life I have been 5’6 and after 3 pregnancies at 36 I find myself measuring almost 5’8. I was so shocked by this I started googling what could possibly cause this and ran across this article. So interesting.

  9. Beth S.

    I am getting taller, multiple people have commented on it and the doctors measured me at 5’10 at my last visit as opposed to my normal 5’9. I had before the new measurement noticed than my spine looks elongated. Have had a lot of back pain. Four months pregnant now.

  10. Vicki

    When measuring the height of my 5, 3 and 1 year old children on the family height chart this week I discovered that I have also grown 1.5 centimetres taller at some point during or after my 3rd pregnancy. I am 42 years old so was astonished! I am now 5’9″!

  11. Jillian Iannucci

    I went to the doctor for the first time since giving birth to my daughter 10 months ago. Turns out I’ve grown 1 1/4 inches! I find this to be really, really odd. However, I have noticed more aches and pains in my ankle joints and knees.

  12. lauren

    A few months into my pregnancy I noticed that my sister and mother didn’t seem quite as tall. I Told them I think I am growing and they agreed. I am 8mo pregnant and measuring almost 1″ taller than the 5′ 5″ I started out at. I’m 27yrs old and didn’t really expect to grow anymore, but I’m not complaining.

  13. Jennifer

    I had triplets in 2012 I was 30 at the time. I have been right at 5′ 1/2″ since I was about 12. We bought a growth chart for the kids and quickly realized I had grown. We measured with a measuring tape and I am now 5’2″. I did take progesterone supplements for the first 12 weeks. I have a lot of hip pain. I am going to measure my inseam to see if my legs grew.

  14. Minnie

    Hey, I finished puberty at age 7 and stopped growing before age 10. Before you say my height is racially normal for me. I’m shorter than my grandmothers, and truly the runt in my family.

    My ultimate height goal is 5’2″. I lost my dream of joining NASA because of my height. I dropped out of dance because of it. I have to play a guitar that is 3/4 size meaning that playing “shred” rock on a 7 string is not possible in this lifetime. To make it worse I think I’m shrinking.

    I’ve been in the height increase scene since high school, having done Heightmax, Kimi insoles, cycling with ankle weights, and none of it worked. Now I’m on Glucosamine as a last ditch effort.

    Not going to have kids, but hopefully, it will soon be possible to intake Relaxin like people intake Glutathione skin lightening shots at the salon. This is like a ray of hope in my life. Thanks.

  15. Kimberly

    I’m almost 20 and I haven’t had children but my mom grew while her pregnancies she had 5 pregnancies and grew like 1cm in each one. And almost all women in my family who have had children had grown at least an inch in total if not more. So I hope I can grow a little bit when I have a baby.

  16. Jennifer

    I measured and my inseam is the same. I suspected it was torso that grew because I also now have back pain.

  17. Annamarie

    I gave birth to my first baby and I have grown an 1 1/2 which before I was 5’4, now 5’5 more than 1/2 and still growing. I’m 23 years old now and have noticed that my knees have been in a lot of aching pain. Every since my growth spurt, my knees have not been the same. They constantly hurt and they NEVER hurt before so it worries me. I’m an athlete and in great shape, but every since giving birth, I have had knee pains constantly every time I drop down in a “squat” position to pick something up or to even work out. It’s weird and I hope this helps a little. My doctor told me, if I grow past 5’6 and head into 5’7 that she is gonna send me to a specialist because she fears that it’ll only get worse before getting better.

  18. Valerie

    I have been 5ft and a half inch my whole life. I always just rounded up to 5’1″ and doctors offices always put me at 5’1″ so I haven’t thought to ask at my prenatal visits if that’s what they were getting. I had a nurse for insurance come over this morning, I had her measure twice. I’m 5’2″ 1/2!!! She said it wasn’t uncommon for pregnant women to get taller. It didn’t happen with my first, but 10 years later with my second, this time a boy, I’m taller. How strange.

  19. heyhey

    my mom was 5’1″ when she was in early 20s. then after having 3 children she grew up to 5’4″. she doesn’t know how she grew taller. she said that might be a posture …like when she gave a birth her muscles stretched out and kinda stayed there after.. i wish i can get taller too

  20. Sue

    I have given birth three times, at ages 32, 37 and 41. I grew 1/4″ taller with each pregnancy, I was 5’3.25″ before my first was born – from age 20 when I hit 5’33.25″ until when I was 32. I was 5’3/5″ after she was born. My second was born when I was 37, and I grew to 5’3.75″. When I was 41 I had my last child, and after she was born I was 5’4″. I’ve told doctors this, and they say it is impossible. But it happened. And, my feet did not get any bigger.


  21. Debbie

    I had my son at age 41. I was 5ft 6 before pregnancy as evidenced on my passport etc. After giving birth, I went to a weight loss clinic and measured in at 5ft 7!….I have also gone from size 5 1/2 -6 to a 6 1/2 -7 shoe size. Weird!!

  22. Christine

    Well, i just stumbled across this and would like to add my anecdotal story. Since I was 10 I had size 9.5/10 feet and from age 17 onward I was 5’8″. I was never really measured again because every time I went to a doctors office they asked for my height instead. I have gone on to have 4 living children (the youngest is 5), gaining more weight than a woman should and my feet ended up being a size 11.5. About two months go I started using products for nutritional cleansing. Within two weeks my feet shrunk to a size 10. When I wear my favorite sandals you can see the outline of my former foot surrounding my foot. Yesterday I went to an urgent care and they actually measured me…in the past two months I have lost 30 pounds, shrunk 1.5 foot sizes and now apparently I am 2 inches taller! I plan to re-measure myself because I can’t believe I could grow in height. But after reading the anecdotal stories here, now I wonder.

  23. Roxy

    I was 5’7 3/4 for all 4 years in the military (ages 20-24) had a baby at 27. I am now 28 with a two year old and consecutively measure just under 5’9!! Was googling around trying to figure it out. So crazy to think it might have been pregnancy!

    1. Roxy

      Im about to turn 29 if that helps. 2 years after pregnancy and I’ve grown over an inch at some point!

  24. Corielle

    I have also found that before being pregnant & now at only 9 1/2 weeks all of my clothes are getting “Flood Ready” & I feel a lot taller then I already was. I’m 6ft tall already kinda crazy to think that I’m just gunna get taller!!!! =/

  25. Marie

    I’m in my 40s and I grew 3/4 inch during my last pregnancy this year. I couldn’t believe it when the nurse said I was 5’4 1/2″. I told her I’ve always been 5 3 3/4″. I didn’t grow at all with my two previous children – except for my feet – 1/2″ each time.

  26. Tiffany T

    My fiancé and I was the same height 5’7 and since I have giving birth to my son, (2nd child) I noticed I am now taller then him. Today I got measured and I am a little over 5’8. So of course I don’t understand how I’m still growing at the age of 25 , so he googled it and ran across this forum. This is so weird. But glad to know I’m not alone lol :/

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  28. Dwain

    I am in fact glad to glance at this web site posts which
    carries lots of helpful information, thanks for providing these kinds of statistics.

  29. Katie B

    This is incredible. I am now 7-8 weeks along and my hormones have been literally off the charts, I can feel them racing through my body. I have noticed in the last two weeks that suddenly my husband was getting shorter, my and when I look in the mirror I see it from a taller perspective than before. I was already 5’9, and am in my early 40’s. Natural conception. This blows my mind!

  30. Moriah

    I’m 30 years old, and have gone through 3 pregnancies. I have not only grown during pregnancy, I’m still growing! It has only been about a quarter of an inch per year, but is still odd… my feet grew as well. When I became pregnant the first time I was only 19. I had no wisdom teeth erupted. During my pregnancy, 2 of them emerged. 4 years later, during my 2nd pregnancy, the other 2 emerged.

  31. Samantha

    I don’t want to offend anyone. But I have had 4 abortions before. No I’m not proud but. Anyway I can assure you that It has something to do with being pregnant all together. If you know… there is so many type of hormones being produced in the body even Gh because we have to grow the child and its bones and etc so it make sense that a lot of those chemicals are running through are blood stream effecting us. I don’t know about relaxin… Because if it makes your ligaments loose you could end up shorter with a slightly compacted height and structure just walking around doing general activities you would Have to lay down for months or more and your height probably wouldn’t be permanent expecially after you stop taking the hormone. I bet you anything it’s something that is growing the baby that is actually growing us females. I have not carried to full term ever but even being pregnant I’ve grown 1.5 inches. I was 5. 05 now I’m 5″1.5 and I checked today I can very easy just say I’m 5″2 now because I think I just went up to 5″2 and I’m 22 years old. Wow I always thought this because lately I’ve been feeling longer (if that makes sense) until now I’ve always felt short and small. Now I feel long almost like I’m driving a new car and I can’t get the hang of things. I’ve been reaching for things and actually getting them, I been Even hitting my head on things I always clearly walked under perfectly before. its like I slightly have to get use to not being this long. I even went up in shoe size and I have noticed my feet slightly wider and toes longer but I also grew In height. People I use to look up too I can see them eye to eye way more. And I haven’t carried long. It’s definitely the chemicals that contribute to the baby’s growth that the female body powers or ignites. I felt the the hormones were flooding me. Even my lips are bigger and its been almost two years ago. So my conclusion is this….. If relaxin is contributing its is opening (softening) ligaments maybe even bones and other areas while Gh and other hormones are penetrating those Things very easily. All of this stuff is for the baby but I guess the female body gets effected by it too it’s basically contagious. Lastly like the other ladies I had TERRIBLE back pain like to the point I was in tears. Just thought I’d share.

  32. Samantha

    So if you want to maybe make medicine you would have to follow up relaxin with something that would increase the newly softened ligaments or bones. It’s can’t be relaxin alone.

  33. Bill

    my ex wife grew from just under 5’4 to just over 5’7? I didn’t believe it but saw pictures of her shorter than her sister who she clearly towers over now! Her first husband was 5’4 and she said it happened after her pregnancy I wonder if he didn’t like it? he married a woman who was barely 5 feet tall. I found out about her growth when I teased her about towering over her ex! she was 21 when she grew

  34. WC Machmer

    I was reading this blog out of curiosity, and it reminded me of a woman I dated years ago. When I met her, she was at 5’11”, but when she graduated high school, she told me she was 5’9”. She claimed to have grown 2 inches during her 2 pregnancies, 1 inch per pregnancy. Her first pregnancy was at 25. The second at 27.

    I am an engineer by trade so I think in blunt terms, but with the intent to understand. If I were a researcher, I would wonder about these items.

    The women I dated, complained of back problems. Does this mean that most of the growth in height occurs in the torso? Have other women complained as well of the same problem? Do arms and legs grow as well and in proportion?

    If you are growing up are you also growing out, meaning wider hips, increased chest size (I mean rib cage).

    Since the pregnancy is the catalyst for growth, are the lady parts growing in proportion or disproportion to height? The reason I ask this is that she grew 1 inch for her first pregnancy; she delivered a 10 pound baby vaginally. Her second pregnancy she grew another inch and delivered a 12 pound baby vaginally. I think you can see the progression in height vs baby weight. (If it means anything she was 36C, 28, 42 at 155 pounds.)

    This also leads us to the topic that caused it all, sex. She was very large down there. So much so that it was not very enjoyable. Are other women experiencing this as well, after growing taller?

    Is there an age correlation? Do younger women grow taller more often or do older women? What age do women grow the most? What is the range of growth? Is there a limit? Are there any disadvantages of late body growth? Does height growth depend upon fetus gender i.e. do boys make a women grow more or girls make a women grow more?

    I think this is not only interesting but could be medically beneficial.


    Curious Bill

  35. bill


    I posted yesterday, and today I see it has been deleted. Can you tell me what you found offensive? I thought I was adding not only to your topic but data to consider for your researach. I was not trying to offend anyone.

  36. MAR

    Well, I am not a doctor but I know when pregnat, women’s growth hormone levels increase. My endocrinologist told me that so it makes sense that under certain conditions, some women increase their height.

  37. Bill2


    You may be on the verge of improving the life of millions by your work.

    Currently there is the Zika virus afflicting children that causes small heads. With your work, you might be able to counter the effects of this horrible disease, by inducing the skull to grow. And saving a child from a diminished life. You know that whatever is causing women to grow is not harmful to them. Thus, whatever is making them grow would also make others do the same safely.

    While your research may not be able to re-generate limbs on the human body, whoever does discover this secrete it, may need your work to sustain growth of the limb on the body.

    A man with Micro-penis might benefit from your research as well. These a very sad conditions that rob a man of his identity.

    I would encourage you to pursue you research. No doubt you could get a grant or a company might be interested in your work to provide funding. Please go forward.

  38. Elizabeth Hanson

    I’m a 38 yr old woman with a 7mo old son (my first child). At my tallest I was a strong 5′-6.5″ and more recently measured between 5-6″ & 5′-5.5″. I had a physical with my general practitioner this morning and measured a strong 5-9″. I was so surprised I had them measure me three times and check the calibration of the scale.
    I have had people comment on how tall I am lately but chocked it up to them being short. My shoe size only changed half a size and my hands are slightly thicker (I can’t say longer ?). I just figured it was the typical pregnancy growth, nothing unusual.
    I do sleep more than ever in my life and do less high impact sports but those are the biggest changes. I’m going to have my husband double check this measurement tonight…

  39. Stephanie

    My first pregnancy I grew slightly less than an inch. I was previously 5’6″ and 3/4s an inch. I now measure 5’7″ and 1/2 an inch. I found it rather strange to me because I developed early as a child and had been the same height since I was 11-12 years old and only grew once I was pregnant at 25 years old. I am now pregnant with my second child at 27 years old and I am feeling what I believe to be growing pains in my legs! I remember this feeling all to well as a child and I am in total disbelief. I will definitely have my doctor measure my height next visit, very curious to see if I am growing again.

  40. Chrysta

    I am soooo relieved to know that I’m not the only woman who has experienced growing taller into her 30s. I noticed that after I gave birth to my son that my size 8 shoe no longer fit and I now have to wear a 9 or 9.5 depending on how the shoe is made. I started off being 5’6 but my height increased to 5’7. I conceived again and I am now just inches away from being 5’9. This is extremely disturbing to me because I have always been, what most people consider, tall. I knew that it wasn’t just my imagination that I was still growing when I stood next to my father, who has always been taller than me, and noticed that I was almost the same height as he is. My torso has always been short so sitting down makes me look shorter but my thighs and legs have both increased in height. They have all of these methods to grow taller but absolutely nothing for those of us who don’t have a desire to be tall. It sucks.

  41. Haela

    This is so interesting to learn that I am not the only one who has experienced this. I was 5’4 and shoe size 6 since puberty until I was pregnant at age 23. After that I was 5’5 and my shoe size went up to a size 7. I should add that I actually lost weight during the pregnancy so I know the foot change wasn’t weight related. Also I have suffered from a lot of lower back pain since my pregnancy and am now wondering if this is related.

  42. Raven

    Oh let there please come a solution for adults to become taller. Because I really hate it to be short.

  43. Raven

    Oh Ladies I am really jealous of your height increase. Unfortunately me as a gay woman have no intention to become pregnant but I would love to have the height increase.

  44. DJ Minnie

    I used to think I was 5’2″ but it turns out I’m 5’0″ – just got measured at the crappy clinic near me. Shortest in my family.

    Now I’ve tried everything, from the niacin and melatonin, the sprinting techniques, to IGF-1 nasal spray in high school, glucosamine, and the HeightMax scam. I finished puberty at age 7 (started getting my period at that time).

    Now I am a virgin in my 30s, and having kids is not in the cards for me. Any way to simulate the effects of this? I am thinking of taking bioidentical progesterone and seeing if this relaxin stuff can be synthesized by a factory overseas. I’m ok with pinning every day and am a current nootropics user. Please advise.

  45. Amanda c

    Hi I to have gone from 5’7 to 5’8 and size 7 feet to now 8 over 2 pregnancies. I also had the worst pelvic gurdle pain ever and I was wheelchair bound during pregnancy…..that issue is caused by relaxin. I found this site after a ramdom google on the subject as i thought it was a common occurrence

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