Update #5 – Having Legal Problems While Trying To Get Help – August 1st, 2013

Update #5 – Having Legal Problems While Trying To Get Help – August 1st, 2013

The month of July was very productive for me because I managed to get into a groove in terms of being very consistent in the amount of research, and writing for this website. This website is getting more and more influential each month I think as the ways at which it can reach people has increased.

Things that happened in July…

Big Thing #1

The month of July has also been very difficult in terms of Legal and Technical Issue for the website. The people who represent a certain company who sell a product which I personally stated is ineffective had written a Cease & Desist Letter which I call a DMCA to my hosting company to try to take down the post I had written about this product. I contacted my hosting company and they gave me bad legal advice on what to do and I followed through on their advice by issuing a counter-DMCA which turned out to be wrong since a person can not do counter-DMCAs due to a complaint on Trademarks, but only for Copyright. This website was threatened multiple times and was taken down for over a day before I had to negotiate the terms of my website with my hosting company to bring it back. The problem with the website is currently resolve.

The entire thing was a big wake up call on just what can happen when one becomes too big and starts to be a threat to other corporations in the same niche. I plan to make sure that this type of situation does not happen again by being more protective on the information on the website.

Big Thing #2

After exchanging emails with Tyler at a snails pace over the last 3 months on getting him to join the website, I managed to create a profile for him as one of the administrators of this website with the title of Editor. He has written two posts on what his progress has been and how his proposed Lateral Synovial Joint Loading has been going for other experimenters.

I was planning on actually doing another Podcast episode where we two get back together to talk about the research we have recently been up to. However, I am currently having technical difficulties over getting the Voice Recording Software for Skype to work. I don’t know what is wrong, but it just doesn’t seem to be able to turn on or record properly anymore. So this means that even though I want to, I can’t record any phone calls or do any interviews with people over Skype for the podcast currently.

Big Thing #3

I plan on shifting my focus away from the website temporarily for around 1-2 months as I divert all of my effort, time, and energy to working on another business project I have started. In addition, some personal issue with my family has come up and I need more time to resolve some issues while I travel outside the country (again).

There will be one last big post I will put up this month, which is A Complete Guide To Limb Lengthening Surgery which will be the best, most informative guide I can currently create from reading multiple threads on the Make Me Taller boards. (I hope that people can comment on the post so that I can edit, add, and revise it to make it better and more informative for future readers. It will be put in as its own page/category on the website, under the Supplement Guide tab in the header).

After that, I am hoping that Tyler can take over the load in research and writing so that I can focus elsewhere. He is a great contribution to the website and to the cause and so far, his insight, feedback, and expertise has been very useful in helping me and other researchers see what is missing in our own understanding of what needs to work.

Epic Posts

This month lead to me really sitting down and studying on the research and really analyzing just what is causing the biggest amount of problems and where we are stuck. I managed to write a post that is almost 6,500 words to explain just why the research is so difficult entitled Why Growing Taller With Closed Growth Plates Is So Difficult To Figure Out And Impossible To Almost All People“. 

The connection between pregnancy and unusual cases where women gain height is brought back with at least 4 new cases where women noticed that they were getting taller form being pregnant. I wrote about it in the post Another Case Of Pregnancy Causing Woman To Grow Taller And Increase In Height

It was found that there have been some new compounds which we discovered which has very osteogenic uses like pleiotrophin, as well as Vitamin K2 (menaquinone type 4) combined with Vitamin D3 which has resulted in some unique cases of adult height increase.

Changes In Height and Weight

So the obvious question is “Has my own height changed in the last month?” – It has been very hard to tell since my hair has been growing out like everyone else’s hair. With the way that my hair naturally falls, it sometimes looks like I might be 1-2 inches taller than I really am. I tried to measure every morning and night but the results have not been good. I did cut my hair very recently and looked at the mirror and seem to have stayed the same as before.

  • Height when getting out of bed in the morning: 6′ 0″ (exactly or 1.828 meters tall)
  • Height at night when going to bed:  a little less than 5′ 11.25″ (or around 1.81 meters tall) 

The 3 mm of increase from a few months ago is still noticeable and stayed around. I have a very accurate measurement tape.

So have I been doing to increase flexibility and height this month? 

I have been focusing on trying to do two exercises, 1) the supine flexion for stretching out the lower back and 2) doing aquatic vertical suspensions where I float on the surface of the water with weights hanging  out on my feet

I wrote about both of these techniques in the the following posts…

I have been trying to clamp on my knees doing LSJL for a few days but did not keep up the routine. I have been trying to test which location and at what angle of loading on the knees would be the most effective.

As for weight

My weight is another story, which has gotten better from last month. I changed my diet dramatically by reducing my rice/noodle/grain intake by half. Any time I go out to eat, I look for meat & vegetable intensive foods and eat only half of the grain. The protein-sugar theory seems to be true.

Changes in Exercises and Training

Starting Swimming

Recently I found out that my weight was around 97 kgs or 213 lbs and that meant that my weight did decrease from the 219 lb it was last month when I took the trip to Osaka. I was at the Olympic Pool at the Sports Complex in Gangnam, Seoul which was where the Olympics were held in 1988. Olympic sized pools are 50 meters long (164 feet) while most pool in the US, which uses american units, are 25 yards long (75 feet long). The pool at the Sports Complex is really great since the cost of one swim is only around 5000 korean won but the amount of time is very little, only 45-50 minutes before the lifeguard blow the whistle and kick everyone out. I usually only manage to get 15-16 laps in before it is over.

Getting back to Pushups & Situps

My goal to reach at the end of this year is to be able to do 100 pushups, and 200 situps consistently (everyday). So far, since the days are soooo HOT where I live, and the exercise equipment is outside in the sun, I have been very hesitant to get out in the sun, risk melanoma, just to get skinnier.

Using a Back Massager 

Some places do sell a hand held back massager (I got two , one for 30,000 korean won and other for 60,000 korean won) which really works well to release the tension in the back muscles. This allows for the intervertebral discs to rehydrate and increase in thickness. I currently have something known as the Swan Softouch Handheld Percussion Massager , which is very good for kneading muscles that are very tight or cramped. It worked miracles for my tight lower back muscles when I got it back in 2008 and it still does a reasonably good job in making the lower back decrease in tension, reducing the likelihood of injuries.

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