Update #6 – Stretching Slightly For Personal Reasons – September 3, 2013

Update #6 – Stretching Slightly For Personal Reasons – September 3, 2013

VacationThis last month in August has been an emotional and personal challenge as I had to move away from the website for a considerable amount of time to focus on other issues which has appeared in my life. Like most people realize, there are multiple sections in our life which we have to take care of, which can be categorically broken apart into personally, professional, health, relationships, etc.

Things that happened in August

  • I decided for now to dissolve one of my companies that has been based in Washington State for productivity reasons. I had started the LLC a few years ago when I was involved and interested in something else. I saw what I thought was an amazing opportunity and I spent half a year chasing that. These days I have shifted my focus.
  • I am putting more emphasize on quality posts and epic content. I have been reading multiple sources of information these days and I sort of realize that there is no way that we can get anywhere in the research if we don’t look really deep into the material.
  • Tyler from HeightQuest.com has finally started to come around and write unique posts to further the cause. This is a business and research collaboration which I suggested very early on in the Summer months which he agreed to. It has taken a long time but things are working out rather well now.
  • Trying to give the website a new look. There was a short redesign of the website for the 2013 year. The current theme of WordPress I am using is just the old 2012 Theme, which I personally think is adequate to do everything that is needed. I switched for a few days to the newer 2013 theme model, but after looking at how large the title font sizes were I decided to switch back to the cleaner, more simple 2012 Design.
  • Getting a 2nd DMCA notice from a person who has been selling an extremely popular grow taller E-product online and being forced to take down a few PDF files
  • I will also be away from the website for the month of September to focus on my other businesses and projects. However there will still be a few interesting posts I wanted to share.

Things I have realized this month

  • I have realized that the ability to grow growth plate like tissue has been around for more than a decade. People have already been successful with explanting progenitor stem cells from an adult humans body and growing them into growth plates.
  • Dr. Robert Ballock has been successful in the development of test tube growth plates. If there is anyone in the world currently who can do what we do better, it would be him. His credentials are quite amazing. A BS in BIology for his undergraduate from Harvard. Then getting his MD from Harvard Medical School. This is followed by an internship and residency at UCSD, one of the best medical centers in the country (or was it UCSF?). He would do 3 more fellowships as well. I have done some research on what type of medical student a person has to be in to be able to get into the orthopaedic surgery speciality and the USMLE Step 1 scores for them are among the highest of all medical specialties, with an average based in 2005 to be around 230. The main point is that Ballock is one of the people who would have the best chance of really succeeding in finding an alternative to limb lengthening surgery if we are not successful.
  • What we are trying to do, there are probably a thousand other orthopaedic surgeons and researcher in the world doing the same thing. The problem is that probably very few of them are trying to create newly formed growth plates in the bone in vivo in a non-invasive way if possible. However many of them are doing research on hyaline cartilage regeneration for medical and clinical applications. Researchers at the top levels for at least the universities focus on such a small area of science that for most professors which have the actual status and credibility to get major funding to do serious research, their focus is so small that they might not be able to see how their small area of research can be applied to help humanity in general. They don’t know how to translate all the theoretically knowledge and be able to execute on projects which can apply those new information. It is well accepted that for any person in the biological sciences to be able to get a Master’s or Ph. D degree they need to push the field of their study silghtly further out. This means that every person who obtains a Ph.D in the hard sciences understands or knows something that no one else in the world at the time realizes.

Height Changes

  • Nothing has changed. Of course I have not measured myself at all this month. I’ve been focused so much on other areas of my life this endeavor was not pursued at all.
  • As for my weight, it has been decreasing. What I have noticed is that if you change your eating habits to more fats and meat, and less on bread, wheat, and rice you actually loss weight. I am sort of biased towards the Paleo Diet idea, based on what I read on The Bulletproof Executive podcast.
  • There was a documentary done by the UK which explained why was it that for decades the idea that ‘fat’ was bad when it was actually ‘sugar’ that was making people big. Watch the documentary The Men Who Made Us Fat below

To read about what happened last month go to the post Update #5 – Having Legal Problems While Trying To Get Help – August 1st, 2013

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  1. Johnn

    Is it possible for you to do a podcast episode with this Dr Ballok guy? That would be a huge benefit to the website.

  2. anon

    Have you tried incorporating Binaural Beats into your routine for height? Or is the idea so implausible that you do not want to waste your time. By the way, if I want to start doing my own research on height growth, where do you recommend I start? (as a complete beginner)

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