Update #9 – Research On Pulsing Electrical Devices – December 1, 2013

Update #9 – Research On Pulsing Electrical Devices – December 1, 2013

Pulsing Electrical DevicesWhile my research might have slowed down since last year I have not stopped looking deeper into the research. I post less but the stuff that I do post are going to be more subtle and revolutionary to the overall research than before. I have just recently gotten back doing some serious research on the field. What I have found may have some types of revolutionary consequences.

Currently I am reading up on the effects of emitting electrical current to bones to see how they react. I am following VERY closely to the research the late Dr. Robert O Becker did back in the 80s and 90s.

His research on the piezoelectric properties of bone has a connection to the research that Dr. Brighton did. They even collaborated together on a few studies or patents together. The Book that made him famous is The Body Electric.

For further reading on his research you can read the study Electrical Stimulation of Partial Limb Regeneration in Mammals.

This area of research is where I think a lot of my time will be spent on for at least the next 3-4 months, while still editing the main article for the guide on Limb Lengthening Surgery.

I will be writing a post on a patent called “Methods for modulating chondrocyte proliferation using pulsing electric fields (Patent # – US 20080039901 A1)” which was created by James Kronberg. Kronberg is famous for writing the seminal scientific paper “A pulsing electric field (PEF) increases human chondrocyte proliferation through a transduction pathway involving nitric oxide signaling.“. This is a very clear evidence that using a type of PEMF Device would indeed cause the longitudinal growth rate of long bones to be increased, at least if the electrical stimuli is used in either a pulsing fashion or alternating current (AC) fashion in an intermittent way. I had just shown in a recent post that using a function generator or pulse generator would indeed work in stimulating bone for increased longitudinal growth. “AC Electrical Signals Differentiates MSCS Into Bone and Cartilage Tissue Versus Adipose (Breakthrough)

He had also created the patents “Compact biomedical pulsed signal generator for bone tissue stimulation” – James W. Kronberg (5217009)

We did find more evidence of his patent and proposals in the patent Digital electronic bone growth stimulator (Patent #: US05413596)” . This one was filed in 1993 and issued in 1995. 

From the Patent: A device for stimulating bone tissue by applying a low level alternating current signal directly to the patient’s skin. A crystal oscillator, a binary divider chain and digital logic gates are used to generate the desired waveforms that reproduce the natural electrical characteristics found in bone tissue needed for stimulating bone growth and treating osteoporosis. The device, powered by a battery, contains a switch allowing selection of the correct waveform for bone growth stimulation or osteoporosis treatment so that, when attached to the skin of the patient using standard skin contact electrodes, the correct signal is communicated to the underlying bone structures.

Note: There is a researcher from Harvard Medical School with a similar last name, Kronenberg, (Henry M Kronenberg) . who wrote the article “Developmental regulation of the growth plate.” and “How PTHrP controls growth plate chondrocytes” but they are two different people.

Overall Summary: This is a sort of wrap-up on the different areas of research I am currently up to. The focus is on seeing just how would sending a certain type of AC or Pulsing Electrical Current of a certain frequency, pulsing rate, and amplitude would have the most benefit.

Electrical Stimulation of Bone GrowthYou can see to the picture to the right that there is actually a huge part of the book The Body Electric dedicated to figuring out what are the effects on bone remodeling due to electrical stimuli. Becker along with Charlie Bachman had postulated that bone matrix was a biphasic semiconductor. They were not sure whether the Collagen or the Apatite was the N-part of a semiconductor. The connection between the apatite and the collagen would be where the P and the N join together to create a P-N Junction.

It seems that back then, no medical researchers were researching what were the effects of electrical stimuli on the periosteum. Becker was one of the few who did and his way was to stimulate the periosteum, which is the only part of the bone which still had progenitor cells before they differentiated into the osteogenic lineage. Those cells would be the cambium cells in the inner layer of the periosteum.

What about my own height increase?

As for my own personal height increase journey, I have increased my dosage of Glucosamine Sulfate to around 2000 mg per day.

I am also trying to add the supplements of Vitamin K2 (aka menaquinone) and Vitamin K3 to the formulation. We did find evidence that consumption of Vitamin K2 seemed to help older women increase height and did a post about it.

While I have not gotten a chance to measure myself and see if my height has increased, something that has happened is that I also don’t feel any type of lower back pain anymore. Just a month ago before I started to take the Glucosamine Sulfate consistently my lower back was in a sort of chronic pain.

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