Update #10 – Thinking Of The Big Picture – January 1, 2014

Update #10 – Thinking Of The Big Picture – January 1, 2014

The Big PictureIt has been almost a year and a half since I first began documenting all of the information and ideas I have accumulated in this journey. There have been many things I have learned. This post that will be starting the year 2014 will be some of my thoughts on where this website will be heading. I am thinking of the big picture.

The posts we have been posting for the last few months have been getting more coverage and more and more people are coming to the website. Along with the comments have been a few people who have made some critical comments which we do indeed have to take into consideration.

Issue #1: All this writing about theory and medical facts don’t seem to go anywhere. The people want some real action steps they can do to get results.

Issue #2: We have ideas for people who have growth plates but non for people without them

Issue #3: The ideas we propose needs to be tested and have real people try them out.

Of course, I understand that these are the only two possible critical issues anyone would have with this website. This website’s main goal is to help people increase their height. We have not achieved that to any extent. There has been a lot of medical research in the form of reading study after study but nothing actively done. I am not willing to apologize for whatever action I have not been taking. This endeavor is not going to be something I can accomplish in a year, or even a few years.

In one of the most seminal posts I wrote about why it is so difficult to achieve what we are hoping to achieve, I had stated that the simplest, most logical route to take is to figure out how to convert the bone tissue of our long bones into hyaline cartilage

{Well, that would be what’s known as transdifferentiation.  I think it would be easier to induce mesenchymal stem cells into growth plate chondrocytes.  The pre-chondrogenic cells in the Zone of Ranvier are the cells that are used for growth plates.  Create a microenvironment that makes stem cells more like these zone of Raniver cells. Cells in the Zone of Ranvier are positive for BMPR1a.  So BMPR1a could be key for this.-Tyler}. That is unknown.

In Response To Tyler: I don’t think transdifferentiation is the way, since not even the real researchers with the best equipment have figured that out. There have been only a few cases showing that fibroblasts can be some type of proxy connecting the osteoblasts to the chondrocytes through reversing the natural biochemical processes/de-differentiation. What I suggest is first removing the calcium crystals from a small band of the bone that is causing the bone hardness. Calcification is the problem in my opinion. Decalcifying the crystals inside the extracellular matrix of the bones leaves just the collagen.

Look guys, I’ll just make this post update much shorter. A lot of the recent comments have been complaints that we have too much theory on this website and not enough actionable steps people can take. The other major complaint is that there is no proof that this stuff works.

That is all true. However, that is the nature of this endeavor. From a biologically perspective, there is probably nothing harder than what we are trying to do, save for finding a cure for cancer or reversing the aging process. We are doing the best we can, with the resources we do have.

However realize that we are probably the only hope you guys have. The guys who was doing serious research on GrowTallForum.com got far with the research, which took them years but they didn’t get anything and the website was brought down.

Unless one of you guys is willing to take up the mantle, and put skin into the game, then stop making all the critical points because we understand perfectly well the limits of what we can do. We all have lives, and other obligations. Me and whoever posts here have our own lives. We have no obligation to help anyone, but we choose to put our time and effort into it.

To put years and years of effort into doing the research, going through the history, figuring out how to create a website, and doing regular updates, as well as bringing all of the important information into one central website, as well as find all of the books out there provided free of charge, at the risk of civil law suits and DMSAs, we hope people realize that we are doing what we can. Back off and let us do the research our way.

I will give a time line on how fast this thing might take. This endeavor will probably take at least 10 years, but I would put the time closer to 15-20 years. I am in the game for the long term.

Height Progression

For the last 3 months I have not been able to get an accurate measurement of my height because my hair had grown too long. There was too much deviations of the measurements from each other.

The thing that has changed however has been my supplementation, which has been a daily intake of 1000 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate to see if there would be any changes.

Here is the good news. The intake of Glucosamine at 1000 mg has resulted in a decreased loss of height over the day time. Where before I would drop from almost 183 cm (around 182.8 cm) right out of bed to less than 181 cm at night, the measurement I am noticing at night has been around 181 cm at night. What this shows is that the glucosamine has been able to reduce the effects of gravity on the overall bone structure at a minimal level. The reduction of lost height has been around 2 mm.

This was only visible just yesterday after I went to get my head shaved. The decrease in the height of the hair let me compare notes of my height from 3 months ago, which was the last time my height was measured at a consistent level. As for any increases in height, I have noticed a very small increase in height for the measurement after waking up in bed. So as for the supplementation, it does have some effect.

In addition, my joints feel better. Where I used to feel pain in my left knee from an old injury from college sports, the pain has almost disappears. I guess that claim about the effects of Chondroitin and/or Glucosamine is sort of accurate.

6 thoughts on “Update #10 – Thinking Of The Big Picture – January 1, 2014

  1. Johnn

    I know it may be pretty discouraging for you and Tyler since you haven’t found any sensible solution for those w/o growth plates, but you guys have helped me a TON so far. I have very limited growth plates left, but using the vitamins and techniques listed, im experiencing the equivilance on a second growth spurt. Thanks so far. In terms of finding a genuine solution for adult height increase, i know there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you guys. Keep it up!

    1. wookie

      Can you detail what steps, vitamins, and supplements you are using? My growth plates are past fused, but I will try anything right now.

  2. Zach

    Hey samkit,

    If you’re going to criticize his work, why don’t you make some kind of contribution and do some research yourself instead of doing fly-by criticisms? Maybe try practicing these theories on your own time? He’s not getting paid to do this minus some affiliate contributions and links.

    Michael, you’re doing a great job with the website. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m hoping to reprogram my body using a combination of merdian tapping and NLP/hypnosis. It’s a shot in the deep, deep, dark, but we’ll see if I make any progress. Gotta try something, right?

  3. Vinayak

    I swear even after 30 years i would not give up hope….i would keep researching for increasing bone length with help of you guys Michael and Tyler….2 of my idols 🙂

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