Why I Believe Alexander Teplyashin Got The Stem Cell Technique To Successfully Work – Game Changing Post!

Why I Believe Alexander Teplyashin Got The Stem Cell Technique To Successfully Work – Game Changing Post!

Update June 1st, 2014: This is the 1st of a two post series where I reveal in detail how this Russian based beauty clinic doing testing on stem cells finally put all the pieces of tissue engineering together to get an implanted stem cell embedded scaffold to turn into a new growth plate which is re-implanted into a bone to get bones to grow longer again. For more information on the actual clinic and the scientific references of the main surgeon, refer also to the 2nd post in the series, Available Here.

Guys, this is one of the big news I am going to release in the coming months. This is just ONE of the many game changers you guys are going to be seeing.  This is one of the major stories that is worth releasing. You guys can look forward to a real alternative to LLS.

This week, I have gotten messages from two people questioning the stem cell technique of height increase which was claimed to be successful by the Russian Scientist Alexander Teplyashin. I wrote about this guy already in two posts linking his work to stem cells used for increasing height in adults.

While one of them ask whether the technique was effective, the other claimed that they believe that he was successful. Based on my research, I agree with him. This post is one of the biggest things to ever come out, and I think we need to accept the implications of such news. There may be a scientific push in innovation, but it is going to be associated with some serious medical ethics questions, dealing with the use of embryo derived stem cells, which is currently still illegal in the USA.

This Teplyashin guy probably did succeed with getting a stem cell scaffold implant to work. The problem is that this very controversial guy who was back in 2008-2010 getting a lot of international media coverage. In recent years the western world and the internet hasn’t gotten any information on him. I was able to find articles on this guy going as far back as the 2004-2005 time range.

The Make Me Taller forum had people talking about him back in 2012 in their thread “Russian scientists develop an alternative way of growing taller using step cells“. They thought it was a scam. It is NOT a scam. This guy is the real deal. You can just read the main link I put below in the PubMed study and you guys would realize that he was going the right type of research. That study was one of the “secret files” which I have archived in my research folder which I realized more than a year ago showed revolutionary implications to our goal. The thing is that I didn’t recognize or see the name of one of the authors on the top of it. The reason I didn’t see it was because the guy’s name was spelled differently, to Tepliashin AS, not the other way to spell it ‘Teplyashin“. His middle name probably starts with the letter S.

Side Note: The guy also claims to also have figured out how to use the stem cells to stop aging and give people youth but I think he is most likely exaggerating. However, there is one PubMed studies which was published by him and his team to show that they are quite serious at least on the research, at least partially (PubMed Study: Ways of reducing mortality following the surgical treatment of peptic ulcer in advanced middle aged and elderly patientsNote: The paper is in russian.)

If you guys want to do some searching on this guy type in “Teplyashin, AS” or “Tepliashin AS” into Google, Google Scholar, or Google Patents and you would find quite a bit of stuff on the guy. Remember that when one language is translated into another language, there can be various spelling variations to the name. Teplyashin and Tepliashin is the English/Romanic Language way of translating the Russian/Cyrilic Alphabet. (This is what would happen when the European and Asian immigrants would arrive in Ellis Island and Angel Island in the 19th century and the officer checking them in to their new home could neither pronounce their names or spell their names in their native tongue. aka Lost In Translation. They gave these immigrants a badly translated into english name, which would be spelled in multiple various ways)  If we were using a Russian/Cyrilic based biomedical scientific study & journal database, we would be able to type in his real name using the native letters. I studied a little bit of Russian in school so I understand at least how to pronounce the letters.

Here are about half a dozen PubMed studies I found which show that his team has been doing some SERIOUS research on exactly the right type of area to get the stem cell technique to work out.

What I have been proposing for an alternative to limb lengthening surgery on this website the last full year using tissue engineering and stem cells have already been done by these guys in Russia, maybe even as far back as 2009-2011. They figured out how to get the mesenchymal stem cells from either the bone marrow or fat tissue (aka adipocyte derived) or both sources to differentiate successfully to chondrocytes. They implanted it to a scaffold, which I have believed for a few months now the easiest to work with was the OPLA Scaffolds, which is industry standard for use with stem cells. When the differentiated chondrocytes start to excrete waste in the form of proteoglycans and other glycoaminoglycans forming the extracellular matrix of a completely new hyaline cartilage tissue layer, the scaffold which is biodegradable would just dissolve over time, leaving the cartilage. That is the new growth plate. Since the MSCs are taken from the patients own body aka endogenously, there is not going to be some type of immunological response where the patients body’s immune system would reject the implantation.

So does that mean that his clinics can indeed help adults who have fully closed growth plates grow taller?

Yes. His method of using stem cells is a real alternative to the limb lengthening method done by Dror Paley, Betz, and their proteges and students.

Limb Lengthening Surgery is no longer the only way to grow taller as an adult. This guy and his team has provided an alternative.

How can I be sure that he did succeed already?

Based on the following study published…

Guys, read the abstract to the link above. That is enough to tell you guys everything. This guy is for real, and he has the scientific team and experience to back up at least this claim about using scaffold implants.

For that study it was done on lab mice/rats but there seems to have been a lot of subsequent testing on mammals much closer in size to humans. (Here is the original source) The sources which talked about using the same technology on human bones said that the testing was done on sheep so this is not a normal lab test using small mammals like rats or rabbits. They used sheep. Sheep have long bones similar in shape and thickness as human leg bones. Sure, it might have been better if the lab animals were pigs, since pigs have almost the exact same physiology as humans, but regrowth of long bones longitudinally in sheep is very close. The study is quite conclusive in my opinion.

The following study is almost the exact same type of research that Warren Grayson from John’s Hopkins (with his 3-D Bioprinters) and Jean Welter of Case Western University (LinkedIn profile available here) have been doing, but he just took it to the next step. I have been tracking the research being done by Grayson and Welter for over half a year now and even wrote a post about Grayson’s work in relation to what we are trying to do. It is available in the post “Why Warren Grayson’s Research Will Be Revolutionary For Height Increasing Using Stem Cells For Tissue Reconstructive Engineering – Breakthrough!

The paper above proves that he succeeded in regrowing a working hyaline growth plate and implanted back in lab sheep and the legs started to grow longer again. When the results showed effectiveness, he set up shop to give the stem cell height increase technology to billionaire russians and their spouses. Maybe that New Jersey Net’s Russian Billionaire Owner used this guy’s technique to become 6′ 8″. Of course, maybe he didn’t and was always that tall.

Whereas in the USA, there are so many regulations by medical societies to make sure the patients of clinical trials are safe and protected, in places like Russia, China, South Korea, and the former Soviet Union they don’t seem to care. I am not sure if the people remember but there was a very famous South Korea researcher linked to Seoul National University who was found to have faked many data points back in the 2009-2011, a Dr. Hwang Woo Suk. Even the countries which are supposed to be good in terms of following scientific guidelines like Korea have failed too. These guys based in Russia, they push forward on the research where the other countries draw a line in ethics and morals. (It is similar to how Gavriil Ilizarov spent 30 years of his life to perfect the external frame method before unveiling his distraction osteogenesis technique to the western world during the end of the cold war era in the late 80s and early 90s. These guys didn’t give a crap about moral rules and just pushed forwards into research.)

Like I said before in the previous post on this guy, there were stories of barrels of dead aborted fetuses found in the Ural Mountain Range region linked to Teplyashin back in the 2004-2006 time from one source I found on this guy. It is very clear that he and the Russian researchers don’t give a crap about the rules imposed by the western world and USA especially. The use of using embryonic source derived stem cells is illegal in the USA and western countries. That is why many stem cell users go to Mexico and certain South American countries to get stem cells injections.

However, I am not sure who would be willing to go to Moscow to take a look at the clinics thought. Which regular readers of this website is really willing to find the beauty clinics in Moscow and report back to us on what they find?

As for the internet sources….

However, there is no news that is coming out of Russia on his Beauty Plaza clinic that can be found on Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing. If we instead maybe used Yandex and Rambler, and could actually type out his real name, there would be some useful information on this guy.

I am willing to give it a shot though. Refer to Romanic-Cyrillic Alphabet Phonetic Translator chart below.

TranslatorTranslator 2So    A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R       T-E-P-L-Y-A-S-H-I-N —–> is most likely going to require that we first go under the General Settings of our computer (Mac or PC), change the general language setting to “Russian” and then type the following into Yandex or Rambler based on English Keyboard–>Russian Keyboard Key Positions. It would start with something like “F-G-L-” I am not sure what the “X” would translate into for the English based keyboard though.

Like I said before in the recent posts, We ask help from the regular readers to translate many studies we have found in other languages, most especially Russian, Chinese, Korean, and German. There is also some Japanese and Farsi based studies but there will be less of those around.

I am willing to pay $100 for the full PDF to the study above but I ask for someone to help out to translate the bought article from Russian to English.

If you have gotten this far in the post, be sure to continue to read more on the details of the revolutionary stem cell technique in the 2nd post of this series. Click Here to read more.

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  1. Viral

    Awesome post.Great to see that there are are still different approaches we can take, as i always believed. I’ll be sure to send some more resources your way that could help.

  2. any

    Awesome awesome!!! I m following teplyashin since 6months and m confident that he had just reached to perfect alternative to LL. Thank you for this post admin!!!! and now i want each and every reader to spread this news to their friends and contact alexander teplyashin asking when the treatment is going to be available.. guys we so close , so waste no more time and be united and we will be taller soon without LL surgery.. a kind reques to all. Please contact alexander teplyashin !
    And thanks a ton admin!!! For this post!!

  3. Tyfr

    It’s really amazing. In makemetaller.org, they discussed something about him and his technique. Some members of that site sent some e-mails, and thet got replies about it will take at least 1-2 years to aproach a clinical study on humans. I am afraid of it will take longer.

    Maybe we should try something to help them, for example, we can try to find them donations to accelerate this procedure.

  4. any

    Exactly tyfr.. we should contact them in large numbers so they will realise that it is very urgent..tell all your friends and spreas this news all over guys because we are very close to our dream . I wonder why people are not commenting on this post.. guys comman we need to united…. take this blog as a plartform and contact them!!!

  5. Tynai

    Тепляшин Александр – his name in cyrillic.

    there are a lot of discuss about stem cells in russian resources, and experience says it’s not safety as doctors assure. The most frequent risk is a cancer. As i know there were 3 death of famous people because of stem cells(100% the injections were made by qualified doctors). And not everybody does it, only billionaires and other famous persons who care about their appearance

    i looked through a little, Alexander specializes on boob job.

  6. Tynai

    Only sheeps need bone.
    – At what stage is development of growing bone?
    – It is necessary to begin clinical trials on volunteers! We developed this technology in conjunction with the Scriabin Veterinary Academy more than five years. This method is ready for patenting. Its unique! We made a histological analysis of grown by us bone in laboratorical conditions of CITO and got amazed. During work time at Veterinary Academy our staff defended three dissertations and rector of the Academy said, for it should be given National Award! But to apply this method on humans it is necessary to conduct clinical research. But we are not allowed to do it. One patient agreed to participate in the research, we were ready to build her missing phalanges. But officials told us, you merchants , and such studies should conduct public institutions. That’s how we lose points in the match with the US , and soon lose with the Chinese and Indians .
    – Did you make research on dogs?
    – In clinical trials dogs are prohibited. The tests were applied on sheeps of Romanov breed at Veterinary Academy to extend their feet. Grown in the laboratory bone caught. This technology could become indispensable in traumatology , orthopedics, dentistry, martial and reconstructive surgery

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  8. gazma

    Well guys i was benn in touch with them since 2012, and 6 months earlier they told me they are having problems with legals issues for making this treatment public and making trials on people.. Besides, as much as the idea looks great ,don’t expect it to be cheap, because im afraid it will be 5 times more expensive than LL unless you give yourself as a guinea pig and be among the ones that participate in the trial .. well we’ll see

  9. any

    We should belive tge cost will be reasonable… we should have positive approach towards it!!! Why are we thinking that it will be costly . Use our subconciious mind and think it available now and that to even cheaper then LL.

  10. calvin

    I have a question for Michael. This sounds great but will it be proportionate? I mean will it just be your long bones in the leg or will your whole body grow taller proportionately? Could you please let me know and If i could just get your opinion on this, how long do YOU think we are away from this?

    Thanks and Keep up the good work we really do appreciate it


  11. TheIceEagle

    There were succesfull clinical trial in Novosibirsk on regenerating the cartilage tissue using the person’s own extracted stemm cells.

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