Update #16 – More Resources – August 1st, 2014

Update #16 – More Resources – August 1st, 2014

Last month I could not write up a post for updates and the reason was because the website was down for more than a week. There was some technical and legal issues which needed to be resolved. Here are some things that has occurred in the last 2 months

  • We’ve established that Dr. Ballock at the Cleveland Clinic has been working on a project to study on how to grow a fully functional growth plates with a colleague, a Dr. Eben Alsberg, who I have previously spoke very highly of. The project is supposed to be finished in a couple of months so there is going to be some big news that will be coming out soon.
  • I’ve established that in Google Patents there are multiple types of patents which show that researchers have been working on the science of remodeling bones, using different chemicals.
  • Regenexx and Mesoblasts have both been trying to win over in the spinal disc regeneration niche of biotechnology but their amazing lab animal study results might not be able to be translated to humans. This is the first real example that what we find in the lab may not work in real life.
  • I have reported on the news of Alexander Teyplashin’s team and shown that they are dead serious on putting neoepiphyseal cartilage into human bones to let them grow again. This was the most shocking news to come out and it did lead to some talk in the small community.
  • Teplayshin’s team filed multiple patents and papers showing how to start from human adipose tissue, get stem cells from them, turn them into chondrocytes, and deposit into scaffolds. They figured out the vascularization problem.
  • It seems that many of the people I have mentioned have been working in collaboration for quite a while and I wasn’t aware of it until now. For example, Dr. Jean Welter of the Case Western Reserve University, which is based in Cleveland has collaborated/worked with Dr. Ballock, as well as Dr. Eben Alsberg. It shows that like almost any other micro-niche industry and field, all of the people doing their thing seems to know everyone else that is working on similar projects. I will be talking much more about Dr. Welter’s research soon though.
  • I have purchased multiple books in the last two months looking deeper into the anatomy and physiology on how joints function. They include the following “Joint Structure & Function, A Comprehensive Analysis – 4th Edition” by Pamela K. Levangie and Cynthia C. Norkin, “Treatment by Manipulation” by AG Timbrell Fisher, and “The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga” by Swami Vishnudevananda. Some purchases have been to help me and others around me to develop a much more active and healthier lifestyle.

As for myself, I have been going to an acupuncturist (who was trained in Russia with a Ph.D and M.D) so have gotten myself much more interested in some of the more quasi-scientific/alternative approaches to medicine and healing. In the last  month or so I have looked into some very strange forms of bone and joint treatment.

As for the backend of the website, I changed the ownership of multiple part. I stopped making any type of adsense earnings on the website – I changed all the adsense ID #s to be under Tyler’s name. There is going to be some big things that I planning on releasing in the coming half of this year.

3 thoughts on “Update #16 – More Resources – August 1st, 2014

  1. Julius

    Cheers Michael if you succeed you will change millions of lives for the better. Some people on here can be a bit bitter at times but all of us really do hope you (or Tyler) will find a way. Good luck.

  2. Jay

    I just want to say thank you for all your work on this website and for giving many of us the gift of hope. I genuinely appreciate your science-first, no BS approach. It’s unfortunate that we live in a shallow society where lack of height can cause so much suffering, but it’s people like you that are working to alleviate this pain. Thank you!

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