I’m Writing A Book

Update Nov 5,2014: Some people have commented that I am now monetizing the website. The negative reaction is a little surprising. The real reason I am putting everything in this book is because I am afraid of the possibility that all this knowledge which would be very helpful to humanity could be lost if something happened to me or something happened to the website. If hope the regular readers remember what happened to all that knowledge that was accumulated on the now dead GrowTallForum.com discussion boards. 5-6 years worth of information and ideas completely disappeared in 1 day after the admin decided to stop pushing forth with the endeavor

Every time I get on an airplane and feel turbulence, I start to wonder what I have contributed to the world. How would I be remembered if I went down with the airplane? Did I make a positive change?

Maybe the book I plan to write is a way for me to leave  something behind for the next generation of researchers, in case I suffer a horrible accident. This website has recently gone through at least 2 website technical problems, shutting down the website. I have come to realize that almost everything that is on the internet is just not on stable ground. At least if the information I will combine together is in PDF format and distributed to thousands of people around the world, the information would survive.

If the book was in real paperback or hardcover form, it could survive even the apocalypse, since the information and research I have gathered in the last 2 years will always be available.

I am currently working on writing a book that summarizes EVERYTHING that is on this website. All the important things will be added, and the extraneous information will not be. I will mention all the research and work that has been attempted in the last 15 years, from Sky, to Tyler, to Hakker, to Tim, and others who have tried to help out.

That is why I will not be posting on this website for at least another 4-6 months.

In addition, I have to focus on two other different businesses which are my primary sources of income.

  • Most of my time in the day is devoted to my companies and earning money, and keeping fit.
  • Most of my time at night will be devoted to finishing this book, as well as caring for my family members.

When the book is finally finished, probably in 2016, it will be released to the world, and this website will be transformed into something completely different.

I have decided to use the Natural Height Growth as one of the brand names under my primary umbrella corporation, and treat this website as a real asset. I will be coming back to make good on my promise to push the research much further.

This website will keep on going, and I will try to clean things up, and change dead links, and similar maintenance stuff now.

Anything new that comes out in the next few months will be from Tyler.

13 thoughts on “I’m Writing A Book

  1. med

    I have heard somebody on a forum speaking about you. He said that you don’t believe people can grow taller and that you are only gathering information to write the book,which you intend to sell.

    Now that the second part of his post was confirmed of being true,I wonder if the first part was true as well.

  2. Julius

    Are you sure it is a good idea to write a book when there hasn’t been any consistently successful way to increase height yet. Surely the litterature would come after a real breakthrough.

  3. Mary

    What are you writing a book for? For the supposingly relaxin that can cause A LOT of problem in males? Have you ever heard of the side-effects in using relaxin in males? you shouldnt promote the use of something when you do not even know what problems it might cause to your readers. you should write it to your book and then take responsibility for whatever happens. illiterate.

  4. julius

    I like this site and I respect your work -I really do and I know you didn’t ask for advice. However I don’t think this is the right time to publish a book. When this site develops a way to increase height 2 inches or 5 cm that would be an oppertune moment to summarize what has been learned -and believe me then it would sell.

    There needs to be more of a milestone before natural height increase is commercialized.

  5. Markel

    Why are you writing a book before any breaking news? Do you think anyone would buy a book with a lot of “maybe this and maybe that” theories with nothing actually working? First you need a known way to increase someones height, then write a book about it.

    When you find some theories, you need to keep working on them. not just find new ones. At this point there is no proven way to increase height, so noone would bother to buy a book with alot of theories. Why should they anyway? for example the relaxin theory. Nothing from that angle for some time now. I thought that was a big news when I first read the article – but now, nothing more from it.

    Does it work? Is it for males? Can anyone try it? Is it dangerous? Side-effects? Have you tried it?

    You cant write a book about “nothing”…

    Some people find this site as a scam/advertising site for some products. You have the chance to prove us wrong tho.

  6. Mounika

    Hi michael all d best fir your book. I believe everything u do has a purpose gud luck
    I dont think he is after money or profits he is a true guy who is really cncrnd abt people

    1. Doller

      ya I agree with u, he is an honest and good man, looking to help people, if ANYONE (unless its a die-hard, brain locked arrogant loser) goes through this site for a good amount of time, they would come to the conclusion that this is all honest research.

  7. Doller

    Good idea. Its important to write a book on this and gather the material together, as this could increase the demand for height increase technology, and then people/scientists will start:) Dont listen to the negative comments, just keep pushing it, and one day it will all pay off. Hey, and those who say u are doing it for money, then let me ask, why is it going to take like 2 years to complete the book (2016)? If you were doing it for a profit, then it would be done in a month.

  8. J.A

    Hi.First of all, congratulation for the book. I have a question and i asked it by email but never received a reply. So i’m asking it here and i would appreciate you or anyone who could answer this question so much. I’m just so curious about this question. I just wanted to know, what have those scientists/doctors who research in height increase subject studied in university ? I mean what field of study have they studied in university ? Does this subject(height increase) have it’s own field study? if so, what is it’s name ?

    Please answer this question, don’t delete it.


    1. Tyler

      I’ve heard endocronology but hormones are only a small part of height increase. Cartilage Tissue Engineering would be one area and the study of orthopaedics. This is the problem of getting insight into height increase as you need the expertise of several different areas.

  9. jn. Raulins

    Hi Michael,i really want to encourage you to keep up with the book cos i know that book Will really create and increase awareness to scientists and i believe the book Will serve as a base for multiple diverse research which might one day came to fruition.keep up the GOOD WORK.personally,i want to thank you for all your endeavors on this subject.may you never relent your efforts.More grace to your elbow dear friend.

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