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What seems to be a common method or idea floating around for height increase is the application of acupuncture. I don’t know much about acupuncture and I would guess that I would know as much about acupuncture as most other Americans who has not been exposed to its real practices. I know that the main theory of acupuncture is use to needles placed in specific areas in on the human body to often unblock or rechannel the human internal energy called “chi’. The idea of “chi” is not a unique idea since the Japanese mystical and martial marts also incorporate the idea of “ki” while in India, the name of the universal energy is “prana”.

Acupuncture is a believe to be a creation from ancient China but it has been said to have been used since the dawn of human civilization with some archeological finding s showing humans sticking sharp things into their bodies to relieve pain or heal injuries. The practice is supposed to help cure or alleviate many different types of ailments, usually chronic.

First, I wanted to copy and paste an article that Tyler linked to in his post which you can find on his blog by clicking HERE (Resource 1)

Traditional Chinese Medicine Schools

Acupuncture Schools

There are many different traditional Chinese medicine schools, but all of them are based on the same principles. Acupuncture is a subjective science in that it is, in the deepest sense of the word, an art. Like any other art, its effective expression is dependent upon the cultivation of an inner creative genius ever growing from a firm foundation – the basic principles of this ancient science.

Acupuncture is as much a medical science as it is an art; but it is not the type of science that is simply studied and mechanically applied using, as an example, the same prescription for the common cold for every person with a common cold. Acupuncture can justifiably be called a marriage between science and art in that its time-tested, prescribed therapies, while based on firmly established scientific principles, are not rigidly applied; each can and – in many cases -must be modified in the light of your inner creativity and awareness of the distinctively individual needs of each person.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a therapy used for the prevention of disease or for the maintenance of health. The practice consists of either stimulating or dispersing the flow of energy within the body by the insertion of needles into specific points on the surface of the skin, by applying heat (thermal therapy), by pressing, by massage, or by a combination of these. Acupuncture was developed by the Chinese, and its origins date back almost 6000 years.

Application of Heat Moxibustion (The Burning Of Moxa)

Moxibustion is a thermal therapy in which an herb called moxa (Artemisia vulgaris, Artemisia argyi L’evl et Vant) is placed upon a chosen point on the skin’s surface and ignited; it is left to burn all the way down to the skin, is frequently painful and produces a blister. Some people, however, report that the burning will actually cause a pleasant sensation, in all probability due to the increase of circulation around the point being treated. A very thin slice of ginger placed between the moxa and the skin will diminish the intensity of the pain and also the severity of the blister. Moxa can be purchased in the forms of pyramids (cones), long sticks, and most recently, moxa-rolls.

Acupressing (Yah-Hsueh)

The thumbs and palms are used to apply pressure to specific points on the surface of the skin. Before applying acupressure or massage it is advised that the hands be briskly rubbed together until a definite sensation of warmth is felt in the palms. The pulsating warmth resulting from the friction of rubbing the hands together indicates an increase of energy that should be willfully directed into the acupuncture points in the vicinity of affected areas of the body.

The beneficial effects of laying-on-of-hands, a spiritual healing technique utilized by innumerable religions throughout the ages, are readily explainable in that the energy flowing throughout the body is “reversed” in the hands and fingers, and therefore the hands are saturated with magnetic charges that can be directed into affected body areas by a trained will. Recent Kirlian photography techniques have demonstrated the mind’s ability to affect the energy that emanate from within the body.

Massage (Tui-Nah)

Meridian Digital Pressure is actually the correct name for this form of massage which is very different from occidental massage in that it focuses primarily upon stimulating the flow of basic energy within the body rather than simply relieving muscular tension.

This is basicaly what acupuncturists are tought when graduating an acupuncture school.

Traditional Acupuncture Schools – Why Acupuncture Works?

Here are some theories that are being studied in all major and well known acupuncture schools of the world. Please take some time and enlighten yourself as you are going to find some really quality information here.


The human body has a miraculous power to regenerate and repair itself. For instance: scraped skin will grow back in a few days without any conscious effort on the part of an individual; if a morsel of food or some water accidentally goes into the trachea, the person will automatically cough to expel the foreign substance; if a small particle of dirt or dust gets in the eye, tears immediately begin to wash the particle away. These are only a few of the many ways in which the body works to restore the equilibrium once it has been disturbed. Inherent within the life force is the tendency to sustain itself and maintain a perfect balance within the body under all circumstances.

Chinese medicine encourages people to become aware of the miraculous powers inherent within their bodies and to take advantage of these powers before they rely on outside aid. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that nature is medicine and that medicine is the servant of nature. The people who coined the proverb, “Nature cures the illness, but the doctor gets the fee,” were thinking along the same lines.

Acupuncture is a therapy that has been used by the Chinese people to stimulate or awaken the natural power within the body. In the course of time people have lost confidence in, and even the awareness of, their self-healing powers. As their awareness of their own healing potentials has become dimmed, they have become dependent upon chemical drugs and injections.


According to the Chinese hypothesis, the body is endowed with a definite energy quotient at birth. While this energy is being dissipated through the vicissitudes of daily living, it is simultaneously being replenished by energy obtained from food and air (included within air is the all-pervading electro-magnetic energy). Energy imbalance—either an excess or an insufficiency—is the root of all illness; total absence of energy is death. Energy is believed to circulate throughout the body in well defined cycles; moving in a prescribed sequence from organ to bowel via the meridians, it flows partly at the periphery and partly in the interior of the body. Energy within the body is considered to be a dynamic force in constant flux; this is a leading principle in Chinese medicine, an important hypothesis within the framework of which the empirical theory of acupuncture was developed. The energy theory as being the basis for the effective application of acupuncture is explained in greater detail in Chapter 4.


After conducting an extensive series of experiments in which rats and rabbits were used as subjects, the following phenomenon was revealed:

Vasodilatation. After sedating a rabbit, an incision was made in the abdomen and a portion of the large intestine was firmly fixed under a microscope. Needles were inserted into specific points on the dorsal side of the neck and into the chest. Vasodilation immediately occurred and continued for as long as the needles remained intact. This led to the conclusion that acupuncture could promote an increased blood circulation among the organs, especially those of the digestive system.

Vasoconstriction. A series of experiments were conducted in which rats were used. Needles were inserted into specific points on the back and especially along the spinal column. Vaso-constriction within the brain immediately occurred and continued as long as the needles remained intact. This led to the conclusion that acupuncture could help relieve apoplexy and could also be applied to regulate the blood pressure.

Blood Increase. Regardless of the prevailing state of health, after inserting needles into specific points on the body, blood tests revealed that the white corpuscles and neutrophil juvenile had markedly increased. Coagulase, fibrin, hemolysin and serum also increased. The increase in the percentage of white corpuscles led to the conclusion that acupuncture could enable the body to effectively combat strains of infectious disease that had developed immunity to antibiotics such as penicillin.


Thousands of years ago Chinese physicians began to meticulously observe the nervous system within the body. Eventually they discovered that the nerves provided a pathway for nerve impulses generated in response to both internal and external environmental changes. They also discovered that the meridians were pathways that provided for the circulation of energy throughout the body. Later it was found that both systems were interrelated. Figure 6 illustrates the acupuncture points on the posterior side of the body that exist along the spinal column. A needle inserted into these points will affect the corresponding spinal nerve that stems from the spinal column and travels to a visceral organ. Acupuncture is highly recommended as an alternative to any OCD medication treatment out there.

In coping with pain, acupuncture has been utilized in the following ways: First, pain can be alleviated by inserting needles into points that will affect an afferent nerve (a nerve that stems from internal viscera that conveys pain, sensations of hunger, sex, etc.) and block the impulse from reaching the brain. Second, by inserting needles into points that will affect an afferent nerve an impulse can be generated that will preoccupy the nerve center in the brain. The nerve center being preoccupied with the surrogate impulse fails to attend to the original pain that has become secondary and which will eventually subside. The primary purpose of generating a surrogate impulse is to enable the energy within the body to cope with the original pain rather than being dissipated in the anguish resulting from the pain.

These findings are the basis upon which the principles of acupuncture anaesthesia have been developed. At present the use of acupuncture anaesthesia has been confined mainly to Oriental countries, but since Richard Nixon’s trip to China it has also been used in the United States. Its ever-growing popularity is due to the fact that it is highly successful in surgical procedures and has absolutely none of the negative side effects of the orthodox anaesthetics.

Me: So who says that acupuncture can be used to increase height and grow taller?

I did more google research to see what other people are saying over the internet. The really weird thing is that the people who are stating that they can increase one’s height through acupuncture are not Chinese, but Indian and Thai. I don’t really care which nationality or ethnicity manages to find a method or way to increase height, but I am slightly suspicious of the fact that if the Chinese who were the originators of this entire field of study could not find a way to increase their height using acupuncture, how is it possible that a modern doctor or new age healer from India or Thailand or Malaysia find a solution?

The first resource I wanted to bring into this post is one made by Tyler from HeightQuest.Com in late April 2010 where he talks about the use of acupuncture in height increase. His original thoughts were that all that acupuncture did was to help relax some muscles in the body  leading to better posture so one’s height can be temporarily increased by 1-2 cms. His thinking is that acupuncture acts in the same way as sleeping does. The body muscles relaxes  and the back decompresses so the height increase is immediately seen. He did find a specific quote which I also wanted to paste here

“Acupuncturists and Refloxologists don’t have to show an increase in height, they just have to show a long term increase in IGF-1 level’s following treatment.”

He finished his post with…

“The blood theory seems the most promising in terms of height increase.  If you increase blood flow to the top of the skull then you will be taller(only temporary height though).  Also, if you increase blood flow to the intervertebral discs then it will be easier for those intervertebral discs to repair thus increasing height in that way.  A nerve theory is also listed but that would only have a benefit if you changed the nervous system to say inhibit myostatin or produce more IGF-1.
So, reflexologists and acupuncturalists, I have a challenge for you.  Prove that the various forms of Chinese Traditional Medicine increase the level of Insulin like Growth Factor One at a systemic level or at least in a location that could possibly increase height.”

Me: I highly doubt that there will be anyone who would want to take up on this experiment, even though it sounds likes a rather simple test.

From the website from India that claims they can increase your height through acupuncture found HERE

Note: The author of this article is Professor/Dr Prakash Verekar – Friday, March 5, 2010

How to be taller, grow height in India, HOW ACUPUNCTURE CAN MAKE SOMEONE TALLER

There is no function or structure of the body, which stops completely after certain years or certain biological stage. Whatever is remaining can be increased, repaired, accentuated, made to work faster, better, and to full capacity.
Whatever is Abnormal or subnormal can be made normal with Acupuncture. Whatever is subnormal according to patient’s wish is really sub normal whether other parameters say otherwise. Acupuncture is not just doctoring science like modern medicine it is a science of holistic healing. It heals people. If some patient thinks he is lacking something acupuncture will fulfill it to make him healed completely
For instance when women stops menstruating and have menopause they cannot produce children. Proper acupuncture will make her menstruate again to have a child. If someone is paralyzed an acupuncturist can make the person stand in 3 days, walk with assistance in 6 days and walk with walking stick in a months time. The patient will be near normal in 6 weeks.
Acupuncture expert can increase capacity of lung for opera singers and athletes. Can increase capacity of kidneys in kidney failure patients, can increase capacity of mind power in mentally retarded children, reverse the aging signs, make someone younger in body mind thinking vigor and looks. We can achieve any thing and every thing. We can even make a dead person come to life and live again if we arrive in 3 minutes time. If an acupuncturist is stationed in ICU and ICCU of modern hospitals, the death rate will drop to 10% for sure. The acupuncturist can keep the patients alive forever. Only exception is accident cases with severe damage and poisoning cases where we cannot do anything worthwhile.
Similarly in case of height increase we can do wonder. Even after closer of the growth centers in the tips of he bones, a certain lowest possibility of further growth remains. If we can stimulate certain controlling points then we can make a person grow taller for sure. Even if the bone grows 1 mm each and there are more than 350 bones, then a person will grow three centimeters.
There is again a principle  which says if a life event or development does not happen at the time it should have happened, medicine can make it happen at later stage with modern medicine. In case of no menses at puberty, no ovulation, no physical growth, hypogonadism, proper modern medicines hormones can make that happen at later stage.
We acupuncture experts can do much more extra. The acupuncture points can stimulate endocrine system to secret hormones, which cause growth. Most of these hormones may be known to modern medical science but there may be some, which are not known or studied. Because nobody till now did experimental research in acupuncture height increase.
One more thing a person should know about height increase. Boys and girls below puberty age should do a lot of exercises that should result in thumping movement on the joints. The growth centers are at tips of the bones and the growth centers are stimulated only when they are thumped. Thus jumping, spot running, skipping, cycling, will help a person grow before age of puberty.
All these are contra indicated after the age of puberty as the growth capacity diminishes with the advancing years. And the very movements and exercises will cause the joints to hold on to the immature soft shock absorber growth centers to act as buffer for the thumping shocks. The post puberty persons should relax more and should not do any exercises that will contract the muscles, as this will prevent any further growth in length. The muscles are for movements. They are situated along the long bones if they contract and reduce in length, then they will squeeze bones lengthwise and prevent them from growing in fact they will make the bones minutely shorter.
Can you do split? Spread both legs sideways at 180 degrees like a gymnast? If not, then you have already caused the muscles to become shorter.
Do not hang by hands in later years. The hanging causes al the muscles in the body to contract due to strain. You can experience it if you touch and judge he muscle contractions of a person who is hanging on horizontal poll. It is beneficial if you hang by your feet, upside down.
Exercises at a slow pace and with double the time allowed for relaxation is good for height growth.
Acupuncture for height gives immediate result at the first time only. After that it is much slower but definite. We also use some herb which has HGH kind of natural ingredients. These are natural safe and useful.
Me: Apparently the author Prof/Dr Prakash Verekar links two youtube videos along with this article with one of them claiming that one can increase their height within 3 minutes (But by HOW MUCH??) and the other shows a type of acupuncture called Aqua Acupuncture, mentioned in Tyler’s blog post. 
The method/ technique was developed by a Prof/Dr Anton Jayasuriya and will be performed/ administered by two doctors, the author Prof/Dr Prakash Verekar and a Dr Manaswini Verakar. I personally don’t want to sound too racist but I do realize that many Indians aspire to be doctors but I don’t think it is ethical for these Indians to call themselves doctors if they really have a doctorate degree (Ph. D), not a Medical Degree (M.D.) I would claim that these two people, who are probably a married couple are calling themselves doctors when they are not to make themselves and their method sound more legitimate than what it really is. The context and profession of these people makes the quality of the video hard to believe. 
I just personally find it hard to believe that one Indian doctor found a solution to height increase from studying a field that is considered a pseudoscience by Western Medicine standard and created a completely new way to solve the problem.
The last main resource on the internet that is linking the use of acupuncture to height increase and growing taller is from a Thai website found HERE. The website actually looks very legitimate and may actually be the website for a group of Hospitals in Thailand (I don’t know, it may or may not be). This is what they are claiming on the section where they talk about suing acupuncture.
Acupuncture to increase height is a treatment that attempts to enhance and balance the organs’ function in our bodies. It aims to boost the function of the spleen, kidneys and liver. As a result these organs will function more efficiently. The spleen will work better, increase the chi energy and the nutrients required for our bodies. The kidney will be able to retain essential substance required for the growth of bone marrow. The liver will stimulate the proliferation of ligament which in turn raises the blood flow to the bones and joints to stimulate bone growth. This treatment in combination with proper exercise, nutritious food from the five food groups and adequate sleep, will effectively stimulate height growth in the most natural way.In a clinical trial, several osteoporosis patients were treated using acupuncture technique. The result is highly pleasing. It showed that the therapeutic effect of acupuncture treatment stimulated the hormone and cells that were responsible for bone marrow growth. Hence the test clearly demonstrated that acupuncture can be used to stimulate bone growth in the reproductive age.

Acupuncture uses the following key principles to increase height:

• The treatment by inserting needles along the energy pathway leading to various organs aims to keep the bodily function in balance. It boosts the spleen function, enhances the qi energy and nourishes the body.
• It boosts the kidney function so that it will be able to retain substance that is essential to build the bone marrow.
• It eases the liver function so that it will stimulate the proliferation of ligament which in turn facilitates height growth
• It stimulates the body’s joints, raises blood flow to the bones and hence stimulates bone growth.
The treatment to increase height basically follows the principals of acupuncture outlined above, by inserting needles along the energy path. In addition, needles will be inserted in the acupuncture points in the back and the abdomen to boost the function of the spleen and the stomach. At the same time, needles will be inserted in the acupuncture points around the joints to stimulate the bone growth in these areas. The procedure is carefully performed and adhered strictly to the Traditional Chinese Acupuncture practice.

The height of the human body is 70 % determined by genetic factors and another 30 % is determined after birth by the following four factors:
1. Exercise.
2. Adequate sleep.
3. Essential nutrients to nourish the body.
4. The effect of Endocrine function in the body.
So we have 30 % opportunity to influence the height of a person. However, the treatment also depends on the age of the patient, usually 10-18 years age range is the ideal age range for this treatment. If the child is too young, it will be difficult to explain the treatment to him so that he could understand and if the child is too old, the result may not be so effective. As the epiphyses plate may have been closed and hence more growth is not possible. On the average, this closure is later in male than female.For the acupuncture treatment to be more effective, the patient must cooperate with the doctor by leading a healthy lifestyle as follows:

1. Maintain a happy, cheerful attitude and avoid stress
2. Exercise regularly. This will increase metabolism rate which in turn stimulate fast absorption of nutrients to nourish the body.
3. Have adequate sleep; get to bed at regular time. Growth hormone is secreted during night time sleep.
4. Have a balance diet, intake food from all the five food groups with adequate calcium intake
The assessment is done every 3 months for each course of treatment. The result for each case depends on the factors mentioned above. The result can be seen in the second month of the treatment.Samitivej, We Care

Terapong Tangaramvong, CM.D.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, 2003
Certificate of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
(Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Huachiew Chalermprakiet University), 2010

For further information, please contact: 

Life Center
Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital
2nd Floor, Building 1
Tel: 66 (0) 2711-8749-50
Call Center: 66 (0) 2711-8181
Contact Info
Life Center Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital 2nd Floor, Building 1 Tel: 66 (0) 2711-8749-50
Me: I really don’t know what to say or judge on this website. Somehow the people are supposed to be able to increase their hieght but the arguements they make in the article really has to true content or scientific backing. The website may be for a Hospital and the services could be legitimate. My conclusions for this website and the services it is supposed to provide is that I am not sure if it could work.

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    1. subramani

      Hi I see that you have commented stating that you have increased 2 CM. I want to take this treatment can i have your number or email address i have few questions on this treatment..Please help please please.
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  2. Dr Christian

    Prof Dr Verekar is one of the hero with great prestige. Acupuncture is a gift of nature to mankind. No matter how much you hide a truth it will be recurring in each generations and that is acupuncture power. I am confident to tell you that I have used acupuncture to increase heights . Know this, it is not acupuncture which will do the healing wonder but the doctor behind the needle. I have used acupuncture to achieved chronic disease healing, infact increase in height is a cheaper therapy as compare to other dreadful life threatening diseases. Know this too that the healing of a patient is in his or her ability to control emotional instability and billions of life has benefited from the powerful acupuncture facilities. If you don’t practice clinical acupuncture, verily verily verily I say unto you it will be difficult to understand acupuncture. If you want to know more am ready to tell you more with evidence scientifically
    -Dr Christian Edison

    1. Navneet Nagpal

      Hello Dr Christian . I am from India and have taken accupressure machine with magnets from a naturopathiest for my son .he is 14 year old and his growth plates have fused . Can u please tell me will it be effective ?? .please suggest as I haven’t got any review on the net that anyone has increased his height through acupuncture or accupressure

  3. Shraddha

    See i willing to go for this height incresing acqpressure operation but i dnt think my parents allow me to do so plzz say if there will b any side effect in future n if i want to do it should i go to prakash vereker for this cn i trust him n hw i cn convince my parents for this plzz rply n he lives in nagpur n i live in mumbai plus the fee mention tht is 15000 is too much i cnt afford it i m a college student n as my parent will nt allow they will strictly nt give me money what should i do

    1. Pratham

      And you can also contact dr. Lohiya in Dadar near plaza. And i would suggest you to take cupping, auricular acupuncture and traditional chinese acupuncture treatment, which will surely help you increase even if you are above 18

  4. bhawna

    I m 27 years old. I wanna increase height. If there is any accupunture treatment available in Delhi. please inform me

  5. Pratham

    First of all even I dont want to sound racist, but i dont know why all the western people seem to not believe on any theories from ancient times. But then years later after they start getting little results in those theories seem to make an hype out of it


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