Am I A Scam?

Update 6/7/2014: The website is finally back up, after a long week dealing with my hosting company’s legal team.

I have noticed some people saying in the message boards that this website is a scam since it just suddenly went down with no message or warning.. Here is my only response. I quote what Anthony Robbins said…

“It doesn’t matter whether what you believe is right or wrong. What really matters is whether your belief system empowers you or not” (I would like to add that what matters is whether what you believe helps improves your life or not)

If believing that this website is a scam makes your life better, go right ahead. Keep on believing that and stop visiting this website. I’ll block your ip address (I learned how to do that recently from my hosting company, by editing the htaccess file) to help make sure you are full accountably to your commitments to believe this place is fake and that I am just trying to rip you guys off. You don’t ever have to come back here again.

If by coming to this website, you don’t improve in any way your life, then don’t come here. If the website doesn’t empower you, then you should not be doing it. If however, you get some type of joy or entertainment out of reading what is written, then we will not stop you either. I have nothing to hide on how I operate this website. There are some affiliate links around and I do wish to make some type of income from it to help at least pay for the websites operations. In fact, I recently reset all the Adsense IDs (2 of them) to be under Tyler’s name, so I don’t even earn any income from the ads anymore. No one is putting a gun to the readers head and forcing them to buy something from the affiliate links.

Update 5/27/2013: I recently found on the LSJL Forums a thread that was started that claims that my website, Natural Height Growth is a “semi-scam”. It also says that is also a “semi-scam”.

The thread is entitled HEIGHT QUEST AND NATURAL HEIGHT GROWTH=SEMI SCAMMERS“. I can assure the person named “panos” who wrote the thread that this website is NOT a “semi-scam”.

There is indeed Amazon Associate Affiliate Links to the website to monetize it. I am a business man and I create businesses. There is also Google Adsense Advertisement ads posted in non-offensive places on this website to further monetize the website.

To people like “panos” and other future critics, I counter your point to say that instead of criticizing people like Tyler and me who actually created a website to do this type of research, why don’t you try to do something similar and help us in the research???

We are all humans. Money is an important factor in many of the decisions we make in our lives. I have written over 900 posts by now looking at everything under the sun and put almost 1 year of my life towards this. Why shouldn’t I monetize this website and make some side income from this which clearly has helped hundreds of people already.

I have always believed that humans are at their core selfish creatures who will always try to gain something for nothing. Did you guys really think that you guys would be able to find a solution to your height increase solutions without giving something in return, whether it would be your money, time, effort, or energy?

Even weight loss, which is much easier endeavor by many magnitudes compared to height increase require some level of commitment, sweat, pain, and exercise to reach goals. This would be 10,000X harder. There is no way around this thing.

Most people do have good intentions, at least in the very beginning, and want to believe that they are good people, but their actions usually reveal how intrinsically selfish they are. I admit that I am selfish too, and do wish to make some money from this. I have to pay for Mailing List fees, Podcasting Hosting fees, Registration Fees, and Website Hosting Fees to keep all of this site working. That usually adds up to be $55 out of my own pocket which I pay to continue this project every month. You guys should be appreciative of all the effort I have been putting in.

Look at how many people in the old (now dead) believed that this guy Alkoclar from Turkey with his promoted CNP increasing methyl agents had some type of miracle drug that could make them taller. There was all this drama during the 1st trials and the increased drama in the 2nd trials lead to some guy named Halcyon/Nico who was an admin shut down the entire forum. Everyone was hoping for that Miracle Pill, something that they can swallow to get the benefits that they wanted. Well I say right now that for those people who are past their natural growth period, we are in the stage where the road ahead is only filled with hard effort.

There is no way you will ever find that single compound which will do everything you are hoping for. It just does not exist.

Paco, you don’t have to read my website. You don’t have to read Height Quest either. I don’t like to use foul language but for you, I will say to shut up, sit down, and let the researchers do their work. If you want to help, then pick up a medical textbook, start learning about endocrinology, orthopaedics, and join in the “fun” and make a real difference in the world. You can be one of those people who sits in the audience or you can be in the arena making things happen.

I am happy with you being one of the audience members, as long as you are not one of those idiots who can’t discriminate between the real sincere people, and the scam artists. Just because I chose to add monetization to my website does not mean that I am “grey-hat”. That shows that I am a practical business man who can think pragmatically and not be fooled into delusional heroism and choose to do everything and all the heavy lifting in terms of the research while people like the cynics and “haters” sit back and contribute in no way waiting for me (or Tyler) to come up with that Miracle Technique.

Maybe after the 5-10 years of intense research and effort we find nothing at all and say that this entire endeavor is impossible. I have always said that this endeavor we are trying to do is not the same as lossing weight. This is height increase research. This is stuff that no one has ever succeeded in before. We are in an area of research which most people would say we are crazy for even trying to do. Maybe we are wasting our time. However, for me, this research which has only a very small chance of success is probably 100X more worthwhile for the betterment of the overall human race than say working as a barista at the local Starbucks. I think I am making a difference and making the Internet Landscape better by creating one of the only honest Grow Taller websites out there.

For further proof that there is no way in hell that I can make a living from being an affiliate with Amazon, I’ve clipped a picture of all of the Amazon Associates earnings that I have gotten through out the website’s lifetime, ever since I activated the natural height growth amazon associates account back in December of 2012. (Note that today is May 27, 2013). From December to May, I have earned only $60 in referral fees. That is $60 for around 150 days of insane effort.  I get less money from doing this type of research project that if I just stood outside on the side of the street and begged for quarters – And no, I did not photoedit those picture on the bottom to hide my “real” earnings if anyone is thinking that I must be earning more because I am not.  I do not have that type of time to do that type of mind-numbing, painstaking job.

Amazon Associates





Amazon Associates 2

Am I a scam?

In my previous post I had answered the question “Will I ever do a review on a product and not say it is a scam? . I concluded by saying that probably “NO”. The reason goes back to what I define as the 4 needed parts that make up a scam. They are…

1. The product does not work

2. The seller knows the product does not work

3. The seller chooses to state that the product does work

4. The seller chooses to sell the product.

I proclaim right now that I am NOT a scam. I am not proclaiming that any technique or method I have found has even a 51% chance of working. Even the most likely techqniues and ideas I have discovered who has had many adherent and followeres go through a 6 month process has come back to say that they saw no height increase and started to loss faith where there was once hope and energy.

I don’t know whether any of the products work or not. I choose to state with 51% confidence that even the best and mostly likely techniques probably own’t work.

Lastly, I am not selling anything. I don’t market, promote, or advertise any type of product or service on my site that claims it can increase your height. Sure, there is a section called “Height Increase Guide” that states that you can increase your height by 3 cm. That is 1.25 inches in US units. 3 cms is what I honestly believe is the maximum amount of height most people can ever hope to gain from taking the natural path in their height increase endeavors. This usually just means focusing on getting posture, exercising, and correct nutrition in order. Nearly anyone who has a little bit of discipline and a flexible program will be able to get those parts fixed, often in less than 3 months. 1 cm of extra height is perfectly reasonable and 2 cm is something probably half of the people who try to increase their height will get with a clearly defined program and some discipline

I admit that I did write a in a previous post that I do connect my coaching program to this site to help anyone who clearly is having issue with their height but I will never force any of thise stuff down someone else’s throat. there is no mailing lists, asking for emails, or lengthy sales letters. I put a post saying that I would appreciate it if people would pitch it and give a $1-2 monthly or $10-20 yearly donation to help pay for the site registration and hosting fees. My own financial situation is tight too.

That’s all there is. I write and do research for height increase because I enjoy doing it. I learn, I become educated, and I believe I can really help other people either achieve their height goals or come to peace with the body they were given in life. I am NOT a scam.


6 thoughts on “Am I A Scam?

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  3. manu

    About shutting down of that board by Halycon, I need some more info if you please.
    I was a member of that board and was really shocked to find that board randomly shut down like that. You say the “drama” led to the admin to close the board.
    1. How do you know this? I have been running around trying to find some info on why the board was shut. You seem to know. What is your source?
    2. You seem to be in agreement with the admin’s decision of shutting the board down. How can shutting a board with many members who have a common goal and have created a “community” just because of some “drama”, be justified?
    3. And finally do you know why some stranger named “Alkolcar” started the whole thing? AFAIK, he didn’t make any money out of this. He actually sent people stuff for the 1st trial. Do you know why he has become silent suddenly? I am inclined to believe that it is fake, but do you have a better explanation to this?

    I spent a lot of time and was really hopeful about Alkoclar. But I was really disappointed after that. It would be nice if you can shed some light.

  4. Keane

    No. This blog and Tyler’s blog are not scams but are not providing with concrete methods to grow taller either. This are science blogs with height/growth related articles and honestly I don’t see why some people get upset because the mods are trying to monetize their websites, I would do the same.

  5. Ionne

    I just want to ask something. When you say you’re not a scam, do you mean that what you stated here are ALL TRUE? or just PARTLY TRUE? And I want to know if there is ONE SiTE that WORKS FOR REAL about growing taller. I mean proven and not just a SCAM .

  6. NoName

    What part of ” I am not selling anything. I don’t market, promote, or advertise any type of product or service on my site that claims it can increase your height ” you didn’t understand IONNE ???

    How difficult can it be to grasp that this blog and Tyler’s blog do tell people that the ONLY way (as of right now 1/11/2014, 9:50 pm) to grow taller is to get the SURGERY (LLS)

    However, the way the surgery works ; ” one or more of the bones in a limb being broken, and then the two separate parts of that bone being slowly pulled apart (distracted). Normally this involves small adjustments done several times a day. Bone regenerates in this situation, and new bone cells will be produced and will fill the space in the break. ” (,4261.0.html)
    gives us hope that someday, scientists will come up with something way better than surgery.

    So basically, (from my point of view) these 2 amazing guys have put an amazing, insane effort (so far), spent hours, days and months gathering information about the methods, chemicals, genes and so many things and shared their knowledge without asking anything IN RETURN …

    It is worth anything ….

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