Spinal Intervertebral Disc Decompression Machines For Lower Back Pain Relief


Intervertebral Disc DecompressionWhile the purpose of this website has always been towards doing honest, scientific research on how we can possibly increase our height, sometimes our research takes us to unique areas of science and technology which we were not aware of. Something we became intimately familiar with was the idea of diurnal variations in height due to spinal or intervertebral discs decompression. Some of our most commonly expressed ideas to people who wish to grow taller is to tell them to do enough stretching and decompression of their back so that they can regain the height they lost. In addition, the idea of decompression of the spine has also been shown to be very effective in neck and back pain relief. As a person who has been suffering from lower back pain for a long time, I can attest to the effectiveness of using certain machines and devices to decompress my intervertebral discs to allow for semi-permanent height gains as well as provide pain relief. This section is dedicated to all the devices and products which I’ve found which does this type of service.

Around the Spring of 2014 we decided to list different types of spinal decompression and intervertebral decompression machines that we have found available on the internet. These reviews are for the products we found from Amazon.com. We are a part of the Amazon Associates Affiliates Program so if you choose to buy any of the products through our links, we get a small commission fee. When all the small amounts of commission fees are added up, they really help in paying for the operation of the website.

Section I – Lower Back/Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Decompression

This section only focuses on the types of devices and machines you would get to provide some type of pain relief for the lower back/Lumbar area. Whether you are suffering from a bulging or herniated disc or sciatica, the devices will be able to provide some way to manage the pain.

The Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Pain Relief Device – Pricing: $395 w/ Free Shipping

Back Bubble Spinal DecompressionFull Review: This is called the Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Device. The device consists of a specifically designed thick body harness which hangs off a chrome plated spring attached to a high level like the ceiling. There is two different positions that you can get into. The normal position is to push your entire torso into the harness and hang on pulling down on the spring. You bring your legs up to elevate the entire body. The force of gravity is what will push the lower half of the body downwards while the upper body is held on top of the sack. The result is that the lower area of the back, called the – Read more

The Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression Machine – Pricing: $369 w/ Free Shipping

Teeter Hang Ups Dex IIFull Review: Out of all the decompression devices we’ve seen,  this one is probably the only one which you can find at your local gym. It is often next to the chin-up-bars. This machine is not really a machine. It acts more like a fixed device that has a soft pillow-like padding in an angle. You put your feet inside the ledge on one side and place your stomach surface over the padding. You have your head in the upside down position. The abdominal core and side deltoid muscles are the muscle groups you are going to use as you raise your upper body to stretch out your core. The result from the opposite – Read more

The Teeter Hang Ups P3 Portable Back Stretcher – Pricing: $99 w/ Free Shipping

Teeter Hang Ups P3Full Review: About a year ago we started to search online to find if there were any devices sold on Amazon or Walmart which would have the ability to stretch out the back and decompress the spine. This product was the first one that we found. This product which is sold as the Teeter Hang Ups P3 is probably the first product which we found which blatantly states that it can increase the height of a person who uses the machine by a certain limit. The exact phrase that the sellers use in the product specifications states the following “Commonly lengthens skeleton by 1-1.5 Inches…”. If it works on the skeleton, it – Read more

The Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch Back Stretcher – Price: $85

Spinal Stretch Back StretcherFull Review: Read more




The Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliever – Pricing: $299 w/ Free Shipping

Nubax Trio Back Pain RelieverFull Review: This product is called the Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliever. It is a type of portable traction device that the average person can use in the comfort of their own home, but also is used by healthcare providers & professionals. It might not be able to completely remove back pain, but it helps with pain alleviation and management. It seems that if you only do other types of pain relief methods like massage, physical therapy, or taking a type of NSAID, they would not be as effective if you did not include using this type of traction machine along with the other methods just mentioned. The idea is not – Read more

The Trueback Orthopedic Traction Device – Pricing: $70 w/ Free Shipping

Trueback Orthopedic Traction DeviceFull Review: Out of all the way that these traction (spinal decompression) devices are designed, often the most effective designs on these devices are the simplest. There are some machines we’ve found like the DRX9000 which looks like something from a spaceship. Then there are others which looks like something we could carve out of a single piece of wood. This model, called the Trueback Orthopedic Traction Device is one of the types with the latter design. It is so deceptively simple, but the people who have bought it rave about it in the reviews. If you look at it from the sides, it is curved – Read more

The Arched Back Stretcher by North American Healthcare – Price: $14

Arched Back StretcherFull Review: This device called the Arched Back Stretcher functions exactly as its labeled name implies. It stretches out the back from its unique arched bulging shape. The arch is supposed to be sahped concavely outwards. When you lie down on your back, the arch will get the lower back or lumbar area to become extended outwards. Read more


The Back Magic Multi-Level Back Stretching Device – Price: $19

Back MagicFull Review: Read more




The Lumbar Extender Back Stretcher – Price: $75

Lumbar Extender Back StretcherFull Review: Read more




The Stretch Mate Orthopedic Back Stretcher – Price: $25

Stretch MateFull Review: Read more




The Spine-Worx Back Realignment Device – Price: $34

Spine-Worx Back Realignment DeviceFull Review: Read more




The Stamina InLine Back Stretch Bench – Price: $169

Stamina InLine Back StretchFull Review: Read more




The Deluxe Full Spine Posture Pump Model 4100 by Posture Pro – Price: $265 w/ Free Shipping

Deluxe Full Spine Posture PumpFull Review: Read more




The Lo-Bak TRAX Portable Spinal Traction Unit – Price: $140

Lo-Bak TRAX Portable Spinal Traction UnitFull Review: The people who are marketing this product calls it the Lo-Back TRAX. My personal guess is that the name is shortened to refer to the term Lower Back Traction. It is also known as a Portable Spinal Traction Unit. I was very surprised at this device since it is designed in a way that is completely different from other types of traction machines and units that I’ve seen so far. The way that you even hold the device is unique, because you – Read more

The Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Unit by Chattanooga – Price: $450

Saunders Lumbar Hometrac UnitFull Review: Read more




The Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression Brace – Price: $73

Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression BraceFull Review: Read more




The BAKARAK Traction Device to Relieve Low Back Pain – Price: $348

BAKARAK Traction DeviceFull Review: Read more




Dr Ho HoPhysio Decompression Back Belt – Price: $160 w/ Free Shipping

Dr Ho HoPhysio Decompression Back BeltFull Review: Read more



Section II – Other Types Of Devices To Treat Lower Back Pain

The Posture Pump Elliptical Back Rocker (by Posture Pro) – Price: $95 w/ Free Shipping

Posture Pump Elliptical Back RockerFull Review: Read more




The Posture Pump Spine Trainer – Price: $90 w/ Free Shipping

Posture Pump Spine TrainerFull Review: Read more




The Nayoya Acupressure Mat – Price: $27

Nayoya Acupressure MatFull Review: Read more




Nayoya Back Pain Relief Acupressure Mat – Price: $30

Pain Relief Acupressure MatFull Review: Read more




Zewa SpaBuddy Relax – Back Pain Relief System – Price: $49

Full Review: Read more


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