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Estrogen’s effect on height may be mediated by chondrogenic effects

The effect of estrogen on the expression of cartilage-specific genes in the chondrogenesis process of adipose-derived stem cells.

“During adolescence, sex hormones play an important role in regulating proliferation, differentiation, maturation, and the scheduled death of chondrocytes.
In the present study, we used adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) to differentiate into cartilage. Differentiated cartilage cells were used in the control (without estrogen E2 in the culture medium) and experimental (with estrogen in the culture medium) groups to evaluate the expression of type II collagen and aggrecan as chondrogenic genes markers.
Estrogen leads to inhibition of type II collagen gene expression and reduction of aggrecan gene expression.
Estrogen probably has negative effects on chondrogenesis process of ADSCs”

“17-β estradiol (E2) increased the type X collagen, inhibited the type II collagen, and reduced the proteoglycan content of the cartilage”

Loading effects on bones and possible transdifferentiatiion

Since chondrocytes are what make up growth plates and growth plates are what make you taller.  This is huge.

Molecular events caused by mechanical stress in bone.

“The shape of bone changes as a result of bone remodeling corresponding to physical circumstances such as mechanical stress. The tissue which receives the loaded mechanical stress most efficiently is bone matrix. Recent studies revealed the function of osteocytes as mechanosensors in the early stage of bone remodeling. Loaded mechanical stress is converted to a series of biochemical reactions, and finally activates osteoclasts and osteoblasts to cause bone resorption and formation. Biochemical and molecular biological studies have recently resulted in the identification of the gene of which expression level is changed by mechanical stress. Nitric oxide (NO) and cAMP is secreted in response to mechanical stress in the immediate early stage. Genes encoding enzymes such as glutamate/aspartate transporter (GLAST), nitric oxide synthetase (NOS) and prostaglandin G/H synthetase (PGHS-2) are identified as mechanical stress-responsive. The expression level of IGF-I is enhanced under the control of PTH/PTHrP. The expression of c-fos is increased by loading of mechanical stress[LSJL upregulates C-Fos]. AP1, a heterodimer of c-FOS/c-JUN, functions as a transcription factor of downstream gene(s). Elements including AP1 sites, cyclic AMP response elements (CRE) and shear stress response elements (SSRE) are found in the promoter region of mechanical stress-response genes. The enhanced expression of osteopontin (OPN) in the osteocytes of bone resorption sites was demonstrated by in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry and transdifferentiation of chondrocytes with the abundant expression of BMP-2 and -4 in the process of distraction osteogenesis was observed.”

“Mechanical stress loaded to bone causes the deformation of bone matrix and generates strain force, which is thought to initiate the mechanotransduction pathway. Since the bone contains a water solution, the strain causes fluid flow in the bone matrix. These represent secondary changes known as streaming potential and shear stress. The activities of ion channels, focal adhesion kinases, as well as the structure of the cytoskeleton of the bone cells, are also modulated by mechanical stress.”<-Wish LSJL we hope that this fluid flow induces differentiation of stem cells into chondrocytes.

“GLAST mRNA expression level in the osteocytes decreased in the loaded ulnae after 6 h of load on two occasions 24 h apart.”

“OPN can inhibit the formation of hydroxyapatite. Immunohistochemical studies demonstrated that OPN was localized only on the surface of matured bone. In contrast, much abundant and broad distribution of OPN was observed in embryonic bone, osteoid and fractured callus”<-OPN is upregulated in LSJL.

“OPN can promote the attachment of osteoclasts possibly via interaction of GRGDS amino acid sequence of OPN and the αvβ3 integrin of the osteoclasts ”

“OPN mRNA was detected predominantly in osteoclasts and osteocytes in the resorption site of the septum.”<-This could suggest that LSJL degrades existing bone to make room for growth plates.

“After 7 days of osteoectomy in the femur of an 11-week-old rat, 0.25 mm of distraction was carried out every 12 h for 28 days. Cartilaginous external callus with endochondral ossification, and endosteal callus formation with membranous ossification were observed at the osteoectomized site. In addition to these typical ossification patterns, we observed the direct bone formation by chondrocyte-like cells with the temporal appearance of fibrous tissue“<-So cells differentiated into chondrocytes with fibrous tissues as an intermediary giving evidence of transdifferentiation.

“The molecular/histological analysis in the process of transchondroid bone formation demonstrated the expression of type II collagen mRNA in the chondrocyte-like cells at the early stage of osteogenesis. With the decrease of type II collagen mRNA, the expression level of type I collagen became enhanced at later stages.”

“the cells present in the transitional region from cartilage to fibrous tissue express alkaline phosphatase mRNA, OPN mRNA and osteocalcin mRNA simultaneously. These results suggest that the differentiation of chondrocyte to hypertrophic chondrocyte is blocked by distraction force, and indicated that chondrocyte may transdifferentiate to the osteoblastic lineage.”

Some insights into the growth plate from fish growth plates

One of the key parts of LSJL is to cause new growth plate formation via inducing differentiation of epiphyseal bone marrow.  This study has insight that epiphyseal bone marrow may participate in the growth plate process and thus in turn may be capable of contributing to neo-growth plate formation.

The humerus of Eusthenopteron: a puzzling organization presaging the establishment of tetrapod limb bone marrow.

“Because of its close relationship to tetrapods{A tetrapod is a four limbed organism}, Eusthenopteron{a kind of fish} is an important taxon for understanding the establishment of the tetrapod body plan. Notably, it is one of the earliest sarcopterygians in which the humerus of the pectoral fin skeleton is preserved. The microanatomical and histological organization of this humerus provides important data for understanding the evolutionary steps that built up the distinctive architecture of tetrapod limb bones. Previous histological studies showed that Eusthenopteron’s long-bone organization was established through typical tetrapod ossification modalities. Based on a three-dimensional reconstruction of the inner microstructure of Eusthenopteron’s humerus, obtained from propagation phase-contrast X-ray synchrotron microtomography, we are now able to show that, despite ossification mechanisms and growth patterns similar to those of tetrapods, it also retains plesiomorphic{trait that only eusthenopteron’s have but not other tetrapods} characters such as a large medullary cavity, partly resulting from the perichondral ossification around a large cartilaginous bud as in actinopterygians. It also exhibits a distinctive tubular organization of bone-marrow processes. The connection between these processes and epiphyseal structures highlights their close functional relationship, suggesting that either bone marrow played a crucial role in the long-bone elongation processes or that trabecular bone resulting from the erosion of hypertrophied cartilage created a microenvironment for haematopoietic stem cell niches. ”

Now even though these fish and humans are different it suggests still that bone marrow has a capability to form new growth plates.

Here’s the anatomy of the mid-bone shaft of this fish(juvenile):

mid bone shaft

“(b) Virtual thin section (made along the longitudinal axis) showing the primary bone deposit of cortical bone and its connection to the spongiosa. Some remnants of calcified cartilage are still preserved at the location of Katschenko’s line (chondrocyte lacunae) and within the spongiosa (Liesegang rings).

So “micro-growth plates” within the bone marrow.

“At mid-shaft (figure 1a), the inner surface of the cortical bone is delimited by clusters of numerous large globular cell lacunae (cl, figure 1b,d) that can be identified as chondrocyte lacunae of cartilage. This suggests that remnants of Katschenko’s line are still present. Several stacks of Liesegang rings, typical of calcified cartilage, are also notable among the endochondral trabeculae”

“In extant tetrapods, the spongiosa forms when chondroclasts create erosion bays in the cartilage that are then lined with a thin peripheral bone layer, and it is common for small remnants of calcified cartilage to be left behind by the process; spongiosa formation in Eusthenopteron appears to have been similar.”

“The trabeculae in the spongiosa [of adult fish] are greatly remodelled and show no visible remnant of calcified cartilage”

“In extant actinopterygians, the fin endoskeleton develops from a blastema that differentiates into cartilages. Perichondral bone is deposited on the surface of the cartilages and continues to grow centrifugally as periosteal bone”

“a typical metapterygial bone is composed of a cartilaginous rod surrounded by a bony tube with cartilage projecting as condyles”

“In contrast to tetrapods, actinopterygian long bones have no haematopoietic bone marrow but only fatty tissues in the spaces created by the erosion of the cartilaginous rod. Neither do they show any evidence of a growth plate with longitudinally oriented columns of chondrocytes. The large longitudinal tubular mesh observed in Eusthenopteron humerus appears to constitute the earliest and phylogenetically deepest documented occurrence of a complex functional bone marrow in the tetrapod stem group.”

“As the tubular channels in Eusthenopteron are obviously connected to the epiphyses, the appearance of a complex bone marrow seems to be related to the appearance of tetrapod-like epiphyseal structures and elongation growth. Eusthenopteron lacks the comprehensive remodelling and trabecular resorption that creates an open medullary cavity in the majority of extant tetrapods, but the reduction of trabeculae between the longitudinal tubes in the adult compared with the juvenile may represent an evolutionary precursor of this process. ”

“Tetrapod bone marrow has been shown capable of degrading cartilage proteoglycans and inducing the initial stage of endochondral ossification”

X-Rays Of My Knees And Hands Showing Complete Epiphyseal Growth Plate Ossification

These x-rays shown in the video were taken maybe 3 years ago when I went to visit my parents and complained about pain in my lower back, knees, and left hand. They decided to send me to the hospital for a complete X-ray on the areas. You can see me explain the situation of what my growth plates are like in the video I uploaded to the Natural Height Growth YouTube channel.

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So I actually got the X-rays, each costing around $250 each, and got myself checked out. I did see an orthopedic surgeon or doctor and we talked about what the pain could be coming from.

The conclusion was that I had some type of bone protrusion on the area on the top of my tibia or patella. This means that there was some type of bone longitudinal growth pushing up on the femur. This is what could be considered real longitudinal bone growth if it did happen. So the doctor said it was a type of bone spur which I had been suffering from. Apparently these “bone spurs” have a medical term for them, osteophyte.

After the talk with the “medical professional” I was not given any type of advice on how to treat the joint or bone pain. No treatment was advised except maybe to sometimes take ibuprofen or a type of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug).

After time passed the pain sort of disappeared and the bone issue was not brought up/ ONly recently did I find those old X-rays while I was packing and I thought it would be nice to show you guys that I do indeed have X-rays taken of parts of my limbs even from 3 years back which show that I don’t even have any type of epiphyseal growth plate ossification line any more. There is nothing there. Hope you guys stick around for tomorrow when I put up a video of the books and the intensive research I have been doing.

The Tallest People In The World Appear To Be From Croatia And Serbia, Specifically Dalmatia, Montenegro, And The Dinaric Alps

I had written long ago a post entitled The Tallest Ethnic Groupabout the fact that it seems that the tallest ethnicity or group of people seem to be coming from the Croatian-Serbian region of the world. It was well known even from the Wikipedia article on human height in the chart for country listings that people in the Dinaric Alps region of Eastern Europe were unusually tall.

However there have been one interesting link from WiseGeek I saw maybe years ago where suggested that the one area or region in croatia or serbia which have the height gene turned up to the max is a county in Croatia known as Dalmatia, or Herzegovina, or the Montenegro region, which is probably most well know for the dogs that come from the region, Dalmatians.

Update 4/29/2013:

I will gladly admit that every single nation in the world will have its own share of giants but when we look at the percentage of people over a certain height limit and how frequent above average in height men (and possibly women) are coming out of the country, or at least being listed at local and national volleyball and basketball teams, it is rather hard not to see that Serbia and Croatia and the surrounding areas have been producing some extraordinarily tall people in the last 30-40 years. Many of them have gone on to become internationally famous athletes or entertainers. 

A recent post I found from website suggest that the anecdotal stories seem to be true. It is Giants from Split (Croatia) by a poster named Herve on March 7, 2013

Split is the biggest city of Dalmatia (Croatia), about 200 000 inhabitants. So, just have a look on the number of men at least 210 cm I have found at that day (official and exact heights that I asked myself to each of them or closer family), keeping in mind there are still more :

1 ŠUNDOV Bruno 221/1980/Split/bb.
2 VRŽINA Hrvoje 219/1981/Split
3 KREČAK Marko 218/1984/Split/bb.
4 BIBER Vjeko 215/1974/Split/bb.
5 HENJAK Hrvoje 214/1978/Split/bb.
6 LOVRIĆ Josip 213/1968/Split/bb.
7 POLJAK Joško 213/1978/Split/bb.
8 TABAK Žan 213/1970/Split/bb.
9 KRALJEVIĆ Marijan 212/1970/Pforzheim (GER)/bb.
10 JURIĆ Damir 211/1959/Split/bb.
11 MADUNIĆ Petar 211/1993/Split/bb.
12 VLADOVIĆ Nikola 211/1987/Split/bb.
13 DELIĆ Nenad 210/1984/Split/bb.
14 JURIĆ Joško 210/1935?/Split/bb.
15 KRSTULOVIĆ Željko 210/1963/Split
16 RAÐA Dino 210/1967/Split/bb.
17 VUJIĆ Ivan 210/1977/Split/bb.

And if you go in Vrgorac (only 2 100 inhabitants !), you could meet :

1° ÐUGUM Dragan 213/1985/bb.
2° ÐUGUM Ante 212/1988/bb.
3° VUJČIĆ Nikola 211/1978/bb.<

This season (2012-2013), in football (soccer) club “Hajduk” from Split, the three goal-keepers : Goran Blažević (26 years old), Lovre Kalinić (22) and Pavao Vugdelija (25), are all 2,01 m tall ! Who says better ?

Herve would write again in a another post entitled “NEW GIANTS

I noticed some big men were not registered on your site. Here they are:

1° Marko DUJKOVIC (226 cm, 1990, Kumanovo, FYROM) : Serbian basketball player (from FYROM).
2° Dalibor MICIC (224 cm, 1985, Zrenjanin, Serbia) : Serbian basketball player.
3° Bojan DODIK (222 cm, 1984, Sarajevo, Bosnia) : Serbian basketball player (from Bosnia).
4° Nemanja BESOVIC (221 cm, 1992, Podgorica, Montenegro) : Serbian basketball player (from Montenegro).
5° Jere LAKOS (220 cm, 1968, Sibenik, Croatia) : Croatian former basketball player.

Then I would find from the profile on Krist Novoselic height on the website even more evidence to show that for the small ethnic group being the serbo-croatians, they have a very high height average in general. However the poster on the listed croatian athlete’s heights is also named Hervé. I would suspect then that the two Herves are the same person who is probably just trying to promote the idea that Croatians are the tallest in the world.

These are Herve’s and other profile’s posts from the profile.

pochy says on 7/Sep/11

No. Dalmatians are taller than Dutch. Go and visit South Croatia + Montenegro, then visit Holland, and then you’ll change your mind.

issuetall says on 14/Sep/11

@Shawn Yeah, he is tallest basketball player in Montenegro. But I don’t know whether the new negeration(15-18 years old) are over 210cm in Montenegro. If anybody knows that, please introduce those Montenegro youth giant.

Civis Batavi says on 25/Sep/11

Albanians and Montenegrins are the tallest on the planet i believe.

radek says on 14/Dec/11

pochy says on 7/Sep/11
No. Dalmatians are taller than Dutch. Go and visit South Croatia + Montenegro, then visit Holland, and then you’ll change your mind.

No Its wrong most people who visit holland only go to places like amsterdam and rotterdam, which are around 50% of foreign origin people, and out of the 50% of ethnic dutch the dutch/indo mixed are considered by goverment as natives, therefore real dutch in amsterdam/rotterdam/den haag are below 50%, in comparison montenegro is about 99.9% natives. Go to leeuwarden or sneek in northern netherlands, people there are by far the tallest you can encounter anywhere in the world, montenegrins dont even come close, the ethnic dutch, specially the ones from northern/northeastern regions are not only quite distinctive for their huge average height(as they are by far the tallest in europe) but also for having the regions with highest concentration of natural blond people anywhere in the world, you can find far more extremely tall/extremely blond people in norther-netherlands than you would do in most of scandinavia.

jovan says on 15/Jan/12

i go to montnegro-serbia-montenegro every summer, my dad is 6,3- 6,4. he is taller then bessicly 90-95 percent of all torontonians. But when he goes to montenegro he seems SOOO short. OMG, i even hear him talking to his cousin about it,his cousin is like 6,4 6,5. And I went there this year, I am 13 turning 14 in like 1 week and I don’t remember more then 5 people being shorter then my dad, and not that much shorther. Everon eis SOOO much taller then my dad there and compared to like 99 percent of Montenegrins he is a dwarf. just saying.

issuetall says on 8/Jun/12

@jovan: I believe what you said. Many people who visited montenegro always insist this viewpoint is that the montenegro people are very tall, extremely tall. I don’t think each signle one is liar.

vlad says on 16/Aug/12

i have been to montenegro this summer, as i do to visit my family, and the people by the coast are tall, like you see a lot of 6 ft 10 ppl and the occasional giant lurching at 7 ft, but you have to go to central montenegro to really see the giants, i was driving in a town there, and we saw like 3 7 footers all walking together and a 6 ft 6 girl in a span of 2 blocks, and you see a lot of big guys. they are also very tall in niksic and podgorica, both cities i have been too. if you want the REAL montenegrin experience, go inland to see niksic and podgorica and tara canyon, the second biggest canyon in the world to grand canyon, only 200 meters more shallow then the grand canyon, niksic and podgorica are not attractive cities, as poor apartment blocks lined with run down and abandoned buildings, leaking with water along the sides. but town center is a great experience. dt niksic is the worst place to pick a bar fiht, youll fight 7 foot cowboys every time. montenegrins look unique , and you can tell a local apart from a tourist anytime, even white tourists. having gone to croatia many times, montenegrins are muchhhhh taller, and would tower over croatians

pochy says on 23/Aug/12
@ Vlad Yes. Got the same impression as you. In some Montenegrin towns you very rarely stumble across a male under 6’3/6’4….if you have to bet the age of a male shorter than 6’1, you’d better bet an age under 15 years. Of course girls are VERY tall too. Montenegrins are definitely the tallest in Europe. I wonder why someone still insists with the Dutch.

Hervé says on 12/Sep/12
The three goalkeepers of Football Club Hajduk (Split, Croatia) for 2012/2013 : Goran Blazevic (2,01 m, age 26), Lovre Kalinic (2,01 m, age 22) and Pavao Vugdelija (2,01 m, age 25)…

Hervé says on 21/Feb/13
@issuetall : Hey, my friend ! The name of the guy was Olivier CABON (2,09 m, 1972). So, he spent some days in the town of Makarska (60 km south-east from Split, Dalmatia) during the summer 2000. He told me his kind of “frustration” when nobody there seemed to notice his height (when elsewhere, he was the attraction in the streets) and the number of men 2 m tall, which seemed to him the same as the ones 1,90 m in France. But his biggest surprise was some evening when, arriving to a night club, he met in the entrance three guys even taller than him ! Quite incredible ! Take care !

issuetall says on 27/Feb/13
@Hervé : Hi! Hervé! Glad to see you come back! And you told another story if I remeberred correctly: you have a Croatian friends who is 200cm, and he worded as Croatian ambassador to France. He used to tell you that he usually has met a lot of guys are tower than him in his hometown(belong to Dalmatia). Even if he is 2 meter, he felt not tall in there. Could you tell this story again? I am so interested in it.

Hervé says on 4/Mar/13
Yes, he’s a former attached of embassy in Paris, now back in Croatia. Originally from Drnis (30 km north from Sibenik), a small town where people are extremely tall on average (about 187 cm for the youngsters), he told me once, as a matter of fact, that when being in Dalmatia, he felt himself sometimes a kind of “draw” beside men much taller than him…

Bon_ says on 7/Mar/13
Herve, how much individuals who are 210 cm tall are there in Croatia?

Hervé says on 8/Mar/13
At that day, I know exactly 116 (sure there are still more) ! And many youngsters are coming…

Hervé says on 8/Mar/13
Not 116, but 119 ! Here they are :


* : still growing up at.: athletics bb. : basketball hb. : handball tn. : tennis vb. : volley-ball


1 ANDRIĆ Lukša 210/1985/Dubrovnik/bb.
2 BARIŠIĆ Danko 210/1985/Osijek/bb.
3 BEČA Bruno * 211?/1994/Zagreb?/bb.
4 BIBER Vjeko 215/1974/Split/bb.
5 BILAN Miro 213/1989/Šibenik/bb.
6 BILIĆ Ante 214/1956/Lovreć
7 BOBANOVIĆ Darko 218/1985/Rijeka/bb.
8 BORČIĆ Branko 210/1973/Mona Val(AUS)/bb.
9 BOTA Marin 215/1979/Ludwigshafen(GER)/bb.
10 BREKALO Kristijan 211/1985/Zagreb/bb.
11 BUDANOVIĆ Vedran 210/1977/Zadar/bb.
12 BULJUBAŠIĆ Mirko 211/1978/Metković/bb.
13 CINGEL Marko 212/1991/Našice/hb.
14 ČEČUK Milan 210/1979/Omiš
15 ČIRKO Ivan 210/1987/Trogir/bb.
16 ČOVIĆ Vedran 210/1978/Makarska/bb.
17 ĆURKOVIĆ Ivica 210/1966/Sinj
18 DELIĆ Nenad 210/1984/Split/bb.
19 DIVIĆ Josip 214/1980/Slavonski Brod/bb.
20 DOGAN Dino 212/1987/Osijek/bb.
21 DOLIĆ Stipe 211/1981/Sinj
22 ÐUGUM Ante 212/1988/Makarska/bb.
23 ÐUGUM Dragan 213/1985/Split/bb.
24 GOJEVIĆ-ZRNIĆ Zvonimir 213/1982/Zagreb/bb.
25 GOVIĆ Hrvoje 210/1988/Šibenik/bb.
26 GRBIN Peđa 210/1979/Pula/bb.
27 GRGAT Ivan 210/1974/Sinj/bb.
28 GUDELJ Mario 210/1984/Split/bb.
29 HENJAK Hrvoje 214/1978/Split/bb.
30 HORVATIĆ Silvio 213/1973/Zagreb/bb.
31 IVANKOVIĆ Danijel’ 210?/1963/Zagreb/bb.
32 JURIĆ Damir 211/1959/Split/bb. [son of Joško JURIĆ]
33 JURIĆ Joško 210/1935?/Split
34 KARLOVIĆ Ivo 211/1979/Zagreb/tn.
35 KASUN Mario 213/1980/Vinkovci/bb.
36 KAŠTROPIL Franko 211/1984/Blato/bb.
37 KODRIN Marko 213/1990/Karlovac/bb.
38 KOPLJAR Marko 210/1986/Požega/hb.
39 KRALJEVIĆ Marijan 212/1970/Pforzheim(GER)/bb.
40 KREČAK Marko 218/1984/Split/bb.
41 KRNČEVIĆ Vlado’ 214?/1952?/Zagreb/bb.
42 KROLO Ivan 217/1983/Osijek/bb.
43 KRSTULOVIĆ Željko 210/1963/Split
44 LAKOŠ Jere 220/1968/Šibenik/bb.
45 LALIĆ Jure 211/1986/Makarska/bb.
46 LIVAJIĆ Dario 211/1979/Split/bb.
47 LONČAR Krešimir 210/1983/Split/bb.
48 LOVRIĆ Josip 213/1968/Split/bb.
49 LOZANČIĆ Jure 211/1983/Split/bb.
50 MADUNIĆ Petar 211/1993/Split/bb.
51 MARASOVIĆ Frano 213/1992/Split/bb.
52 MARIJANOVIĆ Marino 214/1986/Zagreb/bb.
53 MILANOVIĆ Grgo 211/1990/Sinj/bb.
54 MIOČ Ante 212/1992/Zagreb/bb.
55 MOŽAR Igor 211/1984/Slavonski Brod/bb.
56 MUSTAPIĆ Željko 210/1978/Rijeka/bb.
57 NICEVIĆ Sandro 210/1976/Pula/bb.
58 NOVOSEL Darko 210/1989/Karlovac/bb.
59 PAPAC Ivan 210/1987/Vinkovci/bb.
60 PARAVINJA Miloš 210/1979/Pula/bb.
61 PEJČINOVIĆ Davor 211/1971/Altenkirchen(GER) /bb.
62 POJATINA Marijan 213/1981/Zagreb/bb.
63 POLJAK Joško 213/1978/Split/bb.
64 RAÐA Dino 210/1967/Split/bb.
65 RIBARIĆ Mario 214/1959/Sisak/bb.
66 SABLJIĆ Ivan 210/1989/Split/bb.
67 SEDLAR Igor 213/1984/Zagreb/bb.
68 SKELIN Mate 212/1974/Zagreb/bb.
69 SLAVICA Ante 212/1976/Šibenik/bb.
70 SLIVAR Filip 210/1987/Zagreb/bb.
71 ŠODA Toni 212/1988/Split/bb.
72 ŠOLIĆ Vicko 212/1978/Šibenik/bb.
73 ŠUNDOV Bruno 221/1980/Split/bb.
74 ŠVERKO Ivan 212/1992/Rijeka/bb.
75 TABAK Žan 213/1970/Split/bb.
76 TADIĆ Marko 212?/1993/Ðakovo/bb.
77 TOMIĆ Ante 215/1987/Dubrovnik/bb.
78 TONČINIĆ Filip 212/1984/Opatija/bb.
79 VISKOVIĆ Zoran 211/1975/Makarska/bb.
80 VLADIMIR Igor 210/1977/Metković/hb.
81 VLADOVIĆ Nikola 211/1987/Split/bb.
82 VRANKOVIĆ Stojko 217/1964/Drniš/bb.
83 VRSALJKO Denis 212/1982/Zadar/bb.
84 VRŽINA Hrvoje 219/1981/Split
85 VUČIĆ Hrvoje 210/1991/Split/bb.
86 VUJČIĆ Nikola 211/1978/Vrgorac/bb.
87 VUJIĆ Ivan 210/1977/Split/bb.
88 VUKIČEVIĆ Ivan 210/1993/Zagreb/bb.
89 VULIN Šime 210/1983/Šibenik/vb.
90 ZARADIĆ Ivan 211/1988/Šestanovac/bb.
91 ZUBČIĆ Tomislav 214/1990/Zadar/bb.
92 ŽAJA Ivica 210/1956/Aržano/bb.
93 ŽORIĆ Luka 210/1984/Zadar/bb.
00 BRZICA Marin * 209/1994/Split/bb.
00 BULJEVIĆ Lovro * 204/1998/Zagreb/bb.
00 GAŠPERT Matej * 207/1997/Rijeka/bb.
00 MARIĆ Marin * 208/1994/Split/bb.
00 RADUNIĆ Matej * 207/1996/Pula/bb.
00 VRANKOVIĆ Antonio * 208/1996/Minneapolis (USA)/bb. (son of 217 Stojko)
00 VUKIČEVIĆ Josip * 209/1997/Zadar/bb.


1 ARAPOVIĆ Franjo 215/1965/Slipčići/bb.
2 BAGARIĆ Dalibor 217/1980/Munich(GER)/bb.
3 BARAĆ Stanko 216/1986/Mostar/bb.
4 BLAŽEVIĆ Draženko 210/1963/Mostar/bb.
5 BRKIĆ Jozo 210/1986/Mostar/bb.
6 BUBALO Domagoj 211/1991/Mostar/bb.
7 JOVIĆ Antonio 211/1970/Stolac
8 JURKOVIĆ Ivan 210/1990/Čapljina/bb.
9 KALINIĆ Vedran 210/1982/Zenica/bb.
10 KRALJEVIĆ Filip 214/1989/Mostar/bb.
11 LONČAR Markus * 211/1996/Livno/bb.
12 MIHALJ Ivan 210/1990/Odžak/vb.
13 MIKULIĆ Josip 211/1993/Mostar/bb.
14 MILIČEVIĆ Zlatko 211?/1973/Jajce/bb.
15 NOVAK Mario 215/1989/Mostar/bb.
16 PILIĆ Jakov 210/1993/Split(CRO)/bb.
17 PLANINIĆ Darko 210/1990/Mostar/bb.
18 PRIMORAC Mladen 210/1990/Mostar/bb.
19 RIKIĆ Robert 217/1990/Mostar/bb.
20 ŠEKELJA Dragan 210/1991/Livno/bb.
21 VRANJEŠ Nediljko 210/1992/Posušje/bb.
00 ANTOLOVIĆ Stjepan * 206/1997/Zenica/bb.
00 ANTUNOVIĆ Sandro * 204/1998/Sarajevo/bb.
00 BENDER Dragan * 207?/1997/Čapljina?/bb.
00 ČOLAK Mateo * 203/1998/Mostar/bb.
00 JURKOVIĆ Valentin * 209/1994/Metković(CRO)/bb.
00 ZUBAC Ivica * 207/1997/Mostar/bb.


1 BULAT Boris 211/1988/Belgrade/bb.


1 KLEPO Milan 212?/1980/Ljubljana/bb.


1 BOGUT Andrija (Andrew) 212/1984/Mulgrave(AUS)/bb.
2 MARAS Robert 216/1978/Freiburg/Breisgau(GER)/bb.
3 RUBIĆ Denis 216/1975/New-York(USA)/bb.



1 BELIĆ (Josip ?) 210?/1955?/Split?
2 KOLOVRAT Ivan 210?/1945?/Imotski?
3 MEDIĆ Josip 210?/1972?/Šibenik? [brother of Mario MEDIĆ]
4 MEDIĆ Mario 210?/1973?/Šibenik?
5 SAMARDŽIĆ Filip 211?/1977/Zagreb?/bb.


1 BAGARIĆ Damir 210?/1975/Munich(GER) [brother od Dalibor BAGARIĆ (217/1980)]
2 KARAČIĆ Gordon 210?/1981/Sarajevo?/bb.
3 KRALJEVIĆ Željko 211?/1964/Ljubuški?



1 BENČEVIĆ Mato 211/1934/Bicko [+ 1983] [grandfather of Josip DIVIĆ (214/1980)]
2 BILIĆ Jakov 217?/1900?/Lovreć [+ 1969?]
3 BOGUT 220/?/? [+] [ancestor of Australian-Croat Andrew BOGUT (212/1984)]
4 ČERINA Ivan 213?/1964/Split?/bb. [+ 1984?]
5 ĆOSIĆ Krešimir 211/1948/Zagreb/bb. [+ 1995]
6 ÐUGUM Jozo 210/1886/Vrgorac [+ 1968] [great grandfather of Dragan ÐUGUM (213/1985)]
7 FARČIĆ Ferucijo 213?/1908?/Milna
8 IVKOVIĆ Stojan 210/1915/Bijeli Vir [+] [grandfather of Stojan IVKOVIĆ (207/1966/Dubrovnik)]
9 KOLOVRAT 215?/1920?/? [+] [great granduncle of Milan KOLOVRAT (207/1986/Zagreb)]
10 KUSIĆ Grgo 218?/1892/Grabovac [+ 1918] [also claimed 237 cm tall]
11 MIJOVIĆ Perica 210/1881/Ðurinići [+ 1942] [great grandfather of Perica MIJOVIĆ (209/1961)]
12 PEĆIRKO 220?/1890?/Petrinja [+] [great grandfather of Slobodan PEĆIRKO (207/1958/Zagreb)]
13 PETRIČEVIĆ Zvonko 210/1940/Prizren(KOS)/bb. [+ 2009]
14 SPRČIĆ Nikola 218/1902/Bijeli Vir [+ 1971]
15 TOMIĆ Matija 223/1739/Split? [+]
16 ANONYMOUS 210/?/Sućuraj [+] [exact measure of his skeleton]


1 HRGOVIĆ Petar 210?/1917/Livno [+ 1945]
2 MUSTAPIĆ Perica 210?/1920?/Stolac [+ 1945] [granduncle of Željko MUSTAPIĆ (206/1990/Sarajevo)]


1 BENČIĆ Martin 210?/1979/Bratislava(SLQ)/vb.
2 DABICH Michael 210?/1942/Lander(USA)/bb.
3 MARDESICH Mike 210/1977/Long Beach(USA)/bb.
4 REDIC Larrell 210?/1977/?(USA)/bb.
5 SMREK Mike 210?/1962/Welland(CAN)/bb.
6 STIPANOVICH Steve 210?/1960/Saint Louis(USA)/bb.
7 THOCOLICH John 223?/1982/Watkato(NZL)/bb.
8 TONKOVICH Andy 210?/1922/?(USA)/bb.

issuetall says on 9/Mar/13
@Hervé : Hi Hervé! I heard of the tallest croatian is Grgo Kusić (1892–1918),According to some accounts,his height reached 238cm.

issuetall says on 9/Mar/13
@Hervé, Hi,Hervé! I know some young croatian basketball player are 210 cm or taller:

  1. Frano Marasovic C 2.16 16.08.1992 Split (CRO)
  2. Josip Mikulic 213 1993 CRO
  3. Petar Madunic C 2.11 23.07.1993 Split (CRO)
  4. LONCAR, MARKUS C 211 CRO 08/04/1996
  5. GASPERT, MATEJ C 210 CRO 05/07/1997

Hervé says on 11/Mar/13
Hey, issuetall ! You have all data you need about tall Croats just below (Frano Marasovic is 213 without shoes, Josip Mikulic is 211 and Matej Gaspert was 207 in september 2012)… What about Grgo Kusic, one of his relatives told me he was 237 cm, and another one 218 cm. So, it’s difficult to know his exact height… Anyway, tennisman Ivo Karlovic is really 211 cm tall, and not 208 as officially listed…

Hervé says on 12/Mar/13
Anyway, one of the tallest Croats of the history could be Bosnian Edhem Kadusic (as muslims from Bosnia are from a huge part from Croatian descent). He was exactly 238 cm and 118 kg (I personnally know one of his nephews), born in 1917 in Domislica (region of Zenica), deceased in 1961. Was a farmer.

Update May 28, 2014:

It seems that this post in recent days have started to get a very large number of visitors and traffic. However, along with that traffic has also come a lot of ethnic tension and fighting. Two frequent posters and commenters specifically have gone back and forth in arguing over conflict between the Croatians and Serbians. Me being from the USA, I do not know enough about the conflict in the former Yugoslavia back in the early 90s, in the conflict in Montenegro, Kosovo, etc. and the Insane violence that happened between the Muslim Bosnians, Orthodox and the Catholics. It reminds me of what happened in Chechnya. This type of conflict is not allowed on this website. At least on here, we should try to 

The Book Title For Grow Taller E Book “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” Directly Tells You It Is A Lie

This is my post/rant for today.

In the first product review post I ever did for this website, back in July of last year, I wrote about the most “popular” or infamous Internet Marketing E-Book in this niche for growing taller called “Grow Taller 4 Idiots”. The post was entitled “Product Review 1 – Grow Taller For Idiots“.

In that post I spent over 2 hours writing out a very long, detailed analysis on why it is CLEARLY a scam. These days when I am doing real research for the height increase endeavor, all I get are new webpages and links to the same product over and over again. it is very frustrating. No other niche on the internet, except maybe for penile enlargement or pheromones to attract the opposite sex, has there been more scams.

This niche or area of research we are  in is 95% fake. And the e-book “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” is causing probably 60% of all the bad links and webpages out there.

Just look at the name of the title of the book “Grow Taller 4 IDIOTS “. I want to focus on the last word of the title, idiots. The title itself for the book “grow taller 4 idiots” directly implies that this book which you might be hesitantly considering buying to try to make yourself taller says that you are an idiot and that this book will be perfect for you.

When a person calls you an idiot it says that they think you are stupid, out of touch with reality, not self aware, or they are just using a sharp negative label to describe you, usually to characterize your intellect, personality, or character traits.

The counter argument can be made by people that there is a similar label to idiots and that is “dummy” and that the For Dummies series in terms of educational or how to books have been super popular.

Let’s look at the other label used “Dummies”. It is absolutely true that the “For Dummies” books series has become extremely popular in the last 2 decades. I will admit that I first learned how to play chess, learn about marketing, and to play the guitar by reading a “For Dummies” book. I still think the book “Chess for Dummies” is one of the funniest, simplest, informative, and most down to earth, none technical intro books for chess there is.

However there is a slight difference between the label “dummy” and “idiot”.

Dummy – if a person calls you a dummy, they are implying that you are “dumb” , but your lack of smarts is more likely due to ignorance of the facts. If you just educated yourself more on the way things really worked, your ignorance can possibly go away and the label of “dummy” will be removed. People can call a person a dummy but they do it out of affection, slight humor at the expense of the person they are calling a dummy, in a joking way, but they don’t really want to hurt the person because they still might like the person.

Idiot – if a person calls you an idiot, the indication is that they are attacking you. Being called an idiot is implying often more than just that one is lacking more than just in intelligence and shows ignorance of one’s ignorance. One is not even aware that they are not aware. Being an idiot can not be cured by studying and educating oneself alone. One can be educated and quite “book smart” but still be a labeled an idiot because they make bad choices, act inappropriately, or behave in strange ways.

Plus, why would anyone ever put in a book title for a “how to manual” 4 Idiots?

They are saying that a person who gets the book is the idiot. They are calling a person stupid to their face, and if the person still can’t understand it then they may be too dense to get that they are being tricked and scammed. So does that mean that the “idiot” deserves to be duped, scammed, and robbed of their money?

Some people say they should be but I try to be kinder. This area of endeavor is filled with false advertisements and false promises. I ask the reader and anyone who ever decides to go on the internet to never buy a book which suggest that they are an idiot for deciding to purchase an E-Book.

The book “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” is intended for only idiots. I don’t think anyone is a real, legitimate idiot so no one should be spending their money to buy the book. Stay away from this scam and look for any other Height Increase or Grow Taller Book out there that at least doesn’t try to insult the intelligence and gullibility of the person who is thinking about buying it.