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Two Major Breakthroughs In Research Made (Big Breakthrough!)

Something that I had discovered while I was doing research on the retinoic acid in the post Endogenous Retinoic Acid Negatively Regulates Growth Plate Chondrogenesis And Longitudinal Growthwere two compounds which really got me excited in the research.

It seems that while retinoic acid inhibits longitudinal growth of the long bones, it’s antagonist known as the Retinoic Acid Receptor antagonist (aka RAC antagonist) seems to be able to actually reverse the inhibitory effects of RA. it seems to be able to make the mineralization, calcification, and chondrocyte maturation process go in reverse and turn cartilage extracellular matrix which have started to mineralize and accumulate with calcium deposits known as hydroxyapatite back to the collagenous and glycoaminoglycan filled tissue it was originally.

What makes the RAC antagonist so promising was the fact that the RA was fed to the lab rat of a single dosage orally and the effects on the growth plates and endochondral ossification became obvious after just a few days. If the RA can be taken orally, then it might be possible for the RAR antagonist to be taken orally as well.

If the RAR antagonist can indeed be taken orally, then what we have would be one of the first and only true scientifically validated compounds discovered which can actually accelerate growth in growing children. This would have huge implications for children around the world who developed stunted growth from bad nutrition. If the RAR antagonist can be separated and isolated, using chemistry devices like HPLCs, and then concentrated, we might be able to mass produce this compound element.

What is interesting is that the RAR antagonist can reverse the calcification and mineralization process so even if a person had a sliver of open growth plates left, they can start growing maybe even in a few weeks of a few millimeters.

Since the human body produces the retinoic acid and the retinoic acid receptor antagonist endogenously, it would be safe to intake orally/ ingest. It is safe for human oral consumption.

The 2nd compound which I discovered which may have evern bigger implications as I had researched in the previous post linked above is Parathyroid Hormone, PTH.

In that post, I had quoted a phrase from the study entitled “Retinoic acid induces rapid mineralization and expression of mineralization-related genes in chondrocytes.

“Mineralization was completely abolished by treatment with parathyroid hormone; this profound effect…”

It seems that the PTH has the ability to break down the calcium deposits down. In terms of general biological and medical literature, the fact that PTH can cause calcium accumulation to be resorbed back into the blood is already a very well known point.

From a webpage from Colorado State University

Parathyroid hormone accomplishes its job by stimulating at least three processes:

  • Mobilization of calcium from bone: Although the mechanisms remain obscure, a well-documented effect of parathyroid hormone is to stimulate osteoclasts to reabsorb bone mineral, liberating calcium into blood.
  • Enhancing absorption of calcium from the small intestine: Facilitating calcium absorption from the small intestine would clearly serve to elevate blood levels of calcium. Parathyroid hormone stimulates this process, but indirectly by stimulating production of the active form of vitamin D in the kidney. Vitamin D induces synthesis of a calcium-binding protein in intestinal epithelial cells that facilitates efficient absorption of calcium into blood.

Excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone is seen in two forms:

  • Primary hyperparathyroidism is the result of parathyroid gland disease, most commonly due to a parathyroid tumor (adenoma) which secretes the hormone without proper regulation. Common manifestations of this disorder are chronic elevations of blood calcium concentration (hypercalcemia), kidney stones and decalcification of bone.
  • Secondary hyperparathyroidism is the situation where disease outside of the parathyroid gland leads to excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone. A common cause of this disorder is kidney disease – if the kidneys are unable to reabsorb calcium, blood calcium levels will fall, stimulating continual secretion of parathyroid hormone to maintain normal calcium levels in blood. Secondary hyperparathyroidism can also result from inadequate nutrition – for example, diets that are deficient in calcium or vitamin D, or which contain excessive phosphorus (e.g. all meat diets for carnivores). A prominent effect of secondary hyperparathyroidism is decalcification of bone, leading to pathologic fractures or “rubber bones”.

There is no doubt that chronic secretion or continuous infusion of parathyroid hormone leads to decalcification of bone and loss of bone mass. However, in certain situations, treatment with parathyroid hormone can actually stimulate an increase in bone mass and bone strength.

Analysis & Interpretation:

Another great resource I have used to learn more about the Parathyroid Hormone is the website The thing is that one can stimulate calcium mineral deposits to break apart using the PTH. If you can extract enough calcium, the bones turn into “rubber” (or become very easy to fracture as well) which means that we can then probably stretch the bones.

I had already concluded in two previous, pivotal posts that the compound PTHrP (Parathyroid Hormone related Peptide) is most likely the key to induce the first step for adults with no cartilage to possibly dissolve the hard bone matrix for cartilage replacement using other growth factors with more chondrogenic effects. This post seems to put more anecdotal, but still weak evidence in showing that either PTH or PTHrP can be used for our ultimate goal of achieving bone lengthening after the cartilages completely disappear.

It seems that we have quite  a few ways to demineralize bone and give it just enough elastic properties to strength the bones.

I like to conclude this pivotal post with the link for how one can actually turn bone into rubber-like using vinegar for an elementary school science project.

Non-Invasive Union Of Long Bone Fractures Using Electrical Stimulations, A Final Conclusion

Just today while I was doing research towards the patent and research done by Brighton on applying electrical stimulation and capacitative electrical fields to accelerate epiphyseal growth plate growth, I found another old article published showing that applying some type of electrical stimulation will lead to fractures in bones, whether long, short irregular to heal. Any non-unions because the fractures are too big are more likely to heal and join together.

Since I am having some trouble copy and pasting the title, author, and abstract below, I have clipped and pasted a pic of the top of the article below.

non invasive electrical stimulation

What is important to get out of this post is to realize that the idea of using PEMF or some type of capacitative electrical field would indeed help bone formation, bone healing, and bone growth, but it will not help our endeavor, unless the individual is willing to accept the idea of using some type of bone distraction method, where a fracture has to be first induced.

The researchers at the end in the section for “discussion” notes that the PEMF idea is a very simple and safe non-invasive approach to heal bone fractures that don’t heal very well. Before the application of the PEMF, the patients in cast has not had any union in bone segments. After the application of the PEMF, the union occurred in most of the broken bones around or before 6 months. The researchers at the time did not know what was the molecular mechanism which caused the bones to heal from the PEMF application. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of evidence that callus was formed on the outside. There was evidence however that blood vessels did develop though, and this was followed by gradual interfragmentary callus formation.

The conclusion is that PEMF works, and it will lead to bone growth, just not in the way that we are hoping for. It can always be used as a part of any proposed technique or method we might come up with, when it comes time to create revascularization, and callus formation.

The Effect Of Oxygen Concentrations On Epiphyseal Plate Growth

Something that I found recently that has been proposed by Tyler in the post “Lengthening your Body with a Hyperbaric Chamber?” and by Timothy from AdultHeightIncrease is to use the idea of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase height for adults. 

From only a very quick look at the idea, it seems that the hyperbaric oxygen is where you increase the amount of oxygen concentration which can reach the area you are trying to affect. The idea is that increased oxygen would increase stem cell proliferation and stem cell numbers. However, I had argued in a recent post where I evaluated the scientific theory of the idea proposed by Timothy that the increased O2 concentration to the muscles would more likely increase vascularization and calcification, as well as lead the progenitor, pluripotent cells towards the osteogenic lineage than the chondrogenic lineage.

I recently found PubMed articles which seems to prove that the idea of increasing O2 concentration is probably more harmful than helpful and that it would actually have the exact opposite effect, stunting growth instead of stimulate it. Interestingly, these articles have been written by Dr. Carl Brighton, whose work I have become very familiar with ever since getting into the research.

Surg Forum. 1969;20:465-7.

The site of action of oxygen toxicity during in vitro epiphyseal plate growth.

Schaffzin EA, Brighton CT.

Calcif Tissue Res. 1970;6(2):151-61.
Brighton CT, Schaffzin EA.

PMID: 4100477

PMID: 5383117

Journal Contents   |   October 01, 1969

In Vitro Epiphyseal-Plate Growth in Various Oxygen Tensions


J Bone Joint Surg Am, 1969 Oct 01;51(7):1383-1396


1. A technique for growing epiphyseal-plate organ cultures in a rigidly controlled environment in various oxygen tensions is presented.

2. The cartilage portion of the epiphyseal plate, as determined by macrophotography and tritiated thymidine uptake, exhibited maximum growth in 21 per cent (160 millimeters of mercury) oxygen.

3. Maximum metaphyseal bone formation, as determined by macrophotography, microradiography, and tetracycline staining, occurred in 5 per cent (thirty-eight millimeters of mercury) oxygen.

4. In higher oxygen tensions, the cartilage portion of the plate showed narrowing, a progressive loss of acid mucopolysaccharide stainability, eventual loss of the zone of hypertrophic cells, and an accumulation of neutral mucopolysaccharide or glycomucoprotein at its base.

5. The most sensitive index to high oxygen tensions was an initial, transitory increased length of the zone of hypertrophic cells.

6. The possible mechanisms of oxygen toxicity on epiphyseal-plate growth are discussed.

Analysis & Interpretation:

While I was unable to find the abstracts for the first two articles, the last article by Dr. Brighton seems to show that the optimum O2 concentration level in proportion to the entire inhaled gas by humans is actually around 21%, which is what we are getting naturally. What is not well known is that around 70-80% of all the gas we inhale as humans is actually nitrogen. The O2 is the 2nd largest portion of the inhaled gas. The 3rd article seems to also show that the greatest rate for metaphyseal bone formation is around 5% of O2. In actually larger concentrations of O2, the cartilage portion of the plate decreased in thinkness, and the cartilage losses the stability of the intracellular matrix.

The conclusion I would give at this point is that the scientific theory of at least the 2nd compound Timothy from advocates does not agree with what the research done by other researches suggest.

Another Giant With Similar Symptoms To Zech Devits And Matt Mcgrory

As I was going through the forums on the website today I came across a post which linked to a youtube video which shows a young male who seems to be suffering from the same type of medical condition or at least has the same medical traits as the late Matt Mcgrory and Zech Devits, which I had discussed before in posts. The post thread is entitled “Rare Syndrome

guatemala giantThe video is in spanish but a poster named Roger was kind enough to translate the spanish in english which I will post below…

yes, looks like the “McGrory” gigantism, or a new variant of it…

The video is in spanish. Translation:

A strange physical malformation caused that the twin brothers Rodrigo and Javier, in Guatemala, were born with severe physical problems, which derived into an uncontrollable growth of their whole bodies. The twins confronted a great number of diseases, but Rodrigo was born with a very big rib cage, so that he died when he was 1 and half year old, meanwhile Javier continued fighting for his life.

Javier’s Mother: …because they were born with an unknown syndrome…

Months later his twin brother died, Javier started to develop a blend of different syndromes that caused him to continue growing in an excessive manner, while his bones started to twist due to his incredible size.

Javier’s father:… “there wasn’t any other case like this in the whole world. There were 10 similar cases, but weren’t exactly the same, so that made more difficult the situation.”

It was thought that Javier was going to die, like his brother. He also showed hydrocephaly, osteoporosis, and problems to speak, but miraculously he got rid of die, and now he tries to have the most normal life as posible.

Javier: well, here at home, I do set and clear the table, I fold clothes and tidy them up, I help mum a lot, I take care of my grandma…”

Javier is 2m 35cm tall, so he needs an adapted bed, and a northamerican doctor designed a wheelchair for him to be able to move more freely.

Javier’s Grandmother: .. really Javier doesn’t cause any problem to me, he is very understanding and very smart, and we take care each other.”

Analysis & Interpretation

What we see in this case is a young male in a wheelchair who has a very, VERY deep voice due to the cartilage in his larynx and trachea (windpipe and voicebox) both being enlarged. His ears are abnormally large in proportion to his head, which is abnormally large in proportion to the width of torso or body. These are both symptoms of having the chondrocytes in the cartilage enlarging.

His hands are very large in comparison as well. HIs grandmother states that he is very smart and this seems to be similar to Zech Devits’ case where the medical doctors examining him noticed that his intelligence was not decreased. In all three giantism cases, they all wore glasses which suggest that maybe the bones around the ocular cavity were also expanded and pushing against the optical nerve decreasing the vision’s ability.

It is interesting to note that Javier’s twin brother who died had an enlarged ribcage which would indicate that the twin also had chondrocyte enlargement in development. The osteoporosis that Javier had is similar to Devits’ bone maturity development, who started suffering from spinal disk collapse early in life.

A Second video of this Guatemalan giant is found from this link HERE which is a short video on him from the Spanish Media Television channel Telemundo.

From my own limited Spanish it seems that this young man is from the country of Guatemala and is around 20 years old. His height is definitely under dispute since the reported height by the journalists would convert to make him 7′ 8.5″, which would be one of the tallest in the world.

I have embedded the link to the Youtube video below. The link to Youtube is HERE

Jim Vieira At TEDx With HIs Talk On Native American Giants With Red Hair And Double Row Teeth

Note: There is a very high chance at some point within the next few years that I will be forced by some government agency representatives to take down this post, and maybe even this entire website due to the sensitive information that I post on this website. This post could be one of the types of information which will get me in trouble.

abraham lincoln giantsI have been thinking over the question of whether it was possible before there was any written record of possible tribes or small groups of ethnicities in human history where the people somehow managed to reproduce and create humans of extremely tall stature. I wrote a post a while ago entitled “Could Giants Found In Legends, Myths, And Stories Really Have Existed In Human Past History?” where it seems that there are some archeologists or historians who believe that human giants did exist in the past, and the view is promoted by people who delve and investigate into the esoteric, paranormal, and supernatural phenomena. Another Youtube video I would find and listen to where a guy who was a stone mason named Jim Vieira would go on this show called Coast to Coast and talk about the fact that he somehow found large mounds close to where he lives and after he investigated further on what were the mounds, he came the conclusion that they were burial sites for ancient native american tribes where the people were extremely tall.

It seems that this guy named Jim Vieira gave a talk and it was at TEDx at Shelburne Falls. On national radio he claims that it (the video) has gone viral and became one of the biggest, most watched videos from TEDx in the country. The talk was entitled “Stone Builders, Mound Builders and the Giants OF Ancient America”. The uploader goes by the name acmthcI have embedded the TEDx talk of Jim Vieira below at the bottom of this post. 

Update 5/15/2013: The video I embedded below seems to have been deleted by the uploader. If you would like to see the video, do a search on google for the video.

Summary Of The Video:

It is very interesting that one of the most famous and loved American presidents Abraham Lincoln, who was known as Honest Abe, would also write about these giants from the video.

It seems that the Smithsonian has gotten at least a few giant skeletons throughout its history and they have not revealed those to the general public.

Interesting also, I found another Youtube video talk with Vieira where he was being interviewed by the host of Coast to Coast . It was entitled “The Suppressed Evidence of Giants & Ceremonial Structures”. The uploader was DiscloseTruthTV. The video is around an hour and 15 minutes. In this interview, he goes much deeper in detail and explanation on what he has found in his 20 years of research.

Personal Analysis:

New York Times GiantsThe first thing that really got my attention was the fact that there has been so many skeletons of large humans or humanoids found especially during the 19th century. It seemed like every few years people were digging up graves of ancient native american burial sites back then. There was a few skeletons that even the Smithsonian would get but they never put on display. Interesting, some of the most famous circus show giants that were labeled freaks had their own skeleton placed in exhibit after their death. It would seem not that far fetched if the smithsonian did decide from getting so many giant skeletons that they would at least put up one of them on exhibit in showing the possibility that the natural history lessons we learned in school may not be completely accurate on how human kind has diverged and converged in its evolution. I personally believe that there have been a few tribes or small pockets of groups of ethnicities throughout human history where people did end up around the 7-8 feet mark. It is interesting that even our former presidents like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington both make references to these giant skeletons that were found in their writings. During the late 1800s, even The New York Times would write sections talking about giant skeletons found.

There have been a few thigh bones where the bones were putting to carbon dating to find out how old they were but those results were never revealed. I would guess that the bones would turn out to be much older than most historians would believe.

The implication I am trying to make is that if a sub-branch of the human race did at some point manage to reproduce to create tribes that were of extreme stature, then it shows that the human body which is bipedal in nature may be able to grow to upwards of 8-10 feet in height without any major serious medical pathology. This means that for us as height increase seekers, that even if we might not be able to make ourselves taller, we might be able to manipulate the reproductive process to creature much taller offspring and spark a new trend in human evolution towards increased height for future generations turning them into true giants.

Can A Person Increase Their Height And Grow Taller Through Hypnosis Or Hypnotherapy Using Dr. Laura De Giorgio Deep Trance Now Grow Taller Program?

I wanted to go back at the idea of possibly using the technique of hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy to make people grow taller. I had previously looked at the idea briefly of hypnosis when I wrote articles about the 1 infamous case behind the late great Dr. Milton Erickson in the post ”
Milton Erickson’s Legend of 12 Inch Height Increase” which has been mentioned over and over again by hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, and height increase seekers which seems to give their way of thinking validation.

Note only that, I would write three more posts either about hypnosis or very closely related to the idea of using hypnosis derivative to possibly increase a person’s height.

This post is to look at the hypnosis program sold on the Deep Trance Now website which is one of the only types of audio programs currently sold on the internet which claim that just by listening to the files, one will grow taller. Recently I noticed that people have been asking me through the website email for the program by Dr. Lauro Giorgio which claims that from her audio program of listening to soothing, mind manipulating sounds, a person can be induced into a state where they can command their body to start growing taller again, even after bone maturation.

The PDF for the program Grow Taller With Hypnosis by Dr. Laura De Giorgio Ph.D is availably just by clicking on the link. In addition, I have also uploaded to the website database a supplement PDF she had written for the website which is called Grow Taller Bonus Report which is a 123 page long report.  She is accredited with being a….

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Having a Doctorate degree, Ph. D.  (mostly likely in something related to psychology)

It seems this “doctor” who really is using the title because she has a doctorate degree and not a real medical school derived M.D, is based in somewhere of the city of Toronto, although that location is just listed as the mailing address.

I have clipped a photo to show that the over 340 MB program consists of 13 MP3 files. The program is a rather large file so it is not easily possible for me to upload the file through FTP to the host’s directory for easy download. If you wish to get the program, you would have to give me the name of place where I can upload a file around 340 MB easily.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio Grow Taller Program

I actually have had some experience with hypnotherapy and the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, looked into the technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping” as it is called. I even once wrote a few posts long ago looking at the idea of whether NLP can be used to make people taller.

It is really difficult to figure out who are the real people who are trying to help people and the scam artists who are just trying to make a quick dollar from calling themselves “self help gurus” or “lie coaches” after taking a 6 month program from a licensed NLP Master Practitioner or not even having any type of license or accreditation at all. The fact that this NLP practitioner has tried to go into the real of body transformation, but especially height increase is a vey big leap on their part.

I once wrote about the idea of whether praying would help since it would seem superficially logical that hypnosis is similar to praying, since the person doing it or having the process done on them is trying to change their state or emotions.

Does Praying Or Wishing To Grow Taller Really Increase Height And Make You Taller?

Praying is just another way to make a person change their thinking and emotional state. Hypnosis is similar, where there is no real physical external stimuli being applied to the person’s body, and definitely nothing that would be able to remodel the bone size in the indidivual.

I also once wrote about the old height increase “guru” Zixia (or Lisa) who claimed that through mental visualization, and the ancient Chinese art of Qigong one can grow taller even after bone maturity. This involved something similar to the praying and the hypnosis, since there was a lot of visualization, but no real stimuli on the bones.

Of course later I would find evidence that she might have not be honest after there was evidence that she was indeed getting a little bit of money from giving advice to people over the internet on how to grow taller. She had claimed that she had received do financial incentives.

Analysis & Interpretation:

This program which is supposed to make a person taller through NLP & Hypnotherapy techniques is a little different from the other “grow taller programs” out on the internet. Most people try to sell a PDF as an E-Book or sell some herbal formulation or supplement-like pill and brand it as a “grow taller” product. This is a rather large program which is at least an hour long where the person talking on the MP3 files, who I assume is Dr. De Giorgio is doing the traditional hypnosis techniques, like changing the person’s state, developing stronger rapport, doing fractionation, and suspending the critical factor. Like I said before in this post, I have studied NLP before (a few months) intellectually reading up on the mechanics of the skill developd my Grinder and Bandler 30 years ago although I never tried to actually use it in the field and practice it on myself or other people. The fact that I have mentioned the Peak Performance Coach Anthony Robbins in  quite a few of my posts should have suggested that I was aware that there might be people who would reference the Dr. Milton Erickson anecdotal, now almost mythical, story where he made a 20 year old male grow in height by 12 inches within a year’s time.

In ther beginning, when I was developing the website at breakneck speed, I had found the Grow Taller Program by Dr. Laura De Giorgio and decided immediately that it was just another scam and fake program that can’t work so I put the website in the Scams” section. Later, I would decide to go back to look at the program more seriously, and maybe even change my objective opinion.

After looking back at the website, I noticed a few things I have not seen before, most definitely because the 1st time around, I did not take any time to really look at the website. From looking at the copyright information at the bottom, I find that the website has been around a LONG time, since 2001. The webpages are designed in a fashion that tells the internet marketer that it was done probably years ago. There are youtube videos embedded like something called “Growth Hormone Booster, Brainwave Entrainment”.

When I looked at the front page, I realized that the website is much bigger and not just about growing taller, but that this person who is selling hypnosis programs seem to have created a subliminal hypnosis program for every type of thing that a person can think off. There are programs to make a person attract the opposite sex, increase the penis size, eyesight improvement, remove infertility, turn oneself invisible, find lost treasure, protect oneself from energy vampires, and soooo much more.

This made me realize that the person or team who has created this website has shifted away from just trying to solve one specific problem, but diversified out to create programs for almost every type of desire or problem there is. The general idea is that somehow hypnosis will reprogram the subconscious to solve every single problem a person can ever have. There are even programs to help people increase their chances to win the lottery or at gambling at the casinos.

If this person or team is willing to make such insane, preposterous claims like one can turn oneself invisible using hypnosis, then it is not a large stretch to assume that they would also say that a person can grow taller using the same basic type of pattern for hypnosis. It seems that one can develop supernatural powers and turn themselves into superhuman if they just focus on the programs that they buy off of the internet.

There are testimonials and success stories but they can be just fake written by the seller to make themselves seem more legitimate. there is even a program where the hypnotherapist will offer “coaching” at $120 for a 50 minute Skype exchange, phone call, or even just email exchanges…

Grow Taller Online Coaching / Hypnosis Sessoin
through phone, Skype, or e-mail exchange 
1 session – $120 (approximately 50 min)

For the 12 CD set program, you pay $200 dollars. For the 16 CD set program you pay $270. From the looks of it, I would guess that there is not even a physical product that they would ship to you, but an electronic product that you will download from a secret link that they reveal to you only after you put your credit card information in.

I guess the only thing I wanted to say is that this website and Dr. De Giorgio, if that is even a real person, is selling a program that can NEVER work. The website does not just sell to people who wish to become taller, but also sell the same hypnosis technique format for at least dozens of other problems. The hypnosis may not be a complete scam for other problems, like trying to cure phobias and remove negative thoughts, since there has been enough cases in NLP’s history to show that the hypnotherapy derivative does have some use, but for something like to make a person who have closed growth plates grow more is too outlandish a claim.

The Grow Taller Program by Dr. Laura De Giorgio will not work so at least for this endeavor, it is a scam.