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LSJL Update 9-27-2016

Here’s the last LSJL update.  Here’s the feet images from the this time which have had the best results out of what I’ve been clamping:


The size increase is not due to flattening of the arches as the arch on the right foot actually looks bigger.  You’ll note that the second and third toe look bigger as well.  My wingpsan has increased from 74.5″ to 74.75″ up from the 72.5″ it was before I started LSJL.  It is very difficult however to take a good wingspan picture.

Part of the trouble with LSJL has been slipping when clamping and a possible solution is that rather than clamping the epiphysis of the bone is to clamp the neck of the bone.


Considering the spillover of the second and third toe growth, I’d say it’s probably more important to generate clamping force than it is to be at the optimal location.  Clamping at the neck of the bone also clamps the muscle as well which result in more fluid flowing into the bone.  Also clamping at the neck of the bone gets closer to the bone marrow and one key conclusion I’ve come to my LSJL research so far is that the cortical bone and the outer periosteum(growth in width is difficult as well as growth in length) inhibit bone growth and inner periosteum and bone marrow stimulate bone growth.  Distraction osteogenesis both gets rid of cortical bone via fracture and stimulates the bone marrow via blood clot.

By continuing to clamp the epiphysis of the bone is likely the reason why my length gains plateaued as whenever I tried to increase the clamping force the clamp would slip off.  By clamping the neck of the bone I can continue to increase the clamping force without having to worry about slippage.  Hopefully, this will allow me to get some leg length increases that I’ll be able to report otherwise I’ll see if I can continue to gain in the feet and that’ll be proof of concept that I can use to gain more resources to establish better clamping technology to gain in the legs.

I bought a new clamp for my fingers as the standard six inch clamp was just too big.

The problem with this is all the holes in the clamp that make clamping uncomfortable.  If neck clamping with the Irwin Quick Grip clamp doesn’t work


I can doing the C-class clamp again but I worry even with clamping the neck of the bone rather than the epiphysis there’ll be too much slipping.

We’ll see what happens in one to two weeks.  And if it doesn’t seem to be working I’ll switch it up.  Considering my foot growth if I don’t observe results in a reasonable time frame then it’s time to switch things up


LSJL Update 9-13-2016

I tried hand clamping but I seemed to plateau with it so I’m back to using the C-class but more intensely than before.  Here is me doing some bones with a C-class clamp.  I’ve been getting some progress with my feet at least but that could be because changes in the feet are more noticeable because my shoes feel more snug.  Here’s the last feet images I took for comparison.  The first image there is actually the before picture.  Also the II phalanxes(toe closest to big toe) seems longer as well which makes sense since I’m clamping close by.

But my feet seemed to go up in size very quickly once I change methodology of using the C-class clamp over the hand clamp.  So if there’s no changes in a week then I will try something different.  Michael thought about using two C-class clamps at once.  Ideally, yes you want to gain height but the feet is where I’m getting results and if my right shoe no longer fits that would be hard to deny proof and I could use that proof to acquire more resources to translate to height increase research.

Since the II toe is growing I’m worried less about a precise clamping location and more about clamping force.  Now it is possible that the feet could be flattening but the big toe is already pretty straight.  Well if I can keep getting results than such minutiae won’t matter.

Here’s pictures of my feet:


The right toe is bigger.  I’m not to the point where I need to go up a size for my right foot but I’m closer.

Here’s some unilaterally swollen feet:  The bones don’t physically look longer.  So I don’t think it’s swelling making my feet appear longer.


Here’s another unilaterally swollen foot:


Here’s another: