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Big Updates On The Stem Cell Height Increase Research Done In Russia By Alexander Teplyashin Plastic Surgery Clinic

Teplyashin ResearchIt has been maybe 6 months since I have talked about Teplyashin and his research in his plastic surgery clinics in Russia. Before, I had said that those rumors from one weird source of some obscure online websites back in 2012 were based on truth.

That was reported by me and this very website Natural Height Growth back in 2014. We were the ones that broke that story. Since then, that news has gotten their clinic a lot of attention, and they at the clinic have noticed too, if their website directly links to our website somewhere.

Let’s look back at what has happened so far since we last talked about him. It turns out that our very own website has now been linked to the Plastic Surgery clinic in Russia somehow. At least 1 person yesterday arrived onto the website through the url based on my website analytical tracking software. People are finding our website.

I looked on this url and tried to figure out where was the link to our website or our old post. I couldn’t find it (maybe it is in the source code of the webpage somewhere or someone typed our website in through the interactive chat popup function)

Here is what I noticed very quickly. That websites has been redone, with now much more information. Also, the other websites under the clinic have also been redone. Now, there is at least 4 main websites all linked together and run in some way under Teplyashin. A year ago when I was looking up this guy, I found him mentioned a lot on the Russian media websites which I had to find through the search engine and use the Google Translator to figure out what was he saying and what others were saying about him.

This guy is a doctor, but his original Ph. D and research is on microbiology and unique plastic surgery techniques on the human breast. (That is interesting and relevant for me because I actually spent a summer of my undergraduate career at a very prestigious University doing microbiology research for a professor whose specialty was plastic surgery.) His main source of income seems to be for giving women who come to him better looking breasts. So he runs a normal, but elite type of cosmetic surgery practice

The first question I have to ask myself it this. Did his research team really implant “neo-epiphyseal hyaline cartilage” into bone non-unions of sheep legs to see if they would grow longer? At this point, I can confidently say that he and his team did. 

However if you look at what his actual website says now, it says that the research they did on creating hyaline cartilage and mesenchymal stem cells is for the use of stem cell injections into the ends of long bones where the articular cartilage has been grounded down or deteriorated. Teplyashin’s research team has decided now to take their research and apply it for osteoarthritis applications, not height increase. It is still on cartilage regeneration and tissue engineering but the application is now shifted.

Why? It is 1000X much easier. This research that they have now written on their website and claims would be used for just makes sense. Osteoarthritis is a true serious problem that does need to be fixed. It is a condition that older people around the world suffer from which causes a lot of pain. We may be the ones complaining about being short and wishing to be taller, but there are actual people in the world who are much older than us who actually suffer through excrutiating pain.

There has been at least one person who has emailed them and contacted them asking whether their research can be applied to making people taller again. That url is now broken. Maybe it was still open back in 2013 when this website was much younger.

If you actually read the news from the website it would tell you that it was only on April 6, 2016 that the clinic revealed that their research from the last half decade was now going to be used as a injection form to go into your leg to treat the cartilage degradation

What I can confirm to the hopefuls of using their research for height increase is that the researchers can confirmed to inquirers that their research can be used to lengthen bone. One inquirer named Talytha Sortino posted their question back in March 20, 2014. This person seemed to frequent the Make Me Taller Forum a lot and probably found my post saying that Teplyashin’s team succeeded in getting those sheep legs to be lengthened.

The person who replied back to them was Ekaterina Igorevna Kulneva, PhD, senior research at the Center of Cellular Technologies. (I used the WayBackMachine website and Chrome for automatic Google Translate)

This is what Google translated as her message

“Good Afternoon! Thank you for your interest in our company. In our center of cellular technologies developed a method for restoring bone. It is based on the implantation of biological equivalent bone created on the basis of their own stem cells. This method is effective for the recovery of large defects and bone, including for limb lengthening. The method has been successful preclinical trials.”

Height Increase Stem Cells

Another person asked a similar question. A Sebastian back in Dec 26, of 2013 asked a similar question of “I read that you guys have a stem cell method to increase…have a method to grow taller?”
I would like to cite here the fact that on the website the website creators cite the fact that Alexander Teplyashin and his team of researchers actually wrote for industry accepted texts and medical reference books.

I refer to the Medical Reference Book “Bone Regeneration, Growth Factors, Augmentation Procedures, and Tissue Engineering Applications” – Edited by Vincent Legard and Remi Schluter. If you buy the book off of Amazon for the $240, and you turned to chapter 4. it is titled “Bone Tissue Engineering: Synthetic Materials and Stem Cells”. That specific chapter was written up by AS Teplyashin, El Kulneva, and SV Korzhikova.

The 2nd referenced book is “Stem cells and regenerative medicine” – Author: Ed. VA Tkachuk. You can refer to chapter 15 titled “Using Cellular technology in the creation of biological equivalents of bone tissue” This chapter was written by Teplyashin, Kulneva, and Korjkoff. So his team of Ph.Ds are not a group of stem cell crackpots and misfits who don’t have the resources and knowledge to get it to work out. They succeeded.

This plastic surgery and beauty clinic is completely legit. Not only that, it is not just a normal private practice plastic surgery clinic. This clinic is still doing real research, at least up to the preclinical level. What you would find most often in the USA with those Real House of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons is that those hot-shot type doctors have their own private practice making half a mil a year but they don’t do any type or real research. This is true for most doctors, who have a MD. MD means you work in the hospital and don’t really ever go back to research again, which is the job of the Ph.Ds. It is extremely rare that you find a person who has both a MD and a Ph.D perspective on things.

What I said about this guy when I found out about him back in 2014 being linked to dead fetuses found in barrels in the Ural Mountains a decade ago may be true, but that story probably had more to do with the legality of using embryo harvested stem cells after George W. Bush signed those documents back in the early 2000s banning stem cell research because he was too STEM ignorant to realize that stem cells don’t only come from embryos and unborn babies. Because of Bush’s actions from not knowing the science of stem cells well enough, our former president pushed back the progress that American scientists and researchers could have made on stem cells by at least 1 full decade, until Obama came along and reversed many of those older Bush decisions on banning stem cell research.

Alexander Teplyashin seems to be a superstar plastic surgeon that is basically known by the rich and powerful crowd of Moscow. It is possible that only the ultra rich, the billionaires and their wives/girlfriends/mistresses go see him at his clinic located somewhere in Moscow. He has been on talk shows, sat in on judge panels similar to Dancing With the Stars and America’s Got Talent as well as given hour long interviews over the radio to give his expert surgeon advice to women who want to see him to correct something about themselves cosmetically. The clinic has sent its sales reps to international legit medical conferences to present their research and findings and have filed at least 4 patents that I know of.

His clinic and his practice has been featured in dozens of magazines in Russia, usually talking about his amazing work in giving females amazing looking breasts. That is the greatest percentage of his clients. On the website you can see dozens of pictures of before and after photos of women chest, where before the breast were sagging, now the breast is perky and looks young and sexy again.

He is so famous and good of a plastic surgeon that back in Oct 21, of 2010 he was given the 1st place and voted the best foreign plastic surgeon in San Francisco.

What We Really Want and What Happened With the Stem Cell Technique?

In another source, which I will post very soon, it was revealed that his research on lengthening ram/sheeps legs was published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” №25512 from November 30, 2010 aka MK.RU

At the end of that article, he said to the press that they got the preclinical trails to be successful and was going to ask the Russian government permission to push forward with their goals of now going and doing clinical trials.

Let’s first define what the the term “clinical trials” even means. Clinical trials basically means in the medical industry to mean that actual humans will be experimented on. Preclinical trials are done on animals like mice, rats, pigs, monkeys, and in this case, sheep/ram.

It turns out that around the time they filed their forms and applications to start the clinical trials to test their new technique of lengthening bone on actual humans, the Russian politicians came in and reigned in the amount of stem cell research that was acceptable to be done in Russia. This was reported on the blog/news section on the website for Dec 20th, back in 2010. This is what basically stopped the research and the clinical trials from pushing forward.
This guy is actually extremely open and easy to talk to. He even offers free online consultations where you can ask him all sort os questions through Skype. Here is teplyashin’s Skype information.

username: beauty-plaza
the phone number for the clinic: +7 (495) 621 18 88

It was posted just this 16th of April (2016) in the blog/news section that every Wednesday from 1PM to 4PM Professor Teplyashin holds consultations over Skype.

The clinic have even done free consultations and competitions where females can win for a chance to get a free great lift from the clinic.
Side Note: There are some very negative websites that link to our website (sluthate, lookism, puahate) who have linked to our website since the beginning when we first started and something they have always complained about besides the height issue is that their face, is too ugly. In their heads the reason why they are having so much difficulty in finding romantic partners is only because they are too ugly and their face is something that that can’t be changed since your face is due to your facial bone structure, which has not been something you can change ever.

It turns out that in the “News” section of the website, for Sept 28th, back in 2012 the clinic released this notice that you can now actually have bone tissue progenitor type stem cells injected into your cheeks to basically get high cheek bones.

That blog post says specifically “The slurry own bone cells injected endoscopically into the zygomatic subperiosteal region through minimal access in the temporal area. Is integrated into the bone structure, the cells begin their work – they gradually “build on” cheekbones, forming the desired and, most importantly, the forecast proportions of the face. Emphasize the natural, the perfect proportions of the face corresponding to the canons of the golden section of Leonardo da Vinci against puffy artificial persons migrating gel and lumps of fibrous tissue. The choice of our customers is obvious.”

This basically means that if one is truly insecure about one’s face, which is 90% determined by the bone structure and cartilage shape and form (This is exactly what the modeling and fashion industry has defined as beautiful. The modeling industry realizes that how attractive you are is 90% determined by the structure, form, and shape of your bone structure of your face). What this russian clinic has just said is that you can make your face more attractive with very targeted injections of bone cells to accentuate or reduce your bone structure in key areas.

Want high cheek bones? Check.
Want strong mandibular jaws like Brad Pitt? Check.
Want a strong, square chin? Check.

All of these things which you couldn’t do before is now possible, where your very own bones can be reformed and “grown” volumetrically, similar to how you form the thickness (and shape and form) of a candle by continuously dipping the original string into the wax, so that layer upon layer can slowly stack up onto each other until you get a 1 inch thick diameter of product. This is how the plastic surgeon like Teplyashin can grow your irregular bones outward, to give it definition and contours in just the right places to make your face “beautiful” .

This is probably how the Beauty Clinic run by Teplyashin can now even change your very skull bone structure and layout. Does it hurt? Minimally with a pinch like your regular botox shot maybe. A dozen sessions with the clinic and you find yourself with high cheekbones, strong jaw line, and a square chin. No surgery required. Is it that simple? I haven’t tried it myself but it could just be that simple.

Not only does his clinic say they can theoretically make you taller after your growth plates are fully closed, and make you change your facial bone structure until you become beautiful, they can even make you reverse in aging and grow younger in appearance, through the use of stem cells.

Final Note: This post will be the first of 3 posts I will be making about Teplyashin’s Research over the next few weeks because the amount of information and depth of his work is quite extensive, and from a first reading of the research they actually did, it looks like they did succeed.

If it wasn’t for the Russian politicians and their refusal to push forth with biomedical innovation, we probably might already would have had a working clinic now in Moscow offering his stem cell height increasing services for people around the world.

Could it be here already? I think so. When I guessed it would take a minimum of 15 years in the future for all the technical details to be worked out, I might be wrong. Maybe the future is already here.

Why we should be thankful to live in this modern age of abundance and tolerance

As I was taking a shower today a strange thought struck me. I had the realization that my recent difficulty in finding a girlfriend (the old one broke up with me) is a very common condition for most men throughout human history.

People who studied the birth rates of the sexes have noticed that the birth ratio is not 1/1 but 105/100 boy/girl ratio on average for all countries and ethnic groups in the world. It seems that because of the violent instinctual tendencies within human kind, it was expected by nature (in her infinite wisdom) that around a certain small percentage of young males that are born are supposed to be killed off before they get a chance to mate with a human female.

Let’s think about how most “advanced” societies in our past work out. Throughout most of human history, a tribe or civilization would often for a time be ruled by a dystopic dictator who would control everything. These societies often led to the male dictator to develop a system where he hordes a group of women to be his sexual mates. He would have his servants who might go around his nation looking for and scouting for really young, attractive girls to join his “harem”. This example of hypergamous behavior is seen in the Islamic civilizations with the Sultans and the Caliphs. It was also seen in the Chinese Emperors and the Indian Maharajas. I remember reading this book years ago about how prevalent slavery has been throughout human history and read about how even 100 years ago, there was still a system of slavery in India. The landowners of a farm basically owned the farmers that tilled their fields. The young daughters of these slaver families would get systemically raped by the landowners and their sons and there would be nothing that can be done against them. This example shows that the landowners can act as mini-emperors of the piece of land that they own, which gets passed down from generation down to generation.

These dictators often made it their life’s goal to also always be at war or conflict with neighboring nations, although sometimes there would be a peace truce signed when it is obvious that both sides could not see a way to gain an overwhelming upper-hand in the conflict to tip the scale to their sides. War is a consistent element in human history. It often felt like there was always some battle or war that the young able bodied men in the society was forced into joining. Think Rome, Sparta, Persia, Greece. You read the history books on these societies and it seems like the overwhelming part of the textbooks on these societies is mainly for documenting dates and events of a battle or war. The ordinary, every day lives of Rome, Persia, and India are not recorded at all. We don’t remember the famous poets, astronomers, and engineers of these ancient civilizations but we do remember the conquerers, the rulers like Alexander the Great, Suleiman, Tamerlane, Cyrus the Great.

Nature in her infinite wisdom has a sort of hidden hand in getting the rulers of a nation to make sure that a certain percentage of young men, who technically is the abundance that nature has programmed into our genetic makeup will never mate or reproduce. They will be sent into the military at an early age of say 12 and then sent out to the front lines to go into battles. It is almost expected that these young boys who are just starting to go through puberty would have the excess testosterone will want to fight, rape, kill and they would actually desire to be in a warring state so that they can vent out their violent tendencies. Obviously a large group of these boys will die in battle. If the men in battle do win, they have satiated their battle blood lust, and maybe also be able to satiate their sexual lusts by “taking” the women of their opponent tribe. It is well established in almost all developed tribes throughout history that the army is almost only consist of just males and the females and the young children of the tribe are supposed to be left behind and spared if their tribe of men losses a confrontation. Only in very unique situations will the females of a tribe also take up arms and fight the incoming armies.

We live in the 21st century in a Western country where hypergamy is actually quelled down. This is a time of abundance, unlike centuries before. We are actually lucky. When I used to complain about my lack of dating success, I did not think in terms of the greater scale and see what is going on the more global scale. I was too focused on my own problems.

If we followed the natural law of our evolutionary design, a certain percentage of men would be systematically eliminated from the gene pool for each generation.

Let’s remember a recent article that was posted on that showed that basically of the European/White ethnic groups and people all seem to have come from 1 bronze age tribe leader. 99.999% of all the humans that could have ever existed in history did not.

Sometimes I read on the struggles and vents written on the online forums and discussion boards by short and socially awkward men on how difficult it is for them to find a girlfriend, wife, or get sex. I can now be comfortable in replying to their lamentations with the claim that if we were living even 500 years ago, they would probably have been killed off already because their conquest-lust kings and emperors would have sent them to the front line of war to fight for his glory and have gotten killed.

This concept that some men have developed in recent years called the “Red Pill” movement who talks about being “alpha” and how humans are evolutionarily programmed to be polygamous seemed that have missed the point. They got the overall idea right but took the wrong message from it.

Only the 1-10%, the top males of a society ever get the chance to be “alpha” or polygamous. Only the top 1-10% of men would attract more than his share of girls. The overwhelming percentage of men in any society will be bad with girls based on the fact that they were born into unlucky circumstances. If you are born to be short, ugly, or poor, you have very little chance of success. Only youth allows for the short, poor male to have a small sliver of opportunity to find a female to mate with. What I have noticed is that as females grow older, they start to put much more priority on the financial ability of a prospective male romantic partner as well as his genetic profile. Younger females have more leeway for men.

I remember reading when I was younger about the Dinka tribes of the Sudan. The Dinkas are well known to be particularly tall. When the first Europeans came and met the Dinka they noted quickly how all the men in the tribes were tall. However, they also noticed that the leaders of the tribes seemed to be taller than the average males of the tribes. This could be explained by the fact that the Dinkas subsist through raising Cattle. The cattle they have is what determines how rich they are. The tribal chiefs have the most cattle, and they drink the most milk from the cattle. In turn, not only do they become taller from their high consumption of oxen milk, they also have more “value” in the ideas of the women in that tribe. I am not sure whether these Dinka tribes are polygamous but I would not be surprised if they are, where the tribal leaders would have multiple wives. Since they have more wives, over time in each success generation, the average height of the tribe increases.

Hypergamy is indeed real, and it describes what happens for only a small percentage of men. At this point in my life, I can fully accept this idea that I am not in that small percentage of men who can have choice in finding a female mate in life to settle down with.

In the western countries currently, the society is based on a idea of tolerance and acceptance of people who would have been considered even 100 years ago to be “intrinsically” inferior. There would be a hug percentage of men who would never ever have a chance to have sex with a woman without paying for it.

That is why brothels and prostitutions have always existed. Prostitutes and escorts have a very important, critical job in each society. They are the ones that ultimately can control the urges of young restless men in their society. Any society that stigmatizes prostitution and makes it illegal is just going to make the overall society more unstable. If we look at older societies, the poorer couplings rarely ever had any formal wedding or ceremonies. Only the richer, more well off clans and families would have some type of large ceremony to celebrate the union of their families/clans. For the lower classes, they are left on their own and given no rules on how they get together.

This idea that there is a woman out there for each men is not true. It is mathematical fact that because of the 105/100 ratio and the recent peaceful era of human evolution which has not truncated the excess males in a society that at least 5% of the males of that society will never find a life partner to be with. They can still use their hard earned money to buy sex but the general society and the people in it will never accept the idea that it is okay for these “below-average” men should be married and fully accepted into society.

The poor young man who is short is expected to wait on his taller masters for his entire life and the best that he could hope for is to maybe catch the eye of the short girl female servant of the rich family and maybe couple with her and have children and hope of the best of the successive generation. The story of how Aladdin was able to catch the eye of the princess of the nation he lived in is based on fairy tale and myth, a one of a million occurrence. In fact, it required magic itself to give a poor humble street person like Aladdin to charm the princess. Women in a society rarely ever marry down, unless there is truly something very special about that particular man.

Let’s think about how during certain times of chaos and difficulty, the leaders of the society will try to promise their tribesmen that they will all get their share. When the Great Depression struck the USA after 1929, FDR came along and promised to the Americans that there will be a Chicken in each pot of every house. (Edit: turns out that particular quote was from FDR’s predecessor Herbert Hoover back in 1928. However the general idea is the same.) The USA was born out of certain ideals that are completely different from civilizations and tribes that have been around for much, much longer and suffered and grown cynical from the ravages of centuries of war with each other. If you talk to most people who come from a country in Asia or Africa, they would tell you that the ideals and values which the USA was born out of is “unrealistic”. Technically they are right. Equality is impossible. Some men will just get the short end of the stick.

For men who are born and grow up to be short, they are at a clear disadvantage. Height matters, and it matters big. We are actually not doing too bad. It could have been much worse for us. We might already be dead now and never even had a chance to kiss our first girl.

(Major Edit: The phenomena we currently see in China will only exacerbate the dating problem for young men of that country. The last we checked with the census bureau, the ratio for boy/girl was closer to 107/100, with that ratio being particularly bad in the rural areas. Decades of selective gender engineering and girl abortions will lead to a demographic problem that will not be fixed. Are chinese men getting desperate in their search for a girlfriend/wife? Do they ever blame their own parents or their cultures preference for sons for their dating woes? What can they do about this issue?

We need to remember this study performed a decade ago which showed that couple who are not well off in terms of resources would more likely have girls than boys. This seems to be again nature’s intelligence in realizing that females are much smarter, safer genetic investment than males during times of famine and difficulty. It makes me wonder about this: Since the entire world is becoming slowly more and more well off, does that mean that we are just going to naturally cause that boy/girl ratio to slide to become more scewed? Would that lead to more problems, or has the modern era of tolerance and abundance managed to quell the violent nature of humans enough?


Finger clamping update

So I’ve been hand clamping the proximal part of my finger and it looks like there may be some significant results.  I’d have to validate with x-rays.  Here’s the last finger clamping results.

So now I’m going to try a few things.  i’m going to clamp the proximal part of my finger once more.  And I’m going to start clamping my thumbs.  The left thumbs is a little bit longer than the right due to previous LSJL experimentation so I’m going to start clamping my right to see if I can get my right thumb equal and perhaps surpass my right.

I’ve also been hand clamping on my wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles.  There may be possible results or it could be mind trickery.  I’ll keep trying.  Hand clamping does seem to be working better than quick grip clamping possibly due to the fact it is more precise and you can feel the deformation of bone.

Below is comparison images of my right(hand clamped) versus left index finger.  They are aligned based on the middle lines of the finger due to the fact that it is much harder to align on the base of the finger.  Also is the before image of the thumbs.  I’ll start by clamping the medial joint of the right thumb.