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Applying The Pareto Principle And Maximizing The Effectiveness Of The Posts

Something I learned early on during my past few years going through the self help and personal development phase was this idea of the Pareto Principle aka the 80/20 Rule. This was a principle that would come up over and over again in any community I got into, and it has to do with trying to optimize one’s effectiveness using the right amount of leverage in the right areas using the least amount of energy and effort.

What I am talking about it this. There is now over 650 posts on this website/blog. From the statistic analysis programs that are used to track the traffic and visitors of the website I can see that in terms of the numbers, a small percentage of the writing posts get most of the visitors, as well as comments. This is why I have decided to rewrite, edit, improve, and add upon 20-300 of the top visited and commented posts on this website. Now that is only about 3-5% of all the posts but that is where most people who are searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines are getting to first when they arrive to the site and I do want to make the website an attractive place for visitors. First impressions do matter a tremendous amount, and this effort in making the most popular web posts even better will only help the website and the future readers later on.

For the current readers you will not be effected in any way since the changes are invisible for people who only read the most recent articles. I think this is a good investment of my time and a smart move to make the website better. So Work Smarter


Can Quercetin Really Help People Grow Taller And Increase Their Height After Reaching Adulthood?

That is a question I have wanted to answer ever since I read on Tyler’s blog that Quercetin can help increase height. After I put up the “Supplements Guide” section I got a comment where Tyler says that Lithium and Quercetin don’t act synergistically to help increase height since they seem to inhibit/ cancel out each other’s effects. Lithium seems to be for height increase for people before growth plate closure and quercetin is for people after growth plate closure. This is one of the only supplements that seems to have a chance of doing it so the research for this post much be as accurate and detailed as possible.

First, we see what good old Wikipedia has to say (source).

A few key points derived from Wikipedia…

It is “a flavonol, is a plant-derived flavonoid found in fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains. It also may be used as an ingredient in supplements, beverages or foods.” ( Flavoids are a class of plant organic compounds that are not directly involved in the normal growth, development, or reproduction of an organism)

It is a naturally-occurring polar auxin transport inhibitor. Polar auxin transport is the regulated transport of the plant hormone auxin in plants. It is an active process, the hormone is transported in cell-to-cell manner and one of the main features of the transport is its directionality (polarity). The polar auxin transport has coordinative function in plant development, the following spatial auxin distribution underpins most of plant growth responses to its environment and plant growth and developmental changes in general. Auxins are a class of plant hormones (or plant growth substances) with some morphogen-like characteristics. Auxins have a cardinal role in coordination of many growth and behavioral processes in the plant’s life cycle and are essential for plant body development. The (dynamic and environment responsive) pattern of auxin distribution within the plant is a key factor for plant growth, its reaction to its environment, and specifically for development of plant organs

Quercetin itself (aglycone quercetin), as opposed to quercetin glycosides, is not a normal dietary component.

Quercetin has neither been confirmed scientifically as a specific therapeutic for any condition nor been approved by any regulatory agency. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved any health claims for quercetin

Me: It seems that the rest of the Wikipedia article just report that Quercetain has been reputed to be able to help prevent or decreased risk of Cancer, inflammation, fibromyalgia and may also be antiviral. This news would suggest that it might even cause height inhibition. Most supplements and processes I’ve seen that can potentially help increase height also has been shown to possibly increase the risk of cancer because of its anabolic effects. So a quick look at wikipedia gives no indication that Quercetin has any chance of causing height increase.

So we must see what exactly would lead a researcher to claim this. Let’s see what HeightQuest has to about it. In a recent post entitled “Grow Taller With Sophorae Beans (Quercetin)” the idea is that quercetin has the ability to inhibit the beta-catenin. So far I have not been able to get to doing a full research on the Wnt/Beta-Catenin Pathway but let’s first assume that the pathway does cause the inhibition or the loss of ability for chondrogenesis (and possibly chondrocyte differentiation, chondrocyte proliferation, or chondrocyte hypertrophy in some way) If this compound which is sold as a supplement in most GNC stores can inhibit the pathway it should not be enough evidence that it would work in causing the chondrocytes to start being formed and differentiated. It would only stop any inhibition but sometimes an effect can be happening and there is already no or a limited amount of chondrogenesis to begin with. What you thought you stopped inhibiting was itself not inhibiting anything in the first place. Since this idea was for bones with no more growth plate ,we can assume that any bone marrow in the epiphysis where the load would be would probably not be creating much chondrocytes anyway. Who then can really say that it is the Wnt/Beta-Catenin pathway that is supressing chondrocytes from being spontaneously being formed at a dramatic rate if their effects on the inside of the epiphysis were inhibited in some way? Of course anything is possible and it has to be proven who really is right with some experimentation He states “Sophorae Beans, although this may be mostly due to Quercetin, increase TGF-Beta and IGF-1 levels.

From the University of Maryland Medical Center there is a page dedicated to Quercetin which seems to say many of the same things over like that it is an antioxidant and has possible anti-cancer forming properties. There is also a very small section in claiming it has anti-histamine properties, prevents the damage of bad cholesterol (LDL) , has beneficial effects on hypertension (high blood pressure), rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease due to how it removes the blocking of blood flow in veins (atherosclerosis). There is even a study that shows that this compound may be better than even reservatrol in helping in prevention of cancer occurence.

As for the sources which contain naturally found quercetin, you find…

Dietary Sources:

Fruits and vegetables — particularly citrus fruits, apples, onions, parsley, sage, tea, and red wine — are the primary dietary sources of quercetin. Olive oil, grapes, dark cherries, and dark berries — such as blueberries, blackberries, and bilberries — are also high in flavonoids, including quercetin.

Available Forms:

Quercetin supplements are available as pills or capsules. They are often packaged with bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple) because both are anti-inflammatories. Other flavonoid rich extracts include those from grape seed, bilberry, Ginkgo biloba, and green tea.

There are also water soluble forms of quercetin available, such as hesperidn-methyl-chalcone (HMC) or quercetin-chalcone.

From the section on cancer…

Scientists have long considered quercetin, and other flavonoids contained in fruits and vegetables important in cancer prevention. People who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to have lower risk of some types of cancer. And animal and test tube studies suggest that flavonoids do indeed have anti cancer properties.

As a last effort to see if there is any other connection to Quercetin supplementation and possible chondrogenesis, the only thing I found in search goes back to the article written on HeightQuest. The arguement was always that Quercetin as a flavanone has the ability to inhibit the Wnt/Beta-Catenin pathway which can lead to ectopic cartilage formation. Even he says that if the cartilage is formed in abnormal locations, they can aggregate together enough to form any type of micro growth plates. However, I do agree with Tyler on the idea of cycling supplements to get the sensitivity of the bone cells back if you plan to try using the LSJL method along with supplementation.

Since there is no connection between the ability of Quercetin to really cause chondrogenesis, I would say that Quercetin has no ability to lead to possible height increase after physical maturity. There are articles like “The antioxidants curcumin and quercetin inhibit inflammatory processes associated with arthritis.” which show that quercetin inhibits proliferation of cells who multiply due to inflammation. Other studies like “Quercetin attenuates warfarin-induced vascular calcification in vitro independently from Matrix Gla protein” shows that it has some cartilage to bone prevention abilities but nothing that says that it can actually cause or increase chondrocytes to form. Maybe during physically maturity, in its ability to act as an antioxidant and reduce inflammation, it can help prevent the stunting of growth from inflammation, but other than that, in my personal opinion from the research I’ve done, Quercetin would not be effective.

Further Analysis On The Mechanics And Implications Of The Lateral Synovial Joint Loading Device With Video

So over the last few months I have been subconsciously looking around the city to find any type of device that can operate on the same basic principle as the proposed Lateral Synovial Joint Loading device and the closest thing that seems to be these large massagers I’ve  found.

I got them uploaded to the Natural Height Growth Youtube Account (source) and I’ve embedded the video below. Like I said in the video, I’m having a little bit of trouble calculating what would be the proper Force and Frequency we should get on it because from only the few sources of devices out there, we might have to make compromises for frequency or loading.

The recommendation has been 5-15 Hertz which is actually 5-15 times the moving part of the device clamps down, retracts, and clamps down again.

Now below here is two videos from the Progressive Automations Youtube Account (source 1, source 2). You can see that with these large devices they are a lot slower, but have much larger force. The maximum force for at least this company based in Vancouver, CA is around 2000 lbs.

From the Progressive Automations website (source) . We have these types of specs….

Heavy-duty linear actuators are very powerful units with ability to push, pull and hold large amounts of force.  These actuators are ideal for use in industrial or commercial applications were large force and stability is required.  If you require this model to have a built-in potentiometer please call us to have it modified.  Heavy-duty actuators can be combined with PA-27 control boxes, rocker switches and mounting brackets.  The mounting brackets are specifically designed for our actuators and allow 180 degrees of rotation.  For more information on wiring the actuator to the rocker switch please view our wiring diagram.


  • Voltage: 12V dc Linear Actuator
  • Stroke Size: 2″
  • Load Capacity: 2000 lbs
  • Speed: 0.24”/sec (no load)
  • Type of duty: 20% 
  • Operational temp: -25ºC~+65ºC
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Certification: CE
  • Built-in limit switches, not adjustable.

Me: I would recommend the stroke size of 2″ to make the complete device more compact but still giving some room for the variation in limb width. All of these devices work on DC Power so there is a AC to DC power converter we can buy. However, I think we can solve the DC issue from the 2nd video where you just strip the wire and connect it to a Integrated circuit board and make the device possibly move faster than it was designed (if that is even possible). Ultimately the problem is the speed or frequency. That can be solved with those large massagers in my videos but they don’t have the type of loading power that these real Actuators have. 

In the 2nd video you can see that there is even control boxes you can buy which can simultaneously control the linear actuators but they are really slow in movement.


Natural Height Growth November 2012 – Monthly Website Traffic Data Report

Note: To see the report from last month, go to “Natural Height Growth October 2012 – Monthly Website Traffic Data Report.

The visitors in the month of November has also increased like every single month so far. Unlike the last two months, October and September, the traffic did not double but still increased by a dramatic rate. The month of November has 30 days and for me in Asia right now, the numbers above only take into account 1/3rd of the entire day. That means that by the end of the day, it would probably reach about 600 total visitors/day.

I did finally figure out how to configure the date range to give the total month instead of just the 28 days I did for previous months. One idea I have thought about doing for the end of the year is to do a yearly report in the month of december to show how the blog/website has been progressing and growing over the last 4 months or so.

As the numbers show, the average number of visitors to the website had been held steady around 400 total visitors/ day for a while, around 3 weeks. It reached almost to the 600 mark a few times. Only this last week has the traffic jumped up to 500/day , and then 2 days ago the traffic reached slightly over 700 total visitors/day. However the numbers really average out to be around 600 total visitors/day. This shows a 50% increase in visitor traffic from last month.

I guess what I would like to see is that by the end of the year, the total number of visitors to the website would surpass the 1000 total visitors/day mark. That will show that many people are coming back and revisiting the website. What is good news is that the bounce rate has dropped a little to just 24%. One thing that I have been very surprised in was that there is so little traffic coming from China. Then I realized that China has a firewall that blocks out many websites. I would assume that if China loosened its restrictions on the websites that can be shown in the country, the website would get more traffic from China. For most countries like India, Philippines, and other asian countries the bounce rate has almost always been lower than average. The surge to 700 visitors/ day I saw in the traffic yesterday was mostly from a Japanese website that has linked to the website. I really don’t know why or how they found out about this website.


Review On Maximize Your Height E-Product By Dr. Ben Kim

While I was scouring through Google again today looking at the connection between quercetin and possible height increase I came across this website that seemed to be offering another E-Product which is a book on how to grow taller.

From a just the first few glances, it looks far more credible than almost any other E-Book that I have found in a long time. The website is The E-Book he says he wrote up and is putting up for sale is “Maximize Your Height: Four Keys to Growing as Tall as Your Genetics Will Allow“. Here is the issue with a curt retort that this guy is another scam artist trying to take your money.

  • He seems to have some real credentials witha doctorate degree in Chiropractor.
  • He claims that the book is written for parents who want to help their kids who are still growing to maximize their growing potential.
  • His website seems to be a real authoritative website for Natural Health Medicine. From a quick look there seems to be almost 30,000 people who like Dr. Kim’s website and Facebook profile!
  • He has his own podcast and seems to really know what he is talking about.

The book is sold for around $20. Apparently there seems to be an entire natural medicine and supplement online store on his website selling stuff like Quercetin. There is a specific checkout and payment software that is integrated into the website and the website is not the usual WordPress based platform website but made using the computer language Drupal, which I have only a little bit of understanding on. While This Dr. Kim calls himself a doctor, we do note that he has a doctorate in chiropractic which many MDs in the established medical community might say is not a real Doctor. However I don’t want to try to argue whether this Dr. Kim is a “real doctor” or not.

Conclusion: This E-Book would go on the list of books which I have already looked at which has nothing new to deliver. From Amazon we already have maybe 3-4 books already out by Pediatricians and General Physicians which wrote a relatively thick guide on how to maximize the height of one’s child. The four keys are always proper nutrition, exercises through stretching, sleeping, and probably supplement taking. It is probably not a scam, but for the purposes of our website and what we are trying to do, it is not very helpful. However I will be putting this book in the product and books listing place to let parents of children know that there is a resource for them if they are just starting out understanding Auxology.

From the website there is a short biography on his education and credentials.


Dr. Kim studied at the University of Toronto before going on to earn his doctor of chiropractic degree from National University of Sciences in 1997.  He graduated summa cum laude, and went on to join multi-disciplinary clinics in Alaska, California, and Ontario.  Today, he lives and works in Ontario, Canada with his wife and two children, and is the editor of, a natural health website devoted to sharing principles of self care.”

On the Product Webpage….

Maximize Your Height: Four Keys to Growing as Tall as Your Genetics Will Allow

Posted By Dr. Ben Kim

In the summer of 2004, a guest of our clinic asked me what he could do to maximize his height using natural methods. At that time, he was still in his early 20s and aspired to play professional baseball.

What began as a casual conversation about the physiology of bone growth led to me writing an article on this topic, which I ended up publishing on our web site.

Since publishing that original article, I have worked with a handful of parents who have sought comprehensive guidance on this topic for their children; all of them were interested in doing everything that they could to help their children grow as tall as possible for various athletic activities.

After spending more than two years polishing up my guidelines on how to maximize one’s height via specific exercises, stretches, and food choices, I have put these guidelines together in the form of a practical special report. It’s called:

Maximize Your Height – Four Keys to Growing as Tall as Your Genetics Will Allow

This 98-page special report provides concise instructions on what children and young adults (up to early to mid 20’s) can do on a daily basis to grow as tall as possible. The instructions in this special report are based on basic physiological principles, and require no special tools or procedures to help a child or young adult maximize his or her height. This special report includes:

  1. A concise outline of the four keys to growing as tall as your genetics will allow.
  2. A comprehensive list of the most important nutrients that are needed for optimal bone growth.
  3. A comprehensive list of healthy foods that are naturally rich in the nutrients that are most needed for bone growth.
  4. Sample meals that provide a balanced approach to obtaining the nutrients needed for maximal bone growth.
  5. Specific instructions on stretches and exercises that are essential to supporting optimal bone growth.

This special report comes with a bonus recipe section that contains dozens of healthy recipes from Your Best Weight.

Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Hyaluronic Acid

One of the more interesting supplements and idea that I’ve found from Tyler’s website is over the suggestion that one can possibly use hyaluronic acid as a supplement one can take orally to help lead to height increase during adulthood. When a person makes a claim this large, it must be thoroughly looked into. I respect Tyler’s research and intellect but one should still do some individual research to gain some opinion and perspective.

Let’s see what we can find on hyaluronic acid. First, from one of the most trusted medical database on the internet WebMD. com over the overview information, we find out that hyaluronic acid acts as a sort of very benign, natural, low toxicity, fluid which many doctors use for injection into eyes, joints, and other sensitive areas. It acts as a sort of lubricant and cushion for other tissue.

You can apply the hyaluronic acid on your face to possible make the skin younger and smoother. Some people call it the “Fountain of Youth” of its properties. It is used as a treatment for osteoarthritis. It seems to be taken from rooster combs.

From the tab for “Uses & Effectiveness”…

Likely Effective for:

  • Sores in the mouth, when applied to the skin as a gel.
  • Eye surgery and corneal transplant, when injected by an eye surgeon.

Possibly Effective for:

  • Osteoarthritis, when injected into the joint by a healthcare provider. Despite being approved by the FDA for treatment of osteoarthritis by injection, results vary. Some people report a moderate improvement in joint stiffness and pain decrease with hyaluronic acid treatment, but this is not always the case. Whether hyaluronic acid might delay or lessen progressive joint damage with long-term use is unknown.

Insufficient Evidence for:

  • Healing skin wounds and burns.
  • Detached retina and other eye injuries.
  • Preventing the effects of aging.

There is also a section for reviews on either taking the supplement orally or getting it injected into one’s joints like knees. Some say it was effective while others say it is not. It is noted that it seems to act as a glucosamine alternative. From its function and what types of illness it treats, it does have similar effects as the glucosamine.

From the Wikipedia article on Hyularonan (aka Hyaluronic Acid)is an anionic, nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective,epithelial, and neural tissues. It is unique among glycosaminoglycans in that it is nonsulfated, forms in the plasma membrane instead of the Golgi, and can be very large, with its molecular weight often reaching the millions.[2] One of the chief components of the extracellular matrix, hyaluronan contributes significantly to cell proliferation and migration, and may also be involved in the progression of some malignant tumors.

Me: I would say that from a first look there is a lot of potential for the supplement. We remember from previous posts that one of the two main components in the matrix of cartilage is preoteoglycans which are just core proteins with different types of glycosaminoglycan attached. In the extra-cellular matrix fluid between cells there really is two main types of compounds, the proteoglycans and the non-proteoglycan stuff. With proteoglycans we have compounds we’ve already looked at before like Chondoitin Sulfate, Heparan Sulfate, and Keratan Sulfate. With the Non-proteoglycans, we have just the glycosaminoglycans without the core proteins like the Hyaluronic acid. The rest of the compondsa are like Collagen and Elastin.

From just a laymen’s point of view of a quick analysis we could see how the idea of hyaluronic acid could work. Since Hyaluronic acid is one of the only glycoasminoglycan which is not attached to anything, and has a charge it can possible readily form with proteins to create proteoglycan. If there is more proteoglycans, it can possibly lead to thicker, healthier cartilage like the articular leading to slight height increase in terms of milimeters.

The part from the wikipedia article which says that “it may be involved in the progression of some malignant tumors” suggest that it can cause cell proliferation at a very higher rate if something happens and we have already see the strong correlation between cancer occurence and being taller.

From the same article in Wikipedia…

Extracellular matrix cells have been found to cause regrowth and healing of tissue. In human fetuses, for example, the extracellular matrix works with stem cells to grow and regrow all parts of the human body, and fetuses can regrow anything that gets damaged in the womb. Scientists have long believed that the matrix stops functioning after full development. It has been used in the past to help horses heal torn ligaments, but it is being researched further as a device for tissue regeneration in humans.[citation needed]

In terms of injury repair and tissue engineering, the extracellular matrix serves two main purposes. First, it prevents the immune system from triggering from the injury and responding with inflammation and scar tissue. Next, it facilitates the surrounding cells to repair the tissue instead of forming scar tissue.[citation needed]

Extracellular matrix proteins are commonly used in cell culture systems to maintain stem and precursor cells in an undifferentiated state during cell culture and function to induce differentiation of epithelial, endothelial and smooth muscle cells in vitro. Extracellular matrix proteins can also be used to support 3D cell culture in vitro for modelling tumor development.[15

Me: We note that the extra-cellular matrix seems to have tissue healing and regenerating properties. We have seen in many places the supplement Chondroitin being sold as a joint pain reducer and have seen the heparan and Keratan also being used. These both faciiliate and assist tissue repair and formation, as well as even differentiation. We also note that for most supplement stores, the glucosamine is almost always combined with chondroitin as a way to help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis as well as articular cartilage thickness decreasing. I wrote a past post where we looked a the possibility of taking Glucosamine Sulphate to increase height for adults and we do see one video where a professional body builder/ model claims he grew over 1 inch in height from taking glucosamine sulphate supplements mainly to help his knee joint pain.

Something to remember is that chondoitin sulphate is a sulphated type of glycosaminoglycan while hyaluronic acid is a non-sulphated type of glycosaminoglycan.

We know that chondroitin sulphate is one of the compounds which helps the compression strength of the cartilage. This means that taking chondroitin can help a person prevent some height lose due to the articular cartilage at the ends of long bones lossing their ability and strength to take a compression load. We also know that hyaluronic acid is a major component found in synovial joints. Assuming that the two types of glycosaminoglycan has similar effects, then hyaluronic acid can both help increase the volume of fluid in the synovial joints and also lead to articular cartilage thickening. This means that the overal human height does have a slight chance to increase in height by maybe 1-3 mms.

Further research on Hyaluronic Acid only gets to HeightQuest articles. The articles are entitled “Does Hyaluronic Acid Supplementation work to gain height?” and “Height Gaining with Hyaluronic Acid” and “How to Grow Taller if your Growth Plates are still open“. I haven’t read the articles except skim over them but Tyler’s point for the hyaluronic acid is that they cause chondrogentic differentiation of the MSCs and also chondrocyte proliferation.

{Tyler-Here’s a study that may illuminate hylauronic acid’s possible height increase potential:

Increased cartilage volume after injection of hyaluronic acid in osteoarthritis knee patients who underwent high tibial osteotomy.

“High tibial osteotomy (HTO) is a surgical procedure used to correct abnormal mechanical loading of the knee joint; additionally, intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections have been shown to restore the viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid and balance abnormal biochemical processes. It was hypothesized that combining HTO with intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections would have benefit to improve the cartilage volume of knee joints.
Forty patients with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis (OA) were randomly placed into 1 of 2 groups. The study group (n = 20) received 2 cycles (at 6-month intervals) of 5 weekly intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections after HTO operation. The control group (n = 20) did not receive any intra-articular injections after HTO surgery. Cartilage volume (primary outcome) was assessed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) pre-operatively and 1 year post-operatively. Treatment efficacy (secondary outcomes) was evaluated with the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities OA Index (WOMAC) and by the comparison of the total rescue medication (paracetamol/diclofenac) used (weeks 6, 12, 24, 48).
MRI studies showed a significant increase in total cartilage volume (p = 0.033), lateral femoral cartilage volume (p = 0.044) and lateral tibial cartilage volume (p = 0.027) in the study group. Cartilage volume loss was detected at the lateral tibial plateau in the control group. There were significant improvements after surgery in both groups for all subscales of WOMAC scores (p < 0.001) compared to the baseline. However, no difference was found between the two groups. The study group had significantly lower amounts of diclofenac consumption (p = 0.017).
Based on the findings of the present study, intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections may be beneficial for increasing total cartilage volume and preventing the loss of lateral tibiofemoral joint cartilage after HTO.”

Although this study targets people with subnormal cartilage volume in the the knee joint so there’s no guarantee that it will work on people already with normal cartilage levels but increasing cartilage volume could potentially increase height.