Great News For Stem Cell Method For Height Increase! :)

I had just posted an article telling you guys that a group of surgeons that used a revolutionary new way to graft new bone to a woman’s leg and also lenghtne her legs by injecting stem cells. Well someone from the Make Me Taller boards have gotten in contact with the the head of Beauty Plaza clinic situated in Moskow.

You can find the board discussion HERE.

From what I see on the boards and the people who have contacted the researchers at the Russian Institute, the stem cell method for limb lengthening will be available very soon. Apparently Ekaterina Kulneva (the assistant) answered for Alexander Teplyashin that the height increase method /therapy will be available by next year, 2013. Alexander teplyashin  has a patent for height increase with artificial stem cells implant already. Of course like all breakthrough new scientific developments, there has been little literature or evidence backing up their claims. The only thing one can do is either choose to volunteer themselves to be one of their first patients (or guinea pigs) and try out their treatment yourself or wait a few years to see what happens. No pricing is available at this time.

A board member stated that ” I think that this stem cells will be injected on bone and you will be able to walk during the process( mean grow)” and they claim that 2.5 cms can be gained in 1 month through this type of treatment.”

Another board member who emailed the people states that “First of all, the method is not a clinical procedure at the moment. People say it will be in a year, but in my e-mail they haven’t told anything about that. Second, they are talking about an: “bone tissue biological graft based on human stem cell’s”. This bone graft will be implied in an bone defect that will activate tissue regeneration. In preclinical results the total regeneration was 2,5cm. Total regeneration was found in three months after operation. It is expected to increase human bones with 8-10cm. The advantages of this method ( as they claim ) are short term of the gap regeneration and the lack of strict physical activity restriction during recovery period.”

this is the maill adress of Ekaterina Kulneva:

and this is this is the website

This method does appear to be a truly legitimate way to increase one’s height as a complete alternative to the traditional approach of limb lenghtening through the Ilizarov method. The maximum height increase available at this time is 8 cm (3 inches). From the discussion, that means that one gets 4 cm for each limb part, femur and tibia. This however still depends a lot on the stretching ability of the muscles and skin around the bone.



10 thoughts on “Great News For Stem Cell Method For Height Increase! :)

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  2. tiffany

    Hi! I am curious do you have any idea how much does it cost to have a stem cell therapy for increasing height?? I am soooo desperate to increase my height and i know, stem cell therapies are expensive!

  3. heightseeker

    this is awesome, hopefully it isnt overly expensive, it seems like the procedure is pretty simple, at least in comparison to the Ilizarov method where they put a bar into the bone.

    the sooner it becomes available the better 🙂

  4. Kashish

    I am searching about height growth treatment except limb lenghtening for 2-3 years and I didnt get the alternate method. I am very depressive about my height and I have leaved all my work due to depression of my height. I can’t live with my short height as it will not allow to acheive my goals of my life. I dont have guts to do suicide and because of this all my family is disturbed from me as I have leaved everything due to depression of height. Please help me I can give any cost for height increase and I can also go for any experiment. If someone get some information please tell me.
    My details
    Fb and gmail
    Mobile Number: 9717377182

  5. Raven

    Dude me the same here. I am also searching about a heigth growth treatment other than leg lengthening. And I am also very depressive about my short heigth. And yes I also go far for any experiment. If someone get me some information please tell me also. My e-mail address is:


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