A Surgical Method To Increase Height Using the Articular Cartilage Bone Growth Theory

If you had read the previous post about my theory on why pituitary giants can still grow after their growth plates fused, you should have also read the ending where I claim that we as normal people without pituitary gland problems can also grow just like them, if we can do 2 things

1. Increase the level of growth hormone in our bodies.

2. Make sure the cartilage in our body right now is strong, thick, and healthy. (Taking certain multivitamins can help with this).

However, on the same walk where I had the rather crazy insight that our adult growth can be stimulated by the cartilage at the end of our long bones, I also thought of a truly amazing idea on how to surgically increase a persons’s height using that idea.

The concept really is a biomedical and/or biomechanics idea that I just thought up while walking around (I think I should just state that if you want great ideas to come to you, just start taking long walks around your neighborhood and talk to yourself alone).

My Method

This is the technique or surgical method we can do to increase out height. It has to be combined with the idea the that the other cartilage can be used to grow.

We first look at a picture of the lower distal end of the femur. What my idea is to drill holes into the distal end of the femur and replace the holes with stem cell grown cartilage.

The idea is to connect the cartilage implants with the end articular cartilage. The cartilage implants with be cylindrical and the out edges will be in a screw formation. so something that looks like a thick piece of plastic screw.

There will be 6 cartilage pieces that are cylindrical in shape implanted at a 45% angle into the lower distal end of the femur. We have to make sure that the implanted cartilage is willing to be accepted by the patients body. The idea is to never touch the middle bone part with all the marrow because we don’t want to mess with it.

The screws are supposed to be able to touch just barely the articular cartilage ends which will mean that as time goes on and the cartilage starts ossifying, we can theoretically use humatrope and other growth hormones to stimulate the cartilage to expand. the expansion of the 6 screws implanted in a inward radial direction of the end of the femur at a 45% angle should allow the cartilage to push against the effect of gravity and expand to turn the bones longer. We can even do daily injections of genotropin or humatrope into the implanted cartilages to add even further chondrocyte division and limb length growth.

I am guessing the method can allow for 1-2 extra inches in growth. After say 1-2 years after the cartilage closes again, we can re drill on the same lower femur at the other 6 points on the outer edge of the lower distal end another 6 cartilages to add another 1-2 inches.

What I have not figure out currently is what the shaped of the drill and cartilage implants should be. My first guess is a screw like form, but that may make the increase in height not feasible. so it may be another idea, like a curved cylindrical device in a 6 helical formation. The reason the cartilage can push against gravity is that fact that the implanted 6 caritilages are supposed to go all the way through the bone to touch the other cartilage thus forming an continuous cartilage structure just like picture #2 above.

I know what I just said is a little hard to picture in your brain. It is hard for me to explain even though I thought up this idea. Just imagine a lower curved lens as the cartilage at the end of the femur. There is a 6 part helical formation that comes out of the lens.

2 thoughts on “A Surgical Method To Increase Height Using the Articular Cartilage Bone Growth Theory

  1. Thomas

    I have heard something similar to this recently. In China or Japan, scientists are researching ways to create artificial growth plates with this same similiar idea..

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