Height Increase Is My Passion

I wanted to admit a weird trait about myself. I enjoy learning about height, and how to increase my height. It is a strange obsession but that is what I am crazy about. It’s not that I am that short. I range from 5′ 11.25″ -6′ 0″ throughout the day. I live in the US where the average height is around 5′ 11″-6′ 0″. I am pretty much exactly in the middle range of hight. I am not too tall that I have trouble getting around places or fitting inside cars in life. I am not too short that I have to get a step ladder everytime I need to reach the uppermost shelf. I am a guy and no female has ever rejected me over my lack of size, (only on my career prospects and lack of personality).

I used to be crazy about myself and really wanted to grow taller, although now I know I am tall enough for all practical applications. For me, I have come into terms with my size and my body, at least most of it. If I could change my height, I would like to be 6’5-6’6″. That for me would be like the perfect size.

However, even though I can accept my height right now and would be okay living in this body for the rest of my life, I have also known too many people who were unhappy with their height in life. 1 younger sister, 2 ex girlfriends, 2 female cousins, 3 female friends, my own father, and 2 guy friends have all stated they had desired at some point to be taller than they are and had actively searched for an answer to their size issue. This had partly caused this project to be done for others, to give others a sense of hope and possibility.

However, when it comes down to it, learning and researching about height and height increase is my passion. I have secretly desired to go back to graduate school and learn about genetics so that I could be part of a group of scientists and researchers to search for a real solution. I don’t even care if I do find the solution and can’t use it for me. I just see this problem as the perfect and most interesting problem I can tackle alone or with a team.

Other people have also taken on just as good, or even better projects. There are people out their trying to protect and save endangered species from extinction. There are people out there who are lobbying in the government to save the rainforest and protect their own locale. There are people trying to create a renewable clean energy source. There are people out there who are trying to build devices and systems to filter and purify dirty water supplies and provide the human world with clean water to drink. ¬†And there are people out there doing research on Multiple Sclerosis, Cancel, AIDS, ALS, and Parkinson’s trying to cure the diseases and pathologies that inflict us as a human species.

However, for myself, trying to find a solution to increase our height and renew our body to grow again after we have passed puberty and reached sexual maturity is my goals. Looking for a way to increase height is my passion.

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