Mind Hack I: Develop Deep Rapport And Make People Like You Using Soul Gazing Or Eye Gazing

Years ago I was involved in a group of guys who wanted to learn how to get better with meeting and dating women. It was another underground group which was a movement, called the “pick-up community”. I have moved on from that phase but the stuff I learned from that phase in my life are some the best advice and information that you can ever find.

One of the most powerful techniques an method I have ever learned or use is called the “Soul Gazing” technique. The original practice was either created by Indian Yogis who practiced the Tantric branch of Yoga, trying to reach enlightenment, or it was from a Shamanic tradition. I am not sure about that part. However, I wanted to bring to you a technique on how to build an immense amount of rapport and intimacy with anyone you want if you go through with this technique.

I found the more advance, more complete and extended version from this link HERE.

Purpose of the Ritual

The Soul Gazing ritual in Tantra is a method of communicating with your lover that is completely nonverbal. As such, it may open new doors to intimacy in your relationship that were previously unexplored. Use this ritual to communicate on a deeper level with your partner, and to awaken new lines of exchange. Soul Gazing harmonizes the energy of both partners, creating an open heart space where deeper intimacy may be achieved.

Soul Gazing can be difficult for some, because we are usually shy about looking directly into another person’s eyes for any length of time. We usually exchange a glance for only a few moments, and then look away. When another person looks at us intently for any period of time, it may feel like an intrusion, and we may label it a “stare” rather than a friendly “gaze.” The eyes are often called “the windows of the soul.” Through the eyes you can see a person’s hidden secrets—hidden emotions like anger, sadness, fear, shyness or impatience. In this ritual, you may feel uncomfortable, confronted, exposed and even afraid. Resist the urge to look away when confronted with these thoughts and emotions. Observe these thoughts and emotions if they arise. Feel your feelings during the ritual. Allow them to pass, as they certainly will, until they give way to an inner peacefulness and calm.

Preparing the Ritual

Create a Sacred Space

Prepare a space for the ritual. This is one of the keys of Tantra. Before any Tantric ritual, always prepare a space that will enhance and expand the ritual.

Your space should be clean and tidy. Remove any objects that are not in there proper place, and put them away. Pick up any trash. Vacuum the carpet. Put the laundry into the laundry room. Clear your space.

Adorn your space with objects and art that hold a sacred meaning for you and your lover. These may anything from flowers to pictures of your children and family, or even personal mementos you purchased on a romantic getaway. Place these objects of personal significance around your sacred space.

Supply some form of natural lighting. Candles are a favorite of many couples, as is a fireplace. You might also consider oil lamps, or simply draping a decorative silk scarf over a lampshade.

Sound is an important element in creating a sacred space. Soft and romantic music can be uplifting. A small fountain may supply the gentle sound of bubbling water. Wind chimes hanging next to an open window can provide a delicate sound.

Scent can be equally moving. Incense and oils can create a subtle scent for your sacred space. Many aromatherapy stores have oils in spray mist bottles. A few sprays of fine mist can add a beautiful scent to your atmosphere. Favorite erotic scents include mint, eucalyptus, lemon, ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla.

Make your sacred space comfortable. If the floor is uncomfortable, put down a rug or carpet. Place pillows of various shapes and sizes around your sacred space. Make certain the room temperature is neither too hot nor too cold.

Relax Beforehand

Do not rush into the Soul Gazing ritual. Take time beforehand to unwind from your day. Relax with a warm drink or a good book. Take the time to let the emotions, thoughts and actions of the day melt away before diving in.

The Soul Gazing Ritual

With your partner, take a minute to stretch and relax your bodies. Especially focus on your spine, neck and head. Contract and relax the muscles around these areas. Wiggle your jaw back and forth and side to side. Allow the muscles to become fully relaxed and fluid. Before you sit, say the sacred greeting “namaste,” which is Sanskrit for “the divine within me honors the divine within you.”

Sit down with your partner, either on the floor or on the bed. Sit facing each other, either kneeling or cross-legged. If you are sitting cross-legged, place a thick pillow under yourself to support your spine. You may also wish to sit in chairs facing each other.

Touch each other lightly in a way that is pleasing to both of you. You may want to hold hands, or simply allow your hand to rest on your partner’s knee.

Close your eyes, and begin to focus on your breathing. Allow yourself to breathe deeply, with a long inhale and a long exhale. Look within yourself. Feel your feelings and listen to your thoughts. Notice any physical tension or feelings you may have. Experience each of these in their fullness. Acknowledge and accept each of these, but do not be distracted from your breath. Continue to breathe deeply.

When you feel these thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations begin to ebb, send a signal to your partner. Keep your eyes closed, but lightly squeeze your partner’s hand, or brush her shoulder to let her know that you have reached a place of stillness and are ready to begin the Soul Gazing. Wait for her response to your signal. She should respond in a similar manner. When she does, open your eyes slowly.

Open your eyes slowly, and allow them to focus on your partner. Look into the left eye of your partner. In Eastern tradition, the left eye is considered the feminine or receptive eye. Gazing into the left eye allows each partner to let the energy in, and to be in a receptive mode.

Direct your complete attention to your gaze. Allow all distractions to melt away. Continue to breathe deeply. Be drawn into the present moment, where all thoughts of past and future melt away. See how it feels to be intimately connected with another while staying aware of your breathing, and centered in yourself. Let your eyes truly be the windows of your soul.

The stillness of your gaze will gradually quiet your mind. In this quiet moment of stillness, you cease to identify with your body, mind, thoughts and become aware of the observing, centered self that quietly, dispassionately watches all you do.

Here, beyond the concerns of your ego, you may also witness your partner beyond the concerns of her ego. For the man, see in the eyes of your partner the universal female. See in her the manifestation of the divine feminine goddess on earth. For the woman, see in the eyes of your partner the universal male. See in him the manifestation of the divine masculine god on earth.

Notice the rhythm of your breath and that of your partner. Begin to synchronize your breathing until you are inhaling and exhaling together. Let your breath be subtle, but charged with the energy of your life force, and the energy of this moment of intimacy.

Continue the Soul Gazing ritual for five minutes or so. When the time has expired, again say “namaste” to your partner. Enjoy the feeling of honoring your partner, and the intimacy you have just shared. Each time you do this ritual, gradually increase the time you spend on it. Start with 5 minutes, and work your way up to 20 minutes or more. The longer you go, the more deep and intimate the experience becomes, and the more is revealed.

Me: Here is a shorter version of the technique but with the same basic steps, which involve breathing, reaching resonance with the other person, hand touching, and gazing through into each other’s left eye. 

Soul Gazing  (Source 2)

Our deepest being is always here.  When we make contact with this place, we release separation.  The following simple exercise, which can be practiced with a love partner or a special friend, can help you directly experience this reality:

Sit facing you partner, lightly holding hands, and close your eyes.  Feel your breath moving in your body, and allow your body to elax and soften.

After about 2 minutes, when you feel connected with yourself, open your eyes with soft gaze, and receive your partner’s eyes (or wait for them to open their eyes, whilst lightly resting your attention on their face, receiving them in this way).   Allow all thoughts and feelings to be present, whilst lightly bringing your attention back to the eye contact.

Close your eyes for another 2 minutes, again breathe and feel, then open them again, and this time as you open your eyes, open yourself to the human being in front of you.  As you witness their expressions and feelings, character and presence, ask yourself, ‘could he / she be a mirror of myself?’  Open to noticing how whatever you perceive in them is also in you.

Close your eyes one more time, for 2 minutes, and when you open them again, open to receiving the Essence of your partner, their spirit, soul or beingness.  Don’t look for anything, just let go of all classifications and judgements as they come up, and receive your partner with the deepest, wisest part in you.  In this way, your essential beingness, oneness, may reveal itself to you, as in the poetic description of Namaste:  “I honour the place inside you where the whole Universe resides.  When I am in that place in me, and you are in that place in you, there is just one of us.”

In the words of Cinzia, who experienced this meditation with her husband in a Diamond Light Tantra Introductory Evening:

Having the chance to spend some special time with my partner, in this way, was a real treat, it was like seeing each other after a long time.

Just being there, looking into each other eyes, slowly and gently sharing love was a nourishing experience, a reminder of what makes us bond and why we are happy to be together.

Since then we’ve been trying to spend special time where we do something slower, quieter, just BE together with no plans.

From Source 3

There are many variations to this bit. This is an extremely powerful routine that incorporates eye contact, kino and deep rapport building. Use this with caution, it is very powerful.

You: We’re going to try something. I just learned this, some say it’s extremely powerful but I just learned it so we’ll give it our best. Native Americans used to believe that the left eye was the window to the soul. Here, give me your hands. Her (she takes your hands down low) You Ok, while looking directly into my left eye we are first going to sync our breathing. So breath in (Take a moment to do this.). Breathe out. Ok, so still looking into my left eye focus on your periphery. (Take a moment to let her do this). Ok now, I want you to picture a spot about a foot behind my head (Let her do this)Ok so you are focusing on your periphery, that spot, and looking into my eye. So you have all these things to focus on. But in looking into my eye you might start to see an older… yet still beautiful me. You also might see my power animal, like a totem. I know it sounds weird but many people have had powerful experiences doing this. Be slow and confident during this whole delivery, give her a moment to let her do this. Gauge her response for how long to draw this out, or cut it short. If you are repeatedly having problems, assess your delivery. [/quote]

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