Height Increase – Do You Realize How Close We Are?

This article was sort of in the middle of nowhere and when I found it, I thought it was written by Tyler.  However, Tyler did comment to it. I wanted to continue this discussion further to get some more thought going on this topic.

Of all the articles written about height increase, this article was one of the most advanced and scientifically valid I have seen.

The areticle is found HERE.

Height Increase-Do you realize how close we are?

PLEASE NOTE: The validity of this article has been questioned. We do not have the resources to verify its claims, so please read the article with this in mind. We do not endorse or promote the views expressed by this guest post writer.

It’s frustrating that we are so close to finding a way for people to increase height, but we’re held up because scientists have to get funding and they’re not doing the right studies. Do you realize that their are no studies on height increase with mesenchymal stem cells? I mean come on harvest some red bone marrow from the trabecular bone and inject it into the hyaline cartilage growth plate line. Do you realize that hyaline cartilage composes the resting zone of the growth plate and since it has already excreted extracellular matrix, it does not undergo apoptosis like the rest of the chondrocytes in the growth plate?

Mesenchymal stem cells by definition are capable of inducing chondrogenesis. Scientists have found that a stem cell-like cancer cell was able to re-create a growth plate in hyaline cartilage. We are so close and yet we have to wait for the scientific method to go through it’s big, ugly steps.

Do you realize also that dynamic compressive loading of chondrocytes has been shown to alter gene expression in the cartilage? What would happen if this gene expression induced chondrogenesis in the hyaline cartilage in the growth plate line? Hmm, height increase by mechanotransduction.

It is so frustrating to see people get caught up in trying to grow taller with HGH or IGF-1 when their are so many other answers available. If IGF-1 works then it works by increasing Mesenchymal Stem Cell proliferation and Lithium also increases mesenchymal stem cell proliferation but it has the advantage of being legal (Me: I don’t believe this part is true. I needed Lithium once and I had to go to a doctor for this). The reason that gigantism works the way it does is by an alteration in the bodies homeostasis. It’s not just increased levels of HGH, the tumor in the pituitary gland(or whatever it is that alters the bodies homeostasis) works by altering the bodies negative feedback mechanisms to high levels of HGH. Robert Wadlow never stopped growing. You know why? Because his elevated levels of IGF-1 increased stem cell proliferation to the point where it never stopped.

The growth plates do not fuse. The hyaline cartilage is still there, it just becomes inactive. – (Me: This is the part which is controversial)

We are so close to finding a way to increase height but we’re too caught up on HGH and not caught up enough on mutagenics and stem cells. Do your part to help change that.

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There are no studies on height increase with mesenchymal stem cell because it is not worth considering. You can’t increase height with mesenchymal stem cell after puberty or prepuberty.

Even though there’s a little interrelationship between mesenchymal stem cell and epiphyseal plates, that doesn’t mean you can increase height with mesenchymal stem cell.

You need to do some more research.

Tyler Davis

There are some inaccuracies in this article that I the author want to correct:

The hyaline cartilage does disappear after endochondral ossification but as a separate process then chondrocytes differentiating into bone cells. However, stem cells don’t need hyaline cartilage to differentiate into chondrocytes.

Also, Lithium Supplementation is not legal without a prescription. However, having the Lithium ion in your body is legal.

If you have information about why mesenchymal stem cells can’t cause height growth I would like to hear them.


Me: I have looked at the same research and it appears the growth plate line does completely disappear over time. Stem cells have shown to be able to differentiate. Even though much of the original writer’s points are flawed, I think he/she does raise a really good point. I do believe also that we have the science and theory down well enough to develop some form of surgical process that allows us to implant a growth plate/stem cells/ hyaline cartilage  implant and make it work.

For anyone who is willing to separate their legs just temporarily, we can add a 3-4 mm thick plate with the right layers inside and allow endochondral ossification to do the rest of the work. All that is needed is to be able to inject stem cells into the plate or get the stem cells inside the bone to differentiate into the right types of chondrocytes. 

If anyone can show me why that can’t work, they have to go into some deep explanation since everything I have learned and read so far shows that it is already possible to get people to increase in height through stem cell implantations.

3 thoughts on “Height Increase – Do You Realize How Close We Are?

  1. Jimmy

    Which type of lithium is most beneficial towards height growth? From what I have read there are four types: lithium carbonate, lithium citrate, lithium sulfate, and lithium orotate.

  2. tim

    I do realize how close we are…
    Its a bit annoying, because I know that there is a conclusion for this, we just don’t know it…I’m sure that it will turn out once that its not as difficoult as it seems

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