What Is The Best Exercise For Height Increase And To Grow Taller?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions for people who want to exercise to increase their height in a more natural way. So…”what is the best exercise for height increase and to grow taller?

Answer: Stretching and Yoga, which I wanted to include the two as one main thing. In the physical aspect of yoga, you are expected to position your body in postures known as asanas so you can manipulate the body to give it the amount of flexibility, durability, and strength to handle the very intense meditative practices of the mind. The original purpose of yoga was always to rediscover the union with “god” again as stated in the ancient vedas and yogis of India. There are dozens if not hundreds of yogic branches and teachings with many qualified teachers. While some yogas like jhana and raja are more about the mind and mind exercises, many other type sof yogas expect the practitioner to push their bodies to their limits. This means a lot of contortioning and stretching of the body’s limbs and joints to become more nimble. The stretching thus leads to more flexibility. The joints are often stretched out more from tensile pulling.

Over time, the stretching causes the body to be more relaxed and the muscles to be less tense. The less tightening of the muscles means the human back and vertebrate can thus open up and expand more than they usually are. From this type of stretching, the height of the individual can increase a little more.

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