The Only Legitimate Height Increase Book Available: School Of Height (BREAKTHROUGH)

I am not feeling very well mentally and emotionally today so I decided to only write one article post. However I wanted to make the one post special. Which is why I am going to reveal to you regular readers sort of a big find.

When I was going through the BodyBuilding Forums where the members were talking about the techniques Hakker was suggesting, one poster put up a link to something which showed me something which I never thought could even exist. Click on the link HERE to see what it is.

It is a book. And It seems to be the only legitimate book ever really written by a serious scientist on methods and techniques on how to increase one’s height. I haven’t done any research on the author A. S. Palko but from the looks of everything, this book is NOT like one of those E-Products you see sold on Clickbank.

The author is A. S. Falko, and it is translated by Dr. Michael Yessis. It is sold for around $25. I would buy it if I was still in the US but I don’t have a real address right now.

This is what other people are saying about this book.

If you want to get taller this is the book for you.

Written by A.S.Palko, renowned Russian orthopedist, this book covers the key factors involved in growing taller. In addition it tells you how various factors can be corrected and/or enhanced.

Included are sections on:

1) General preperation
2) Specific flexibility
3) Asymmetric exercises
4) Nutrition
5) Pressure massage
6) Breathing and autogenic training
7) Training aids

Many individuals, including young athletes, have had great success with this program. It can be adapted to your specific needs.

Conclusion: All I know is that this is one of the original texts that many of the other E-Books on height increase have based their information on. This book is cited a lot. This seems to have been written by an soviet orthopedic surgeon on the topic.  If you guys remember anything, you’d remember that Ilizarov, the guy who gave the world the first real way to increase height was also a soviet doctor.

When I typed in the phrase “school of height ” into google I got 4 relevant results. There is very little on this book. All I can say was that the soviets probably had done a lot of experiments on prisoners to see if height increase was possible through bone and body manipulations. They also did a lot of experiments on psionic powers, esp, and mind reading.

That was how Ilizarov was able to even develop some of his method. That type of research would have never been allowed in the US. For the world to get the gift of height increase through limb lengthening surgery one man had to defy human morality and ethics and push past what most westerners would consider barbaric. In the end, he was honored as a hero in the USSR and there is even a statue of the guy somewhere still there. 

In the end, we have to realize that for any of us to get anything in life, there will be some form of sacrifice we have to give. 

[NOTE: This website is taking away too much of my emotional energy. I will be taking a 3-4 day break from the site. After 3-4 days, I will be in China so there is a chance I won’t be able to do anything after that because of the Chinese firewall. Nothing new will be added or changed in that time. However, I did put up recently the entire list of posts I have written in the last 2 months so if you still want to learn and read, look through the list for whatever might interest you about height or height increase.]

6 thoughts on “The Only Legitimate Height Increase Book Available: School Of Height (BREAKTHROUGH)

  1. tim

    well I don’t know, it was written in 2007 as I see, so every logic sais that if it was something effective stuff, the world would’v recognised it by now, and we would have heard a lot more about it.

    And based on what we’ve seen so far, we can pretty much predict what can be in it:
    1) General preperation – how bones work, when they fuse, growth plates and stuff
    2) Specific flexibility – importance of stretching, good fitness shape, not being fat, etc
    3) Asymmetric exercises – cobra stretch and its friends
    4) Nutrition – not many carbohydrets, protein rich foods, water, etc
    5) Pressure massage – maybe its effective, so maybe it worths a try, it’ll explain a few methods, for example with your thumbs and stuff like that.
    6) Breathing and autogenic training – same thing, I’ve read about things like that in many e-books.
    7) Training aids – i don’t know what that could be, maybe some “HGH producing” intense training like sprinting or something…

    SO I don’t know I would be the happiest if a 5 years old book that the world didn’t notice yet would be a breakthrough, but it just goes against any logic.

    what I’d rather call a breakthrough is that its on the stores, so its a step for legitimizing the idea of height increase.

  2. tim

    maybe we readers could throw together that money, so you could buy it basically for free and put it on the website for us. its our height future, after all.

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