Solving This Height Increase Problem By Division Of Labor, The Need For A Genetics And Molecular Biology Section

Again while I was doing extensive reading and analysis on the many pathways and proteins and genes involved in the entire growth process it the human body, It was becoming clear to me that the entire thing is very large and complication. I knew that Tyler was trying to create some form of graphical diagram to show how each element was connected and affecting the other compounds.

The other night I decided that maybe the best idea is to break up this website and the studies into 4 sections, instead of the 2 sections which I had previous. I had only endocrinology and orthopedics. However I realized that I was studying far more subjects than just those two subjects. Everything is ultimately connected. If you wanted to fully understand the process of growth, you had to get down into far more details and go into the deeper subjects. This is why I have decided to add a section for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and also a Genetics and Genetic Engineering section. At some point, it is almost inevitable that we would have to get down to studying at that level.

A lot of the original material I wrote will become obsolete and seem weak in scientific content and the newer articles will be more technical and that was always the evolution of this site. In addition, there will be a need to differentiate and divide the subjects and the labor of research being done. For a few weeks, I might choose to focus only on molecular biology and the next few weeks I will move on to genetics.

Remember that in studying and understanding the universe around us, most of what we think we understand is at our specific level of thinking. There are many layers upon layers of theory and abstraction in describing any phenomena. You can be more superficial and focus only the big parts dealing with continuous mechanics or go smaller into the sphere of study and look at the microscopic dynamics of how each molecule is affecting other molecules around it. My idea is to first focus on the simpler easily observation subjects in orthopedics and through time go smaller and smaller moving on into endocrinology, then to molecular biology, and finally to genetics. After we understand the process of growth at the most basic genetic level, we can work ourselves back down in the level of abstraction.

We may have solved the problem on an orthopedic level by using an orthopedics approach to gaining height through bone distraction and limb lengthening surgery, but to solve it completely so that the genes and results we see gets passed to our children and the next generation, we have to change our very genes, and use that specific type of gene therapy called germ line gene therapy. As for that type of science to work, it will take more effort in innovation and research to figure out how to get the technology to work out.

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