Combining Colostrum, Niacin, And Amino Acids To Increase Height

Me: This is a height increase supplement stack method a nearly complete physically mature person created to try to increase in height. In his method, the main components are colostrum, niacin, and amino acids, all which I have covered at some point in the website stating that there is clinical studies showing that each of the compounds has some correlation to greater height. 

The method was found from an old post on Giant Scientific. Source Link HERE

replied September 8th, 2009

Hi there 500mg is fine but maybe more. I take half a teaspoon and was also woundering about this colostrum to increase bone cartilage and bone growth. well IGF 1 circulates in the blood ordering cells in most of the bodies varies tissues to multiply & increase in size that is to grow! The IGF 1 Hormone gives instructions to grow to cartilage cells located near the ends of the bodies long bone. the cells multiply and absorb calcium witch then forms new Bone this process gradually makes the bones grow longer and the bodie taller. Witch Ive heard about & no you grow till your 18-20 years old. True fact if your a male, females 15-17 years old, also I would Recommend 2-3 grams of L-Glutamine with half a teaspoon of colostrum 20 mins before bed dont eat within 3 hours before bed so it doesnt fight with anthing + L-glutamine will pass through your bodie Quicker and eventaully reach your pituitary glad and release GH properly through out the bodie Also theres another thing you cand take 500mg of ornithine & 1g of Arginine free form is recommended the same 20 mins before bed use on different days of the glutamine and colostrum and can be taken with pre workout drinks such as protein and an apple before exercise to acheive better results with Aginine & ornithine + Niacin can aparently stimulate GH also when taken in Doses of 100mg – 200mg @ start take one 200mg dose If symptoms occur like itcyness and red eyes and very hot temperature increases in bodie and redness happen drop the dosage to 100mg though im not! because thats how bad I want my height too increase. well im almost 17 and a half and am trying too gain some serious inches too my height before I fully stop growing then am going too use height increase programs after ive stopped growing and my discs have closed to gain more inches Im 6ft 2 inches @ the moment but want too be at least 6ft 8 – 6ft 10.5 inches or something LoL doupt It too but you never know I havent had a major growth spurt before only when I was 12 the start of puberty and have not gain an whole lot since then 6 inches if that so am Jue LoL. nearly Every one of my freinds have grown taller so Its my Time too LoL.

Ok so here is the program too cycle the colostrum, glutamine, arginine, niacin & the ornithine drink plenty of water 1-2 litres per day is recommended water makes up 50% of the body keep that in mind -_- Good luck!


* day 1 glutamine 2-3 grams and half a teaspoon of colostrum. on empty stomach not too empty! 3 hours after major feeding 20 mins before bed.

*day 2 the same as above^^^

*day 3 the same as above^^^

*day 4 kinda a break day but not Quite take 100mg-200mg of niacin anytime at night *note Niacin Is also been known too help people go too sleep slighly quicker.same on empty stomach recommended.

*day 5 Arginine 1 gram and ornithine 500mg extremely recommended too take on empty stomach 10-20 mins before bed no food for 3 hours before bed I recon its critical too do this properly!

*day 6 the same as above^^^

*day 7 complete break or niacin again its up too you then repeat. these days 1-7 resemble monday too sunday ok!


so ya strecthing exercises is also great and sprints can also raise GH you will grow in no time Also for faster results have 1 gram arginine & ornithine 500mg 30 mins before intense exercise routine along with a workout drink such as protein powder mixed. along with 1 apple should give you enough energy through out training and also will promote alot more growth. this is my endless hours of internet work right here. Thanks!

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