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[Warning: Don’t start buying and using Growth Hormones hoping to increase your height unless you are absolutely certain that it is safe (or maybe just don’t care). GH is not recommended or even allowed legally into certain countries for people who are still growing and GH will not work for people who can take them legally which is after growing stops. It is sort of like a catch-22 people get stuck in. The only way legally to get around the loophole is if a person can get a specialist endocrinologies tho administer it to them clinically.]

I have recently become aware that there seems to be quite a few suppliers around the world which can get you synthetic Growth Hormones. Obviously the problem is that sometimes these suppliers don’t get you real GH but fake stuff.

There is a company from South China Sino Human Growth Hormone Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd which seems to sell almost everything. It is really hard for me to tell whether they sell the real GH stuff or the fake stuff. There are a few places where buyers and users review them but they are rather mixed.

From the website, most people who comment say that the company has “legit stuff” and has “good quality”. There seems to be even a linkedin account for Sino HGH and and the managers there and more. from the linked in account…

“Sino Co., Ltd is a company which specialize in human grow hormone,anabolic steroids,and peptides. We have own lab to produce finished prdocuts. 
Sino Human Growth Hormone Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
We aim to be the best and the largest HGH, Injectable Steroids, oral steroids, anabolic steroids powder and Peptides supplier in China. Our company is located in Shenzhen since 2003, we gained a great reputation among our customers because of our professionalism in United States, United Kingdom, Europe,South Africa,South Asia,Latin America,etc. 
Best quality, fastest delivery,safest packing,most timely
aftersales service are the keys that we got credit from our clients all over the world. It is our ultimate goal to extend market presence to every part of the world. We warmly welcome sincere cooperation with customers from at home and abroad to explore a bright future together.”

This is the price listing they have…

Price list of all products from Sino HGH Pharm Co.Ltd

Human Growth Hormone Series:
Generic HGH——– $115/kit
Blue Top 4IU ——– $75/kit
Kigtropin ——– $120/kit
Jintropin ——– $180/kit
Hygetropin ——– $420/kit
Ansomone ——– $200/kit
Taitropin ——– $120/kit
Igtropin ——– $70/kit
IGF1 LR3 1mg ——– $70/kit
IGF1 LR3 10mg ——– $320/kit

Injectable anabolic steroids Series:
Testosterone Propionate ——- $40/kit
Testosterone Enanthate ——– $45/kit
Testosterone Cypionate ——– $45/kit
Sustanon 250 ——– $60/kit
Nandrolone Decanoate ——– $65/kit
Boldenone Acetate ——– $65/kit
Boldenone Udecylenate ——– $65/kit
Winstrol/Stanozolol ——– $45/kit
Trenbolone Acetate 75 ——– $70/kit
Trenbolone Enanthate 100 ——– $75/kit
Primobolan ——– $78/kit
Masteron ——– $68/kit
Testosterone Undecanoate ——– $33/kit
Erythropoietin (EPO) ——– $60/kit
Menotrophinfor Injection (HMG) ——– $60/kit
H C G ——– $65/kit


Sino peptides series:

PT-141 ——– 110$/kit
MT-2 ——- 110$/kit
GHRP-2 ——– 80$/kit
GHRP-6 ——- 80$/kit
CJC-1295 ——- 105$/kit
Sermorelin ——– 110$/kit
Ipamorelin ——– 110$/kit
Hexarelin ——– 110$/kit
MGF ——– 90$/kit
Peg-MGF ——– 250$/kit

One thing I am not sure is whether it is possible that good steroids and peptides can go bad if the inventory is shelved for too long like food stuff. If that is case maybe the stuff the Chinese company was originally selling was good but went bad.

The price range for the steroids and peptides, which include many types of steroids which I have researched for possible height increase possibilities are quite reasonable.

The cost of shipping is from $45-$100 assuming the stuff is being bought by people in the US and UK. The amount of time you have to wait is usually 7-10 business days. They only accept Western Union, money grams, and bank transfers, but no Paypal or other escrow methods. (taken from FAQ section) The success in the delivery is not very high for certain countries.

Of course you always have the contact information below for any types of inquiry or concerns.

Contact Us
Name: Miss Wendy Tang
Skype: sinohgh
Contact Information
   Company Name: Sino Human Growth Hormone Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
   Contact Person: Jack Liu  
(Your message will be sent to the supplier directly)
   Address: #735-740,Yingfeng Valley,Chuangchun Road, nanjing, Jiangsu, China
   Telephone: 86-135-1072-1924
   Fax: 86-135-1072-7895

While I don’t plan to be taking the GH injections anytime soon since it won’t really help increase height, it might be a good place for us to buy GH in case we are interested in doing a few studies and experiments. If a young person is crazy and desperate enough, I probably would point to this company to use so that they at least don’t get the fake stuff which can hurt them.

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