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My name is Michael. If you found this website you are probably interested at learning how to increase your height. I was once obsessed with this one goal and it consumed my thoughts for a good portion of my years and I have decided to create this website/blog in documenting my research in finding some type of solution or breakthrough in figuring out how to possibly increase human height both…

  1. After the natural growth process ends when the epiphyseal plates close, and…
  2. Before the natural growth process ends, when a person is still growing in height.

So this is a guide on what to do if you are a first time visitor and reader of this website/blog. Just follow the directions and you will be on your way in being able to be an active member of this website and in a very short amount of time be able to contribute in a large way in helping us find a solution to this endeavor.

To Get Started, do this one thing first…

    • Enter your name and email information to the sign up form right below HERE. This will help keep me in touch with you as the reader for later when big breakthroughs are found.

If you want to know what you can do Right Now to possibly increase your height…

  • Visit the “Supplements Guide” section and the “Exercise Program Guide” section first to get a very thorough and realistic idea on what to do to gain between a possible 1-4 cm of increased height.
If you reached this website looking to see what supplements, vitamins, and pills you can take to potentially increase your height, go to the “Supplements Guide section.
  • In addition, a complete list of the supplements is also available to the right of this home page. I have done as much research as I can to state with some confidence (but NOT completely confidence) that there is a chance that they will assist the body’s natural growing processes in either increasing the rate of growth or increase the ultimate height of an individual.
If instead you are looking to see what exercises, routines, or programs you can do to increase your height, go to the “Exercise Program Guide” section.
  • Many of the sections of this website has only been partially edited and finished with work being done on them continuously and the Exercise Program Guide has been one of them.

If you want to get some free E-Products on growing taller…

  • You can see what are the types of PDFs, MP3s, Audio, Videos, etc I have managed to find from across the entire internet space which can possibly help you in the “- Free Stuff –” section. All of it is free and easy to download with a click of the button. Some of them I have paid for and others people have found for me.

Is there a question you wanted to ask?

  • If you have any common questions, concerns, or issues, please go to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section and most of the most commonly raised questions and issues have already been answered to some degree. We are trying to consider all questions posed and have probably written up many answers to possible questions already in some way in the “Frequently Asked Question” section of the website.
  • Please refer to there first before emailing us a message. We are trying to streamline the operations of the website so we can me more productive and effective in our output and work. If however you feel that you have a very pressing question or issue you need to get answered or resolved, you can email me using the email address at the top right side of the page.

If you are interested in more of my philosophy on the deeper meaning and implications of what it means to achieve this personal dream of height increase then…

  • You can check out the “Thoughts” post listings in the “Special Posts” but that is not necessary. Everyone has their own opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints and mine are just mine.
What else have we been researching and working on…
  • There are two sections below the main section entitled “Mind Hacks” and “Body Hacks” both of which is now integrated into the “Special Posts” section. These were posts I wanted to write up which I thought were really good tips and techniques to help the person improve themselves more than just their height. They are the most useful and unique ideas and methods I have ever read or heard about.
So what have types of research have we already looked into?
  • In the section “Techniques” you can see just what are the range of ideas that people have thought up over the years and tried to increase their height. The list of ideas and technique is long and you might be quite surprised at how many possible ways there are. Most of them are not very developed. The failure rate is very high and the feasibility of the ideas are very low. You can spend some time looking at what some of the ideas are but you don’t have to spent that much time since I can tell you guys right now that “there is no completely effective technique or methods found yet which can increase height in physically mature humans without invasive, expensive, and painful surgery which is also scientifically valid in theory and experiment.
  • Check out the “All Posts” tab and scroll through the list of posts and articles I have wrote. Many of them are low in depth but only skim the surface of the subject. The posts I wrote from earlier on I would say is low on quality of scientific rigor but they get more and more advanced as the site progressed. If one of the articles catches your eye, take a look.
If you want to better understand the technical details on the research my team and I are looking into…
  • The fastest way to catch up really quickly on the subject is to go to “The Library” section and just skim through the hundreds of articles, patents, books, and scientific journals we have been collecting for the last few months
  • You will need to learn the fundamentals of at least 6 main areas of study to get a grasp on what areas of the body control the growing process. We want to move from the macro level down to the micro level. There is in order from top to bottom…
[Note: This section of 6 main technical subjects are still in development and A LOT of editing, adding of content, and changes will be done over time to improve the website.]

To find out what resources are available right now to reference and utilize …

  • It might be good to familiarize oneself with what tools, resources, and people one can get in touch with and use in this search. In the “Resources” section, there is a section which shows you a list of all of the posts that has ever been written on the website. In the list, you will find cool mind and body hacks which you can use and apply in your own life in case you would like to improve in other areas of life besides just height.
Listen to me and other guests talk about our latest research…
  • In the “Podcast” section I plan to do a weekly or biweekly podcast where I talk about any topics which might be related to the endeavor of height increase, the science of auxology, medical pathologies, and other related subjects. I will try to find medical specialists and height increase experts but I would think it might be a very hard task to get them to be willing to go on the air and share their voice and opinions.
  • Note: There is a “Forum” section to the website but that webpage is not activated at this time due to a personal judgement call made after discussing over the issue with other members of the community. Further considerations will be made in the future.
Be Informed of all the scams and frauds out there…
  • In the “Scams List” section is a large collection of the names and products of products which are found on the internet which sell fake products or services which don’t work. Maybe there is a chance they might be effective for young children who are still growing but for the majority of the adults who are looking for a solution, they are just useless. Take a look at the lists and be informed on what is out there waiting to take your money.

I wish you all success in your height increase endeavors.




I have been getting a few emails recently which expressed their frustration and confusion over the fact that they can’t seem to be able to figure out what to do. They come to this website wanting to learn more about how to possibility increase in height and grow taller but the general problem is that this website is either too large, too complex, or too advanced in the science for them to understand what the going on.

I think I am finally realizing that I can’t do this entire project by myself. I thought that I could but it is far larger of a problem than expected. I need some help from collaborators, people who can step up and take action to push this thing further then just what I or the few others have done so far.

There is no way I can dedicate so much time to this project, as well as run my primary business company, as well as attend school, and still be able to accomplish other responsibilities. I also realized that if something happened to me (god forbid), there is no way another person can take up the task and continue on exactly where I left off. They would have to go back and redo all the research.

This is my way (and strategy) of distributing the work load out by making it easier for anyone who is really passionate and dedicated to the idea of height increase and want to quickly catch up on the necessary information and research so that they can make a contribution in research and possible make breakthroughs and innovation.

One of my biggest frustrations was trying to go back to find what my predecessors have already done, tried out, and proven ineffective so that I can know what to not put my energy towards and save some time in searching. Some of them kept good records but most ideas and techniques are randomly scattered across the internet space. I am going to try to make this easier for the people who come after me.

32 thoughts on “Want To Grow Taller? Let’s Get Started…

  1. Nick

    Im 16, doctor has taken a look at my wrist and says bone age is 18 and vertical growth has stopped.. I am 172 cm and have surpassed both my father and mothers height, father being about 165cm and mother 162cm. Would you think his assessment is accurate? I have done much research online and the most promising research seems to be stem cell differentiation which is rumored to be coming out sometime this year after FDA approval. Great site!

  2. Carlos

    Have your read the copyright notice of your “free stuff”?

    You cannot share those PDFs. You didn’t write them, you are not the author, you are not the owner of the rights, you’re hurting the people who wrote them by given them away.

    Write your own stuff and give it away if your wish, but please, don’t hurt others.

    Don’t play the fool saying that you’ll take down any PDF if someone complaints; you know what you’re doing it’s not right.

  3. Elisa

    I’m 17, is it still possible for me to grow? i think I am around 5’5 or less and want to be 5’8 or 5’10 at least….let me know, warm regards!

  4. Carl

    Says lot about your person making this webpage without money interest just to share your knowledge and help unknown people because you understand their feelings. I try help and share as well. Be proud of yourself and thanks 🙂

  5. deb

    I am 21.my posture is bad.i hav a littile huncback.at this point is it possible to gain height 2inch naturally.i am desparate to do this.plys help me.

  6. Mijo

    Hi michael,

    Ive been following your research and website for almost two years now and i must commend you on your efforts to seek a solid scientific method for growth esp after puberty.

    However, this is not the real reason i seek to comment here . As someone who has been committed and consistent in the grow taller process at age 22 now for 11 months i can say that your website had been a constant discouragement to my efforts in the beginning.Everytime i tried something had doubts it will ever work. Stretching, cycling, sprinting, sleeping and so on.

    This is primarily because you scientifically debunk most methods or hopes of significant growth; but there is not a follow up solution. Fair enough. You are right in that sense but once in a while we hear of valid success stories of great growth. The mind can overcome what is “truth”.

    What i began to realise is that even though people try grow taller methods the sample size for long years of consistency is very small. And so again you cannot completely dismiss how much someone can grow based on a short time period like you tried yourself.

    There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with methods out there, but there is something wrong with an absolute dismissal because as we know even science isnt always 100 % true. Your viewers should still be left encouraged to at least give it a go for a long period and most importantly believe anything is possible regardless of what you say.

    This is what you fail to do in your site. Luckily i escaped this negative mindset and started beginning it was possible and put in the work. And so far ive grown close to two inches using grow taller methods and stand at 5’9. And i assure you more to come as i mantain consistency over more years.

    Imagine if i let your website discourage me and decided to wait for you to produce the magical solution. Nothing would have happened!!

    Thats all im saying and im definitely not bashing your efforts. But understand that in life what you believe internally can surpass logic or science.

    Take care


  7. Zach


    Can you say more about what you’ve done? I’m starting to finally believe the same things you are and I’m tired of waiting for one to scientifically verify what I know in myself can be accomplished.

    Is there any way we can exchange contact information? I would love to hear how you’ve made progress and follow suit. I’ve been 5’7″-5’8″ since I was 17 and I think it’s about time to start changing that.

  8. Hassan G.

    Hey. Awesome site, really good information. I am 16 and 5 foot 10.5. Is it possible I can still grow ? Maybe over 6 foot? Please let me know. Thanks

  9. ram

    plz send me full version of grow taller 4 idiots for free download and all supplements and excercises of it in it

  10. Dante

    Not sure if this website is still active but a 17yo here who is 5’8 hoping to grow 2 inches to 5’10.

    I’ve ordered some supplements from your list so I pray I can grow before I get to 18/20.

  11. Jennifer Magee

    My daughter has damaged growth plates in her shoulder and hip. She is 8 years old? She is still growing. Her left arm is not growing like the right one. Will this help with the growth of the arm?


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