Am I Personally Doing Height Increase Exercises And Routines? If Not, Why Not?

A question that was posed to me a while back by Tyler was over the fact that maybe I should also be joining in and trying out the routines and programs like the LSJL method to gain the height that I desire. Well I felt like I was “put on the spot” as they call it and I wanted to clear that issue up just in case I get more request, questions, and concerns raised about it again from future doubters.

Well, I decided not to go through with any exercises and routines because of 4 main reasons.

1. I have already tried out the exercises and gotten the real height increase I had hoped for. I went from a 5′ 11.75″ ┬ámax height to a 6′ 0″ max height (which is only a 0.25″ increase) so I can finally say that I am 6 foot tall if I was ever questioned by a cute girl who was judging me on my dating potential due to size. I have finally become “acceptable” for 80% of the females out there. My chances of mating has essentially quadrupled from reaching this weird society created standard height cut off point.

2. When I did the exercises years ago (2 to be exact) I actually hurt my lower back on from using the inversion table and also hurt one of my knees using the ankle weights. Those small pain and injuries have stayed around and has not gone away so I guess I could say I developed some form of chronic musculoskeletal issue with my lower back and knees because of my height obsession years ago where I did use the machines and exercises. That has taught me a lesson and made me avoid trying out those crazy height increase devices from this point on. I think I have developed a healthy avoidance behavior to those things.

3. From being in a Asian country for the last half year, I realize that I am probably taller than 90% of the people of the country I’m in. It helps keep things in perspective and I realize that in some countries, I might even be considered “tall” which is really surprising.

4. I am in my last 20s now (28) and I sort have been able to accept my size and I don’t feel like I need to be any bigger to prove to anyone else of my sense of worth through height. I’m most happy with how big I am now.

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