Update #4 – Neglecting My Body And Height Increase Endeavor For Business – July 1st, 2013

Update #4 – Neglecting My Body And Height Increase Endeavor For Business – July 1st, 2013

This month went by really fast as I spent most of that time focused on doing more reading and research as well as building my own businesses and my girlfriend’s online business up. I have been neglecting my body as a result.

In term of weight, I actually gained 3 lbs. For height, I can not get an accurate measurement because my hair has grown quite long, to almost 2 inches long vertically. When I do a height measurement in the morning, I find that my height has not changed. Still have the few millimeters of increase from the first month, at least I think.

Glucosamine SulphateWhat I have done is started to take Vitamin K2 and Glucosamine Sulphate for any possible slight increased height since they are really good towards bone health and increased bone density. The glucosamine at high levels (>1000 mg) seem to really help with articular cartilage health. There is a very old article that says that Glucosamine Sulphate can increase people’s overall height by 2-3 mms on average. It was from the Daily Mail UK years ago entitled “Can A Pill Make You Taller In 4 Weeks?” The dosage was taking¬†1500mg of glucosamine sulphate daily.

I am not sure if this supplement combination would help give me even 1 millimeter but it is still worth it since I have slightly weak knees from a college workout injury. It is worth a try.

The Vitamin K2 I am taking because it is supposed to heal teeth and even reverse cavities if they are small enough.

I have bought a clamp at the local hardware store and tried to squeeze the epiphysis in the last few days to see how it is going.

Someone said that I should try to take the formulations developed by Tim from the Adult Height increase blog but I don’t want to try that at this time. We are already having trouble using Amazon and getting the right address information inputted to deliver our supplements which we can’t find in Seoul. My landlord is the one who gets all the packages and he looks through everything. Some powdered stuff in a plastic bag probably would make him very suspicious.

In addition, I realized that my ability to focus and write these really long posts have decreased a lot since the heat and temperature is causing me to feel unhealthy and loss focus. I noticed that my stress level has been increasing and my girlfriend has been reacting bad to the heat and her new work schedule. So I bought some L-Theanine which I read helps a little with both memory, cognitive ability, and stress & anxiety reduction.

So what I did was look to try to buy some Piracetam and or Provigil to help my cognitive abilities. It turns out that Amazon even just a few months ago were selling Piracetam but now they have stopped selling them, since this Nootropic is not over the counter.

The website MyModafinil.net was selling Provigil or Modafinil but I looked closer at the package and what is actually sold is Modalert, but the way that they asked me to pay seemed to be a lot of hassle. They take Bitcoin but don’t take any normal credit cards. The company or service takes at least a few weeks before the nootropic type arrives and sometimes the border inspectors take it away. They can sell to many Asian countries like Hong Kong and China, but not South Korea.¬†So I guess I can’t really get any high quality nootropics to help with my work yet.

Also, I currently have been thinking of going a much more minimalistic path in my life, and have started to remove even more objects that I realize that I don’t seem to use much. I have counted things out and realize that I have way too much stuff. Over the last month, I have given away or thrown out 40% of everything I own so that I can devote more time towards the more important things in life, relationships, wealth creation, and staying healthy.

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