Anthony Robbins Explains How And Why He Grew 10 Inches In 1 Year On Dr. Oz Show

I have talked about the peak performance coach Anthony Robbins multiple times on this website where I went so far as to claim that the primary reason for his enormous success is because of his great height and stature in the post “Could The Secret To Peak Performance Coach Anthony Robbins Be His Height And Size?

In this video, Robbins states that he was 5′ 1″ in his Sophomore Year in High School. Over just 1 year’s time, he would grow almost an entire foot, 10 inches in extra height. That would put Robbins around 5′ 11′ when he was a junior. From watching a biography special on Robbins, it seems that his mother kicked him out of the house when he was still in high school, but I am not sure if it was during his junior or senior year in high school. He would eventually get his Diploma and started attending Jim Rohn Seminars, who would become his mentor. The problem with Robbins claim is that he would still be 8 inches short of his current claimed height of 6′ 7″. Given Anthony’s advanced age and intelligence, maybe he was still just 16 years old when he was a junior in high school. Some kids are 17 years old as a junior and others are 16, on average.

Important: It could be that one of Tyler’s points that maybe excess growth hormone can also slow down growth plate senescence could be valid although a recent post I wrote about the real effects of growth hormones challenge this point. Growth Hormone Therapy actually causes the growth plate senescence to be accelerated, not reduced. The other possibility is that excess growth hormone triggers some other unknown mechanism at this time which causes the growth plates to slow down the rate of senescence, possible involving the IGF-1 which has an affect on growth plate chondrocyte receptors in parallel with GH.

So did Anthony Robbin’s grow another 8 inches in height after his junior year in high school? He obviously has an excess of growth hormones going through his body but 8 inches?

Dr. Oz was quite good in bringing along a real live human brain to show Robbins where exactly the  pituitary gland is and how big it is. I am not sure about Dr. Oz’s credentials though to really talk too much in detail about gigantism and acromegaly. Under his Wikipedia article HERE is shows that Dr. Oz went to Harvard for undergraduate, got a Medical Degree from University of Pennsylvania’s Medical School and then got a MBA from Wharton. He is certified as a Cardiac Surgeon but his title might be closer to Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon.

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