Quest4Height joins NaturalHeightGrowth, LSJL Update and Plans

I’m going to be going over all the posts on the Quest For Height blog and posting new posts here going over all the important information.

Right now I’m trying to lose body fat to make LSJL related changes more visible.  This will make it much easier to judge any changes in bone length as you can visualize more exactly when the bone begins and ends.  There already is pretty low bodyfat in the hands, knee, and ankle area but it can be decreased.

Right now, I want to go over an LSJL case study.  He reports that his night height is now equal to his morning height so a gain of about 0.8cm.  We cannot however be sure that an increase in bone length is responsible for the height increase as he did not gain in his maximal height.

He reports loading 7 days a week and using a vibrating sports massager on the epiphysis of the long bones of the ankle and knee(he does the massager until he feels pain). He does 100 kicks before doing LSJL. He also uses an inversion table while holding a 20L water bottle for 100 sit up reps and does a 100 back rolls.  So his night height increase could be a result of less loss of intervertebral disc height throughout the day.

Supplements: Sam-e, Chondroitin+Glucosamine, and TMG(trimethylglycine)-no known height increase effects known for this as of now.

Here’s his after ankle pice:

View ankle.jpg in slide show

Here’s the before LSJL ankle pic:

View ankle before.jpg in slide show

Not ideal as it was the only such pic he had available but you can tell that the ankle is much less protruding.  The outer ankle is blocked in the the before pic but the inner ankle is more protruding as well and the inner ankle is what is the limiting factor the lower leg length being the tibia.

He reports that his knees are now thicker than his calves.  His knees look thicker than normal, I can’t say they are thicker than before without any before reference pics.  It looks like his outer knee is higher up than his inner knee but it’s hard to tell.  Adjusting the load so that there’s more pressure on the inner knee may help him gain more height.


The interesting thing about my finger loading is that it’s mainly one side of the epiphysis that’s getting thicker than the other(I will post a finger update soon on the NHG blog).  Perhaps when performing LSJL only one side of the epiphysis is stimulated whichever one receives more hydrostatic pressure and total bone length would be limited by the shorter side.

So an LSJL key could be adjusting the clamping so that both sides of the epiphysis are stimulated which could be hard for the knee as it is obstructed by the fibula.

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  1. Lucky7

    I find it really great that you are joining in on the LSJL train and trying to improve it as i think it need someone who will think outside the box


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