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(Breakthrough!)Laser Acupuncture for Height Increase

Effects of Laser Acupuncture on Longitudinal Bone Growth in Adolescent Rats

“This study investigated the effects of laser acupuncture on growth, particularly longitudinal bone growth in adolescent male rats[2 weeks old]. Laser acupuncture was performed once every other day for a total of 9 treatments over 18 days to adolescent male rats.  The bone growth rate and the heights of growth plates were significantly increased by laser acupuncture. BMP-2 but not IGF-1 immunostaining in growth plate was increased as well. LA promotes longitudinal bone growth in adolescent rats, suggesting laser acupuncture may be a promising intervention for improving the growth potential for children and adolescents.”

“Laser acupuncture is [a type] of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), a noninvasive form of phototherapy, which is defined as the stimulation of traditional acupoints with low-intensity, nonthermal laser irradiation”

“Laser acupuncture was performed by laser stimulation using Lapex-2000 (Meridian Medical Inc. Vancouver, Canada), a semiconductor-based low level laser therapy (LLLT) device emitting a cold red laser (635–680 nm/40 mW). Before laser acupuncture was applied, both hind limbs were shaved with an electric clipper, paying attention to not hurt the skin. Acupoints ST36 (Zusanli) and SP6 (Sanyinjiao) commonly used in the treatment of growth stimulation were selected in this study”<-The LAPEX-2000 is typically used for liposuction.  I looked for a few prices and it runs about 30,000$.


Both Acupoint ST36 and SP6 are nowhere near the synovial joint stimulated by LSJL.  It’s possible that Laser acupuncture would produce better results if they stimulated ST35 and SP5.

“Each acupoint of rats lightly restrained by hands without anesthesia was stimulated, bilaterally, for 30 seconds (energy density of 1.2 W/cm2) by holding a laser probe with a spot size of the laser of 3 mm in diameter in contact with, and perpendicular to, the acupoints; each treatment session lasted 120 seconds.”

“Neither Body weight nor the nose to tail length was different between control and LA-treated groups”

“The longitudinal bone growth rate in normal adolescent rats was 195.9 ± 17.5 μm/day and laser acupuncture was shown to promote bone growth, increasing the rate to 315.1 ± 48.8 μm/day”

LAgrowthplateHere’s a laser stimulated growth plate.  The height of the hypertrophic zone and the total growth plate height increased but not the height of the proliferative zone.  Hypertrophic zone was increased versus controls from approx 300 to 350 or 17% whereas total growth plate increased from about 500 to 600 or 20%.  So most of the growth plate height increase was due to the hypertrophic zone.

This is in contrast to LSJL where the proliferative zone increased in length as well as the total height of the growth plate which indicates that LSJL is much more promising for ectopic growth plate formation than laser acupuncture.

“The height of proximal tibia growth plate in normal adolescent rats was 511.3 ± 9.2 μm. Following laser acupuncture treatment, growth plate height increased to 587.5 ± 13.0 μm”

“LLLT[Low level laser therapy] increases cell growth, cell regeneration, and cellular activity”

The main takeaway from this study is that LSJL is special in it’s stimulation of both the proliferation of chondrocytes and of layers the growth plate note involving the proliferative or hypertrophic zone which would be the layers from which new growth plates are formed.

Quest4Height joins NaturalHeightGrowth, LSJL Update and Plans

I’m going to be going over all the posts on the Quest For Height blog and posting new posts here going over all the important information.

Right now I’m trying to lose body fat to make LSJL related changes more visible.  This will make it much easier to judge any changes in bone length as you can visualize more exactly when the bone begins and ends.  There already is pretty low bodyfat in the hands, knee, and ankle area but it can be decreased.

Right now, I want to go over an LSJL case study.  He reports that his night height is now equal to his morning height so a gain of about 0.8cm.  We cannot however be sure that an increase in bone length is responsible for the height increase as he did not gain in his maximal height.

He reports loading 7 days a week and using a vibrating sports massager on the epiphysis of the long bones of the ankle and knee(he does the massager until he feels pain). He does 100 kicks before doing LSJL. He also uses an inversion table while holding a 20L water bottle for 100 sit up reps and does a 100 back rolls.  So his night height increase could be a result of less loss of intervertebral disc height throughout the day.

Supplements: Sam-e, Chondroitin+Glucosamine, and TMG(trimethylglycine)-no known height increase effects known for this as of now.

Here’s his after ankle pice:

View ankle.jpg in slide show

Here’s the before LSJL ankle pic:

View ankle before.jpg in slide show

Not ideal as it was the only such pic he had available but you can tell that the ankle is much less protruding.  The outer ankle is blocked in the the before pic but the inner ankle is more protruding as well and the inner ankle is what is the limiting factor the lower leg length being the tibia.

He reports that his knees are now thicker than his calves.  His knees look thicker than normal, I can’t say they are thicker than before without any before reference pics.  It looks like his outer knee is higher up than his inner knee but it’s hard to tell.  Adjusting the load so that there’s more pressure on the inner knee may help him gain more height.


The interesting thing about my finger loading is that it’s mainly one side of the epiphysis that’s getting thicker than the other(I will post a finger update soon on the NHG blog).  Perhaps when performing LSJL only one side of the epiphysis is stimulated whichever one receives more hydrostatic pressure and total bone length would be limited by the shorter side.

So an LSJL key could be adjusting the clamping so that both sides of the epiphysis are stimulated which could be hard for the knee as it is obstructed by the fibula.

Legal Issues & Terms & Conditions & Policies & Warning Alert

Legal Issues & Terms & Conditions & Policies & Warning Alert

I am NOT a lawyer. I have never studied law so this is the best thing I can do right now in terms of legal issues. So this post is for myself. I have to protect myself from any form of legal action that may ever be taken against for me.

The endeavor of height increase can often be a very dangerous past- time. I have seen on many online forums and posts that people have hurt themselves, sometime pretty badly, from doing certain exercises which they thought would help them gain the height they wanted.

Many of the most common exercises which I hear about that lead to injury or pain is the ankle weights one, the inversion table, the kicking methods, the shinbone pressure loading or stretching, etc. I don’t plan to list all of the exercises which I have read which has or can potentially harm you in some way.

If I state that you should go swim for 2 hours everyday for the next 6 months to gain half an inch of height, that does not mean that you should just blindly follow my advice. Please think for yourself and be critical. Always analyze my writing and be on the lookout for my bullshit. Sometimes I don’t even recognize when I am projection my own subjective/personal biases, issues,or insecurities out into the world. It is still a learning process. If you should happen to hurt yourself from doing an exercise incorrectly or from overextanding your body beyond which is it supposed to, go to the hospital or contact your personal doctor. If it is an emergency alway remember that you can dial 911 or go to the emergency room.

I am also NOT a doctor or medical professional. Hell, even if I was a medical professional I probably would never even have started this website/blog in fear that someone is really going to take my advice on complete faith and go through on some action which lead to them hurting themselves.

You have to alway remember that all of the information and advice I have, or ever am going to write about is really in legal terms for personal entertainment value. You are allowed to laugh, cry, scream, shout, get angry, be ecstatic (and every other emotions possible to exhibit) from my website. You also have the complete right to leave this website if something on here does not agree with your own personal belief system or values. No one is forcing you to read my stuff.

Copyrights & Trademarks & Licensy Issues

If you feel that I have stolen or taken some form of information or content which is not mine, either from some other website or other form of media/digital information distribution channel, please contact me and I will promptly make the changes necceasey to correct for it. Many of the pictures I have attached to the article posts are just ones I have found off of google images. As for any information products, they are just downloads I have found and collected over the years form boards and forums which I can’t even remember.

The information on this site is free to distribute, change, sell, edit, or do whatever with by you. All that I kind of ask is that when you quote or copy & paste a part of my written articles that you cite my website or the post where it originally came from. However, that is not even needed to be done since I will not try to enforce that rule in draconian fashion. All of my advice are just that, advice, suggestions that you can either accept or not. You have a brain and the free will to choose.

To conclude this post, I wanted to also state that I have the full right to edit, alter, add, or delete any of the information on this website. And I most likely will since I write so quickly and so sloppily.

If I had forgotten something legally, accountant wise, or financially important in this page or document which I note later on in the future, I will be sure to edit this page to cover my ass for that too. Everything is changeable on this website.

There Is No Magic Bullet

When I sometimes lie on my bed late at night after writing as much as possible all the topics that pop up in my head, sometimes I try to imagine what my audience, the readers, YOU are thinking. I always go back to this fundamental question “What do they REALLY want?” …and I mean REALLY WANT.

If they were being completely honest with me, where all the bullshit is finally dropped and just told me the ugly cold truth to my face, what would they actually say? I was taking a shower about 30 minutes ago and I figured it out.

You want the “Magic Bullet”.

When I finished showering, I was amazed at just how stupid and ignorant I was that I did not see the issue earlier. It always was bugging me when I used to search for a method or path to my own secret desires to gain inches to my height. I never fully did find the solution I was looking. I realized that I had done the same thing. I wanted to believe in a “magic bullet”.

I don’t even know whether the concept of a magic bullet even exists in contemporary or everyday communication or psychology but the general concept of a “magic bullet” is that the magic bullet is basically a secret or “magical” solution to a very big problem in our lives that is causing us a lot of distress, anxiety, and mental pain. Years ago I had spent over a year learning the skills and techniques on how to attract and be more successful with the opposite sex. I remember that the term “magic bullet” was thrown around a lot and now I realize that the term can be used very appropriately for this situation too. During the time the axiom thrown around was that “there is no magic bullet” and I agreed.

However when it came down to this secret little wish inside of me, I guess I could not accept that idea. Now I understand myself far better now, but I think (or at least I hope) that I also understand the readers and audience better too.

I would assume that 90% of you who read this blog/website came here hoping to find some solution to your most vexing of problems, your desire to grow taller. Sure, there are those of you who came here by accident and thought my writing was funny and decided to spend around 3 minutes of their life reading this odd website in the middle of nowhere on the internet. However, I would bet that most of you got here from going to Google (or some other search engine) from typing something like “How to grow taller” or “How do I grow taller” into that empty input box.

Well, that is my theory of how you initially got here, how you originally found this website.

And you probably choose to click on the “Height Increase Guide” tab or the “Techniques” tab first to see what techniques there are to increase height. At this time, the “Height Increase Guide” has not even been edited or have anything on it yet. I of course will get to it hopefully within some time in the next 7 days.

Anyway, depending on your emotional state, you are actively searching. You want to find something. The fact that you even decided to go to the google main page and type something in means that you are “searching”.

So the obvious question to ask is “What are you searching for?” Again the answer is that you are searching for a magic bullet. This magial solution to your problem will be easy, simple, quick, and painless. That is what we all want.

This is the scenario that I am guessing you would like to happen. You come to this website, and you read on one of my articles that I am talking about this new FDA approved oral drug that is supposed to be able to stimulate the pituitary gland to release excess HGH and also be able to reopen back up your growth plates and turn all those close epiphyseal lines into cartilage again. Somehow through the magic of science and technology, the scientists and geneticists have gotten together in some hidden underground laboratory and come up with this new “magic pill”. They have given the licensing rights to a multinational pharmaceutical company who will market the pill and now it is in every Walgreens, CVS, and Right Aid in the country with a price tag of $15.99 for a pack of 4 pills. The instructions say that all you have to do is take 1 pill once every Monday morning and after 4 weeks, you will gain 3 inches.

So you go to your local pharmacy, shell out $16 for this drug that doe not EVEN need a damn prescription!! That’s how it is! You go home, chug it down with some water, and go back to your life of doing whatever you are doing, with no regard to a healthy lifestyle like proper exercise, heathy eating, or good sleeping habits. 3 days later you grow impatient and decide to measure yourself. You do and you find that you just grew half an inch! Damn, this shit works!! You jump up in joy, go to your rooftop and dance with giddiness. So you do the waiting, and you measure again the first week is over and you are up another half an inch. You are amazed that the pill actually works. You take the next one at the specified time, and you gain a little less than 1 inch of growth the 2nd week. After 4 weeks, you are indeed 3 inches taller, give or take a few milimeters. You are over joyed at your new body, with your new long legs, and even your arms and torso grew a little. when you go to the bathroom and strip down to look at your new body, you are amazed that the drug had extended your limbs and torso perfectly in proportion, and hell, you even look more muscular now… No stretch marks, no growing pains, no side effects.

You are super happy to go out to the mall and buy completely new pants and clothing becasue hey, you are now completely transformed. You then meet your friends and they are absolutely astounded that you have changed so much since they last saw you. All you do is smile, knowing your little secret. You now notice that cute guy you have been interested in for the last 6 months is giving you the “look” and with your new found confidence you walk up to him and start to flirt…can I end this story with a “and they lived happily ever after?”

Simple, clean, pain free, work free, no hassles. This is the dream, that magic bullet we are searching for. Of course, we all know that there is nothing like that. Hell, even with our weight issues, like trying to loss 20 lbs to fit into that damn dress for say your prom is a massive internal struggle as the internal desires and forces fight it over.  I mean if we can’t even control and master something a thousand times easier like our weight issues, how the hell are we supposed to master our height issues?

Again, there is no “magic bullet” solution. Life and things will never be that easy. For everything that is worth it in life, it requires a lot of damn work to obtain. Sometimes we do get lucky and something great just falls into our lap. Yes, it does happen, like if you were sitting in a coffee shop and a cute, charming, normal guy walks up to you, compliments you, does some flirting, and proceeds to get your number.

However,when it comes to something like our bodies, we are the only one’s that are responsible for it. If we want to shape it or do something to make it better, we have to do the hard work.

I am right now sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of the Gangnam-gu area in Seoul, South Korea. Every time I go into the subway system, I see these pictures that are ads by plastic surgery clinics offering their services. And they all promise that you do not have to “settle” or just “live with” the face or body you were born with.

Yeah, that’s right… not even your genetics and inborn DNA have any power over your life anymore since if you don’t like the way your nose or eyes look, you can just plop down $4000 clams and get that changed to whatever celebrity’s nose you would like. If you happened to have a eating problem and you are now over 250 lbs with flesh slipping out of your pants and shirt, now you can just go to that clinic by the Paris Baguette on the corner and in less than 4 hours, all the fat your have been eating and accumulating for the last 15 years are removed in an instant through liposuction. If you happened to be getting older and balding, they now have these plugs and implants you can get that basically act just like real hair. Well isn’t that just simple and easy. You didn’t have to do any work. If you happend to be getting wrinkles, just go for  quick touch up by getting poison (Botox) injected into your face until you don’t even look like a real human anymore.

TRUST ME, there are some people who I walk past everyday these days whose face are completely expressionless because they have injected so much poison in their face that they can’t even move it anymore. Super scary.

It indeed feels like we are living in a society where we are always wanting everything at this instant, and can not go without instant gratification. We have lost our ability to just wait and invest for the long term. The concept of hard work is gone since we now have all the technology to get everything we want. Have we become so mentally weak in terms of willpower and endurance ability? Can we still put up with any sort of slight pain or discomfort?

Well for this issue, our desire to increase our height, their is no magic bullet. Their is no painless easy, simple solution. Even the most obvious strategy which is to get surgery and do limb lengthening is filled with complications immense pain, and time and money lost. Maybe, just maybe for this one specific area in our life, we can not just throw money and technology at the problem and hope it goes away. We actually may find for the first itme in our life with a problem which we can’t seem to be to solve no matter what we do.

My whole point is this: There is no easy simple solution to this issue. It is time to sit down, roll up our sleeves, and get to work to find a solution. It may not appear for even say another 50 years but if you truly want this, if you truly believe in this endeavor, you are willing to put in the effort to stick it out to the end.

The Genetics Of Height

If we really wanted to get the ability to change our height and grow taller without going through the painful options of limb lengthening surgery, HGH daily injections, or crazy hours spent exercises, our only option may be some form of manipulation of our genetics. I am sure I have not considered all the options out there yet but eventually I believe I will be able to get through all the stuff.

I honestly believe that one man can accomplish this large task of taking all of the research and pathways of this very small niche of human endeavor and place it all in one place, one resource which you all can go to to learn about everything that is new that is being developed.

This is why I have decided also to devote a large portion of this website/ blog to discussing and analyzing genetics and possible genetic strategies to our goal of height increase. If any of you have ever studied genetics, whether in high school, college, or graduate school, I am sure a lot of the stuff is just review to you but please put up with me just for a short while until I get to the real stuff.

So let’s begin….

There is 23 chromosomes pairs in each of the nucleaus inside the cells of us humans. In each chromosome there are millions (or even billions) of nucleotidic base pairs that go together in 3 base pair codon groups that goes on (and collect together) to form our actual genes. The only job that these genes do is to make proteins. Referring to having a gene for a trait is no longer the scientifically accepted usage. In most cases, all people would have a gene for the trait in question, but certain people will have a specific allele of that gene, which results in the trait variant. Further, genes code for proteins, which might result in identifiable traits, but it is the gene, not the trait, which is inherited. (Reference Link)

From the scientific research done at Washington University at St. Louis it has already been shown that in terms of the social-anthropological concept of “race”, there is almost no difference between the so called labels which we have been putting on different looking people. We can organized and classified into groups like Hispanic, Latino, Black , African American, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc….

Well from the link HERE the conclusive results say that even though we have all of these phenotypical differences, we are essentially “exactly” the same and that the concept of “race” does not exist becasue the the geneticists who tried to find any specific gene that determines a “race” was never found. So the idea of race can not exist.

Well, one might then quick to ask “How does all this talk about race have anything to do with height?” Well, Race and height only has a weak correlation. When people make the comment like “asian people are short” or that “black people are big”, they are trying to link the anthropologically created concept of “race” and place a correlation of it with a phenotypical aspect of the group that they see.

Many people would be quick to then throw out a derision at such a politically incorrect statement however if we do look at the stats of say a chart of the average height of different nations around the world, we can sort of make a weak correlation. There is usually some small truth in the off of the cuff, unscientific statements made from just simple observation in our everyday life experience. Stereotypes exist for a reason. They are usually in the majority of the cases (like 51% of the time) true.

From the Wikipedia article on Race and Genetics found HERE,

“”A study by Tang et al. in 2005 used 326 genetic markers in order to determine genetic clusters. The 3,636 subjects involved in the study, from the United States and Taiwan, self-identified as belonging to white, African American, East Asian, or Hispanic (=self-identified race/ethnic group (SIRE)). The study found “nearly perfect correspondence between genetic cluster and SIRE for major ethnic groups living in the United States, with a discrepancy rate of only 0.14%.”[13] “”

I realize that it is only 1 study but let’s see that the implications are. The study implies that for all of our outer differences like skin color, nose shape, hair color, or other features that determine our “race”, we are still 99.9% exactly similar in our genome structure. (Note: I am not sure whether the 99.9 % similarity refers to the number of nuceotide base pairs in the genome or the number of number of genes, becasue the two numbers have a difference of  up to 5-6 magnitudes!) However, if we remember that our genome has over thousands of genes which are made of millions and billions of nucleotide base pairs, we realize that still means that there are a few genes out there will does determine our outer appearances.

The Human Genome Project which was completed in 2003 and the entire human genome was “supposedly” completed sequenced. That means that the basic infrastruture of the average human dna is understood. A good analogy is to think of each humans as each individual brand of car. The sequencing in a way allowed us to figure out in general, where each part of the car is supposed to be, and where to look if the car starts to have a problem. So the project allowed us to get a very good general idea on how the basic human genome and DNA structure is supposed to be laid out. However, in each individual, the genes will be slightly different, but only in say 0.1% of all the genes.

From the Human Genome Project website, I quote this passage

“”October 2004 findings from The International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium, led in the United States by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and the Department of Energy (DOE), reduce the estimated number of human protein-coding genes from 35,000 to only 20,000-25,000, a surprisingly low number for our species (7). Consortium researchers have confirmed the existence of 19,599 protein-coding genes in the human genome and identified another 2,188 DNA segments that are predicted to be protein-coding genes.

In 2003, estimates from gene-prediction programs suggested there might be 24,500 or fewer protein-coding genes (1). The Ensembl genome-annotation system estimates them at 23,299.

When analysis of the draft human genome sequence was published by the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium on February 15, 2001, the paper estimated only about 30,000 to 40,000 protein-coding genes, much lower than previous estimates of about 100,000. This lower estimate came as a shock to many scientists because counting genes was viewed as a way of quantifying genetic complexity.

Studies since the publication of the draft genome sequence have generated widely different estimates. An analysis by scientists at Ohio State University suggested between 65,000 and 75,000 human genes (3), and another study published in Cell in August 2001 predicted a total of 42,000 (4).

Although the exact number of human genes is still uncertain, a winner of GeneSweep was announced in May 2003. GeneSweep was an informal gene-count betting pool that began at the 2000 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Genome Meeting. Bets ranged from around 26,000 to more than 150,000 genes. Since most gene-prediction programs were estimating the number of protein-coding genes at fewer than 30,000, GeneSweep officials decided to declare the contestant with the lowest bet (25,947 by Lee Rowen of the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle) the winner (1). “”

So far the geneticists have found only 1 gene that has been shown to have some correlation to the height of the individual. However, the guess is that there is probably up to 20 specific genes that actually determine our height. What the research at the current time point at is that the height genes seem to be on the X chromosomes at numbers 7, 8, and 20 (remember that we have 23 chromosome pairs in each nucleus of our cells except red blood cells). In 2007, scientists did discover the 1st gene that showed to have an influence on one’s height after testing it through genetic manipulation on lab mice. That is the HMGA2 gene. Apparently, getting two of the “tall” type of the HMGA2 gene let’s one get an extra 1 cm in height compared to not having the gene. (Reference Link)

In conclusion, remember the study and search in genetics for the genes that determine height is still ongoing. I decided to post a last link that sums up very eloquently the effect that our genes have on our height, but also how it is connected to other factors.

“” Actually, height is what is called multifactorial. Not only are there many genes involved, such as genes for growth hormone, genes for the receptors on the outside of cells for growth hormone, genes for bone proportion, genes for the timing of the release of hormone and other growth factors; but there are also many interactions with the environment, including nutrition during gestation (while the mother was pregnant) and during the growth years, exposure to things such as cigarette smoke and alcohol before birth, birth order (generally second children are taller than first) and general health during the growth years. With all of these factors, it appears that we are born with a genetic potential for height (not all of the genes have been identified yet) and then the environment exerts its effects as we are growing. (reference link) “”

To get more information about the Human Genome Project, click HERE and HERE.

Robert Wadlow, How Did He Grow So Tall?

When one has any form of interest over the subject of height, a natural question that appears is “Who was the tallest person to ever live, in all of human history?”

When that question is posed, one can only speak from the known medical records which are available. We could go into the Bible and talk about the 9 feet tall Goliath, the Mummified Bodies of Red Haired Giant Indians (Reference Link 1, Reference Link 2), Gigantopithecus (Reference Link 1, Reference Link 2), Bigfoots and Yetis, or even other human giant legends but we won’t because none of these stories, legensds, or myths can be substantiated. So who is the tallest person who has irrefutable proof?

The name Robert Wadlow appears again and again as the title holder, one which has held for almost a century now.

Robert Wadlow lived from 1918 to 1940 and was measured at an amazing 8′ 11.1″ for his maximum height, which was done only a few weeks before his untimely death.

Compared to his contemporaries he still stood far taller than most other giants in his era. Many tall individuals in other countries would come and meet Wadlow to see him for themselves whether he was as tall as he claim and was often left shocked and amazed that he was honest in his stature.

Taken from the Wikipedia article on him and his life found HERE, we quote this passage about his abnormal growth cycle.

“” His great size and his continued growth in adulthood was due to hypertrophy of his pituitary gland, which results in an abnormally high level of human growth hormone. He showed no indication of an end to his growth even at the time of his death. “”

What is surprising about Wadlow’s case was that he had shown no sign stopping in growing when he died. Unlike most other giants who have suffered from Gigantism (and then Acrogemaly) , his growth seemed to not diminish with age however that could only be because he only lived to be 22. If he had lived to his 40s, which would have been a clear possibility, his growth might have slowed or stopped by then, but he might have reached 10 feet in height by then.

Wadlow’s case is very unique even for giants because it appears that he did not suffer from the normal causes of Gigantism, which is from some form of tumor, benign or malignant, pushing against the pituitary gland thus effectively causing the gland to squeeze out more height growth hormone. His condition reveals that his actualy pituitary gland was what had a condition, due to hypertrophy. Taken from the Wikipedia article on hypertrophy, it is defined as the increase in the volume of an organ or tissue due to the enlargement of its component cells. Thus, there was no foreign object pushing on the gland, but the gland itself which was abnormally large. This would suggest that the gland produced many different forms of hormones in excess, not just HGH and probably would never have decrease in size. As long the pituitary gland keeps secreting the right hormones in excess, the body would still respond by being activated to carry out its functions.

I remember reading an article saying that Wadlow’s hypertrophic pituitary gland prevented even puberty from being activated. Since puberty could not be activated, that means that the long bones would never get the signals to start closing the growth plates and seal the epiphyseal plates.

Overall, we gain two hints on why Wadlow’s case is so unique and why he might have never stopped growing. The first one is because that it was his pituitary gland that was enlarged, not a foreign tumor that was pressing on his gland. The second one is that apparently Wadlow’s pituitary gland was producing so much HGH that the normal process of puberty was completely stopped or delayed. My concluding thoughts are to ask how did the puberty process completely stopped with his endocrine system and whether his condition can ever be reproduced.