Is Kaempferol a potential height increase supplement?

Kaempferol levels were elevated in one study after administration of fructus sophorae extract.  Kaempferol is found in foods like strawberries, grapes, apples, etc.

It is important to note that in the following study ATDC5 cells were involved.  They are not like mesenchymal stem cells in that they are already chondrocyte progenitor cells and are primed for chondrogenesis.

Kaempferol Induces Chondrogenesis in ATDC5 Cells through Activation of ERK/BMP-2 Signaling Pathway.

“Endochondral bone formation occurs when mesenchymal cells condense to differentiate into chondrocytes, the primary cell types of cartilage. We investigated whether kaempferol induces chondrogenic differentiation in clonal mouse chondrogenic ATDC5 cells. Kaempferol treatment stimulated the accumulation of cartilage nodules in a dose-dependent manner. Kaempferol-treated ATDC5 cells stained more intensely with alcian blue staining than control cells, suggesting greater synthesis of matrix proteoglycans in the kaempferol-treated cells. Kaempferol induced greater activation of alkaline phosphatase activity than control cells, and it enhanced the expression of chondrogenic marker genes, such as collagen type I, collagen type X, OCN, Runx2, and Sox9{these are a lot of osteogenic genes too}. Kaempferol induced an acute activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) but not c-jun N-terminal kinase or p38 MAP kinase. PD98059, an inhibitor of MAPK/ERK, decreased in stained cells treated with kaempferol. Furthermore, kaempferol greatly expressed the protein and mRNA levels of BMP-2, suggesting chondrogenesis was stimulated via a BMP-2 pathway. Kaempferol has chondromodulating effects via an ERK/BMP-2 signaling pathway and could potentially be used as a therapeutic agent for bone growth disorders.

Perhaps Kaempferol could be useful for people with existing growth plates as they already have chondroprogenitor cells.

“Cells were treated with kaempferol or insulin for 21 days. ATDC5 cells treated with insulin showed chondrogenic differentiation 7 days after treatment through the condensation of stage cartilage nodules. ATDC5 cells treated with 5 μM of kaempferol showed differentiation similar to the insulin-treated cells, including the development of cartilage nodules “<-So ATDC5 cells are already primed for chondrogenesis with chondroinduction occurring merely with insulin.  Kaempferol however was more chondroinductive than mere insulin.

“phosphorylation of JNK and P38 Kinase did not occur with insulin treatmen. Treatment with 5 μM of kaempferol showed acute activation of ERK kinase after 1.5 h and the phosphorylation of P-38 Kinase was also observed from 1.5 h to 6 h. Similarly, 5 μg/ml of insulin treatment showed activation of ERK kinase and in a similar pattern to kaempferol, suggesting kaempferol has the ability to induce chondrogenic effect via the activation of ERK and P-38 MAPK. Moreover activation of ERK Kinase by Kaempferol and Insulin suggest that Kaempferol can mimic the effects of insulin with regards to activating phosphorylation of the ERK MAP kinase.”<-The phosphorylation of p38 kinase may be responsible for the enhanced chondroinductive effects and any compound that results in the phosphorylation of p38 could have similar chondrostimulatory effects.

“kaempferol affects the synthesis of matrix proteoglycans and the activity of ALP.”

“kaempferol could potentially be used to treat a variety of skeletal diseases, such as dwarfism”<-The authors have more faith in kaempferol than would be inferred from the results of the study.

Perhaps the authors are alluding to the reduction of insulin and replacement of more sources of kaempferol to grow taller during development.  More apples and less bread for taller infants.

There’s no indication that kaempferol could be chondroinductive on adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells however but it could be synergestic with other adult height increase stimulants.

Here’s a patent related to kaempferol:

Nutritional compositions for promotion of bone growth and maintenance of bone health and methods regarding same

“A composition comprising an active ingredient having a therapeutically effective amount of a rosemary plant or rosemary plant extract containing at least one phytochemical having the ability to induce bone morphogenic protein expression.  The phytochemical is selected from the group consisting of eupafolin, carnosol, scutellarein, genkwanin, kaempferol, acacetin and combinations thereof.”

Kaempferol is mostly identified as a BMP-2 stimulant which does have potential height increase effects.

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