Becoming A Scientist To Find A Way To Grow Taller

I thought the recent episode of The Big Bang Theory was a little interesting, with the Melissa Rauch character claiming that she made a life altering decision on which career she wanted to pursue in her life based on a rather deep desire to change her height.

I think a lot of us who have been extremely insecure about our height and wanted to really do something about it at some point made a life altering decision to hopefully find that solution. (There have been a few people on the old Grow Tall Forums and the LSJL forums who have thought about going into medicine or orthopedics specifically to look into that research area). As for others, they just wait, sit back, and hope that someone else will come along and find the solution for them.

I realize that the whole thing should be taken as a joke since it is a TV show but the writers and producers of the show have really focused a lot on the characters making self depreciating jokes about their short stature.

We had previously had made the point that Rauch in real life may have some serious issues against shorter people. Refer to our post Height Challenged, Short Statured “The Big Bang Theory” Star Melissa Rausch Talks About Her Fear Of Short Men And Her Tall Husband“. She might try to play that thing off as a joke, which Conan went along with to be funny and show political correctness, but she is blatantly exhibiting discrimination against a group of men on something which they have no control over.

3 thoughts on “Becoming A Scientist To Find A Way To Grow Taller

  1. Renan

    I want to grow taller because I wanna become a model, but not scientist, –‘, and I don’t have more time to waste, too much time, no results, I give up

  2. John Smith

    I was recently learned that shin splints (runners’ injury that I frequently suffer from) are caused by actual production of true stress fractures. CT scans of the tibias of runners with shin pain show pockets of low bone density appear at the location of pain. This got me thinking of the failed efforts of the shinbone routine. There might have been some truth to the theory.
    But what really caught my eye was the cause of this fracture. Scientists hypothesize that the root cause of shin splints is repeated stress to the bone during running, caused not by straight-on impact, but a slight bending of the bone when it is loaded. If in fact this is the cause, then it might be easier and more effective to attempt to create these fractures by laterally loading the tibia/fibula on one side and thereby causing a bend.
    A routine that I thought of just now:
    – prop up leg and put as much weight (perhaps using ankle weights) as you dare on the elevated tibia/fibia – recreate bowing that cause shin splints
    – follow with hours of ankle weight routine
    – sleep


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