There Is Almost Nothing Left To Say

I think after about 2 years of doing this stuff, writing over a 1000+ articles, I have reached a limit to what I can do through words. Research through reading, and intellectualizing has reached a point, and there is not much else left to take away from the studies. We need to take the research into the lab. That is the only thing to do. This means spending thousands of dollars on buying lab equipment.

I think for a long time, I have been just going in circles, doing a dance of mental masturbation trying to say words which really doesn’t do much good. How many times can I write the words “Chondrocyte” or “Epiphyseal Cartilage” and still make the regular reader and visitor still interested and engaged in what I am saying?

I need to call myself out on my own bullshit, on the cognitive biases that have been making me procrastinate and not taking more action. I will say a hidden idea which so many internet bloggers don’t want to admit

Writing is easy. Blogging is easy. That has been what I was doing for the past year.

Tell me who can’t blog or write? No one. Everyone now have become a writer. Writers have now become sexy. Think Hank Moody from Californation. Even Mathematicians, Photographers, Actors, and Painters write now. I don’t know any famous people these days who haven’t written a book.

Most of the writing produced right now is a rehashed, reformulated idea that already exists said by someone before who was 10X smarter than the new writer. You didn’t create anything new, but just presented the old in a repackaged form. That is called Marketing.

It is deep logical thinking, analysis, and research that is hard. There is almost no writing done, until the idea and new innovation has been fully crystalized and thought through to the end.

Real research and analysis, which goes really deep into the science can say something new, discover something about the universe that was never uncovered before, or invent and create something new. You actually have to think hard. You can’t just be superficial and skim the ocean of knowledge, since everyone else has already done it much better than you. Instead of trying to reach wider, you go deeper. That is called innovation. That is called Engineering.

I do read Tim Ferriss’s blog and the recent post where he talks about the common habit of some pseudo intellectual grad student to rehash someone else’s ideas and claim it as their own is one way to have people go into these circles of ramblings which produce no real world value in output in the end. (Post is available Here).

Nothing Left To Say

Sure, Ferriss is talking about philosophical ramblings made by a grad student in the liberal arts, and I am talking about some grad student in the sciences, which have more of a chance of real world application, but I hope my point is still being made clearly.

Maybe for too long now I’ve been reading too many articles and make connections and theories which are not really founded on solid scientific data. Tyler has accused me on being too superficial in my understanding of the biomolecular details, and that is true. I have not been putting enough effort into understanding the deep science, but just glossing over the abstracts.

I am tired of not making a deep enough dent into the research. We have gotten far, at least further than almost any other amateur research on this matter. We are the only source that publish all of our findings in any English based website. You will not find any other website like this one anywhere else on the internet, at least in English.

This information we release is something that is not available anywhere else, since we actively dig through every source that is available, including patents, scholar papers, articles from the 1800s, clues, hints, Eastern Medicine and Mysticism, and every other avenue. I regularly pay $100 for articles from major Scientific Journals to get to the content, to see what we can find. I have tried to get into contact with researchers from multiple universities to ask them on clarification on their research. We have reached the limit of what is possible right now.

The number topics and ideas I can bring up is finally reaching the real limit. I thought the limit was around 150 at one time. I was wrong about that. Then I thought it would be at 300, I was wrong again. Then I thought there would just be 700 posts. That turned out to be wrong also Now it is over 1200 and this time, I think we are really reaching the end.

There is almost nothing left to say. 

So what is left? I don’t know. I do know that there is still about 50+ old posts I plan to write up, which I never finished, ranging on a variety of fields, from supplements, on related product reviews to biomolecular analysis.

I am not planning on writing another thousand posts like that Geoffrey Arnold guy (who writes for the website The Social Complex and on Reddit) who complains over and over again about heightism, and claims that discrimination against short men is a cultural bias, not based on biology. I don’t believe that heightism is a cultural programmed bias, but based on evolution and biology. He can spent the next 20 years, writing 10,000 more posts showing again and again how short people are discriminated against. I won’t though.

He is the modern day Sisyphus, doomed to be pushing against that rock of other people’s cognitive biases for eternity, fighting his own personal war against a system which won’t change. If it heightism was a cultural thing, yes, maybe after hundreds of years it can be reverse, but if it is biological, he is doomed for failure in the end. There is a difference between persistent and realizing that there is a chance for a light at the end of the tunnel for real change and success, and being stupid, delusional, and pigheaded.

Was I delusional back in the Summer of 2012 for creating this website to look for an answer to make me and everyone else who wanted it to be taller, even though I was already 27? I probably was, because I was in so much pain back then.

Am I still delusional to this idea which most adults/people would say will never work and might call me crazy? No. I am now fully aware of what I am doing. There doesn’t seem to be any easy answers, or solutions. Only the hard ones are left. It only gets harder from this point on, just like life. Over time, life only gets harder and harder, not easier.

However, I know for a fact that I have definitely made the internet a much better place. I call out the scams and the lies going on in this niche. I chose not to create a forum for the website so that there will be much less spam, and no human drama that could erupt between people posting. That is a lesson I learned well from looking at the mistakes of people before me.

I don’t plan to give up, but don’t want to run in circles either. From now on, if I don’t have anything really worthwhile to say, then I won’t say it at all. I want to produce quality, not quantity. 

{Before you spend 100$ on studies you should see if I can get them.  I agree that there research that’s coming out is slow.  There are very few studies directly related to what we’re working on(growing taller) but there is a ton of gene and protein work out there related to growth plates and there’s mechanics.  Maybe we’ve done most of the key studies but we can organize them better and try to make connections between them.  However, I do think it’s time to do more experimentation.  I’m doing my best with LSJL and it’s taking about a month to start noticing bone changes.  I think maybe my calcaneus experimentation, maybe the finger experimentation, maybe building a better clamp for the knee.  Will all be the next steps to find the definitive way to grow taller-Tyler}

6 thoughts on “There Is Almost Nothing Left To Say

  1. Rodrigo

    You did a great job!! The hope never end, maybe, sometimes stop thinking so much about it, is good..
    Just remember a great quote from Einstein..

    “I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.”

    1. Michael

      Hydrogel bone growth.. that looks like it could be a cheaper solution to gaining height as opposed to getting leg lengthening surgery.

      I assume that it would still be painful, because they need a way to get it into your bones.
      It was originally made for repairing bones, so I’m not sure if they’d ever give it to somebody who wanted it for cosmetic gain..

      Although, I am 163cm at 20 yrs old.. if I was at least 12-15 cm taller to be 175-178, I would be extremely happy. I guess it’l take some time.. great find though.


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