How Muscle Tissue Is Lengthened – Bone Lengthening Will Not Be Limited – Breakthrough!

How Muscle Tissue Is Lengthened – Bone Lengthening Will Not Be Limited – Breakthrough!

I have read so many posts and thread on the MMT and LLF discussion boards and so many people keep on suggesting that the real reason why bone lengthening over say 7-8 cm become particularly risky is because the muscle tissue can not be stretched beyond that limit before snapping apart. However, in my recent look back at the stuff that Dr. Dror Paley was working on, it seems that he has been putting the effort in since the early 2000s of looking into how to lengthen muscle tissue effectively. It seems that he might have figured out how to get past the major technical hurdles.

Since at least the 1994 year, Paley with a few collaborators have been applying for grants and getting money to do research on muscle tissue lengthening

Refer to his Curriculum Vitae – Source Here

2/94 – 6/01 – Co-Investigator , ASAMI-North America Grant , Muscle Lengthening , $12,500, Tetsworth K, Paley D, Herzenberg JE, Bhave A

7/98 – 6/03  – Clinical Mentor , National Institutes of Health Award , Effects of Passive Stretch in Skeletal Muscle , $438,574 , De Deyne P, Gonzales-Serratos H, Bloch RJ, Randall WR, Paley D, Herzenberg JE

7/00 – 6/01 – Co-Investigator , POSNA Grant , IGF-1 Gene Therapy of Muscle during Distraction Osteogenesis $14,400 , De Deyne P, Paley D, Herzenberg JE
J Orthop Res. 1999 Jul;17(4):560-70. – Muscle regeneration and fiber-type transformation during distraction osteogenesis. – De Deyne PG1, Hayatsu K, Meyer R, Paley D , Herzenberg JE.

It seems that Paley (along with most orthopedic surgeons with their decades of knowledge) seems to realize that the compound seems to have some type of muscle lengthening effect. That sort of makes sense when one thinks about how it is possible that the muscle striations keep up in lengthen with the lengthening of the bones during puberty, and especially when the person suffers from excess growth hormone stimulation and release.

If we remember the basics on IGF-1, it is a compound very similar to Insulin in the body which an activate and bind to the insulin receptor. That receptor supposedly would set off a cascade of molecular biological pathways which eventually causes the compound known as mTOR to stimulate muscle creation.

All those grants that Paley filed for to do research on was more than a full decade ago. The results of those projects would have been read and understood in their implications by Paley for over a decade.

Now, my focus for the last 2 years has been on bone tissue and cartilage tissue. That is what I know the best. I don’t know enough about the other types of connective tissue in the body, like ligaments, tendons, or muscles.

However, what I am taking away from the CV of Paley is that he has been trying to see how effective it is to get injections of IGF-1 to stimulate muscles growth

One might then ask the question, “What exactly do you mean by muscle growth?”

There is only so many strands of muscle tissue in the human body. Exercise makes the strands of muscle thicker. It doesn’t increase the number of muscle strands in any part of the local area of the body. The real question is to ask, “when I am referring to the fact that IGF-1 is injected into the body for muscle growth, does it only mean it makes the strands of muscles thicker? or does it mean that the muscles also get longer too?

Based on Paley’s grants, it seems that IGF-1 is probably just one of many chemical compounds which can make the muscle tissues longer.

At this time, I would say that muscle tissue is much easier to lengthen than bone tissue, even though its intrinsic nature is elastic, which suggests that even though it may be easier to lengthen, it would just as easily contract and become shorter. It is the addition of compounds like IGF-1 which makes the muscles longer.

The main thing I am trying to show is that the limitation set for and stated by so many people over the limitations of distracting bones to lengthen them should in theory be no much of a problem.

As you lengthen the bone using the metal distractors, the muscles are lengthened concurrently by injections of certain muscle tissue stimulating chemical compounds.


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