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Relaxin UpdateI do read the comments people leave on the website. Most of those, I don’t respond back, because the person would not put any effort in asking a real question that was worth even thinking about. Only rarely does someone actually write something which is even long enough and technical enough for me to take notice. If you want to get an answer or a response, put some time and real effort in leaving a message. Asking me for a free E-book or a program doesn’t do it.

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Something that the regular readers have said was the desire on an update on the breakthrough chemical which I mentioned in the post “The Chemical That Would Make Adults Grow Taller Has Been Found – Game Changing Post!“. The claim is that I don’t seem to ever dig deep enough on certain ideas that I share. Well, I will give you the reader an update. I have my personal life and professional life to deal with. This website and project has always been a work of love.

For some background, in that post before I had theorized that this chemical known as Relaxin is the most interesting chemical to ever be found by me or Tyler, and it does have height increasing effects for adults with ossified physis cartilage. How is that even possible? It doesn’t regrow a new growth plate,  but can cause the ligaments and muscles in the area to increase in flexibility. Just like how going to a chiropractor might lead to one having the back readjusted and leading to a height increase for a short time, the lengthening of ligaments in the joint areas of the body will also lead to some level of body lengthening. Not only that, there are receptors in the chondrocyte in growth plates and bone tissue. which respond to the relaxin protein.

In that previous post, I had said that a Dennis Stewart from Bas Medical had been willing to spend around $5,000 to file a patent for this idea, of using Relaxin to remodel bone sutures and in that Patent (refer back to that post) it was claimed that a local injection of relaxin to the growth plate-bone area would result in as much as 30 cm of bone length increase (12 inches).

I am quite certain that over 50,000 readers have already seen that post. Some have gone ahead and looked further into this chemical, to find out what they could from it. One commenter said that relaxin is something humans should avoid taking due to the possibilities of “gynecomastia, hyperestrogenism and most likely CANCER”. Others have shown that it would be very hard, if not impossible to get this compound.

For the claim that this compound is possibly carcinogenic, that is a definite possibility. When I was doing research on PTHrP, the chemical was also shown to allow single cells to proliferate at a high rate which would be considered carcinogenic. However, that is the problem with this type of research. Any compound that can extend the natural limit of cell life or cell proliferation is doing the exact same thing as cancer cells. We are in essence trying to push past the natural growth phase of the human organism. That is why it is highly likely that the chemicals which we claim can increase the limit of chondrocyte proliferation would also have cancer-stimulating effects. Any form of cure or vaccine in large doses will turn poisonous and harmful. They are the exact same thing, just different sides of the same coin.

So here is what I was able to find out, although I have not been putting too much effort into it.

Refer to the Patents below (Note: a Samuel Yue was the patent inventor of 2 of the 3 patents)…

  1. By administering relaxin and glucosamine sulfate to treat osteodegenerative dysfunction in a patient with joint and hip pain; administering relaxin and estrogen to treat alzheimer’s (Patent # US 6251863 B1)
  3. Spinal stabilization treatment methods for maintaining axial spine height and sagital plane spine balance (Patent # US 20090093852 A1)

From the 1st patent…

“…Relaxin’s effect on connective tissues during late pregnancy has been well-documented. Relaxin improves the integrity of the connective tissues, maintains the elasticity and circulation of the skin, sustains the youthful and radiant appearance of the face, increases hair and nail growth, and stimulates other changes during pregnancy….Fibromyalgia patients who receive relaxin supplements report a significant decrease of muscle tightness, increased range of motion in their joints, and decreased stiffness of the ligaments and tendons surrounding the joints….relaxin supplements will be given to these individuals who suffer congenitally (probably secondary to borderline deficit of relaxin) from tight muscles, ligaments and tendons to restore the flexibility of the joints and eliminate or arrest the osteodegenerative disease of the joints”

“…Therefore, the production of the collagen by the chondrocytes is facilitated by relaxin. Good quality collagen is produced in the presence of relaxin, which binds with proteogylcan to form strong resilient cartilage. Together with the deactivation of the collagenase by the glucosamine sulfate, homeostasis of the cartilage regeneration and degeneration are maintained and the joint is returned to its formal healthy state. Accordingly, relaxin enhances the effect of glucosamine sulfate in retarding and restoring osteodegenerative changes of the joints.”

I once claimed that almost any type of chemical that an help with treating the pain associated with osteoarthritis or cartilage degeneration has a potential height increasing effect to it as well, after doing research on the effects of Harpagoside on arthritis. It is also known as Devil’s Claw.

It seems that this first patent shows that when you combine Relaxin with Glucosamine Sulphate together, the effect on people suffering from both Osteo-degenerative disease and Fibromyalgia is quite large and profound.

For the regular readers, I am sure that they are fully aware that besides Relaxin, Glucosamine Sulphate was probably the other chemical that was the best option for people interested in growing taller. Glucosamine Sulphate and Relaxin have been the two compounds which was discovered with the highest level of success for adult height increase, even though the affect may more often be just decreased pain in the joint.

In a later section, the patent also shows that Relaxin can be used to stop the onset of osteoporosis, revealing that it is also a bone mineral density stimulant. So it has two effects 1) Combines with Glucosamine Sulphate to treat osteoarthritis and 2) Helps treat Osteoporosis.

From the 3rd Patent

This patent itself was an idea on how to restore the height lost from a compression on the vertebrate bones. The section of the patent where it mentions the use of relaxin in this height increasing invention/technique is where it mentions the different types of muscle relaxers which can be used.

“Other important considerations in the procedure are the state of the patient’s spine at the time of the procedure. For example, if the procedure is performed in the morning, as opposed to latter in the day, the patient may end up with a different height, as disc height is greatest in the morning after a night of sleep due to increased fluid intake, and decreases with axial loading throughout the day. As such, in some embodiments at least the disc treatment portions of the procedure may be performed in the morning shortly after awakening to facilitate increased height of disc fill, for example. This aspect is further refined by the addition of pre-procedure muscle relaxation with intravenous or intramuscular injection of approved pharmaceuticals, e.g., robaxin, skelaxin, soma, etc. In other embodiments, use of paralyzing agents with general anesthesia may be used for more rigid or stiff patients. Use of SSEP (Somatosensory evoked potential) monitoring may be employed to protect the patient against over distraction or correction, elongation or shortening of the spine resulting in spinal cord injury or other nerve injury.”

“To this end, traction, bracing, suspension, inversion tables, therapy, muscle relaxants, chiropractic adjustments, etc. may be used to advantageously place the spine in the desired position prior to the procedure, at Block 112. Moreover, medication such as ligament relaxors (e.g., relaxin) may also be used to achieve natural elongation of the spine before the procedures, and after as well, to achieve the desired axial height increase/stability.

Various combinations of traction, stretching, operating room or office machines, tables, and other equipment may be used. In some embodiments it may be beneficial for patients to have manipulation manually of the spine before procedures to increase height of the disc, hydrate the disc, as well as enzymatically or surgically remove parts of a damaged disc or other anatomical components (e.g., bone) in preparation for the procedure.”

It seems that the person who wrote up this patent fully realized that relaxin, as a type of ligament relaxor, can be used to naturally elongate the spine.

Later in the patent, I quote this section below….

“In another example, a 45-year-old man, who is 5 feet 4 and has always desired greater height, asks his doctor if there is any way to “safely” be taller. The patient would enter index determination, pre-procedure stretching, traction medical muscle and/or ligament relaxor treatment, etc. After a desired elongation (e.g., 1-2 inches) through this pre-treatment, an early morning procedure may be performed to stabilize the appropriate anatomic structures, namely disc and facet joints, and interspinous ligaments (but not vertebral bodies) to maintain this increased height gain. If at some later point in his life it is determined that he is at risk for fractures, then the vertebral bodies could be subsequently stabilized.”

This patent almost states in very simple, elementary school level terms that a 45 year old man can use Relaxin in a program to increase his height by 1-2 inches, combined with stretching, traction, and the actual surgical treatment. Sure, there is always the surgical part, but with a slight implant, you would end up maybe 1.5 inches taller after just 3 days of hospital stay. Much, much faster than any type of limb lengthening surgery today.

Another idea on how to decompress the height of the discs I refer to in the following… “If a patient has spinal stenosis, then the vertebral bodies would be turned into magnets and then manipulated into distraction to stretch the disc, neuroforamina and hence indirectly decompress the nerves.”

From the 2nd patent….

“…Relaxin is well known as an agent for remodelling the reproductive tract via collagen remodelling before parturition, thereby facilitating the birth process….Relaxin is known to increase in peripheral plasma 7-10 days after the midcycle surge of luteinizing hormone and continues to rise to over 800 pg/ml by three weeks if conception occurred. During pregnancy, relaxin levels peak at the 10th week and are maintained at about 500 pg/ml for the remainder of the pregnancy…During pregnancy, relaxin remodels the reproductive tract which includes ripening of the cervix, thickening of the endometrium of the uterus, increasing vascularization of the uterus, and affecting collagen synthesis to cause ligaments and connective tissue to elongate and relax.”

“The relaxin hormone will alleviate these conditions since relaxin acts to effect collagen formation and collagen remodellingRelaxin will alleviate the generalized pain and tenderness by elongating muscles and accentuating joint laxity by remodelling connective tissue (e.g ligaments, tendons, bone, etc.) via collagen changes. This expected effect is based on many studies that have observed that pregnant women have elongated pelvic area muscles, and increased joint laxity resulting from the remodelling effect induced by relaxin

Note two very important things that this inventor Samuel K. Yue has stated.

  1. Relaxin causes connective tissue to elongate and relax
  2. Relaxin elongates muscles and joint laxity by remodelling connective tissue like bones through collagen changes.

Do we not remember one of the first few things we ever learned about cartilage and bone tissue?

  1. Cartilage is made from collagen type II, 
  2. Bone is made from hydroxyapatite calcium crystals which give it compressive strength and then collagen (Maybe type I and type III) which gives it tensile strength. 

If the effect of relaxin is mainly on causing collagen changes, then it changed the tensile strength of the bones which have relaxin receptors. One may not have any more growth plate cartilage to elongate, but if the collagen in the bones are temporarily being decomposed by a relaxin-collagenase type effect, then the tensile strength of bones may be dramatically reduced for a short time during pregnancy.

Even today, I got another message to the website from some woman who says that she grew 1 inch from pregnancy.

Grow Taller Pregnant

This Lauren women who seems to be an alumni from Baylor writes the following in the clipped picture above.

“A few months into my pregnancy I noticed that my sister and mother didn’t seem quite as tall. I Told them I think I am growing and they agreed. I am 8 mo pregnant and measuring almost 1″ taller than the 5′ 5″ I started out at. I’m 27yrs old and didn’t really expect to grow anymore, but I’m not complaining.”

Of course, we are talking about bones here, which have a really high strength. If might be that instead of the relaxin causing the tensile strength of bone to temporarily drop, some other connective joint area of the body was loosened. That would make more sense because evolutionarily speaking, it doesn’t make sense to make a pregnant females pelvis and femur weaker while at the same time having the unborn baby hanging down on the stomach. The pregnant women, being bipedal, when standing up would collapse with weak leg bones.

Of course, then we have to add in the fact that during pregnancy, the level of calcium in the pregnant mother drops too.

Maybe the combined effect of both the calcium being transferred from the mother to the baby and then the effect of relaxin changing the level of collagen in the bones means that the bones just might be weak enough (with both a compressive and tensile strength decrease) that lying down in bed for most of the time and eating a lot of ice cream means that the female body can have the bones weak enough for a slight bit of elongation.

I refer the reader to this website of a Trinity Mills Chiropractor Clinic (website here). They write the following…

“Pregnant women commonly are more flexible due to the hormone relaxin that the body produces to make the pelvis more flexible in preparation for childbirth.  Although these are relatively harmless causes, hypermobility can also be an indication of more serious underlying diseases.  Marfan’s syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are associated with hypermobility.  Hypermobility can also contribute to the development of osteoarthritis”

For the regular readers, they might remember that I wrote posts about Ehler’s Danlos syndrome before, and that was because certain females who suffer from Ehler’s Danlos syndrome in their later adult years noticed height increase as well. As for Marfan’s Syndrome, that is also associated with tall stature, due to the connective tissue becoming more elongated. It seems that relaxin has the same type of physiological effect as Ehler’s Danlos and Marfans. It causes the connective tissue to stretch out, and in doing so, the overall person’s body ends up taller.

So does this mean that the chemical relaxin has a chance of making adults with closed growth plates end up taller?

Yes, and that is only said with maybe a 65% confidence level. This research I am doing, it is amateur level at best, since I don’t have a team with me, and I have to collect anecdotal evidence from around the internet. There has been over 20 females who have come forth that I have found which claim that their height changed due to pregnancy. All the physiological steps which would allow for such a thing points to relaxin’s handy work. There is a chance to get the same effect, we also need to have a calcium transfer as well to weaken the bones (ie female pregnancy).

This compound has a synergistic effect combined with Glucosamine Sulphate for symptoms of osteoarthritis, and it has been referenced in patents which were created for a height increasing technique, although surgical in nature. The patent filer explicitly states that you can elongate the spine using this chemical. It has connective tissue remodeling abilities, and I would suspect from the Patent by Dennis Stewart that it is on both cartilage and bone types.

Some people do claim otherwise, like the poster who said “if this method would really work – some people would already made business out of it, and selling the product and injecting it in people for increasing hight.

That is always the first thing a person who doesn’t believe that a new technique is theoretically possible would say. However, do they realize just how much money and time it takes to bring a new medical technique or drug into the market these days? It costs around $500 Mil just to bring a drug which can lower our cholesterol into the market. Even if we showed all the technical theory was accurate and viable, it would still take over $1 Bil to bring this technique to the mass market, which would be years in the making. It is a huge gamble for the large companies.

Plus, they don’t realize just how difficult it is to get this compound. It is extraordinarily expense. The pregnant female will obviously get it for free though. In addition, the actual effects of using it will vary greatly. For just 1mg of this compound, it would cost a person maybe $100,000 and that doesn’t guarantee that it is enough to have any type of big effect on the collagen level of the bones.  I do want to thank some commenter who showed that Novartis bought the rights to make a synthetic version of Relaxin Type 2, known as Serelaxin, RLX030. We as non-medical professionals or chemical lab researchers won’t be allowed to legally get this drug. However, I am sure that with enough money, can get some lab in India or China to make it.

5 thoughts on “Update Post On The Breakthrough Chemical Relaxin For Bone Remodeling

  1. French_Researcher

    There are, in fact, a lot of opportunities to get the famous relaxin-2 peptide.

    But there are different types of “sources” on the web that are not equal in terms of quality.

    Some professional websites like phoenixpeptide.com, abcam.com or sigmaaldrich.com sell the compound to laboratories around the world. The peptide was sequenced and synthesized on demand in quality laboratories recognized for certain standards.
    But the price is accordingly also !

    (http://www.phoenixpeptide.com/catalog/pnxfoget.php?id=pnxnews_000000340&title=Compound&sum=Function ; http://www.abcam.com/human-relaxin-2-protein-fragment-ab63227.html et http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/sigma/srp3147?lang=fr&region=FR)

    Expect several hundred dollars to a few dozen mcg (yes, only MCG ! ).
    About $250 to 25mcg Recombinant Relaxin-2 (rh Relaxin-2) in general.

    The second solution for us could be to look to such websites as “Research Chemicals”.

    Many of these sites are well known by athletes and particularly bobybuilders seeking to obtain growth factors peptides (IGF-1 Lr3, IGF-1 DES (1-3), MGF, ghrelin analogs and other GHRPs).

    Among these undergrounds websites, there are some that offer the human relaxin-2 at extremely low prices.

    Including memory:
    http://www.progenpeptide.com offering the 5mg (yes, MG) of human relaxin-2 at only $50

    In the same kind of underground laboratories, it has also:

    http://www.geopeptides.com proposing the 5 mg vial at $47.50


    axiopeptides.com offering the vial at the same price

    I’m not sure of the quality of Relaxin-2 in these sites.

    Many friends bodybuilders have used IGFs like growth factors home with random results.

    Regarding ghrelin analogues (GHRH) and GHRPs (Ipamorelin, CJC with DAC without DAC etc ..), they are often of good quality.
    The same for the melanotrope peptides (Melanotan I and II).

    So there is a chance that some compounds are of high quality. The danger is to test just by being not sure of what we are injected into the body ..

    I suspect all these websites to provide powder (peptides RAWS) in one place. Surely in Chinese companies that synthesize powder KG see TONS and sell at a discount. Finally to sell under the title “USA made”.
    Busines is business. Even in research chemicals domain.

    If some are testing the compounds, give your feedback !

  2. Julius

    Wanted to say this to the admin: your adience isn’t scientists I’m afraid but we all appreciate what you’re doing immensely. I’m sorry if some commets come of as dismissive or ignorant but you are the only one doing this kind of research and that puts a lot of preassure on you from all us who are rooting for you.

    It’s a lot of work and it might not amount to much yet but as long as you keep trying that is enough for most of us.

  3. bobislaw

    i have someone who would be able to synthesise this for me at clinical grade, what would be the best research dose, thinking of injecting into joints prior to a rolfing session..?

  4. Humza

    You can all fuck off your all liars especially Julius the wanker he made me buy growth factor plus and it did work I never even got taller an inch so julius your a big wanker and a liar and if you got balls I can fight you anytime?


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