New Experimental LSJL routine

Here’s the old routine and I am still doing that but I’m adding something else.

I was looking through some old LSJL studies and I noticed an interesting image.


knee loading image

This image is from the study Mechanical Intervention for the Maintenance of Cartilage Bone which is not a bone lengthening study but still pertinent.  You’ll note that the loading does not appear to be strictly on the lateral side of the knee but on the diagonal so the top and bottom of the knee is getting loaded a bit as well.

Here’s a mouse and rat knee:
mouse and rat knee

Here’s the explanatory text: “MRI images of a rat (Wistar) and mouse (C57BL/6) knee joint. (A) 3D spin echo MR image (117 × 114 × 144 μm) of a rat knee ex vivo displaying the anatomical landmarks of the articular joint: a = femur condyle, b = tibia, c = patella, d = patellar ligament, e = meniscus, f = articular cartilage and g = intrapatellar fat pad. (B) Histological image of the knee joint. The MR images provided an excellent visualisation of the rat knee anatomy, with detailed observations on the subchondral bone and in the articular synovial space. (a, b, c, d) Sequential fast spin echo multi-slices images (axial views from proximal to palmar) from the proximal region of the mouse knee (512 × 512 μm). The MR images displayed the bones of the area of knee joint (1 = patella; 2 = femur; 3, 3′ = femur condyles), providing good views of the subpatellar region and the synovial cavity (see arrows). Images acquired in a 9.4-T Varian scanner (Varian, Inc., Oxford, UK) with 100 G/cm gradient coils and a Rapid bird-cage RF coil. ”  You can also see that the patella has a position relatively close to the growth plate.

Mice and rats do have patellas.

Here’s the image of the loading under Lengthening of Mouse Hindlimbs with Joint Loading which is a lengthening study:
lengthening of mousehindlimbs
On the right diagram you can see that the patella is loaded as well.  What is on either side of the growth plate?  Bone and bone.  What is on the other side of the knee joint?  Bone and bone.  Loading bone directly against bone may have a unique response.

I gained in height initially but not so much lately but I have been gaining in wingspan.  On that post I reported a wingspan of 74.5″ but lately I’ve been getting closer to 75″.

Notice something about the elbow joint:
elbow xray

Lots of potential for bone on bone contact.

Now notice the knee joint from a lateral view:

lateral knee xray

Not much potential for bone on bone contact unless you load the fibula or patella.

I found evidence that my right metacarpal grew longer than my left but so much the other parts of the bone.  My left side was longer than my right before so growth may even be more than as noted.  Growth was about 0.8% of Right metacarpal versus left.  An 0.8% increase in height would be about half an inch.

What do you notice about the palm of hand bones(which includes the metacarpal) versus the finger bones?
hand xray

Much more bone on bone action.    I clamped the palm of my hand close to the index finger metacarpal.  I’ll have to post an image of how I did it next post.  But according to my theory the index finger grew from the thumb bone pressing down on it then my middle finger bone should’ve grown from the index finger pushing down.

Also, if you look at my first method for performing LSJL when I did initially gain length:


initial LSJL

I generated force like this and this would press the fibula against the tibia.  The reason gains begin to cease is that my ability to increase force was limited with this whereas clamping can generate much more force.

Interestingly I did not any results on ankle loading producing lengthening which gives me theory credence and Hiroki Yokota stated that he did not study it.

So expect some images of how I’m going to explore this theory and some studies on bone against bone(with tissue in between) especially loading against a growth plate region like patella against the femur.

7 thoughts on “New Experimental LSJL routine

    1. Vinayak

      Hey am new to this…but i have been reading rigorously and understood quite a bit….
      Can the volkmans canals in the cortical bone somehow release dilute acids and then absorb most of the hydroxyapatite and then by some means create cartilage out of the collagen left over ?… i know this question might be obscure…but please reply. Thank you.

  1. Charie

    Tell me, if increasing height in one CM is a true adventure, how are you planning to help people with a height increase method?

    Wouldn’t be a better idea to support biomed research? Height seekers could do it possible and it would be a safer way to grow taller (I mean, it’s more likely that it will exist a height increase treatment with research, and not with nonsense experiments).

    1. Tyler Post author

      I’ve tried talking to biomed guys and they only tend to answer very straightforward questions directly relating to their field of study.

      And it would be very difficult to do homemade studies on rats and mice. Doing everything right would be every expensive and would hemorrage money with mistakes if an expert is not hired.


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