Review On The P3 Portable Back Stretcher From Teeter Hang Ups

Review On The P3 Portable Back Stretcher From Teeter Hang Ups

P3 Portable Back Stretcher

About a year ago I started to search online to find if there were any devices sold on Amazon or Walmart which would have the ability to stretch out the back and decompress the spine. This idea of just stretching out the back, or most specifically the lower back area, was one way which I believed would be effective in treating certain types of back pain as well as increase height. For years the idea of using something like a simple traction machine was promoted by many people in the community as effective.

Product Specifications

  • It is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum making it lighter and easy to transport
  • It realigns your spine and improve your posture by stretching the entire skeleton from the shoulder blades to the ankles
  • Relieves back pain & increase the flexibility of the joints too.
  • Contoured foot supports secure the ankles into position
  • Commonly lengthens skeleton by 1 to 1-1/2 inches to increase flexibility
  • Folds to 20 x 11.5 x 3.5 inches (W x H x D)
  • Total weight: 5.5 pounds
  • You adjust it by pushing firmly with hands on the leverage handles
  • Entire kit includes a DVD instructional video with five 10-15 minute healthy back exercises.
  • Decompresses the discs to re-hydrate for better shock absorption and reduced back pain.

The P3 Portable Back Stretcher is Available From Here

Full Review

As a person who is now in my late 20s and almost 30, I have noticed certain types of muscle soreness in my lower back area. In fact, about 5 years ago when I was actively swimming a lot and stretching to gain height, I bought myself another type of product by Teeter Hang Ups, an inversion table, from the local Dick’s Sporting Goods Store. It was great since I had some success. Now, I wanted to look back at these devices, for both back pain relief and effectiveness in increasing height.

This product was the first one that we found. This product which is sold as the “Teeter Hang Ups P3 Portable Back Stretcher” is probably the first product which we found which blatantly states that it can increase the height of a person who uses the machine by a certain limit.

So does it make you taller from stretching out your bones?

The exact phrase that the sellers use in the product specifications states the following “Commonly lengthens skeleton by 1-1.5 Inches…”. If it works on the skeleton, it is stretching the person who plans to use it slightly past which is considered possible if they just did stretching of the back themselves. We’ve seen only a small handful cases of people who have managed to stretch themselves past even half an inch. The maximum I’ve heard of from any case was 3 cms, but that is only 1.25 Inches. This product is claiming to be able to do even more, upwards of 4 cms.

The problem is not that it doesn’t work, or that it give us what they promise. Based on what we’ve seen with rolfing, it is most likely work in giving at least 1 cm of increase in height if an adult uses it consistently for over 3 months.

What about back pain? Does it help treat back pain?

As for the back pain, it probably would have more success. However, with almost all traction devices, the pain it relieves could mean that it might cause a physiological change which would mean that the back can be adjusted so that the pain could be much worst if the problem is aggravated over again in a later time. We do believe that this product can treat back pain, but realigning the spine/vertebrate.

However, we have to be very careful on what type of pain we are trying to treat. There are some back pain where using a traction device would have no effect. Make sure that one understands that tensile loading the IVDs (intervertebral discs) would have a beneficial effect of pain relief and consult a medical specialist, or at least a chiropractor.

So whether you are trying to treat back pain through disc decompression or looking for other benefits, this type of portable back stretcher called the P3 from Teeter Hang Ups has a good chance that it would work.

So what do other people think of this back stretching device?

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Note: There are two purposes to start doing product reviews like this, one of which is to see how effective and viable are the devices in stretching out the skeleton to increase height, and the other is to get some extra income from the website. I plan to now start doing a reviews on maybe a few dozen back stretching and IVD decompression products I’ve found on Walmart, Amazon, and other Health Related major websites to get some extra affiliate income stream going.

One thought on “Review On The P3 Portable Back Stretcher From Teeter Hang Ups

  1. Mr. T

    I have personally used this device back when I was in early 20s… I forgot the exact age and year but I do remember I used it consistently for like 3 ~ 4 month and at best, it gave me like ~1 cm increase but it was temporary. The device broke off somewhere and I stopped using it, sold it to someone who wanted the defunct device. The ~1 cm that I gained disappeared and I was back to my original height. My guess is that you have to use this consistently for at least a year in my opinion for the gains to stay permanent. It’s something worth looking at if spinal increase is your interest. It might be good for people who are still at growing age (teen years) to maximize their height and posture.


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