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Electromagnetic Stimuli and Resonance Frequency Vibrations For Tissue Transdifferentiation

Electromagnetic Stimuli and Resonance Frequency Vibrations For Tissue Transdifferentiation

Tissue TransdifferentiationI was recently listening to this episode where a person went on the radio to talk about how the late Nikola Tesla proclaimed that most of the universe’s hidden secrets can be found if a person would approach his analysis through the lens of looking at the world from a perspective of it being electromagnetic stimuli, energy, frequencies, and vibrations. The most famous quote to this claim was “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla.

When I think back to this claim, I feel that there is probably more and more evidence that the proclamation is right. I remember back during my undergraduate days studying the higher level of classical mechanics. Beyond say the introductory physics course where we are asked to solve for different variables using the ideas of forces and momentums, it is possible to be much more mathematically elegant to solve the same problems using the principle of just energy alone.

For example, the Lagrangian formulation/interpretation of solving the problems of classical mechanics can be done on the principle of finding the path for the state or motion of least action. At the core of this entirely new approach on calculating say the motion of movement of a system being studied is the Langrangian Function which is really just the sum of the kinetic energy and the potential energy, either from a set initial point to an end point, or a set initial time point to a end time point. The function is L=T+V. The letter T represents the total kinetic energy of the system and the letter V represents the total potential energy of the system. What you get eventually is a large 2nd order differential equation you have to simply and solve for the value you are looking for. We obviously are not going to get into the mathematics of any physics in this post, but just explain the principles using words.

In addition, here is something known as the action of the system (S), which is defined in words to be “The summation of the Langragian function over time from an initial time point to an end time point” aka calculus integral function. The goal when you are solving a system is to figure out which path or state of the system would minimize that S.

One of the main reasons why this way of calculating motions, states, and other variables of the system is that by using just the principle of energy (Kinetic plus Potential) we don’t have to worry about the transition from one cartesian coordinate system into another. Remember that the original Newtonian way to calculate forces and motion required that you use the concept of vectors, which had a standard 3 parts to it. With this way, you can calculate out a single value with a single numerical value or symbol instead of having it in 3 parts.  For more information on what the hell I am talking about Click Here.

Getting back to the Main Point…

Beyond just giving a short explanation on physics, what I am hoping to show the reader is that the principle of energy can often be used to explain away phenomena as well as be used as a tool to solve problems which might be too hard in another approach.

In the same way, we can use the idea of waves, vibrations, frequency, and vibrations to explain certain phenomena that say using the traditional approach. Remember what happened in the Double Slit Experiment. A light source was shined through some type of solid pain with two parallel slits. You are looking at the wall or the surface behind the pane and if you see interference then the phenomena that is first reaches the pane has characteristics of a wave. The ramifications of the experiment showed that wave phenomena has properties of both wave and particles. This implied that particles (at least the very small ones) have characteristics of waves as well. Since we are using principles of frequency, wavelength, etc. to describe what could be considered another area of physics, we could use intuitive reasoning to extrapolate this idea that all phenomena could be explained using a waves and vibrations view of the dynamics of the universe. If that is the case, then maybe we could use waves and vibration stimuli to solve many engineering problems as well as medical problems.

What I am overall trying to get at is that maybe the simplest way to induce a statistically impossible biological process to happen, all we need to do is figure out what is the optimum level of energy or frequency, what is the right type of energy or stimuli to use, and what location we need to use it on.

When I look back at all of the ideas I have proposed over the last two years on how we might be able to get bones to grow again, I have gone through almost every single idea. Here is a list of most the types of stimuli I have looked into.

In my most recent seminal post about using a combination of silver acupuncture needles as a form of electrode to transmit a very small intensity level of Direct Current to stimulate cartilage and the periosteum to increase their size, I had used over a dozen old studies and citations of experiments done by researchers from back in the 80s to validate the concept. The PEMF technology I described would work with around 95% confidence in over its efficacy.

That post was Electromagnetic Stimuli Will Increase Ossification and Make Bones Longer, Big Breakthrough!

Function GeneratorI had previous showed that it might be possible to induce the bones to increase the rate of endochondral ossification with something as simple as a Function Generator or even a TENS Unit which often cost less than $100.

Take a look at the older post Do We Use A TENS Electronic Pulse Massager or A Function Generator?

At this point I have no clue what could be the biomolecular reason why sending something as simple as a pulsed electrical signal at a signal could induce human tissue of all varieties to have some type of effect. If we actually think about it, it should make perfect sense. Just think about what actually makes the human brain (or any brain) work anyway. The fundamental unit of the nervous system is the neuron, a nerve cell. (Sure you have stuff like the Ganglia but that is not the point.) The whole point of the neuron is to have the dendrites on the neuron cell body to integrate (add up over the surface) all of the biochemical signal into a type of voltage potential. When all the built up potential reached in the neuron to a certain threshold, an electrical current is fired from the cell down the axon, to the tips, which are close to the dendrites of other neurons.

The same can be said for the human heart. If we remember our introductory CPR class, the whole reason for pushing in a rhythmic fashion on the chest is to get the heart to beat again, so that the heart can act as a type of biological pump to push the blood through the vessels around the entire body to feed the tissues who always need ATP. When the Paramedics (or EMT) first gets to a body of a person who is not responding and/or unconscious, they check to see if they are breathing and has a pulse. The indication of a pulse, means that the heart in the person’s body is at least doing its job of pumping the blood, nutrients, minerals, and oxygen around to sustain the cells and tissues. If the heart stops, there is no pulse.

ElectrocardiographyThe heart operates actually on a very clear rhythm of electrical signal. For the people who have ever had an ECG (Electrocardiography) done, they have probably been told that what is being measured is the electrical signal that is coming from the heart beating. If there is some type of irregularity in the heartbeats, this is known as arrhythmia. To correct for it most people get some type of internal Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator. If however the person is already on the ground, most emergency rescue personnel with some type of advanced life support (ALS) or basic life support training (BLS) will use some type of portable external defibrillators to reset the rhythm of the heart beating. What we are trying to say is that at the most basic level, our most important internal organs, the brain and heart, both operate on electrical current.

In one of my most recent posts Tyler said that what I was proposing, the changing of the bone tissue into cartilage tissue would be cell transdifferentiation. I countered to point out that if we are trying to regenerate epiphyseal growth plate cartilage tissue from bone tissue, it would not be enough. Even if we could do the transdifferentiation step, we still have to figure out what to do about the other biological, molecular, organic, and nonorganic material in the extracellular matrix of the bone. We might not need to worry about some organic and biological compounds like the collagen and proteins but we do have to worry about the inorganic compounds and minerals. The most common problem would be the Calcium Hydroxyapatite crystals which is the mineral that is causing the bones to become so strong and have such a high level of compression strength.

There are two things we have to induce.

  1. Changing the terminally differentiated osteoblasts and osteoclasts into chondrocytes
  2. Removing the minerals and inorganic compounds in the bone composition that causes the defining characteristic and properties of bone tissue.

However, it would probably be much easier to do the 2nd process. We have already shown in previous posts that using something as simple as Vinegar (Ascetic Acid) covering bone would be enough to chelate the hard minerals. This is known as bone decalcification. The hard part would be the first part.

How do we turn one type of cell into another?

The basic idea proposed by Dr. Robert Becker from his book (which I am still reading) shows that besides say the red blood cells which have no nucleus and the gametes which have just have the number of chromosomes, most cells in the human body does have dormant genes which are no longer turned on beyond a certain stage in prenatal development of child growth. How and why those genes are not turned on has not been figured out yet. What this suggest to some of us hopefuls is that idea that maybe using some type of stimuli, which I propose in this post to be electromagnetic or vibrational wave in nature, targeted in the right way could reactivate those genes again. If the same gene or microRNA in enough cells are activated, it might mean that we can get transdifferentiation to work and get one cell to possibility turn of the trigger causing them to become bone cells and turn on the one causing them to directly turn into cartilage cells aka chondrocytes.

I suspect that we might be able to use pulsing electrical stimuli or some type of ultrasonic high frequency, low intensity waves to stimulate the cells to go through transdifferentiation in an non-invasive approach similar to how using the MR Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery works.

Electromagnetic Stimuli Will Increase Ossification and Make Bones Longer, Big Breakthrough!

Electromagnetic Stimuli Will Increase Ossification and Make Bones Longer, Big Breakthrough!

Electromagnetic Stimuli Will Increase OssificationNote #1: I will be doing a podcast episode specifically about this post because it is so influential. There will be a lot of name dropping (sorry about that) and for all of you guys out there doing serious research just like me and Tyler, help out the cause and look into the links and studies which I will link below. I am just one person and research all of the leads. In some ways we ARE detective, trying to piece together puzzles to figure out what all of the data and study results actually mean. You can check out all of the older podcast episodes by CLICKING HERE!

Note #2: There is actually a section on Biological Immortality in this post. I will go into a little bit of detail on that as well to show that in my own quest to figure out how to grow taller, I might have also accidentally stumbled upon another interesting scientific endeavor, which is to figure out the mechanisms on how biological immortality is possible..

Articles like this don’t come every day, and this post I feel will be one of the most important posts I have ever written for the website, if not the biggest in terms of breakthroughs, because this is huge. The only other article that comes close might be the study where I showed that synthetic human epiphyseal cartilage had already been created more than a decade ago

Salamander Limb RegenerationRecently I finished reading the book The Body Electric by the late Dr. Robert O. Becker. (You can get the PDF for the book just by clicking the link above which is around 21 MB)  In the book Dr. Becker talked about how he would be able to stimulate lower level forms of organisms, specifically salamanders to regenerate entire limbs.

I also managed to upload for you guys to download the PDF for the book Electromagnetism and Life written by Dr. Becker and his assistant at the time Andrew Marino. Click the link above to download.

So the Beginning of this post Starts 3 Days Ago…

At the end of Dr. Becker’s seminal book, his tone turns angry as various government agencies and departments try to shut down his lab and his research. Something that is not well known is that the primary job of a professor is NOT to teach, BUT TO DO RESEARCH. To do research you need to have the money to buy all the lab equipment. That is why one of the main jobs of professors is to write grants to government agencies begging for money.

Robert Becker started to make a lot of enemies back in those days. He was actually interviewed on 60 Minutes along with his assistant at the time, an assistant/post-doc named Andrew Marino. They talked on the interview about the harmful effects of EMFs, which is short for Electromagnetic Fields.

It turns out that back in the 1980s and early 90s Becker was getting a lot of press from his research on the harmful effects of EMFs. I personally remember that there was even a movie starring Eddie Murphy called The Dinstinguished Gentlemen where he plays a conman-turned-politician who goes to a small town to see young kids who developed Cancer from living so close to high power lines. That was big news 20s years ago.

Andrew Marino LSUSo I finished the ending of the book, and decided to track down this Dr. Marino. It turns out that almost immediately after Dr. Becker’s lab was disbanded by the various government agencies he was fighting against back in the 80s and early 90s, Dr. Marino went to Louisiana State University, and has been there for at least 20 years now. Currently he holds the titles of ProfessorDirector of Research @ the Division of Sleep Medicine, Department of Neurology, Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, LA. Click Here to get to his faculty profile on the LSU website.

It seems that Dr. Marino actually writes his own blog and documents his personal thoughts. I found one of his older posts from back on Sept 9, 2011 (Click here to get to it) which was entitled “The 3 B’s and the Scientific Outlook“. The three B’s he is referring to are…

  1. Dr. Carl Brighton M.D, Ph. D. – I’ve talked extensively about him already. Still alive and only gave one email back in response, which was the first one. Never responded back to me ever again.
  2. Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D. – He is starting to become one of my scientific heros. He died fairly recently back in 2008. He was actually nominated for the Nobel Prize twice!
  3. Dr. C. Andrew L. Bassett M.D. – He was an orthopedic surgeon associated with Columbia University for a couple of decades. I tried to find him but found that he passed away back in 1994. Click here to read an article I found detailing his work and death

I clipped the cover of the the post for you guys to see. You can see what they looked like

Dr. Carl Brighton

So far I have only researched the work on Dr. Brighton and Dr. Becker. The reason why I have become almost obsessed with Dr. Becker’s work is because my 2nd Project, which I am focusing 90% of my energy on right now, is in doing research on the medical benefits of sending various types of electrical stimuli into the body.

Becker had evidence that it might be possible for humans to regenerate limbs from using DC current!

So I did two things…

I found the email to Dr. Marino on his website which is amarino@lsuhsc.edu – I emailed Dr. Marino and asked whether he is willing to come on the website and let me interview him on the research he was so passionate about two decades ago. The fact that he writes about Dr. Becker even almost 20 years after the lab and research shows that he obviously still cares a lot about the work. He has currently not emailed me back. If he says yes, I will record out interview and place it as a podcast episode. Woohoo!

I once said that if I could get Dr. Brighton on the podcast for an interview it would be the greatest coupe for the website and our research. Since he never responded back after the 1st response which he did give, I guess it is never meant to be. Within the “3 Bs” he is the only one who is still alive!

When he passes away, he will take all of the research and work with him. Of course I am talking about the unpublished works, the lab experiments which didn’t work. Those are the one which are probably more worth studying. We know from business and academic research that most of our ideas and hypothesis don’t work out. In academics, you only publish the success stories. Your failures and failed lab tests are almost never recorded. That type of information can only be obtained through interview and questioning.

I sort of realize that Dr. Marino is still angry at Brighton since Brighton promoted EMFs but Becker was very much against EMFs. Brighton & Bassett said that EMFs were completely safe but Becker cautioned about it since his groups’ research showed otherwise.

There was a 2nd blog post published in Sept 19, 2011 entitled The 3 B’s and Electrical Stimulation of Bone Growth“. I also took the liberty of clipping the blog’s entry to show another picture of Bassett with Brighton.

Electrical Stimulation of Bone Growth

So since Mr. Marino has not responded back even after 3 days, there was only thing I could do.

I started to do research on the type of work that Bassett worked on. What I found was astounding!!

In the previous post, which was just my usual monthly update, I had said that there is a guy named Kronberg which had figured out to make a device for bone growth, in terms of bone density increases. That device will cause increased ossification but the medical benefit is reduced chances for bone fracture and reversal of the onset of osteoporosis from old age.

What Dr. Andrew Bassett did was much more in depth. Just from one source alone, it captures what I have been suspect of for a long time. Using PEMF stimulation does absolutely work in bone growth, and NOT JUST IN TERMS OF BONE DENSITY, but has an effect on cartilage tissue/cells as well!

From the 1994 New York Times article documenting his passing from a brain tumor, I quote what was written & summarized about Dr. Bassett’s 20 years of work…

“In 1978, after 20 years of investigation and a five-year study of outpatients, he reported that electromagnetic waves could be used to heal fractured limbs. He developed devices that put to work the discovery that cell functions within the organism could be controlled by external electromagnetic fields….”

I looked on PubMed, and Google Patents, and other archives to see what Bassett had published and invented back in the 1980s.

Finding #1: Bassett founded two companies, Electro-Biology Inc and Osteodyne Inc.

Electro-Biology Inc was eventually bought out by BioMet back in 1988. The current medical devices sold is the EBI’s OsteoGen™ Bone Growth Stimulator. This is from Bassett’s research. Another model is the SpinalPak spine fusion stimulators. I actually wrote a review on the device in an older post from last year.

This hows that all of the bone growth and fracture healing devices that BioMet currently sells are all derived from Bassett’s work from 20 years ago.

Finding #2: When I used google to find information on Osteodyne Inc, the results showed certain patents Bassett had published.

  • Method and device for treating bone disorders by applying preload and repetitive impacts – US 5484388 A
  • Device for treating bone disorders – EP 0427732 B1
  • Method and device for treating bone disorders – WO 1996003104 A1
  • Method and device for treating bone disorders characterized by low bone mass – US 5046484 A
  • Biomechanical-stimulation apparatus and method for bone regeneration – EP 2052708 A1
  • Non-invasive method and means for in-vivo bone-growth stimulation – WO 1993024092 A1

Of course those above are just his patents. The list below are his studies and papers published which I found on Pubmed.

All of these studies showed that if you applied DC Current in a frequency and intensity of just a reasonable level (often about 1-30 Amps), the bones can be stimulated for increased ossification. Some of the titles of the studies give it away immediately.

It also seems like Bassett & Becker collaborated on a few papers together. Their research was just sending electrical signals to the bone in a lab animal in vivo.

This G. Cochran guy is someone that I realized collaborated extensively with Bassett

What we have to realize is that the internet was not available back in the 80s or early 90s for most people. Only people who were associated with DARPAnet and the Department of Defense knew anything at all about how computers and connections worked back then.

If anyone would have been doing research to figure out height increase back then, they did not have the types of resources which we have now. There was no way that a lay person, or amateur medical researcher would be able to find this type of information. Now in the year 2013 we as amateur scientific researchers can use the power of the internet, the WayBack Machine, Google Scholars, and Patent Records to find all of this type of information which might have been recorded even 50-60 years ago.

Note: A lot of these studies are referenced and mentioned in the physician handbook Development And Growth edited by Geoffrey Bourne. I would love to get a copy of that book to go over the literature of what is written on bone fracture healing techniques and compare what I have found with that book.

So the obvious question for anyone who has done any type of research would be…

How does this information help us grow taller?

The obvious rebuttable is would be this – while E&M field generation could make bone fractures and non-unions heal, that DOES NOT mean that the bones get longer. Remember, every single device or pill (like using statin derivatives) lead to bone density or bone mass increase, NOT volumetric increase where the bone gets longer!!

Bones sort of have natural tendency to heal. Bones are actually one of the only tissue in the human body that has regenerative abilities. If you cut the heart, the wound will not heal over. A Bone fracture does. That is what makes it so special compared to the other tissues in the human body.

Based on The Body Electric book, I have learned that the locations where the bones actually start to heal is from two main places…

  1. The intermedullary cavity, which stores the bone marrow in any long bone in the human skeletal system.
  2. The periosteum – It seems that you always want to keep the periosteum intact.

The cortical bone and cancellous bone part DOES NOT heal, but those two areas.

What we really want to do is get the cartilage tissue in the bones to start to expand. To do that, the two chondrocyte processes of proliferation & hypertrophy must go together.

So What Can the Average Person Do?

This is a proposal which I think would be a very revolutionary idea. A person would need the following items.

1. A set of acupuncture needles that have been covered in silver metal.

2. Cooper wiring cord to connect the needle to the power source.

3. The power source

4. A way to change the frequency and the intensity of the electrical current.

The first thing that would be needed are silver/metal needles, similar in shape and size to what you see what acupuncturists use.

Robert Becker in the book talks about his research into the TCM practice of acupuncture and stated that his theory was that the needles when used on various pressure points in the body had some type of effect on

The other big thing is that from the research of Becker (and the Physicist Bob Beck, inventor of the Beck Protocol) it was found that silver has some extremely positive effects on bone growth. If you attach a silver sheet over a bone wound which has some serious infection and send negative potential (from a DC source) through the copper wiring it is connected to, the silver has some type of anti-microbial effect. Silver promotes bone growth and kills microbes. Of course it has been known for thousands of years since the ancient Chinese and Greeks that wound infections seem to heal faster from silver contact. Seriously Guys, Read the Book!!

I say that the acupuncture needles need to be covered in a silver layer because there will be some invasive techniques involved. Becker used electrodes that were completely silver, but I am not sure where a normal person would ever be able to buy 100% silver acupuncture needles.

Power Source – As for the Power Source, most people including Bassett, Brighton, and Becker all promoted DC Current although I am still in the camp believing in AC. Maybe even an ordinary AAA battery with a 1.5 Volt might be enough. What I do know is that while Brighton and his lab assistants used 10,000-20,000 NanoAmps per centimeter of silver electrode to get a response from the bone tissue, Becker and his lab assistances got the same results using just 100-200 NanoAmps (per centimeter of electrode) emitted. As for the volts – It seems that beyond just 1 Volt, Brighton’s research found that the DC power source seemed to have some type of damage to the tissue. That was too much. That means that we might not need a device that needs more than just 1 regular AAA battery. However, we do have to talk about the resistors.

Here was Dr. Becker’s reasoning on why acupuncture worked, which I paraphrased from his words in the book…

He thought the acupuncture meridians were electrical conductors that carried injury messages to the brain. Any current grows weaker with distance, due to resistant along the transmission cable line. This is basic Electrical Engineering knowledge.

The smaller the Amp or Volts, the faster the current dies out. That is why EEs have built current amplifiers along the cable line, to bring the current back up. Becker thought that those “chi” points aka acupressure points or “ki” points were the body’s natural amplifiers which boosted up the signal of current flowing down a nerve which is slowly lost due to natural resistance. So basically an acupuncture point was in analog a DC Power source or booster. Becker got a new assistant with Maria Reichmanis, and they showed that the traditional chinese medicine meridian lines were indeed conducting current, and the polarity of the readings showed  that for each acupuncture point was positive in polarity compared to the surrounding region. Each acupuncture point had their own electrical field being emitted. What was ultimately guessed by Becker was that the entire theory of acupuncture can be explained by the fact that the peri-neural cells were carrying current. That is what a metal needle stuck in would disrupt.

So the use of acupuncture needles will be three fold…

  1. They act as electrodes – we will connect them to a power source.
  2. They will be covered in silver, which is anti-microbial, and has bone generating abilities.
  3. They stimulate acupuncture points, which Becker seems to show are just peri-neural cells

What is a normal person supposed to do?

  1. Get the right type of silver electrode/ acupuncture needle.
  2. Find a normal conductive wire.
  3. Use a normal DC battery.
  4. Get an acupuncture chart – You want to get the dorsal region right above the SP9 point.

For proof that acupuncture works, read the PubMed study “Trigger point acupuncture for treatment of knee osteoarthritis“. They had used trigger point acupuncture therapy.

I personally would guess that what a person can start doing is first they stick the needle/electrode to just the area right above the epiphyseal plates. We found from a few old studies that if you cut a hole in the diaphysis of long bone and use an awl to cut apart the blood vessels, the longitudinal bone growth gets increased slightly. This is due to the fact that long bones have separate groups of blood vessels going to separate regions. There is a group of arteries going only to the epiphysis and another group supplying the blood to the diaphysis. What I am saying is that we want to get the electrodes to be close to the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the epiphysis only. Why that is the case we are not sure yet.

What about the Frequency and Intensity that we need to adjust for?

This part will need to be edited for later. There are a lot of values for frequency, duration of session, number of sessions per week, and intensity of the current, flying around in the various studies. I’ll edit this section when I organize everything.

I am extremely confident that this technique will result in increased longitudinal growth for the long bones for people will intact epiphyseal growth plates. For children who wish to be taller, this would be the most cost effective alternative that is possible. 

Recently the company Biomarin has developed a drug known as BMN-111 which is supposed to treat dwarfism for children only (aka people still with growth plates) . You can read the article on the drug by clicking here. The way the drug works is through the stimulation of the CNP and through inhibition of the FGFR3 gene. We have already done research and understand the process of how CNP is stimulated through mTOR and Rapamyxin reasonably well. That treatment would cost over $50,000 for any parent who does not wish their kids to end up less than 5 feet tall. This I believe is a very reasonable alternative to Biomarin’s Dwarfism treatment, which would involve a lot of money. 

Tyler has been promoting both the LIPUS and PEMF technology for years, but I personally think he has put more emphasize on the LIPUS method. From this post, I am trying to give conclusive proof that it would be much better to be focusing and promoting the PEMF path.

Further Validation of This Concept:

I refer to the Patent – Methods for modulating chondrocyte proliferation using pulsing electric fields – US 20080039901 A1

This patent was published back in 2008 by James Kronberg, who I have mentioned before. You can find the same patent from Google Patents. He used a pulse burst mode and continuous mode for the signal shape and duration. From the abstract he states that you can increase cartilage repair from stimulating NO production….

“…Cartilage, bone and other connective tissue growth is stimulated in part by nitric oxide release through electrical stimulation and may be modulated through co-administration of NO donors and NO synthase inhibitors. The methods and devices described are useful in promoting repair of bone fractures, cartilage and connective tissue repair as well as for engineering tissue for transplantation”

The other articles are…

The abstract of this paper almost states in plain english that using a PEMF of just low intensity would be enough to stimulate the process of endochondral ossification. You can get an increase in cartilage molecules, glycoaminoglycan content , and extracellular matrix production.

Million Dollar Question – Will It help a person with closed growth plate grow longer bones?

I suspect at this point that for people with closed growth plates, there is a slight probability, with maybe a 5-10% chance of it having some effect.

This is due to three related studies I did find.

  1. Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on human articular chondrocyte proliferation.
  2. Millicurrent stimulation of human articular chondrocytes cultivated in a collagen type-I gel and of human osteochondral explants.
  3. Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on articular hyaline cartilage: review of experimental and clinical studies

I showed in a recent post that there are still chondrocytes in the adult human articular cartilage in the ends of the epiphysis. The post was Articular Cartilage At The End Of Epiphysis Do Growth Thicker Making Bones Longer (Big Breakthrough)”

This method would have some type of dramatic effect on the articular cartilage as well.

If we remember that way that the tissues layers are aligned next to each other underneath the cartilage layer, we realize that there is a subchondral layer. That layer can be thickened using the correct implantation location of the silver electrode to stimulate both an increase in the cartilage ECM and the increased deposition of the bone layer.

This part still needs to be edited further.


The section on biological immortality

The finding was actually completely unexpected. In recent years, starting around the 2010-2011 time frame, there was  a lot of articles published about this biologically immortal living organism called the Hydra. We suggest the study/paper MORTALITY PATTERNS SUGGEST LACK OF SENESCENCE IN HYDRA or “Longevity Gene Makes Hydra Immortal and Humans Grow Older

It would turn out that when I was reading up on Becker’s book that the Hydra was mentioned very early on. I took the chance to clip a picture of the Hydra which was from page 34 of the book.

Biologically Immortal Hydra

A lot of the journalists who tried to cover the story and science on the Hydra seems to state that there is almost no research and information on the Hydra. Well they are wrong!

Becker and Abraham Trembley who lived 3 centuries were already studying this immortal creature. It seems that not only is the hydra biologically immortal, it might be completely immortal. Cutting the creature won’t kill it.

So not only can it live forever, it is almost nearly impossible to kill the creature even if you wanted to!!

It’s only weakness seems to be in the stalk. If the hydra cuts a leg or head off without the stalk, then it won’t regenerate. however if the head or leg cut off has any part of the stalk, the cut pieces will all eventually regenerate back into a whole intact body.

Hydra Regeneration

This is where the scientists right now who are studying why senescence seems to go in reverse for Hydra have not made the connection yet. There is even more to the Hydra that they realize.

What are the implications?

My research for this website was always towards height increase, the manipulating of tissue engineering, advanced electromagnetic stimuli, and such for a cosmetic gain. This finding I saw from reading over books written by researchers who have been criticized.

There has been a lot of talk in the medical community about the discovery of the FoxO Gene and that has sort of gotten people excited. The way that the Hydra reproduces is through budding. For further reading on the Hydra and immortality, read the article Could this immortal hydra polyp inspire advanced rejuvenation therapies for humans?