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My Order Of Modafinil Has Arrived – A Review On Modvigil

So today was the day that my order of modafinil has finally arrive in my PO BOX. It has taken almost 2 full months of waiting to get it. Why did it take almost 2 months? The first batch of pills was apparently taken away by the people at customs. It seems to be very common now for the government official to crack down on chemical which the government thinks is unsafe.

So far I have already tried out Phenylpiracetam, Bulletproof Coffee, the supplement to the coffee High Octane Oil, 5-HTP, Alpha Brain from Onnit.com, Grass-feed Butter, Omega-3, Choline, L-Theanine, Centrophenoxine aka Neuro Glow, Creatine (shown to be able to increase IQ a slight bit), Vitamin K2, and a few other supplements to see how well a nootropic stack works. However, it was the Modafinil that has eluded me since there seems to be so much legal issues with this pill. I am also part of a few IRC Channels which talk about this stuff. Get on FreeNode and join the various groups.

This is going to be an experiment I plan to do to show you guys what are the effects of taking what is supposed to be an “intelligence & cognitive enhancement chemical supplement”. Are those Dateline and ABC Specials and segments exaggerating the claims of this drug or are they telling the truth?

Status Reports

Sunday May 11, 2014 – Got up around 11 AM (I sleep late sometimes), Felt groggy since I went to sleep around 4-5 AM , ate a small meal – Ingested Bulletproof Coffee (infused with the High Octane Oil), 5-HTP, Alpha Brain, Omega-3, Centrophenoxine, and Vitamin K2. (I stopped taking Phenylpiracetam because I noticed that it didn’t seem to do anything for me, and seemed to make my tongue numb.)

First time taking Modafinil/Provigil – Did not feel any different, and did not notice anything like a clearer form of awareness or consciousness. Guess it is not supposed to be like a life-altering drug like Ayahuasca. However, what I did notice is that today I worked for 6 hours straight and did not loss focus. Usually I loss focus after just 1-2 hours and my mind start to wander, and I notice hunger signals. Today, I somehow managed to stay focused and did not care about hunger until my stomach started to acted react with pain. That was after 6 hours. Checked my weight and noticed that it had dropped by 1.5 lbs in 6 hours. It is now past 11 PM and I am still able to stay focused.

In terms of productivity I feel like I managed to get about 3X-5X more work done than usual, which is absolutely insane because even after 12 hours later, I still feel like I can keep going with work. Even when I forced myself to stop working and take time off for exercise, my mind drifted back towards wanting to get back to work, so that I can almost “zone out” and go into a state of “flow” as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi stated. So far, my brain seems to have not slowed down, and my body seems to be going along too. Guess I might work through the night if my brain doesn’t “turn off”.

May 14th: The 2nd time I took the pill and I actually quantified everything I did that day. I increased my productivity to around 2.5X, and chose to take the next day off from intensive mental activities. The effects wasn’t as strong as the first time.

Overall Opinion:

The drug doesn’t make you feel like a different person or give you crystal clear clarity or awareness. The effects are quite subtle. When you are working say in front of the computer, you will be focusing much more and manage to keep your attention on the task without any type of focus breaks.

So many people have been saying that this pill which was formerly used by the US Jet Pilots as a stimulant for sleep issues like narcolepsy is the real life version of the compound NZT-48 seen in the movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper but I am going to say that the effects are NOT as profound as you might believe. They did have a huge effect, but it is not life altering and increase your IQ by 50 points automatically, as some people may have hoped for. When it is sold on the online giant Amazon’s website, the actual active compound is omniracetam. I have never tried omniracetam before but after trying the phenylpiracetam, I was not impress by the effects, which I did not notice.

So far, the pill does work to make you MUCH more productive at work, assuming that you work in front of a computer, but it doesn’t seem to translate to an increased ability or quality in any other areas of life.

Note: This post is what I plan to write about and update for the next 2-3 weeks (or even longer), as I work on other projects I have. Yes, I am fully aware that I am moving away from the subject of researching the science of height increase but I wanted to include more body and brain hacks than just bone tissue manipulation.