Standing Between Science and Faith

This will be one of the last posts which I express only my subjective opinions and ideas on the subject of height increase. The truth is that for me to even start and continue to work on this project which is looking for a way to grow taller and increase height after we have finished puberty and the growth plates have does require one to have something more than only science, rationality, and logic.

From the current scientific, rational point of view, there should not be any way one should be able to add height after one reaches the end of puberty when the epiphyseal plates seal and ossify with the adjacent boness. The general consensus by the medical community and specifically orthopedic specialists and endocrinologists is that puberty removes the cartilage which was the way we had been able to continue to grow and increase the length in our long bone.

There may be a few things we can do to gain 1 inch or even 2 inches like stretching, and yoga. Of course limb lengthening surgery has allowed us to literally manipulate our very bones to give us what we want.

However, what we are looking for directly goes beyond the accepted scientific theory. I may sometimes be quick to point out that a specific method uses theory and ideas that are pseudoscience, I also realize my own hypocrisy because I will have to shift my idea into the pseudoscience, the esoteric, and even the mystical practices to even allow for the idea that the idea of height increase is even possible.

I realize that I can not fully accept the rules that science imposes. The scientific answer to our question is a clear ‘NO”. I also realize that I can not fully accept in an crazy irrational theories and ideas because they don’t make any sense or have any real foundation in the sciences.

When I look at certain people whose profession is to debunk people who claim the supernatural like Derren Brown and James Randi, I realize that I must be very careful with my claims and beliefs too. Randi has left a $1,000,000 prize to any person who can show through a double blind test that any form of psychic or paranormal phenomenon exists still has not lost that $1 million yet in over 50 years. The UK mental magician Derren Brown has managed to go around the world using hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to influence people. His intentions has been to show the blind spots within us humans, and all the types of confidence tricks our ego plays on ourselves and all the ways that people use their own subjective biases to trick themselves into believing things or trusting in ideas that have no true objective basis.

My own way in this path is to explore all the options, and try my best to show which methods and techniues are the most feasible and most effective. I will not be afraid to state that some product being sold on the internet is a scam, whether it is because of bad intentions or because of a bad quality product.

The people on the camp who is all science and rationality will hate me because I still want to believe in the possibility and will be okay in continuing to search for an answer. The people in the faith camp will hate me because I am always trying to disprove the ideas and methods out there currently and use science to evicerate unwell thought-out theories and ideas. I will not tolerate fluff and “hand waving” communication.

On the other hand, lets us not forget that science and our own logic can not answer everything, or even some of the most obvious biological phenomena. If we consider the reason why we even go through senescence (biological aging), sleeping or yawning, nothing in the scientific literature can give a solid scientific explanation using the evolutionary model. If you don’t believe me just google the terms “sleep”, or “aging” ,or “yawning” into google and look for the scientific reason and you will realize that the scientific community can not explain these common events in our lives using the standard scientific model.

In addition, recent discoveries that was just decades ago believed to be impossible are now shown to be possible. The generation of new neurons, the growth of cartilage, the growth of teeth cells, the growth of human organs for transplants, the mapping of the entire human genome, the discovery of the first gene related to height, etc. One day it could very well be possible that I will not need to stand on that line that is right in the middle of believing in science or only going on faith and the spiritual and mystical stuff. I have a lot of confidence and respect for the sciences and as long as humans stay alive and do more research on our bodies , specifically genetics, the scientists and engineers of tomorrow may build a device that not only can make us taller, whether through stems cells or dna manipulation, they can also make us younger, regrow entire limbs, improve our memory and cognitive ability, and cure cancer.

3 thoughts on “Standing Between Science and Faith

  1. joe

    great post again. I think if you stand on the faith side long enough, you might succeed. As long as science comes up with something new

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