Grow Taller By Swimming

You can grow taller by swimming if you consistently do that before you finish puberty and your growth plates have not closed. The constant exercise and mvement of the body develops strong muscles and actually does help release slightly more Growth Hormone than if one just was a couch potato. By how much one will increase one’s height if one takes up swimming is not determined.

However, even after you have finished puberty the exercise of swimming can possibly still increase one’s height by 0.25-0.5 inch if the swimming is done with intensity and is accompanied with rest and a light meal.

In general, the decrease in the amount of force being pressed down on you will be reduced significantly since the downward force of gravity will be redistributed along you in the front–> back direction when you are lying down face in the water and moving horizontally. The disks between the vertebrate will then have less load per square inch and they can decompress. The additional twisting of the ankles and the motion of the others joints like the knee and hips keeps the body nimble. The extension and movement of the arms and legs during swimming can also help improve flexibility and stretch the body. However, we must remember that the overall bone structure and bone lengths still have not changed or increased.

Although many other Height Increase Guides state that the breaststroke is the best stroke to use, I personally would actually say it is the butterfly stroke and backstroke. For the backstroke, the extension of the arms back behind your head, the arching of the back to expand your torso, and the need to consistently keep one’s head flat helps train oneself to learn to have a straighter back and neck position. For the butterfly stroke, the movement of the arms, the stretching of the back in both directions at a constant rate, and the movement of the legs keeps the body moving allowing for a degree of flexibility.

Note: Again, I would like to remind the person that I only gained 1/4th of an inch through 3-5 months of constant non stop swimming where I would often swim up to 2 hours a day. This included also sleeping on a flat surface, sleeping over 9 hours a day, and eating light meals each day. 

Of course at that time I had just finished my undergraduate degree and being lazy did not decide to get a job yet.

I know from personal experience that after I took up the exercise of swimming, I measured myself to be .25 (or sightly longer) inches taller. I was 22-23 by that time and had not grown in 3-4 years. The only explanation that I could make is that the types of swimming I was doing helped improve my posture and straighten my spine. Throughout childhood I had always had a slight slouch but that eventually decreased but the slouch still existed. After I started swimming, I found that my posture had changed and my breathing as far slower and deeper. My chest was often extended out and upward so I also gained an amazing amount of confidence.

In terms of fitness, the benefits were amazing. I went from 195 lb and 5′ 11.5″  to 185 and 6′ 0″ in the morning. I found that my torso had far more definition, my stomach shrank, a 6 pack “sort of” showed up, my lats expanded, and my body turned into a “V” shape . My neck slimmed down and my thinking became clearer.

I wanted to state that one should really think about taking up swimming even if there is not height increase because the other types of benefits are worth it.

What one learns from swimming in Masters Programs is the one wants to start with a warm up, then the core stuff, and then the cool down. One adjusted the number of laps does by the size of the pool. In the US, the most common size is pool that are 25 yards in length. The length the US measuring system does is by inches, feet, yards, and miles. There is 12 inches in 1 feet and 3 feet in 1 yard.

In other countries where the International Standard is done, length is measured by the log of 10. You have milimeters, centimeters, decimeters, and meters. The pools in a country like Canada, Australia, or France are all 25 metres.

There is 39.37 inches in a meter and there is 36 inches in a yard. So relatively, a yard is about the same length as a meter. When one swims the pools in other countries, one should notice that the pools seem to be slightly longer than the ones in the US (because they are by over 9%). In Olympic sized pools, the length is 50 meters. In general, one should want to focus on distance first and then work on intensity, then speed, for fitness goals.

For our goals of height increase, it is better to focus only on intensity first to allow for greater release of hormone and endorphin release. Then work on distance. The disks between the vertebrate does not decompress immediately after we enter the pool, but after maybe a few hours.

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  3. uncool kiddo

    thank you so much… my height also increased by 3 inches in 4 months after i followed your post …. thank you so …. it might be because for 1 hour swimming, i cycled to swimming pool which was 4.6 km. and my age is 17

  4. Al Bishop

    Thank you for the info, truly helpful, but would be good if we could get a list of exercises, as simply swimming alone won’t help, especially with intensity.


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